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 - Saturday and Sunday are World's House...
Saturday and Sunday are World's House ATRAGEDYOFTBE BOWERY. nelly told the sergeant at tho desk that Mary had shot herself. He was brought before Justice Talntor, In the Eiiscx ! Market Police Court, and remanded at the request of the police. Mary fcexiun Shot Dead and Her Lover Arrested for Murder. UK CONFESSES I'HB CKIME, THEN SAVS SHE KILLED HERSELF. Tho Olrl C,H>r>i> Hint Foil* Dead When • >'nlTeein.iit Aiti" IIT Whether tlie Mini I Irnd tlm Shot—Nelnllliori \Tlii-n 111* Killing Occurred In ill* "Three, I)«uc«a" T>nmiienl —1'lir I'nlr Hull ll»»n In a SH am. A midnight struggle to which there were no witnesses, a gasping, dying girl and a fleeing mnn. his clothing bespattered with the woman's blood, were the Introductory features of an east side tragedy that kept the police busy yesterday. Mary Sexton, alias McCarthy, c.thar was murdered by William Flannelly. her lover, or took her own life, as he was about to desert .her. She was nineteen years old and he twenty-three. The killing took place In the single tencn-.cnt house, No. 222 Chrystle street, known an the "Three Deuces." Flannelly and Mary Sexton lived In two rear rooms on the fourth floor. The other tenants were asleep and no one heard the pistol shot that ended the girl's life. Just before 1 A. M. Mrs. Christina Schnaff. who lives on the third floor, beard a body fall In the narrow hall above, followed by klcklnjr and scrambling. She thought one of her neighbors was drunk, and, as the noise continued, she slipped on a wrapper and stepped out of her door to admonish the peace breaker. TUT SCRSK OK T li: ti M t'IDF.'B homo Is at No. 137 Pavonla nvonue, Jersey City, where his mother, sister and brother, the latter u incmbor of iho nollcc force, Hvo. He pave his occupation na truck driver, but con- fensod to Cnpt. Devery that he hnd not worked for thrne mouthR. but hivl hcon FUpported by Mary Sexton. Tho two hnd lived at No. 35 Prospect street, Hrooklyn, and at No, 4Z Great Jones ytrrc-t, where they were Known as Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy. The two rooms In which they lived nt the "Throe Deuces" were nicely furnished. The plrl was said to be extremely jealous of Flannelly, and this fact Is thought to be the root of the trouble. Mary's home was at No. 133 Pavonla avenue. Just a few doors from the Flannelly home, and the two had grown up together. Mary's mother, who Is a poor washerwoman, paid yea- terday that Flannelly lured her daughter from homo, but Flannelly declares that she left Jersey City to avoid arrest for robblnc a man of $100. Mrs. Soxton has four sons, the oldest seventeen years, and her daughter has contributed materially to their support. The pistol with which tht* girl was killed was found under the bed. It appears that the trouble occurred Just Inside the door leading from the sitting- room Into the common hall, and the girl fell so that her head lay In the bedroom at" and run ward down the slalrwa Flannelly has a adjolnlng. She must have arisen in after Flnnnedlly, but fell back- way. flesh wound In his _ ___________ ______ __ left arm noar the elbow, the ball having passed first through his arm from the inside and then Into Mary's neclt. Flannelly explained these peculiar wounds by declaring that the girl had tho re- and volver In her left ha and pointed at «ABT SEXTOS, TTIK TICTIM. The hall was dark and she could see nothing, but she delivered a scolding as she walked along, guiding herself by the bannisters. Suddenly she felt something wet dripping over her arm and shoulder. She retreated to her room, where, to her horror, she discovered that It was covered with blood. Mrs. Schaaff secured a lamp and climbed the stairs. There, lying with her feet over the top steps, was Mary Sexton. Blood poured from a wound In the girl's neck. She was choking and paspmg and could not speak. Mrs. Schaaff ran to a window, stuck .ier head out and cried "police!" She aroused the others In the house, and soon several of them had started for a policeman. Two bluecoals arrived. They carried the dying girl Into her