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BEACH SAYS HELP WILL BE GIVEN ON BAD SNARL Attributes All the Trouble To Lack of System in the Village Bookkeeping at Wood River. , * ATTRIBUTES MOTO TO VILLAGE, POLITICS Mayor of Wood River Ten Years Says That Assistance Has Been Offered 16 Straighten Out Records. That further research In the Otfi- ^clal records of Wood River and assistance rendered by M. F. Massing will result in much straightening out of the .complications in the records of that village is the confident assertion of S. A. Beach, general • superintendent of «t> Wood River refinery of the Standard Oil Co.., and for ten years village preslf dent of Wood River. That. the report of the audit made by A. F. Cousiey ot the village records caused a stir in Wood Wild Tale Starts with Fun Details, Nothing in It You,can't believe everything you hoar, nor what edmo folks Bay they saw. For tw 0 or ttoftje days rumors bad been broadcast in Madison county of tho arrest of a- prominent man on charge of eompllctly in numerous robberies. There are nothing to it, but that didn't prerent the story gaining legs. Last night there was a travelling man came to town who told the story that he bad been, a witness of the cr- refet, that tie man arrested fought viciously, tried/to kill the men arresting him but tliat ihey finally threw him into the county Jail and turned the key on him. Nobody but this one knight otthe grip bad seen anything, all the rest bad heard about it. Inquiry • developed the fact thee wasn't a word of trutb in it. The travelling man evidently baaed Ws story on the pursuit'of a cra?y man who escaped from tho county court yesterday and was recaptured. That happened in tho morning and the travelling .man said be saw the other arrest at 4:30 in the afternoon. Anyhow, nobody'of prominence has been charged with complicity in the robberies. Some- a to an of River hardly expresses It. There was wild dismay among property owners who have been notified to bring in their ^receipts, many of whom .have not kept the receipts. According to some a near panic struck the property owners, some of whom bad bought property against which no delinquencies were charged on the records of the county, but which now turn up with an incumbrance in the form of no record of/payment of special taxes. S. A. Baach said today that he believed that the whole trouble was in the bookkeeping. Mr. Manning was no bookkeeper and he may have made errors, or bis records may not be clear, but, said Mr. Beach, "I have asked Mr. Manning to call on the village officials, and to offer to give all tbe help he can give in trying to straighten out tho snarl." Mr. Beach seemed sure that much could her explained and that it COL ROBBERS SICK TWO WEEKS, ISMUCHWEAKER the touched j j j not i j i of Veteran of Two Wars Shows Indications of Failing to Rally From Sudden Prostration. Col. A. F. Rodgers, who has been sick two weeks at his homo on College avenue, was reported toda£ as being much weaker. His family had been hopeful that he would recover as he did not appear to be very sick, but was confined ;to his bed. The venerable veteran of two wars was not accustomed to being in bed as in bis whole life ho had suffered very. little from ih' health'," and would, never give up, even if not feeling well. Today it was ____ __ ___ ______ would not be'ione until there wc^'d i noticed that bis strength had fallen off be much lesa to;in^saUI»^thj3^pat^ila' -.----> v.,. ~~~siu _„„ of Wood River tbaft there J8 now. The report of" the ^auditor engaged to go over the records was admitted to be based on -what were incomplete records bvft he said that it was all the records that could be found. a .St.. . of Mr. Beach was inclined today to attribute thV trouble to politics. He asserted that no request had been made for assistance in untangling the records, and he said that euch aid has now been offered. Asked as to the amounts which are shown by the records to have been paid to him, Mr. BoaCh said that the amount Is exaggerated. He said that the Board of Local Improvements wag advised by. its coun- sellor that it was lawful for members of tho board to charge for services actually rendered in an official way and that he did so. corporation counsel, Thomas Williamson of Kdwardsvillo, received 3 per cent for his