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 - G 2 A DESPERATE, FATAL FIGHT, Thomas Darcy...
G 2 A DESPERATE, FATAL FIGHT, Thomas Darcy Assaults John Robinson OH an Old drudge. KILLS HIMSELF AND WOUNDS ROBINSON, The Genera! Criminal Calendar—J. W. Neal Convicted of Battery- Joe Buwh CharRod With Assuult— Th« Aclttms Cage nt O^Clen—At- tomptod Kapo at Bear Lmko. Thomas Darcy yesterday morning dis- tlnguluhed himself by thrice ahooting bla brother-in-law. John Robinson, arid by shortly after dylnpr from the effects of bullet wounds Inflicted by his own hand. Ths desperate affray occurred in front of Robinson's residence at (544 West Second North street at about 9:50 o'clock and was brought about by Darcy, who had an old grudge to settle. It appears Darcy and Robinson were partners in the milling business !n Wyoming over seven years ago. In. a disagreement over matters financial tho two foil out and in settling up their affairs It was found that Darcy was indebted to Robinson, whoso wife is Darcy's sis- tor, In tho sum of $700. Since corning to this city Robinson has been engaged in tho express business, his stand being on Second South street, east of Main, and Darcy has of late been the manager of tho City Water Ice Company, a successor to tho Hunter outfit of ice ponds in tho southwestern part of the city. Darcy's wedded life has also been a failure, his wife, It Is said, deserting him and her five children about four weeks ago, sho preferring a man named Counsel, with whom she wont to Colorado, and he having a groat regard for a Miss Emma Reich, who is now in San Francisco. Up to within sovou weeks ago Darcy and Robinson had apparently HUKIKIJ THffilR OLD GRUDGE and wore on tho most amicable footing with each other. Then the troubles of Darcy and his wife estranged the two and thoy again wore riot on speaking terms. On the departure of Mrs. Darcy it appears that Darcy sent tho Reich woman and ono of his children to San Francisco, with tho understanding that ho was soon to join them; two older children wore sent to Provo, and the remaining children wore retained in this city. t Wednesday Darcy determined to ship his household goods to San Francisco, and engaged tho driver of Robinson's wagon to haul thorn to tho depot. He arrived too lata, and received an order from Darcy to tako thorn to Robinson's house and there koop thorn overnight, tho understanding being that ho was to deliver them'at tho depot, early yesterday morning. The driver told Robinson of Darcy's intention to leave, and was ordered not to deliver the goods until Darcy settled . hia (Robinson's) claim. Tho driver, Mitchell by name, yesterday morning told Darcy what his employer had said, and tho latter immediately proceeded to tho Robinson residence. There ho mot his sister, whom ho informed of hia contemplated trip to California, and she advised him to abandon his intention of marrying the Reich girl and to remain at homo and euro for his children. Darcy also declared that he intended to lix someone (mpaninK Robinson) before he went. She pleaded with him to let her husband alono, and evidently pad fled him for he bade her a brotherly farewell and departed. Lie went Into tho yard where Robinson waa, and tho daughter of tho latter hoard her father ask Darcy for a settlement of the old debt, and nay that he would accept 335 in full payment. Darcy offered $10, but it was refused, and then Darcy said, as ho D.i:i!\\" A .PISTOL, "We'll settle It right hero!" Robinson sprang toward him as he began firing, and a terrible struggle ensued. Five shots woro tired in all; Robinson receiving two. ono in each leg, and Darcy two, both entering to the-right of tho abdomen, and passing through tho llvor. Robinson finally got away from him, and started for tho street, leaving Darcy on tho ground. Just as ho was about to roach a place of safety, Darcy got up and tired another shot, which lodged in Robinson's hip, but the latter kept on running until he fell from exhaustion and pain. When the neighbors, attracted by tho shooting, arrived, they found Darcy lying beside a fence in Robinson's yard, unconscious, and throo-quartcrs of -nn hour later he died. Robinson' was picked up and taken into tho residence of Mr. Oram, and Dr. Plummer was summoned. Tho physician ascertained that ono bullet passed through the lloshy part of the loft thigh, another remained In tho right thigh, and was extracted, and that tho last and moat dangerous struck tho left hip, and ranged upward and inward. If it struck tho pelvic bono, as Dr. Plummer believes, tho chances aro that Robinson will not aurvlvo. Two bullot holes In Darcy's sUlo showed the cause of h!?.death. A cursory examination of tho body late In the afternoon as it lay on a slab in the rear of Skowes'a undertaking establishment lad Dr. Marshall to express the opinion that ono bullot had passed through the anterior lobe of tho liver, and the other through tho lower rim. TIIBKK AttK TWO THKOKIFS as to tho manner in which Darcy ro- coivod his wounds. The police are inclined to the theory that in the struggle, Darcy, in his rago, tired the pistol without ronll'/.ins what he was doing, t and tho Coromu- advances the opinion ! that after he learned that he had shot Robinson ha concluded to tako his own life and turned tho weapon- of destruction on himself. Then, knowing that ho was about to enter the unknown land v ho concluded to havo Robinson as a fellow voyager, and fired his'last shot at his retreating form. HOB 1N SON' S STATE. M KNT. . Robinsou.yesterday afternoon gave a statement of the scuffle, and' Shooting, and in all tho essential points it is corroborative of the evidence adduced at ihe inquest hold over the remains of I Darcy by Coroner Taylor and Jurors Daniel C^morfiiie, William P. Appleby and Daniel Dunne,'their verdict being that Thoraas'Darcy came to his death by two punsh'ot wounds in tho right side from a pistol fired by his own hand, while In altercation with Mr. Robinson. HOBtXSOX'S CONDITION. Laafc evening Dr. Plurumor, who !• In attendance on , Robinson, expressed the opinion that his Injurieswoiild'hot prove fatal. . to in to is of of to 10 to In to to a

Clipped from
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune,
  2. 29 Sep 1893, Fri,
  3. Page 8

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