Fryburg Centennial Celebration

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Fryburg Centennial Celebration - face, I great "we look that are even hat for...
face, I great "we look that are even hat for fall price-- boys' of what sterling Pa. GOODS of beat *aO to City overstocked Bishop John Mark Gannon Will Take Active Part in Closing Celebration Today. While Fryburs's Centennial c'ele- ,rat!on and Old Home T.Yeek officiary I ·!o»e* today, there is every indication hat the festivities that have brought he old town so' prominently into th« lotlce at the people, la not only tcl* section but in many States will be continued Informally in the way o£ reunions oi old-time friends. and neigh- The big- event o£ today .-will 1e the celebration of a. pontlflca.! high Was* by m. Rev. John Mark 'Gannon, recently e-levaied to th* bishopric or the 3rle djoceae and who will give oistlnc-. clon to St. Michael's church oi Fryburg by celebrating his nrst pontiaca. high «!»*·· therein. Very- Rev. P. J- Sherldan, rector of St., Joseph's church, this city, and vicar general ot the aio- cese, will fill the hlffh office of -arch- bis event on the program o£ Tuesday was the reception given to Bishop Cannon when he arrived by automobile. The cornet band. "" members 'of vile St. Michael fiocleo; and resident* o£ Fryl-urc -*"d vicinirj In more than H O automobiles, formed ih» escort of honor, accompanyins: the btehop throuBh the town, to the parochial residence of St. Mchael s church of which Rev. Au£. Koer.lg is Included in Tuesday's p-ogram tvere: Ball between the home team and tne Lucinda nine, resulting in a tie, with the scor-i 3. , FlishU in .airplane, mornlnjr ana early evening. . 1 Construction of .lot cabin, eight o 10- leet, oh th'e irrouuds of thft Dltz crove. . -_^.t. \- Th«»a events, ai -wa* th« /caee^with 'the opening day's .parade, were prac- Ucally only a moans for gathen IB the-paople of the community and v.s- itors together-- the -real^ charm of the two days beint the wholesouled hospitality of the peopla .of that ena ot 'Ve'nango aid Clarion counties, extended alike to friend and unknown Via Th°e' "harvest home" . epirit was sverywhero in evldenco during Monday anu Tuesday. Those who ha^e formed the -harvest. 'home habit- kno-n what that means-- hanipers, boies a d baaket. packed to overflowing with the very best that- the farmers ; vlves and daughters know in the ^-ay of cookinc and a generous invitation to strancere to Join in the feast. The hotels and refreshment stands took care of the overflow, but to those who w e r e privileged to Join in these^ picnic .dinner parties the memory of hospitality and perfection p f . c o o k l n s will nover It would takeTnany rt:ore days than three for the visitor to understand wh" the people of FrytmrS and L vicinity provided for their- pleasure and S o much. to-«." during OIL curs GREATEST STORE Opening American STREET SATINS $2-75 a Yard Exqui*te quality, street wide. -·-'·'-, WOOL VELOURS " · · - - $5.00 and Up ; New shades, soft tones, dewred qualities; 56 .inches wide. ·' ^ '-' SILKDUVETYN $15.00 and $16.50 a Rich, soft and very beautiful; inches wide. c . we o e of these, same attractions are' valuable enough to be preserved in the finest museums of the land. ·Wonderful Window Exhibit, . possibly the most extensive -exhibits -were-in the store of H.-C: FaUer, but ·becausa of the excitement and novi-K of xario us street -displays, were in a moMUre overlooked by visitors f r o m thla city and other points. Those from a distance who may visit Fryburg today or Jurins-tha remainder of the week ar« advised .to ''take, a- Ioo . k ,^* this 'wonderful reminder ; of--past. days and the artistic SAill of past and^present r peneratTQhs. ' , ' ' ''--' ~'. ' Take for Iti'stanW the 'wonderful exhibit of the Jacknifa skill of Jacob Faller at the age of 75 ye^rs. 'Carved f r o m wood with the knife, the exhibit Includes a complete farm scene. Thero Is the log house, capacious barn and other buildings, smoke houses and plenty of domestic animals and ^ h u - manity, to relieve what the artistic chaps call "still life.'" Two expert marksmen are shooting hoss as a part of butchering operations. There Is shown tho operation of killing, quartering and smoking the carcasses not only of the hog family -but the beef as well. A team of oxen is bringing .n a. loaded wagon, lad by the driver with his goad, and on top, occupying a comfortable seat, is the figure of a woman, with costume o£ 100 years ago. Tho "snake and rider" fence is pro- rtuci'd in a miniature and with an eye to proportion that makes the entire exhibit wonderful from aa arUst.c point of view. There are flocks o. chickens and practically every variety of humanity, domestic animals and poultry, common to a farm. There is also in miniature a small building. .which, with - i v i ..surroundings, exactly reproduces the work of curing the ·talks of flax, preps-rlns It for spinning and other operations that later on. the rood women of the pioneer days made irtn shirts and trousers for the men, and from 5 which they furnished most of their own ·wearine apparel from th It Sl se I ems 'almost Imposslblo that, without training or modern-day tools, that such work of art coulu be produced-- "but seeing is believing" and