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Collector Potter - of a dele noutb elder U»lioji/aBd bat, ttato,"...
of a dele noutb elder U»lioji/aBd bat, ttato," orator*, im- rather of t}s* tod now some drawing vt-t- tliccold. use die us tlie the vet- refused to IIBS already performed the Uth cs all who in tie of the aro Texas, and raer- all urst-claas in or October, the at j/cr- coin- hero fsut" had mr hq htjd since his I'im. in- fever months Dr. been ol' Cuiro · fov'ur month. 1 ' Surgeon, i nt 3lasaaiMM'»Jt. Tlii oVve i» tte eapcis. of gn niticlr by C»pt. R. M, Potter, U. S. A., irfjtfco May number ol' ?he M*jnrfno of American Iliatory. li give* ac accdonl ofths cnptiifhy and fate of *. nuciiw of ii who by the i op«« -with the wyt lucurccri^cd In Moxlijumi In Vi'Vi. following brier' »cwiiui of thfi condilkn; of the Teita* forces in the birginnJn^ of ib;4 ycur, wWcb .account; .tot »ome of tbt old panlniio fetliog M regards different promlDent k^wlern or a»pfa"j.nts at tblit neriod : During tiio wUiter of that year, whtn tbi; invision of Texan by Santa Ajiau was Inipsndlrjg, tivmi swised little !«;« - tlina anarcliy left to id it. i .-^ . KK ijrrca hundred volunteers, m^* or 1 lean/for the number wan continually Huctuatln^, El;irloO',-(5 at Saa '.intooio, und in Gol'aa nsi. Us neighbwhoorV but in the latter CfttSoa. 5am aa had been ccimmis»ioHtd by the provision"! government a major-Kraernl of regular troops, cot v'M raised, with' t)w rfpbt to commsB'3 .'ill volunteers who might enter the service of Tesas; but the ;.Jit of tbat jOTcrrjnii;flt into a duality led lt conflfwla^ measures which ilized his autborily, and be was to effect » con(;':Dtrai;ton of ths forces under arm*.' The ^r- ndy, the IMT tWtLn ojEtribotoTft the r«ru!«H«a bricfl ol liie rations so furnished. Tfcln ' " iuptfea m Out foortns for roorib«. Onrins nfcout two ^uftda were derived ,frora .£. li(« tilt tforcsold ttiA: fw the rvo. of fix ttoe, of your hart Boon OrIe»B8 dl«. «.t this QI all from all p«rk» of aot» a of there stnoo Do- for t zymoiac during lawwn si- Tho regular vigilant, aji be enforced, com- with to dutv to office, to my Cairo trouble uU; H, s. which tho in the was Hnt- after ho Fisher. of epidemic state yellow and fever with of summe suci vcr) disiu from have existed carbolic as an essential of than clothed infected now n sovereign of disin- or carbolic be when one says:' un;D miglit see it- earth actually all their when, recombination, been beasts then circuit, to be or- Lshould itself aa- rlsons of 9an Antonio and Go'.Uid iic without concert; ucd a smaller b- which h3 part of it split off from ine former garrison, tlic rcjt bilng raised sepomtely, catered upon . independent action further went. Tbli wa^. u band of mounted men which oncdreachea tlie nurabcr of tv.-p bimdrcd, bur did not ,rcni.TOHy exceed a hundred^ sad which- "ook positiun,, g;uly in the winter, a\ San Pa:.rlcb, on lhe.Nucas, an'L-h vit agei and the most western of the for*; C'ign sr.tlemsnts in Texas. Thin fores was , commanded' by Col. Frank W lohnson and Coi^-. Don Diego Grant, joth of whom" 'hud performed jal- ant servico .'in the Hiking of San Antonio, where Johnson command- id tise assault after tbe fall of Miliun. Col. Johnson, now in tlie S3d year of lis ugo, was .atflong tbe veterdns at tlie ate reunion ic-Galvcston. Col. Reuben M. Brow n; of Brazoria county, is also a urvivor of the perils and events do- cribcd! Johnsoa and Grant, with theh' ollciwcn, contemplated ths capture ol but tiio event proved a mpicai exemplificittion of tbe ndngc bout going for wool, witSi