Edward retires 30 November 1924 Decatur Review

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Edward retires 30 November 1924 Decatur Review - E.S.COEPEI VET1N, Riley McKeen. Jswt tast ot...
E.S.COEPEI VET1N, Riley McKeen. Jswt tast ot Terra Hnute. In a cozy corn«r of the larte brlch tarn on ta« farm, he still kept hla telesrapb initruments, never losing an opportunity to practice the Mori* code ana Imagining he was talklne to the outside world. Ons Sunday while at his practice Mr. McKeen visited tha farm and hearing the clicking of the key, stepped In to Investigate. After listening foi a time, he Instructed Mr. Coyle to visit the office of th£ chief tr»4n dispatcher and to tell the chief dispatcher that Mr. Me. Keen said to put him to work. Mr. Coyle had vUtted this »ame chief dispatcher numerous times only to be told that there was no work bnt now thli order came from the president of the Vandalla lines, so once more h« went bach to the key and thli time to a iteady lob. That was forty-one year's, eight ^months and fifteen dayiago. He hai been with the coffipany, continuously alnce that time. BOOSTS "SAFETY ALWAYS." In conclusion, It might be said that the veteran has alwaya been a great booster for the "safety always"- cause H« attended safety meetings frequently and ag his road does not have theso In Decatur, he often attended tho Wa'bash monthly safety meeting held here, jometlmes making -short talks. He has also written/ valuable articles along this lln«,-eome of which ap- pearei In railroad niagazlnes. Also, h« has always practiced what he has preached and only once In all his railroad career has lie been Injured to apeaU of. This was only a few months ago when he stepped down a railroad embankment to let a, train pass by. As he did so, ho on a, clinler or si** i ! » t gavs way. osuilnf him l» f o i l **il sprain !iln tnkl*. Old Timtt. An o'.d-tlmer is cm *!" "1 '·" member wlmn l!i« ftr«l ·»»»nlli (»·' learning to s*lm w»in I · »hsp« Telegrapher on Pension List At Age 70. LONG IN THE SERVICE More THan 41 Years with Railroad. Another Decatur veteran of the lailroad «am» said a farewell to his fp'.Iow workmen and surroundings Saturday afternoon and walked nway from his dally, task, not to -oturn. On the pension rolls o£ the J'ennsjlvanla Railroad system now .irpears the asms of E. S. Coyle,, 138 North Calhoun street, w h o for ·i:or« than forty-one jears has been 'pounding the brass" accordlns to ; i» \ernacnlar of telegraphers. No doubt but that Mr. Coyle 'ingered and cast a longlnc glance o- so at tho instrument beard at Somh Junction, Just south ot the Saimamon river bridge a. short dls- itance. Us was gMng uy the work that he ad chosen when not much rrore than a boy and and w h i c h had been his almost ever Jince. KETIRB AT "0. On th» other hand, he has In lat ^,-ars looked forward to this date E. S. COYLE. ·*h«n 1 t would n r r n o at the age of · e v f n t y jears, the ago at which, the ppnniv .·stem requires that every «mri"v« mint go on the pension list. S r % f » y °ars do»in't mean so much in a T,m who ha« taken care of hlr-sc f .11 well as has this veteran; He !s "ill a healthy man, aUI\e and at cjii! k ··' steii as the average man. nfarv o i r s Ms junior. And now he Is r'.ar.n.n- ^ H h Mrs. Cojle to en- Joy ths class to coins. First of all, they "11! le.-ne In just a few days to spend Cie winter with a. son in California. "And I d i n t U n o w wh.it ^ e l l do n e x t ' hi, adds. - LOST KIGHT 11AXD. Vr. Cojle ivaa 'iorn In Chllll- rMh*. O, Nov 38. 1'jl. At the »ge of elgli'. years, bojllke,--to us» h'B r,-.\n -»orcli--he had an Idea he could I flu a man's «orlv aid he tried to '·,1 ci-ie into an old wooden, 11 lea'ny, cane-mill. As a result, IIP wen: 1 om» minus Mi right hand "rts-n.rnib, !e has bc';n greatly 'i.nrt'r.jii|"l f n r s l x t j - t w o jears JIMP tc thli howcM;r, he worked on fan.