the knifework masterplecs -will be en exhibition today. Rare Old Printed Books. "Blbllphonas." those old minded "geezers" who go into ecstacy when the? find a book that was printed before the linotype machine or the prefecting press was ever dreamed of, may bo expected to h?.ve hysterics when they see the three Y 0 ' ume 5 ?' Sacred Writ, published and bound in Wurtumberg, Germany, now oeins shown here and which W re Issued in the 15th century. The pages and bindings are absolutely perfect after^ all these- hundreds of years, and from ·their appearance they are calculated to remain so doss to a perfect condition for many years more, on- ouaint volume is equipped with strings by which the Book is closed, a-nd to ur-knot and i amove requires minutes of time. These priceless volumes are the property of Rev. Aus Koenisr, rector ot St. Michael's church. In these days of low-cut waists and high-cut skirts, the hoop skirt loaned "or-this exhibition by Mrs. John Emert commands attention and-- more or iMS--causes a discussion between tha ^y!e8 of 49 years ago,, when the hoop Sclrt was popular, and just now · when the styles of .feminine adornment-- -a ' PLAID DRESS An unusual larger thari'the-^ptiiW cartridse tn^W hut- which -£u««ahel. all Kinds of bf^mSncUiBg^lk, deer and bear, for .meat. PWJ* lons /'^V^sirre owned by Lou^e Slack, in thi* same section Is shown- the cap worn and the army gun carried byfG.'F. Ivapp- in "s'Bert-ice, with the Union army dur- ins the War of the Rebellion. One of the few old time honored weapons of.ofiense and defense and accessory to tha dresscd-up condition. is a. blackthorn that was originally growii In Ireland and brought to the Fryburg settlement more than a century ago by Robert McCloskey. and is as perfect today as the day it was in the Emerald Is] . Another weapon that once was common, but which is decidedly new to the generation' ot tha past half century has a place of honor--a sword cane owned by Ed Elsenman, Viewed casually it is as appearance as a slight walking stick, but in the old days, when occasion seemed demand it. a. jerk at the handle .unsheathed a two-edged steel blade- of razor-like keenness and fully two feet Pioneer in the science of photo- -raphy is another exhibit, a daguerre- topye. with the gold frame so familiar some two decades or more ago, and silk shawl known to be more than years old, owned then by Mrs. Katherine Schupp, now the property of Mrs. "The the "waistcoat." "weskit." or. v s as H is best known today. sh^n that 'indicate* the old beaus of 100 years or more ago rioted in hiBh-eolored raiment 2-nd rich material. This exhibit is owned by the o£ Amos John Emert. .Lacking the charm of antiquity, but demonstrating the wonderful mechanical ability and artistic sense -of Francis Zoerllng, native of the FryburJ section, are four specimens of colored ·wood carvings made by Mr. Zoerllng with nothing better .than email chisels and his Jacknlfe. The original planks from which these were carved -were approximately three Inches thic*. Th-e statement that these are veritable queer- works in. art in wood carving Is not th« least exaggerated. Absolutely true, in proportion to carving ana coloring, are reproduced mankind, children, castles, stream-scenes, farm life and horns scenes that are eo artlsticajly executed that it would ba a shame and distinct loss to allow these w ° r , k . s to be withdrawn from public exhibition, and the most celebrated of these centers of exhibition would be proud to five them place of honor. The wonder of it all is that Mr^ Zoerllns never had the advantage of expert Instruction. Besides the eho-w- !ng at the Faller store- he has- made ·wood carving of George- -Washington that has a place of honor, in the ha i-oted for their devotion and piety, the people of Fryburg view with satisfaction the addition to the FaUer museum by Andrew Diu, a rosary some feet in length overall, including the ebony cross that was presented Mr. Ditz In 1S75 by Pope Pius IX when Mr. Ditz made a pilgrimage to Rome- ^ __ .. _^,»w Because it was too small to command the attention it seemed to be coming to it for .its antiquity, one of the implements of the pioneer day: wa« added to the Faller ico "« ct '°"uVi' stead of-having a place, in the parade This was a hatchet. Kand forsed In 1325 by Samuel Zenk, of Fryburg. no-sr owned by his grandson, T. ^ o By of Everything but tha flax thread that hokte "together and the horn but-on? on the front, are of silk. Amos KM" who brought this evidence of -;« vlnity of mere man more than ^00 vfars «$o, ^vas the father of Mrs, M 9 Libert of the City hotel, this city. Reminiscent of the early days, immediately following the period when a rifle, «, bullet patch .tor bullets, and cowhorit days that fish and when the Holland Land Co owned most of all Northwestern Penn sylvania, is a parchment deed mad. out 'US years ago. . This- Is now o-WTJed-by the heirs o Leo Dinslinger. It wae ' m consideration of ."«' shillings" (approximated * helm Willlnkz. Xlcholaas J-a.n Stap hortt, Christiaan Van Er«hen. H|n drik Vollenhoven and Katger Jan ichimmelpennick of the City of Am sterdam, December 13, l' s - -· Phone Stranburr« 3dj» lc stori *S G. F. Rowland, piano otter. - - ;

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