the differ- no'; tlim but few of tboD who went ived to retunv Gen. Urraa ai-rjved at {utmneroB with B large body of Mexi- nti troops. The forces of Grant aid Johnsou art variousJy statiid at from 70 to lOOuicn. They had idt'contplettjd their arrangements for a regular anaclc on Mfttemorps, but -were ecourlBg the csuotry on this side ol tho Rio Grande for horses to mount a much larger, force Tfhloh tiiey «spootod to recruit, scouring a goei *mnocr of anlmiila.the started back towtux} tao Nueccs. Potter dotuDs some of tiio subeequoi ovsatB »a fojlo'ws: · ' Grant, with fifty sue of his diverged to the oortiweal .to rencfco in that i%octto», whjk J with tho rejrittftldta'.'cS .tfetf tt^co abd tbx Uv6 stoak, prooesded to 9to P«t*JfT where they trrlyad «n tho £ti ol fjd rnary. A f atv days J»ter Grant, witt1 oDjectcf jgecuriaff more ho.Tiwe, tuixec ·Ciom»« tool U|?wiu-ds, o-rrfc? v a- miwiB.;. - % ' "m; aisoni; the [Contributors, thi '(u throws triinHy upoa ooc of b^id volunt/^?ref w £t ais it. lor tht'Kirt, So purt of tliis nU- cv«r rstotal fey the Mcricao JcjJ, btilitl^i portioo paid br tie cocfajitor ·*£! aficrwarcj zc- tumbjlto h!«i : VyTnzus. Ui «a«d.u, \ supplf thfi .(jrieoncre at tfieir own re- · ' ;ii they leamijd that the ag bficn thrown upon ene, 'cnsdl'j take the rink u! starvn- ,^f.1(pD let the imposition cos- ' " Hny would bear three fays * "u it would nhdnvj tludr doinp lUeir duty. The saeceedtd vrithoul the pen- n.-Jded, for When tho dole of · ' the garerarnrat rations Before this transaction . ;d, bciwever, Hie prisoners j ifro trjing vidMitudcs. than once doomed to ooly savtd by the mosl lio.ia of the- Ajjiericans and other foreign' ^realdt-nts of Jtitamoros, nvolving the-iubscripiion of 420,000 in one Cttc. ./!. Brown made liii escape and returnejl^'to Tasas, where he still lives. . Thc1^!»ncc were liberated by (Jfiji.' Brave; furly in the year 1837, and wnt'to N«wp4taufl by their friends in Mat'amoros. · The NEV.-H !s compelled to oinit.'tl)e long detail of their sufferings and the ni;ury occasions on which their Vj^ibdy eiflcjltion senmed to be inevitable, but wita vJ3i*loJ off by. the untiring ex etioca of -Ibi jVmcricans and Europeans 151 Matamo/oa, some of whom, indui" C.ipu 'Potter and judjre Toler. were .ii tqrwards citiz«ci of- Galveston. Is of Tho ^'m 1 I TU'E I.l 1 A' eonveniion af Soutliern Express held at Ho Through company SprlngD, : April ' 19th. r , . nrrtingements were raadc tritb tile Iron Mountain nsilway for eztra cars on panscnger trai^a at reduced rates for thi .u-autfpurtiition oJ iruitand vtyetabk; from Arkaasts .and T'uxas the corainj scitsoh Ity expreiw *-o St. Louis. Brownuville, Dtmvcrut: The rai^rone fever is again ra,jing, and vrith greate violence than lit any time since the panic burst icj 1S73. That no move immt has yet been mads in congress for the extension of |lho Eio Grande railway to Laredo, and on to. Now Mexico, is to be (Joplored, ajsd may be ascribed to the untimely diwith of representative Soitleicbcr. Bull rmv that" we have a EUcecasor chosen, there should be EO Oine lout in iirgliig our claims upon the general jzpvcfawient--- aod it is to be hoped Uiis mfiy tie dons during ihe sit- Ujair steps. to warr . Sfh . etopk for momttbig mu3tT^i[ quite large, and the sanguilje spifit o Grant may hgv.o 6X])i;c{od ij topro»iiK rijeiii as rupjcBy w ^e'hqij acqujroi horses;. but danger was aeawr tbul) ap'pnehanded. Breyjet.?rlg..l3bB. VTKk wltli bis regiment ot diligoauB, hall riwd at Jlalurftoroa o)i tip 18ib ol Ja arr, aed was *oon aftetjoiudd S? a bu calisu of iniwtnr from TucaJan, TJrte