legal services, Mr. Beach said. His own compensation ^he- said ranged from 1 to 2 per cant, according as much work was done. Other members of the board received pay, too, tor services they performed. Tbe salary of village president of Wood River was only nominal., Asked as to how much bo really., received Mr. Beach said he could ' not' wake an accurate statement ,bnt that a recapitulation of all the improvements •would be necessary before' be could give that information. He instated that the cause of much anxiety^tp, ttiose Interested in him. He does not y e t know of tho death of his brother, Reynold RodgerB, | whse Body Is to bo brought hero from | Kl Paso, Tex., tonight and whoso fu- neral'Is scheduled formorow. Col.' Rodgers Is ono of tbo best knowi men In Alton. His life has been aij actlvo one. He was, one of the gpld seekers to make the trip to California when gold was discovered tberei He was In 'the Mexican war and ho also served in the Civil war. Mis life has been one of stirring adventure, and he has been a man of tbe hardiest physique. The fact that be would be content to remain In bed Is one of the discouraging features of his sickness. It was said today that he was sousclous, but rapidly losing in strength 1 . i an Auc» accused Auto for . Louis -fruit Company. a his .as great- m«- or of »d4«a 1«.S tiguros shown wore much exaggerated. , .The. .village . officials of .Wood River who are out ot office do not charge that there IB an error in tbe audit, except that It is not complete. They say it is perhaps as In bis making, . do. .expect to clarify the situation considerably. Mr. Beach said-to the'Telegraph that be was. Informed that Mr. Manning etlU Bulgarian King, Hard Pressed, Offers Two Elephants for Sale By Associated Press. Sofia. Jan. 18—King, Boris of Bulgaria is the modern "man with an elephant on his hands." and lie wants to sell part of WB private menagerie to an American zoo or to a, circus. In particular, he would like to dispose of two elephants and several fine buffaloes which are now lu the grounds of the summer palace near Sofia. Tho King Is hard pressed und finds it difficult to feed them out ot his slender income. Tbe elepbuuts alone consume grain and hay wulcb costa more than thn outlay for food for the young sovereign's own table. The King is much attached to too elephants and calls them his "little pets." complete us records put bands admitted ot him bad In bis possession some lists which he did 'not/turn over. They show delinquent property on the special improvements lists and may bo- some oaslottince in determining just who has paid and who boa not Tbis would help' greatly in removing anxiety . from minds ot many property owners. Tbe administration of 8, A Beach. »f» .village president covered ten years. A period when Wood River grew from, un area of sandy farms . to ,a village with paved streets, water and electrto light, H«wer system, hundreds of beautiful homes, and it attracted attention as tbe fasttiat growing, community in tbe United States. Under tho ad- mlnlstratioti ot Mr. Beach tbe Standard Oil Co. encouraged public Improvements, Including school houses and tjje' village today haa the finest school Bystem In Madiuon county, always .tUs.gtftndjird, wjour#gtt>g Aft .Michael Walter, 80, Dies at Home Here Michael Walter, 80. died this after noon at 2506 State street. He had been seriously ill for thvce weeks. Ho loaves flvo eons und n daugbtor. Dr. .TameH Colcman wtH go to Chi- ccago this evening to upend a tow days, taking ft post graduate course, creases Last, tration one. in He own taxes. spring the Hoaeli adminis- was succeeded by » now . The investigation of toe hooks was prompted by complaints about sper.lal Improvement bonda which could not be cashed. Tho uudlt developed that there was no attempt made to keep the records so tlia t an accurate knowledge could be had of tho condltiou ot ajiy : peclaMw- provpuioot fuud, U was to straight en out this condition the auditor waa engaged. A. FT Cousiey, former city comptroller of Alton, was hired for the job, und it was his report given out Monday evening' aud Uebed Tuesday ovonirig that euuso'J too »flr In. Wood Blvor. i ..3?' iiA <.,\

Clipped from
  1. Alton Evening Telegraph,
  2. 18 Jan 1922, Wed,
  3. Page 1

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