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Francis Stilley - Okay George, give it to 'em' EDITOR'S NOTE Many...
Okay George, give it to 'em' EDITOR'S NOTE Many sic. Here's what it's all about' dogs. Their music is fantastic parents of teen-age girls are —more or. less—in the words of and that's all I care about." mystified as to why their daugh-'a foremost, Gay Stllley, 13, And their music is fantastic. ters have gone ga-ga over "The :daughter of AP staff writer Beatles," four boys with way out haircuts and an even farther-out way of making mu Tom Jones' funniest in years By JAMES BACON AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Diane Cilento, the lusty, busty wanton of "Tom Jones," gives this word on why the movie turned out to be one of the best and funniest in years. Francis Stilley. By GAY STILLEY NEW YORK (AP)-It's hard to explain what makes the Beatles Beatles so wonderful because I don't completely understand why I think they are. Anti-Beatleites (there are a few) simply cannot understand why other people about the Beatles. "Good heavens!" are crazy they exclaim. exclaim. "They're not even good looking." As if that should explain explain everything. A friend of mine got so disgusted when people kept tell- ng her the Beatles weren't good looking that she screamed, To the average adult it would sound like nothing more than a conglomeration of noises, lions of teen-age girls to the record stores. With a title like that, it has to be good! Whether The Beatles are good looking or not, they're certainly different. They have wild senses heaven. Its insistent beat (which is screams, howls and other un- of humor. When asked why he classified sounds. |wore four rings on his fingers, To the ecstatic teen-ager lying ;Ringo replied, "Because I can't in front of her hi-fi, it's sheer I fit them all through my nose." For heaven's sake, I don't know exactly why girls fall in love with The Beatles. All I know is, when John growls during a song, "Okay, George—give it to 'em," a chill runs down the spine of every girl listening. how the Beatles got their name) is great to dance all the latest dances to, including the new one called "The Beatle." Perhaps Perhaps most important, the songs are about subjects teen-agers can identify with. What teen-ager, feeling depressed, depressed, wouldn't be comforted !>y the glorious voices of The Beatles singing "Misery?" The title of one record, 'I don't care if they're four "Boys," is enough to send mil• mil• • • • • » •• ••' WIN AT story is in with whole year he's film, AS haris vocal story me: "I realize good

Clipped from
  1. Beatrice Daily Sun,
  2. 09 Feb 1964, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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