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Rice Brothers annotation pg. 2 - F' new station Tuesday design, the light- ice...
F' new station Tuesday design, the light- ice commuters connect home entered. He gun woods. . The junior 18 a bovs She (Continued from Page One) sonnel authority to conduct pollc work, he declared. Captain Temple made it clea the aditional jobs has not place*! any great strain on the men o the 'flreboat which Is an economl cal piece of equipment to operate But he did explain that If h and his men are to continue po lice work, they must be given th tools and authority for the work When makes an island policeman an arrest, the fireboa crew is called to take the person to the mainland lockup. Eac] one of the five firemen aboard have a duty, two men in the en glne room, one man at the helm and two handling dock lines. What happens to the prisoner He is placed In an ordinary locke aboard the vessel The firemen have no handcuffs, guns or nigh sticks to cope with a violent pris oner. What happens when you receive a call to take a disorderly person out of an Island home? Well, said Captain Temple smilingly, -We use all the salve we have at our command to talk the person into boarding the vessel. vessel. Once the person is aboard I have Jurisdiction under admiralty admiralty law because I am the vessel vessel s master." Captain Temple said he often lad wondered what would happen f the fireboat were returning from an Island run with a patient suf- ering an acute heart ailment, at he same time they were needed to fight a waterfront or an Island held While In A.! at at Arthur Bulal two ' "We ceiUlnly couldn't go off course to fight a fire with a person person In a serious condition aboard." he said. Damage On Inland* Considerable damage has been done at some Islands. Captain Temple said All plumbing equipment equipment and many other things have been stolen from a bouse at Pumpkin Knob, easterly end of Peaks Island, he said, adding tha at the end of the war, the dwcl Ing was In pc.-fcct condition bu now it is practically demollshec Windows In numerous building at Little Diamond Island, whcr caretakers of army and navy fa cllltles formerly lived, have bee smashed, he reported. The several buildings at Hous Island, formerly used as quaran tine station, have been damage he added. Temple, who worked his way t captain from a deck hand with private rating in six years, to] of a call from police that a boa WM In distress off the Easter Promenide. The fireboat crew found the boat owner so intoxi cated he couldn't start the engine. They towed his craft to a loca wharf. Another night, the ere i wa dispatched to House Island t fight a grass fire there. Crewmen found two men Intoxicated in th dwelling formerly occupied by th quarantine doctor. "We 'arrested' them." said th captaiti. Still another night, crewmen took aboard two persons at Peak Island. One of them was suffer Ing from an acute heart aliment the other had taken poison. En route ta the State Pier base, the crew kept both persons alive with an Ir.halator and first aid treat ment. Both persons recovered, hi added. Cott $125.000 Since the flreboat was commissioned commissioned by the Rice Brothers Boai Yard. East Boothbay, the vesse has marked up an enviable record She cost $125.000, but couldn't bi duplicated today for twice tha 1 amount, according to Captain Temple. But 19 years ago it was another -Portland. Mdn--Friday Morning, November vessel. ^^ 'Hot Testifies: (Continued from Page One) ng planes--but that it was nol ddrcssed to him. "They never told me. turn left, ever." he maintained. His 42-pnRfl statement was in story when the subject of the fireboat fireboat was discussed. The proposal nearly came to a referendum vote before the contract was awarded She was the first Diesel fireboat built in the United States. The vessel Is unique In the fact she can be driven by three propellers and has outstanding flreflghtlng equipment. A sister flreboat was built by Rice Brothers In 1938 for Russia Holy /rn% Government paid nn additional $480 to have a Diesel m a n u a l written in Russian Neither the builder nor the manufacturer manufacturer of the Diesels have ever been able to learn anything about the vessel slnco she left Maine. The five 200-horsepower Diesels In Engine 7 arr In good running order, but they are starting to show the strain of 18 years In spite of pvt replacements. Crewmen aboard he fireboat include include Lt. William F. Stanhope, who Is in command when Captain Temple Js on a day off: Alan E. Stanhope and Byard W. Metcalf. engineers; Bartlcy F.NConley and Raymond Herrlck. assistant engineers; engineers; Edward E. Gushing and George H. Lopez, both pilots,' and George Burgess and Charles Griffin, Griffin, deck hands. wo parts One was a deposition given CAB Investigators Immediately Immediately after the collision. The other consisted of answers to a long series of questions put to him at Alexandria Hospital where he is recovering from injuries. Just before the Bolivian's statement statement was read Into the CAB rec- cord. Carroll E. Harvey, an eye witness to the