croiscd .the Bib frrando witli Ivis rogirflflnt and. battaiion erf ipoi, each e ·wUioli numbored about three Luadrbi and.jjfty. men. These, with, a troop o militia cavalry, aado.up probably, a fore of. about seven .hundred and fifty. B pushed ahead wth hia dragoons oji th yst TvaiTfl. tracks .of Johnson^- "' and reached San Ptrlcio at 3 o 1 tlie. morning of February 27th, · . _ Johaaon'ajncn.nmnbcririg about fprti wore quartoredin two or tires .palisac huts. That officer nnd four companions lodged ia a sepnrute cabin. -One'o£ them wiis Grant's former partner .in "Mtxico afterwards well krjowii ia Texas as judg Toler. All hod gooe to rest rather lit travelers after a journey. thaa like so: diera ever-expocted fight. J summons to surrender at .the .men' quarters not. being responded to th dragoons pulled up .the. .stakes .trhic 1'orraed the sides of tho huts, and afte firing their carbines among the inmates ruahed in with drB-wn.-sabera. The pur prise Tviis so complete and the force 'o tl)« assailants so»superior tliat mr?st o: thulr victims -were probably cut. down beloro defense could bo attempted. A few of the Tcxaps taken in the villas were spared, -.which may linvo been .be eause'those in one of the huts made timely surrender. A Jow.were capture' -without resistance at the cattle-pens outside... · . - . ' . . Col. Johnson .-was. lucky enough to 63 cape in tho darkness without being ob served. . Urrea-.marched- -with -a 1 par of' his . cavalry,.. · numbering · abou two hundred,, to intercept.-fjrapt on. hi way back... Scouta kept .the former, ad vised of the movements of the latter ind as he.kna-w by what route to espec us eaoroy, ho selected for. a seat.of am juEcado a spot .fifteen .or twenty miles 'rom San Patricio, -whoro the path of Srant's^return.crossed ar'un called Agua 3ulcc, and was tbcre .beset.-with tkickets Under cover of, llrrea distribute: iis troopers,. divided into five,or six squads.. Not ilonj after these oVistribu- ions wire made Grant. appeared ut the head of his men.. He had co advance, nor any flankers or Scouts 'iUrown out to foci.the..way. '.It was a cold, day, ani tlie .nujgerg,. well wrapped in thair bl»u- 'kets, cumo along, singing as they .rode, 'as little conscious, of o.wn danger as of tbe.i'iHe of their companions, when iv sudden chturge of the dragoons struck down with sword and lunec about half, their.number, almost, befors they knew au enemy was.upon them. .They barely had time to fii-.e a few.ghots before those whs survived .the firs; chnrge dashed through what opening there, was left between surrounding squads of troopers, and lied at the utmost speed of their horses. Col. Brown says that while he wag flying in a course parallel with that' of Grunt, but a few. hundred .yards from him he saw Grant, who. was- hotly pursued by a dragoon, while his horse was failing; suddenly make si^ns of surrcn- d«r by throwing dotvh his sword and pistols and dismounting. 'The horseman rode up whim, but, asyet, allowed no disposition to -violence; but while Grant v '.was speaking to. him, another trooper charged .in and. ran Grant through the body with his lance, and then "both of 'the -soldiers joined in mangling tne body of the fallen man. Brown was soon .after run.down and captured, but was 'spared, and taken to ifatamoros. · . · · The prisoners tafcec by Urrea in the iwo .actions numbered twenty-three. Two of them were detained. in Texas, though eventually, released, and the remaining twenty-one were sent under an escort to Matamoros. Cf tht latter number, Mveu were llexicans of Sun' Antonio, one was an