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THE SIAMESE TWINS. ; THE A UTOPST POSTPONED DR. PAN- COAST. Iks Jftm-T Tim. PHTLAJQxtnriA. Feb. - 9. The meeting at th College of Physicians to make ths arrsngementa for the forthcoming autopsy of th bodies of the Siamese twins waa held as 8 o'clock this evening Dr. Paneoast. Dr. AHeo, and Dr. Andrews, who went to Mount Airy, were, of course, present, and detailed the whole course of th action in tb premises. Som arrangementa war decided npoa, though they must not be considered final, aa another meeting of th eemmrUes wQl mast probably be held before th aatopsy is begun. So fax, the detormlnatioa la to perform tb autopsy ia tb theatre of tb Collets of Physiciana, bat it ia to be hoped that this decision may yet be revsrsed, aa th theatre ef th Jefferson College ia much larger aad mors convenient. At th College of Physiciana th spectators of th autopsy will b very limited ia number, and a large number of physician s will be grievously disappointed at being shot out, Tbe doctor seem to have one great paint to decide ia the autopsy. It 1 pretty generally admitted tbat th bodies of Chang and Eng ar suited by a sort of mutual continuation of tb breast bona. The great speculation ta aa to the unity ef the peri-toneum or membrane covering the great boweL If that unity exists the separation ef tha twins by tbe knife would have resulted ia death s otherwise tt is thought tbat they micht hav been released from the bonds which held them together. An eminent physician of this city, however, tells me that aome seven or eight years ago he manipulated the ligament connecting the twins, and that it waa aa soft aa a child's arm. Sine then the ligament ia said to hav hardened, and there ia reason to think that oaslfl cation may have ensued. Those who hav seen the bodies, nevertheless, do not notice this greater density. Happily, th embalming process at Mount Airy waa carried out just in time to prevent it being too late, snd all these matters will soon be determined by the knife. The re-embalming process may, after all, not be carried out. Dr. Andrews, who mad th injection of the embalming ingredients, being ef tb opinion tbat all waa done that could be done in tbat way. ' ' Still that point ia . undetermined.- So far aa I can gather from the , proceedings of the meeting to-night th autopsy may possibly begin oa Wednesday, but it ia just aa likely to be still further delayed. ' 2o definite arrangements were made about some important details, and I think another- meeting will and must be held before all la settled. On thing ia certain nothing will be given to the world before . the report of Dr. Pancoast and his associates is published. Every possible precaution will be taken to prevent the attendance of reporters, and consequent premature revelations. Any statements aa to the present appearance ef tbe bodies, and aa Inspection of thorn since their arrival here, ar absolutely false, aa tb tin case containing them ia soldered down, and in tbe asm condition aa when it left Mount Airy. There ia one very important phase ef this matter of ti autopsy of the Slidese twin, tIi., the pro- attainments of the gentleman who wul be the moaS prominent ' f the - conductors of it, Dr. Pancoast. . Though, from what I learn, I judge that he, shrinks from notoriety,' I trust be win forgive me for stealing a march oa him and saying something about him to the medical world and the general public, without having previously asked his permission. I heard, quite by accident, this afternoon that at 4 o'clock he would deliver a professional lectors on " Tho Structure of the Brain," to aa audience composed of graduates, matriculates, and advanced students of Jefferson College. - Assuming, aa for aa I could, a learned and medical aspect, I walked boldly into the theatre ef the college a few momenta after the doctor had commenced bia lecture. -As there must have been the best part of 900 1 persons occupying the seats in th auditorium, I bad not much difficulty in escaping th vigilant