sitting- room and kitchen combined, only a stop away, and tried to get a statement from her. Their efforts were of no avail, and It was evident that the unfortunate girl was dying. At this Juncture two men mounted the stairs and entered the room. One was Policeman Thomas W. Kennelly, of the Mulberry street station. In citizen's clothes. The other was William Flannelly, the dying woman's lover. Kennelly led Flannelly up to the girl, who lay upon the floor, and bending over her asked: "Did this man shoot you?" The only reply was a gurgle and the woman was dead. "No, I didn't do It; she shot herself," Flannelly blurted out. "Let me kiss her before I go." The prisoner knelt down and Imprinted two kisses upon the bloody lips. He made no other show of feeling, and , quietly accompanied the policeman to the Kldrldge street station. Just a few moments before he was brought to No. 222 Chrystle street, Flannelly had given himself up, declaring that he had shot Mary Sexton. The theory of the police Is that he did not think she was mortally hurt when he confessed so glibly, and that when he saw that she was dead and could not tell of his murderous work, he quickly resolved to deny the crime and escape Its consequences. He and the girl were all alone when the crime was done, one could say he had killed her. No Flannelly and Mary were In the 'Ivy saloon and hotel, No. 3(M Bowory, the praceJIng evening. Mary was wlih Stella white, a buxom and good-looking young woman. They sat at a table In the rear of the saloon. Flannelly entered, but did not see them. He asked James Butler, the barkeeper. If he had seen his "girl." her head. He threw up his left arm, when the pistol exploded and both were wounded. Susan Kelly gave 5200 bonds for her appearance ns a witness, while Stella White was sent to the House of Detention. Mary Sexton's late fomalc associates are taking tip a collection to save the body from Potter's Field. TUI.D HOW WICKED S1IEKHAN IS. BnrTiiIn Men Jlotun from tTn'hlnirtor, Wll*r* '•llov fntr Mr. rlevnlnml. Mayor Cbnrlos F. TiHhop, of Buffalo, George nielstcln, proprietor ot the IinITalo courier, and Herbert P. Ulssvll, a cousin (if tbo Postmaster-General, came Irom Washington ycy- torday ami registered at tbe Hoffman House. Wbllo at the National capltnl Messrs lllsbop and Itlelateln hnd a lone Interview wltu tho President, telling Dim nil tne details of tbo .ween tno Cleveland Democracy and Sbecbau machine In Brio County. Incidentally tbey arc understood to have recommended the appointment of anll-Sheeuan men to Federal places. Ttil-i matter they declined to discuss jester- day. .Mr. 1'lel.itoln said that the interview with tbe President was a very asrooablo one, as were others tmb 1 o.stmuster-tlem-rul Ills- sell, becrotory Lamont and secretary Morton. "Wo are going borne to rent-w tbo buttle w<) bave Inaugurated," continued Mr. Iili'ls- teln. "Tbe ieiipio are "lib us, und 'ire propose to crus!i one-miin power in Krle County It It Is a possible! thing. I am not prepared 10 say whether wo shall pine* un antt- Sbeeban ticket In the neld this full. Developments during tbe uext low weeks will deter- n Inu mat. Our cHinpalgn ntralnst outside Imerlereuce in local affaire \viu bo kept up until we win. We huve very little doubt that our causo will triumph." IKitli Mayor lllsbop and Mr. Blelr.B'ola scored Gov. Flower lor his refusal to Kraut Ilurrolnnlans a bearing previous to signing the hills reorganizing tbe pollen and tbe excise comn.l'Hionp. They disclaimed nny intention of discourtesy 10 tbe Governor or tho l.celslultire In the movement lor the removal of tbe Pieeldont ot the Board of Aldermen and the comptroller. " Neither 01 us hud anything to do with that mittur." snld Mr. Illclsietn. •• citizens preferred charges and the Mayor would imve violated bis outh hnd he Ignored them. Hhcrhan will live to reEret iho day that be fnonked those kills through. It will be Interesting tor Tho World to keep Its eye on Erlt. county for nwile." Mr. fllsseil Is said tn havo passed most of his time In Washington looking after a natural gas case In iho courts. WILLIAM FLiNNEU.T, TUB BDIT08BD MURnEBBn "There she ;s," replied