* until 1STO nnd did other hard work. In those days h« could shuci fr«"i f . f t y to sixty bu«hels of corn l i i t » o i i i 'unrls» and sunset and did do it r.'ter, T: n a s rather a rud» introduction^ t h a t Mr. Co}le r t c t h e d to the Ilfo ' a telegrapher when he first (tiartcrt In almost f i f t y years ngo. It w n i »1"0 tha one tiling that 1m- rrc««rd Urn mo't In all his years That v a s the switchmen's strike nr tho Pcnniihai.la railroad went or ritt'tiursh batk In the spring of PTAYLD OX JOB. n« happened to be practicing te'e- ur,i]hy at the t l m o lit the old union ' ··tstlon at Indianapolis. When the ··rike lock place, hundreds of ·.;r:krs and thousands of others, Kathert-d around the station. Cars tarrying the U. S mail and engines wer» strongly guarded \vlth armed forces reatlv to shoot while the state militia wai encamped just ontsldt the r;:y, ready to rush In Thlnjs looked scuous and the vounp flpgraplier-student \becamo uneity and wanted to get away. But S. Colcman Wilson, manager of the · fftc* inilttcd t h n t he stay and lulp rherk Western L'nion telegram u h l c h were being f i H d by hundreds. For (hrcfi iay« and as many n.uhti!. he did nut g*t out of th" Ration. All tho sleep that he had nas whi!« curled up -en a short ·ahl* w i t h komo hooks under his "»d for a pillow. During every day .ir.fl nights, hundreds of passengers; men, women and children en route, who wera unable to pay for hotel accommodations or even In cheap hoarding houses, were piled around · n the waiting room floors und under train sheds like so many cattle. Tho cUy helped to feed them. GOES TO FARM. The strlka over, Mr. Coyle decided That If that was railroad life, h« didn't c«r« much about staying with It However for three or fou years, h« worked "extra" on the Indianapolis, Blooming ton a n d Western, the Bl« Four, Panhandl an* Belt railroad, As there was n pr»ipect of iteady employment, h flMHf pave up the work and wen - t« T»rre Haute. * Willo there, he secured employ n ' ill on tiio beautiful and ' ·quipped stock and dairy farm o At The Peoples Santa. Provides a: Real HOOSIER Christinas For Eus$ Housewives* famous Kitchen Cabinets, and we are offering them to our customers on the moHt a 8 tmu*l,,n|j Huh plan ever known! Think what a Christmas gift the Hoosier will n.ake-a present that will lok« all the drudgery out of kitchen work-- a gift that a busy woman will appreciate thr y.«r round. r \ It Banishes Kitchen Drudgery: The Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet is in reality the prod- net of the modern spirit of American women. They 'refuse to be slaves to their kicthens--they demand the kind of freedom the Hoosier gives. The Hoosier saves miles of steps, gives more hours for rest and recreation;--eliminates all drudgery! Place it in your kitchen this Christmas--for a dollar! We are showing a full line of Hoos- j ers -- various sizes and models. With Every HOC SIER Beauty Santa Claus is, a wise old bird--he knows a real gift offer when he sees it! He's going to give f oiy wonder f ul presents to every member of the Christmas Hoosier Club! When you pay your One Dollar enrollment fee, you get a fine 10-piece cutlery set, a 14-pJece glassware set, a genuine Hoosier Kitchen Table or a new Hoosier Stepladder S t o o l -ABSOLUTELY FREE! fc-.SK^^,S* join the Christmas Hoosier Club. The balance may be paid a ittlc at a (.me. UK venient. DON'T MISS THIS MARVELOUS OPPORTUNITY xV ^ u ;. / .V A -w vV fa ^ mm FREE! 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  1. The Decatur Daily Review,
  2. 30 Nov 1924, Sun,
  3. Page 16

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