inspection of th janitor. Aa an ordinary ' layman I mast confess ' that X waa much struck with th Doctor's power of conveying bis meaning to bis auditors, and th ae with which he handled th very intricate and elaborate models and natural and recenQy-diseected specimens with which he illustrsted his lector. As s public demonstrator of anatomy. Dr. Pancoast has some inTSlnable qualities apart from his inferinsio abljitiea. He is a maa of considerable perseverance, tall and powerfully built, of very intelligent and pleasing features, and, what ia more important, he has a strong and clear voice and a convincing and energetio demeanor. He is evidently a man of great nervous energy. His delivery is remarkably rapid. But rapid aa it is, and , layman, as concerns medical matters, aa I am, I did aot miss a single expresion or intonation. When th lecture waa over X waa astonished to find that tt bad occupied Just on hour ia delivery. TTbat those most interested ia th lecture may have thought of it, of course I have no means of knowing. Personally, I was much struck with his analytio description of. ths marvelous y harmonious continuity of the spinal chord through the medulla oblongata, and the fibrous communications of the brain with th cerebrum and cerebellum ; also his definition aad illustration of what he teraed &e secretion of thought, and communication of the nerves to the brain, aad th consequent physical commands Issued from th brain. Aa aa elocutionist, without being a bora orator. Dr. Pancoast is very able. - As a demonstrator ha ia quick, apt, and very pleasing, choosing hi expressions well, aad using Just so much gesticulation aa to giv animation. Ha eoavinced me that, while there must be a great number of eminent physiciana ' in this country who are aa well able aa he ia t handle ectentlncaily the great task h has undertaken, and there may even be som who might surpass him. still tbe medical profession of the .world msy rest perfectly satisfied that they will hav laid before them ' by him a masterly exposition of the autopsy of the famona Siamese Twins. For ths benefit ef Jhe general public, those who, so numerous ss a class, sr always desirous of knowing aU about pi maa of tha" hour. I append a abort biographical sketch of Dr. Psn-eoast, kindly furnLihed to me by an eminent phy-aldan ef this city, who appears to be well-informed as to his origin and career. ' I must again ask Dr. Paaeoast's pardon for taking the liberty ef sketching him to th world without permission. The exigencies of tha public desire for information muat bs my all-availing apology. ; , ' ' ' Dr. William H. Pancoast waa hern in Philadelphia in 1835, and ta the eon ef Dr. Joseph Panose, the very eminent Professor of Geo oral ; Descriptive and Surgioal Anatomy ia the Jefferson College of Philadelphia. The son of so famous a aargsoa, hia ambition from boybocd naturally leaned hi that direction, aad , be seems to have regarded hia studies and graduation at Zfaverford College, ia Delaware County. Peoavaaa great preliminary to bis studies in medicine and surgery. At least hia friends credit him with that early ambition. He graduated at Haverford ia 1333, and at one waa enrolled aa a student at Jefferson College, from which be graduated, aa I cud from th catalogue of col-lege : graduates, in 1854. - Daring " th , next three year ' my informant's memory is . a kttl treacheroua as to his career, but I thiak ibex is no doubt . that a spent n that time ia studying ia the hospitals ef Paris, Tondon, aad Vienna. Dr. Pancoast himself moat correct at if X am wrong. Ia test h retamed from Znroe and bsmsdistely commenced to practice fa Philadelphia, aoea tr-v"g for himself local repatatioa and a name. He has always mad a great specialty ef ' anatomy and surgery, and hi his various writings baa given raom ; important mete to th medical world especially, sad that woaderfany. In coonectiott with his present labors ss to tb we3-knowa Carolina twins.", H has established for himself thus ssrly in Uf th repot turn of being most skillful