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 - V What a Wide Difference Between the...
V What a Wide Difference Between the Confidences of a Bar and the Confidences of a Soda Fountain HHHllllllllllllllllllllllllHiMI leW - HI 3 HHVHI1I1I1IH Crojirmg jwlfcr and Beadriig aodfl roimtam Studying the UIKT GreatTransition and Its Revelation of StrangeTraiis in Human Appetite - Jhat Is to Happen in StatesThat Are Still Wet - iM tr - LU By P A Collins WITH the approach of July 1 mfllloni of Americans are askings themselves what they axe going to do when national pro - hfbition becomes effective From careful observations made in states which already have font dry It is possible to answer this highly Important query with reasonable certainty For years a painstaking investigation has been canted on and the records preserved by an elaborate system of card indexes In dry as well as wet states the results of this investigation will prove of the liveliest interest If the average man does not - know what ha will do under dry conditions the card index will tell him His habits from the day the supply is cut off and for a couple of years to come may be prophesied with mathematical accuracy From this marvellously detailed record the man in a state recently gone dry will be interested in reading his future plans no less than one wno it about to face the situation for the first time This data has been laboriously compiled by the soda water fountain interests but many other llnes of business are directly affected The average patron of the bar whether lie be an occasional or a steady drinker Mil not rush to the soda water fountain when his accustomed supplies are cut off He will find his way there to be sure but probably not until weeks or months have passed and ha will approach it by a roundabout way Two years will pass before ha will bo ordering the same drinks from the soda fountain as the average non - drinker In the meantime he will consume a variety of foods which before prohibition came he had not the slightest idea of eating In the end little as he may suspect it he will become a regular patron of the oda fountain There are more than 100000 soda water fountains in the United States today and of these about 80000 flow every month in the year Dry times eventually will - double the num bcr of fountains aid their capacity Significant Business Changes A significant news item appeared recently stating that a corporation running n great chain of cigar stores throughout the country had purchased a chain of candy stores whose name is a household word The average drinking man little as he suspects i will pay the dividends on this investment of many millions of dollars As soon as it is assured that the saloons in a state will be closed thors is active bidding for the most valuable sites thus thrown on the market And one of the readiest bidders is the tobacco interest The agents snap up the desirable corner saloons In short order The way is being prepared for the setting op of a soda fountain and the process is Interesting The appetite accustomed to alcoholic stimulant in large or small degree plays curious tricks The drinking man Is probably a smoker and he will continue to smoke and probably consume mora tobacco than triors alcohol was denied him At the same time he will crave sweets in inordinate quantities It will come as a surprise to most people east and west to learn that tha eon - f nmptidh of candy InKansas Is greater per capita than in New York This increased demand for candy is found in all prohibition states especially in the early stages of the new rule As the bar is closed the crowd gravitates to the candy counters Tha rush will continue at its height for about one month when it will begin to fall off All this has been calculated from the card index records with mathematical accuracy It 1s now possible to understand the system on which the chain of cigar stores is working today In the states going dry there will be subsequent to July a surprising increase of to bacco shops These stores will be found to contain candy counters with their - ware attractively displayed - They will do a thriving business There will1 however be few soda fountain at first The drug stores of the neighborhood will be able to supply the demand for a few weeks at least even with the saloons closed Tha soda fountain interests have calculated the effect on the public appetite of prohibition so accurately that they will not lay out their capital in soda fountains and equipment a day before it wflj pay a sufficient dividend Millions of dollars are held in readiness1 to install the fountains by the thousand but results are so certain that there is no use using this capital untiSit is really needed WJren Dry Time Comes A month or more after a region goes dry the crowd wMh has forsaken the bars for the candy counter will he ready for tha soda fountain They will find every preparation has been made for their capricious appetiteg The card index systems even anticipates the nature of the demands which will be made On the soda fountain clerk by the new patronage If he makes the mistake of stocking up ready for the orders of the average crowd of soda fountain patrons he will lose money Tho appetite accustomed for years to alcohol in large or small quantities is very slow to develop a normal soda fountain thirst For months it will demand the more substantial of the food drinks Malted milks and soda drinks prepared with eggs will strike his fancy at first and it will not change the order for many months So great is the demand for malted milk in many regions recently gone dry that a cheaper form of malted milk is prepared and sold in amazing quantities It is found that a period of about twd years is required to transform tho drjnking crowd into normal soda fountain patrons By the end of tho second year this patronage will be ordering the familiar sweet drinks of the soda fountain but not before This observation - is interesting alike in dry as well as wet