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Dr. Sims Ad - in a short project of org the needs i t y Mem-...
in a short project of org the needs i t y Mem- Worden. h a m b r a ; at po Staunton. h i t a n d 1957 Caldieraro Dr. SIMS says... SAFEGUARD YOUR HEALTH of at n d were Mrs. of r s J o h n be Decatur Mil Lud- A PUBLIC SERVICE OF THE ILLINOIS STATE MEDICAL SOCIETY PLIES SPREAD DISEASE Of all the insects in the world, Mus,ca Domestica is probably man's greatest enemy You know him as the common housefly; but maybe you didn't know just how serious a health threat he really is. Plies may spread dysentery, summer or infant diarrhea, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, tra- chorra and polio. For example, bacillary dysentery--a disease of the intestines--is more prevalent in the summer when the fly popula tion is the greatest It has been proven that fly- contaminated milk may lead to fatal cases of infant diarrhea Summer or infant diarrhea oc curs principally under crowded, unhygienic conditions during hot weather when foods can be easily contaminated by flies The common housefly c a n spread typhoid fever by picking up the germ from unswni- tary toilet facilities used by a victim of the disease or an unsuspecting "healthy" carrier The fly can also spread infected particles of sputum of a careless TB patient. Trachoma blinds scores of people in Africa in epidemics spread directly by flies. This eye disease is. rare in the United States. However, a number of Americans are victims of a highly contagious eye mleelion called conjunctivitis or "pink eye"--which can be a forerun ner of trachoma if uncontrolled Scientific Invesitgators have found that the polio virus can survive on the outside of a fly's body for several days. For this reason, it is believed that flies may be a contributing factor in polio epidemics. The housefly seems especially equipped for his role as a disease carrier and he does his harmful work in two ways. First, infected material readily sticks to the hairs and bristles on the fly's body, particularly to the adhesive organs on the bottom of hs feet. Then all the fly has to do to transmit the infected materal is to land on you, on your food on the things you touch. Second, he deposits infected material he has eaten through his wastes. It's an obvious conclusion, therefore, that you're living with clanger if you've given the housefly a home. So to rid your house of flies and protect your health, follow these rules: 1) Wrap all garbage a n keep garbage cans covered. 2) Store unused food. 3) Wipe up spilled foods immediately. 4) Transfer staple foods from boxes to tins and jars. 5) Spray insecticides in the corners of your kitchen. 6) Keep your bathroom spotless. 7) Repair holes in window and door screens.

Clipped from
  1. The Edwardsville Intelligencer,
  2. 27 Aug 1964, Thu,
  3. Page 7

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