operator, and occupies many antTamt pablis position ia hia profossioun Sine 156 a Anatomy jatmr- sea CoSage, visiting . to ' tha '' XtHs- datolila. jlslacs UX - sal is smuuSmt surgeoa'ef th Charity Hospital, ,1a 1667 an! leca, during hla father's aba sea ia Xarop, ha was . appointed Adjnnct Prnft n of Instiway at Jeffcr-sou CoQeg. During th war a did, sxeQeat ser-vtosas aa army hospital aai getnr ta Philadelphia. B ia a member of all th Philadelphia modieaJeoci-eUee, and ia 1871 waa President of the Philadelphia County Usdical Society. Sack is s brief sketch of th maa to whom ths world is just now chiofiy looking for aa intellla-ent amount of th mysterious fleshy bead nutting th Slsms twin. . .. DESPERATE ATTEMPT AT SUICIDE ET A DEFA ULTINQ OFFICIAL. THS CI.yWK OF THI BXCHXOXD BOABD OP WOKIS COZmCTZD OP rOTsOtaT HI ATTCMPTS BIS XXTB WHEW AJUtXSTXIX BpnalDOpmihtlVm.ThrtiTUm. EiCHnojn, Tav. Feb. ' 9. Three days ago Gov. Semper convened tb Board ef Public Works, and charged the Clerk of tha beard, William D. Cols, man. with being aa habitual drunkard, a constant habitue of gambling dena, where he lost large sums of money, aad with having purloined a large amount' ef State bonds from the sinking fund, upon which bonds bs raised money to carry on his dissipation. Coleman, who was Clerk ef the fund aa w)l as of th board, admitted tbat he had been a drunkard and gambler, but that hs had reformed, snd denied the charge aa to the bond. At ths instaac of th Governor, aa in vesication waa at one begun aad waa only eoocluded late this afternoon. ' Tb most overwhelming proofs of Coleman's guilt wet discovered. - Kot only were the charges of th Governor sustained, but it waa found that Coleman had altered a credit to th sinking fund ef $18,000 1 (8,000 by erasing the figure one and substituting th dollar sign, evidently intending to appropriate ten th seised to bia own use. The toveatigaiioa disclos sil that h had only taken aad bypotaeeatod about SS.000 of the bonds. The evidene was ss eomplet that Colamaa at eoe mad a full confession, aad ' intiinatsd that he intended to commit snirids. Th First aad Second Auditors aad tbe Stats Tt surer at' one sought th Police Justice of th etty- sad swore out a warrant for the arrest ef Colamaa, charging him with forgery, - tc This warrant waa put in th handa of Detective Pst .Woods, who, a little past 8 o'clock to-night, went to th Imbeds Bouse,' where Coleman boarded. to arrest "him. When h knocked st ths door of the room Coleman opened it, having a tumbler ia hia band Cross which he had evidently Just drank something. Weeds told him that aa ha knew tbat be waa sick ha would not take htm off. bnt would stay in the room with him until tomorrow. Coleman thanked aim,' sad. iaettmg the tumbler on a table, tok up ss spea pea- knife which was lying there. Approaching the bed he threw upon it, foe downward an th pillow, and at tha asm time plunged tx blade ef the knife into tb left side ef his neck near th jug. ular vain, which h doubtless sought to cat. Woods at ono saw tb blood gush out oa tb pillow, snd took the knife away from the desperate msa, aad scat for s physician. It was found (feat thawound was-not dangerous, but aa eight-ounce vial, empty, labeled " chloroform, was discovered ta the room, and it learned that J. Eliir, dmgpit, td sold Coleman eight ounce of chloroform to-day. - Ther ia ao Question tbat bo had jmt awallowod thia when Detective Wood knocked a hia door. Coleman lies in a very critical condition, and may die before morning. B ia a young man, about thirtv-flvo year of ago, aad of consider! ability. Be waa formerly aa editor ef tha Richmond Iiupdrtr, and baa been Clerk of the Board of Publio Work and Sinking Fund for several years, enjoying th respect and confidence of all who knew him. PITTSBURQ. '-..., , i ,. . ly- - NOMINATIONS FOB M A VOB ESC BAJtRAJSS tXO COTdTUCATKWC. " Burial ffmlrt at lac ITew-Ttrk TtawS. ' Pittsbcbg, Penn-, Feb. 9. City political affairs hav never before ntesentod such a knotty snarl aa now. Tbe nominating conventions met