disaster, testified that the four-engine transport turned off its landing course Just before it was rammed by the P-38. It was the fourth such account. account. Harvey said the airliner "leveled "leveled off slightly, turned left." At that moment, he said, the fighter plane seemed to hit smash Into the DC-4 Just back of the wing. Towermen have testified that Rlos did not follow Instructions to circle the fielc} while the DC-4 landed. When the P-38 also failed to veer off as ordered, they said, the transport was ordered to turn left. It was beginning its turn when it was hit. One of them, Robert Union, said they had only seven or eight seconds to avoid the crash once it was sure the two ships were on a "collision course"--too little time to snatch up a red emergency emergency warning light to ward off the P-38. Before reading Rios' testimony. CAB officials pointed out that It contained some errors which would be corrected later. That, plus the Bollvan's Imperfect grasp of English, made some of his replies replies somewhat confusing. Vishinsky: (Continued from Page One) as we should need--no more no less. "Right now w*, are utilizing atomic energy for our economic needs In our own economic Interests. Interests. We are razing mountains; we are irrigating deserts.; we are cutting through the Jungle and the tundra: w* are spreading life, happiness, prosperity and welfare in places where the human footstep footstep had not been seen for thousands thousands of years. "We are doing this because are the masters of our great under our own plan, and are required to account for this to International organ of control. This is what these gentlemen to thwart and wreck: they want to wreck it although they do believe that their own 'plan is panacea for salvation, the cornucopia cornucopia of welfare as they would have us believe." Blast* Whole Mountain Wednesday, a Soviet-licensed newspaper In Berlin said the Russians Russians had used atomic energy to blast art entire mountain to open the way for a man-made river bl 5£? r tnnn lh * English channel. The newspaper said a power plant 800 times bigger than the capacity of the Hoover (Boulder) Dam will be built In southwestern turn a dcsert 75,- . But. in general, his story added up to this: His right engine started acting up soon after he took off to put he P-38 through a final test be- ore approving Its purchase by Boltvia. He asked for--and re- ·eived--what he understood to be ower permission lo land after another plnne. He lowered his weels and flaps ireparatory to landing, he said, meanwhile searching the sky for he plane he was expected to ollow in. He said he didn't see he DC-4 but he did see another 'lane which he tok to be either · C-45 Beechcraft or a C-60. "As far as I was concerned. I 'as sure that was plane number ne, and I turned to the left to et the approach and start to esccnd," he said. Rlos said he again called the owor a few moments later. "I told them Bolivian P-38 on pproach. They repeated the al- meter (altitude) setting, the Ime. 'Clear to land, number three unway. 1 "I heard some words, 'dear to IB left, clear to the left, clear to he left', but nothing else: noth- ng else, not calling anybody, any Irplanc. just 'clear to the left'." He said he was looking to the rft trying to see what the tower as talking about when the col- sion occurred. 000,000 Irrigated acres for cotton planting. The fiery, gray-haired Soviet foreign minister at the same time made a bitter attack on the plan for prohibiting atomic bombs and controlling atomic energy which has the support of the U. S Britain. France, China and Canada-T\ Canada-T\ n 1, *!· ?T rc . f ! t ma J orltv ol all the United Nations. Red-faced, and Hailing his arms thrbugh the air, he shouted- There Is not an atom of control In the American atom control plan." Vishinsky said the fiw -power western Plan is "doomed to failure" failure" and asserted that the crux of the U. N. inability to reach agreement on atomic energy control control Is a desire by the U. S. to monopolize control over the world's atomic resources. No World Domination "We want no world domination, domination, he said. "The Soviet Union nands squarely on the grounds peaceful cooperation," He declared the big powers are" not closer to a solution of an atomic control plan than they were three years ago. and attrib- . - u .f,7 ^ ne lack of P'Wess to the attitude expressed last April 6 by President Truman. At that time, the President told a group of Congressmen In Washington Washington he believed It never would be necessary to drop another atom bomb but he would not hesitate use the bomb again for the welfare welfare of the democracies. President Truman then referred to his decision to drop atom bombs on Japan in 1945 and added: "Now I believe that we are a position where we will never have to make that decision again, but If it has to be made for the welfare of the United States, and the democracies of the world are U.

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  1. Portland Press Herald,
  2. 11 Nov 1949, Fri,
  3. Page 12

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