states and may serve - to explain to many people why their tastes in soda water drinks is peculiar The same records show as might be expecteijjthat the soda fountain - can - J not supply the social factor of the bar room It is Impossible for instance for a group of men to idle about a soda fountain for hours while they consume repeated rounds of drinks The atom - Mb would rebel before let u say the sixth ice cream soda has disappeared Theamlllar Just one more1 will not be heard before the soda fountain Soda Fountains New Role The soda fountain again does not lose its present character in assuming its new role in dry states It is often suggested that it will dispense the near - beer drinks and thus become a modified and quite harmless bar The experiment has been repeatedly tried without success1 The beer One of tbe Familiar Signs lnBar Rooms That Still Survive Asks the Question Shown in This Sketch and the Barkeeps Attitude Reflects the Same Sentiment s - as July 1st Draws Nearer v v x w a l - VvM - - - sari 1 Via le yT iMifcjV iih hi iniiii I ii i sum ii i sp jjy DONT ASK US WHAT weke GOING TO 6b - WHAT AREYOU GOING TO DO r s A1 A - I Jsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst issHPlsswsissHHiSPIflsHPssH sBBBHHnrMM h JWt LbKWIkIwHbBBBBBW T BMr sSutfQ iLV BBBBBBBBBH jpHf iAHBr4KsHHHB J f cHUKu3mHBBBBBhiMJHlT BLfffsTw Sj IibbbbbbbbbbbbbH bbbbVibViAbWbbWP nBBHBsaBBBBBBBKHi mSKKlKKMtHKailHmBJBiysl IBBBBBiPfyflPiiBBlHmiaBBBBHDBBBBBBBBHBK BBBBBBBHSeWBBSBBBBHHHKBBriBBBBBBBBBl BBMBBIBHiB1tSBBBBlBBBBBBHBBV BBLbHbBKHBHbbKBBBBBH HBBKMixIssBBBBlHBBBBBBBBHBBBBBnPBBBBBBBBBHKi JBBBBBBBBHiBBBVBBlBBUBBBBVI - lBBBBBBBBBBV BPTiVBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBJBBBBBBBBBBBHJjBBBBBBBB aBBBBBBBBBBk JIBH WMSjMKtKIBSeK9tHsKKHH bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbh KKCilSwAxsBBSiiMlBKBMM - MBWmBBJgiaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBSft fM MmASmmMMvmKBItBBli - ATT - aBSBBBHiBBHiBBBBBBBBVBW IbbbbbbbbbbbbIHI LrvMl iWHKi iiSBHH9BBBBBBBBllKWBBBBBBBBH BKrtiHBjBBBBHllBBHBBfBBBB Ll 1diBBBBBB V Drama Has Already Begun to Realize the Possibilities of the Soda Fountain as a Source of Romance F substitutes will never flow from the soda fountain and this for a very simple reason No matter how little alcohol they may contain these drinks have the smell of beer and since a large proportion of soda fountain patrons are women and children even this suggestion of the bar room is resented For years to come the labels on the various fountains will remain about the same A fortune awaits the man who will invent a new soda drink specially a non - sweet drink which will quench the thirst With the new demands Water Illusion That Is Frequently Fatal to Ocean Bathers MISTAXItfQUhe movement of - waves In the water tor the movement ot the water ltsslf has been responsible for the death of hundreds of ocean bathers who wrongly thinking Ifiat they1 were being carried seaward by some ewmnt became frastlo and succumbed to what is a mere optical Illusion This somewhat startling statement wind and consequently witll the waves which travel in the same direction faster than It is possible to swim receives the impression of being carried backward by the water In the absence ot knowledge or information covering thecae most persons 10 situated It headed - toward the shore Immediately think of undertowVa word which nearly everyone has heard and believe themselves the point Indicated and fotnfd neither undertow nor offshore current sufficient to embarrass any swimmer Subsequently on numerous occasions while - Initiating beginners into deep - water swimming being headed tor shore with an onshore breeze I have heard the Initiate remark with deep concern that there wis a current against us This required to he accounted for upon the soda fountains some genius may arise to solve this problem The familiar free lunch of bygone days has disappeared into the irrevocable past In its day it proved a very useful institution enabling the busy man to eaten up a quick lunch and be on his way with th least possible loss of time The soda fountain will largely supply this void Let anyone try to reach the counter of a soda fountain during the luncb hours of any city and he will be convinced The soda lunch counter dally feeds millions of pedplb Even in wet states the soda fountain proves a very serious rival of the bar A few years - since the conventional quick lunch was a ham sandwich and glass of beer or a cup of coffee The - oda fountain was disdained Today patrons by the million are supplied by the soda fountain clerks with sandwiches or cakes and a malted chocolate pr an egg 1 drink of some form or a - glass ot hot chocolate The transition from the quick lunch of the bar room is simple The crowd has already learned the way from the bar to the soda fountain The old problem of high license seems to be inherited by the soda fountain It Is proposed in some states to collect 500 from each fountain the average tax is about 60 The law at present is very contradictory In some states a tax of one penny is collected on every drink served The house sometimes charges a round sum such as 20 cenfc for a drink which covers the extra tax Some fountains on Ce other vhand charge from 11 to 16 cents for the drink One of the complications Of the tax is the dls - crimination on ice cream If you eaa dish of las cream at a soda fountain counter you are taxed one cent while by going next door to a restaurant and ordering ice cream you avoid the tax altogether There r many auchxproblems to be worked out in the fcture The government is looking to the soda fountains tq supply an immense income in the future to balance the loss from the liquor taxes It U estimated in the trad - that the soda fountain business will be at least doubled after July 1 next by the dry amendment

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 25 May 1919, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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