today, aad wore fully attended. Tbe primary election on Saturday were hotly contested, aad maeh bitter feeling engendered among tb friend of th three aspirants tor th Mayoralty McCarthy, Gross, aad Kirk. Th convention waa own posed f forty-six delegates. The first-named candidate had a majority of one vote over ths ether two, snd, secured tbe ergsaizatioa ia hia favor. Displeased st this, twenty -one delegates bolted. Those who remained, then nominated Wm. C McCarthy., .The bolters met this afternoon, and, after aa exciting time, nominated Gross. Against this, th Sirk men protested, threatening another holt. Tha nomination waa reconsidered, and . Kirk declared tb wn'" Resolution a- war adopted denouncing the majority bodv, declaring thia tbe genuine Republican Convention, aad ealUcs upon the party to raDy to tb support ef the ticket. For City Treasurer, C. X Hacee, th present incumbent, wss nominated, aad for Controller, B. il. Snod . grass, both without opposition. . . The press of ths city is divided on the question of the ticket. Th Commsreist, Gosatt,. sad CfcfvN-id wOl support McCarthy. Tha Dfapsfc, lodr, and Telegraph advocate Kirks elsotien. Mesa-, while the Democrat are rejoicing over th split in tbe Republican ranks, and hope, not without reason, to elect Guthrie to the kfayorslty. It la likely th affair win lead to th washing of coasidsrabla dirty linen in public, as new rerelatlons ar prontiaed ia connection with th water-bond swindle, Implicating prominent officis la. - - - yTNAKCIAL IRKIGCXAKITIZS ' A XtTMOKED ' MISAPPBOPJUATIOX OPfCTTT TO? DC. J' SFciml Donates a Ike NtwTorm TIsms. " PrrTSBTJBO, Feb. fl. Sooner than wss anticipated the rancor engendered by our local political fight baa been the mesne of reopening .th water bond uncleanness, and - already aQega-tiona connect tbe names of men hitherto la .high standing with at least temporary misappropriation ef city funds. Statements , ar privately whispered-tomght that there wfll ban reopening ef th tedious investigation, aad If the facts arses sl- leged ther is much need for a thorough overhaul ing of th wheto affair. It is stated tbat r3,000 worth of water bonds, with th stab, war eat from th back of tha bond book and forwarded to Philadelphia,' where they' were hypothecated and th prooneds 865,000 employed It goating -: ' tb Lawrence Seringa . Bank ' through ' . th late financial revulsion. ' This. ' institution suspended during tb early day of tb panic, is averred, only opened its doors after tha receipt ef the money derived from th sale of tb water bonds mentioned. When the revelations wet mad eoe cemisg theSTattao Bank aad it ttaaaaetioas ia th city papers, tho man oagaged -la thia- TC.eoo operation - beeem frightened and sought to avoid th consequences of m. aa . expose of their Illegal fiaaaeesriag. Tb sonde sent to Philadelphia wer obtained aad retamed ia a stealthy manner to tbe city, where, it ia charged, they wer canceled to th presence of tb present -Controller and th money covered into th , Treasury. t Mr. McGowaa, who waa CwtrsOegX at th time.' but resigned i ia esaseqnene of th bond;' troubles, - admitted la bia evideaoa befor -ta Fiaaac - Committee that . csrtaia bonds had passed out of his hanis. Taut thaaksd God they were now ia hi earn again." These, it ia now aaid, are tho securities used for th benefit ef tho bonk. Th names mentioned ia conneotieo with this srsn section include a premiaeat sjsfjnaat bank official, two leading boiiosas men, sad s saadidar for a city ofBce. Ail the facts bs tb matter willb mad publie during ths present week. It i to be hoped that th last shred of mjatsry surrounding our mismanaged water finaaces wCl' Ta tors said and th guilty men shown up in their eras light. tsz wxrer or tub Qvxsyr . or tub - sours. -, .. - . .TSaMTOLKt Va. Feb. 9rf-pCspt,. CreQia. who has arrived bare from ta wrack of th Qaees at th gasashor at Wsachaprlgwa c2t. reports sksS fha vsssnl is gatag to pjoa sad s larg put f har ears f setma fa wssag aslors,

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