Butler, pointing to the two women In the rear, "Well, don't say anything. I want to make her tired waiting." Klannully and Butler drank eight clauses of beer togctner, after which Flannelly Joined the two women. Susan •Kelly, bookkeeper at the Ivy Hotel. came In after awhile ana gave Mary, who Is known also as Polly, some keys. She Bald afterwards that Flannelly had given her the keys earlier In 1 tho evening. declaring that he was tired of Mary and was going back to his home In Jersey City. Flannelly and Mary finally left together, as far as could be learned, In friendly spirits. At 1 A. St. Flannelly rushed In the Ivy saloon In an excited condition. His hands and clothing weru smeared with blond, "I'm Just after shooting my girl," the barkeeper says Flannelly declared to him. "What for?" was asked, "For not..lng," ho replied. "What shall I do?" "Whi, 'lam,' of course," advised the quick-witted Butler, which, translated, means "run away," "No. •' I'll' give myself up," said Flan - ........ . . ge nelly, adding. In ™ to Butler's queries, that he had shot the e\rl "tomewnere In the head," and had thrown the pistol down In tho room where the dccO was done. Butler went to the door and saw *f Policeman Kennelly, who was on Ills " vacation, walking along In citizen's clothes. He called him, explained mat' *crs, *nd Konnelly arrested Flannelly. . According to Kennelly ana Butler, the prisoner then reiterated his statement ., ftbout having shot the girl. The pollce- |« ijjnn took him at once to the ''Three t Jh'u Sldrldfi* street station Flan- QUAY'S TASTii IS CHANGING. Efo la Now Wlttlne to Eat Ilumhln I'lo to Win Kunport In tlio Stxttt Cnrnpulcn. [BPr.CIAL TO THE WOHLD. J PITTSHUItG, Jlay 13. — Senator Quay arrived hero to-day and Bald he would stay until Monday. He In anxlom to muko a deal with tho local county leaders lor their support in the state cr.mpalgu, and la willing to eat humble pie to get It. Tho local people met their Waterloo :ast February. Ouo O..UBO of their defeat wun (quay's antagonism. A county flglit IB now on. quuy IB \vllilnir to Klve the assistance his Iillowcrs to tbo CGIUUJ- tICKi'i in return lor ull the deli'traie.i irom tho county to Stale conventlona. UiiKtluifS, "tbo hi ro of Johnstown," In his candidate for (lov. ITIII r und Quay wants him nunpoi ted. lie »ii e desires to keep I'unuayivanla, in tno 1, pa llcau line, and wiinib no more "mil <K ..a " like the Delamater business. NO MOKKY. "FORl!NGLisa'"i,ANDLOKD8. Clly, Cliu.nberlitln O'Donohne \VUlln K In lln'|> Ilia Irl.h I'uoplr. city chamberlain Joseph J. O'uononue said yesterday I hut he did not euro to talk on the accusation of Joseph r. Ityan, ot tbe Irish .'.a'lonul Federation, that, he had subscribed $1,000 to the aiill-I'arnell cause In 18UO and then had lemsod to pay U, " Mr r, oird IH pretty well knowu," said Mr. o'Doiiuhuu, " and I defy any man to come forward and say that 1 owe him oue cenu will say that at the rooetlui; at \vuiol l sut- sonbeil, tbe purposes (or which the money wag to ho raised were not correctly stated. " I did sulscrlte somctblne unuur thu Idea that It would (to good to tbe Irish people, but. when I found out, as 1 should havu Knowu at llrsi, that It was uolnsf straight Into lue pockets of Kngllsh landlords, l refused to |my over the money. 1 old It purely on principle. 1 Imvo helped the Irish cauae as muuh as my uiean.i will allow, und I shall do su until die, but 1 retuu lo bu hoodwinked into nay- tag muney mat, will not benefit my people, " l am wlilIuK tu nld In every worthy movement and f believe the liomi^-rulo concert whlcb iho Irish Indepoadeuc Parlla. mentary party will give comes tiudur Ihat .head. ' •• 1 havo subscribed for a box and will aid furl her If the necessity arises, but uo man cun i:o , Mandcr mo Into paylnif money (or a pure wbloh 1 nud la not ull Hunt." . 19,30 F. M.-No. OS nanal itteil, llrfitory mot-t t dama_eH7D, 13.KO P. M — No. 889 onlmuey) damage illgbt. 0 p, 11, -No. 97 Bait One hui> •tre^tt three-Btorr aw.lltDf •, 0/6,001) iu

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  2. 14 May 1893, Sun,
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