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John Pelham  - GALLANT PELHAM "TfSJi BQX AitTILteWST" r GEL...
GALLANT PELHAM "TfSJi BQX AitTILteWST" r GEL KJtAL LUhTd AfiVV.. " A. HERO OF THE WAR 0F; 1861 Oa el lb Uokt Precocious aad Uaah. las; Soldiers That the loath Ever Produced. Our coCTtry Is never lacking In he - rocs. Whether her volunteer soldiery came from the northern, the western or the southern sections of the republic, the patriotlo Ore blazes up wj:h equal effulgence, for valor la the heritage of our Saxon blood. The war with Spain evidences to the world what kind of stuff makes up the national guard, and well do we know that when our country needs men of brawn and brain to picket her outposts and carry the deadly breach, she has but to sound the bugle, , blast.' and, tike the bonneted" ' warriors of Roderick Dhue, they will swarm, armed cap - a - pie, from every villa ami mountain slopa Intrepidity la the birthright of oar race, and to this "land; shadowed with wings," It la. the vigilant aafeguard of the public weal cgslnst every foe. The war of 1S61 had Its Deweya and I la Schley, its Funstons and it Law - tons, by thousands on eitbirr side, in a contest of arms, far more desperate and sanguinary than anything that has marked the campaigns in Cuba and the Philippines, and all over the broad land many grizzled, war scarred vet erans we daily meet end Jostle by, un noticed, perhaps, who went up against foe man worthy of a foeman's steel, through the withering - blasts of shot and shell and bayonet thrust Theirs was no foregone conclusion and cer - . tain triumph, when the lines of battle awept up the fiery elope, or charged the death crowned parapet Theirs - wiw ever the forlorn hope with death riding upon the gale and victory trembling In the balance. John Pelham was from an old Ken tucky family, but was a native of Alabama, and whsn the war broke out was a cadet At West Point.. He was always brilliant, and at the military academy surpassed in horsemanship and was noted aa an athlete. When the Prince of Wsles visited West Point he was chaimed with the dash and darins; ct Pelham and his marvelous riding. But when the cloud of war began to shad ow the land, the young cadet bade fare well to his comrades and went south - l ward A. beautifuL, northern girl. - to whom be was supposed to be amairced, endeavored to win him over to the aup - port of the old fla. but. like thousands of other gallant officers, he determined that his state was most entitled to bis fealty. He Joined a Mobile battery, which was hurried on to assist Beau regard at Manaaeag, and In that first baptism of Internecine war Pelham handled one of the guns with such ef - feotlveneaa se to win the praise of Stonewall Jackson. ' From that time on until the fatal day of Kellfy'a Ford in iwi remain was uie wonder or tna artillery service of bee's army. He was kn6wn as "Jeb Stewart's boy artiller ist." snd mi presence always gave a feeling of confidence at the opening of every great battle. "Oh for another Pelham I" exclaimed Jackeon, when - at second Manassas he saw the advancing host of Fits John Porter's corps com ing into action and Longstreet not yet arrived. "Osneral, your guns on the left are Idle, no one is st work but Pelham." said Stewart as he rode up to old Stonewall at Cold Harbor In that awful day of battle. When on that December day of 1SC2, when Burnsida hurled the corpa of Sedgwick af&iiut the Confederate, en - trenchments of Fredficksburg.'lt was Polbaqi ' guns which swept treat sick - nUig gapa and swathes through the devoted lined of blue, and drove them back with appalling slaughter Into the river. At Antletam tbe youthful hero with his terrible 'Napoleons,' was a factor In the thickest light Whenever Pelham could be located by the Union commanders, It waa there that the concentric fire of many batteries hurled their shot and shell. He was killed In the spring of 1S63 at Kelley'a Ford, on lUppaharinoek, when galloping to the front to direct the action of his guns. He wee 23 years of sge, and though of gentle, amiable dlKposlvlon, handsome and of policed manners, this youth had been a hero In the front of nearly every battle from Bull Run to the hour of his death. The following poem written some years ago was never before published: Have you never heard of Pelham? John Pelham was bis flame . - "Jeb Stewart's boy artillerist" Who courted shot and flame; No bolder knight e'er stormed the '"height ; Which crowns the walls of fame. A beardless boy, .scarce twenty - one, Of old Kentucky stock, With heart of oak and nervea of steel, And true ae granite rock; This child was born' tor the battle etorm . " To breast the battle shock. Tile roar of cannon scarce had spread 'Across the Charleston bar,. Re - echoing o'er Car'llna's hills From Sumter's guna afar, ' 'Ere Pelham's hand had grasped tic brand . ' To join the" ranks of warT " '?""'".'' It waa at First Manassas . . Where the battle - cloud hung low When McDowell led the Northern host To strike the South a blow, - That Pelham's gun behind Bull Run Swept bock the charging foe. An when old Stonewall's fierce brigade Bore havoc far and near, - Smiting the flank of Fremont, And routing mad Stelnweir; Those gnna of death with flaming breath '... 'Hurled vengeance on their rear. At White Oak Swamp, and Seven Pines, - . ; And down by Gaines Mill, . Far out on the flank of Jackson's llnea,' Those war drgs barked at will; And they howled through the smoke on the blazing slope, . - 'Neath the crest of Malvern Hill. ' FromCedar Oapto Fredrlckaburg, - ' . And along rheRapldan." With Stonewall Jackson's hold ad - vanoe '" 'Twas Pelham led th van; And the fiery breath of his guns swept death, ' O'er the bridge of Antletam. The tide of battle ebbed and flowed Athwart Virginia's breast, Which, torn by war's relentless, heel, 'Writhed In a sore distress. As vain she clasped In frantic grasp Her noblest snd her best : Twss 'midst the flerVe simoon of death That Pelbams guidon fell. When burst the storm on Kelley'j Ford In bis - n of shot and shell. And millions sighed, when Pelham died WItJi grief no lips could tell. .. Rest, Prlve bf Valor, child of Mars, 1 By Alabsms's shade! ' Thy name Is written 'mid the stars, Thy fams can never fade; "While: glory trtmrrls the earred charge Where Pelham's bones are lnld. CHAB. H. COFFB. Springfield, Mo., May 26, 1899.

Clipped from
  1. The Springfield News-Leader,
  2. 28 May 1899, Sun,
  3. Page 2

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