Eu^liahman, one an Irishman, and one a German-of cul- .urc, and a photographic artist named Langenheim. " Thp remaining eleveu were oatives of- the 'United States. ,Be- 'ore their capture, Urrea had received orders from Santa Anna to bave all Tcxans and foreigners In Texas, found n arms against the government, prompt- y shot. Urrea, though man of not nuch capacity o? principle, iras not Bloodthirsty, and when not overruled by orders of a superior- or stirred by irritation, was disposed to treat prisoners with lenity. - On tfe:o. occasion he wrote o S:mta-Anna that he could not brim: execute men in cold · bloody aid begged his gcucral-iu-chief to excuse him for having.turned his'prison- ers over to · the officer in command 'Matamoros.-' ·Capt Potter.icisat the time ( na American engaged iD business in Jfatamoros. 1'e proceeds: A few. days'after the arrival of the Texan prisoners from Sir. Patricjo, the American residents of Mauimoros learned h*t they were' suffering from' lunger: !*he officers of whoro incruirv -was made onceming this ssid' that- the deflcienaj' 3f food-was owing to some lierangeroent n the routine of Tho comniissaria:; as. r.-eil as .its lack ; pf means, which had ut the garriaoii "also 'on short - aTlo w- a'tfcc; bat that it hnd been -and 'still was iheinteution-of the -military .authorities- o ;jve the- prispaers the same, rations .... ., ^jgojjj^ It was then pro. osed by'the-Amirican residents'.who made the inquiry, tint "they should '-fur* nisli the prisoners "with 'rations, if the oinmsssarittt -would, w.Nm .in ftmds. extrai ·Sujpaur S^i-lslge Obtfrcur. April 19 The 9*«fc Li^e" c6ia«f.ructibn traia mad* te- flfst appetir'trlbfi »*roaa Qihu'cr street fi^l' w odttMday morning. Upon '.its arrival the street -was thronged with excited fac«^-th'o loog Jooltod-t'or liad arrived. 2xdw thlt It hits come, tho Inquiring luind 1$ not satf3*ed. 'VJfhat icooies t-- toe oa/bfcu'jf Yes, en ft« first wo expect 'to see the Iaro,u6t aa- 86tnji)«3* of FfSp' 11 tt"** e,yarrflftui Hop- thus co.upty. 'JUpon thai duy Wo chU h»v^.-iS«itaft|'.Irom-.t]ao otUea ijf Joffwson, s, Wnnsboro, Coopir, Gi»«n- i'rflll '-aud other v tb^ns. We «)»» big wof'lathe'li'uleoEf, calf, shako lumdi ova Bi, irvrcet lips uait» and , . ' And tfcon a ' for. ·' ol cHperirnentB with COB 17 btj'ibc fctely conduot- tte EngU^i' ratfways is ·to h»vi resulted in fco cs- cnk of i'.siic defttftt,., concl'u- on asvQial poiats Wictaotlce in dlspite, 'J'hB' qowJftiofls of .^- = --eato«l efficiency in » b»ke aw declared t»«i)0 but iew-iji ruiljer. It ---_- _^»_ ,_ ^ e capabfc rf-'.Sptfuto- neaus . ajyfllcatioD with «I1 tho. whiijh ri^nn esort, tho blocks clcalng upon'lhs wheels in.immediate rfEponso to.tnc turning-of an easily tooviog hanfilB. ty the driver. For'trtlps ·»! high !ip»sd--that ia, for th« ordinary express rates of flf^- or stay miles an liour--tfio' force'thus instantaneously exoi'ted must, amount .to quite double the pressure^!the wheels upon tbe »ails. Tho greatest retardation is produced when the whoola are revolving, but at'aratcle63 ;^t which would correspond with ihfl rito ol movement of the train, and, as sooa'as ttc wheels arc skidded, the train glides onward with diminished resistance, and therefore, goes furthor thap h would have done if sueyliad continued slowly to rovolvti. Hooce it follows that skidding 'must be p_roventcd; and ilie"difficuUy of doing'this iepoadfi upon tlie fact that tho wheels are skidded more and .more easily as their speed of rotation diminishes, BO that with any considerable pressure, ultimate skidding is a matter of certainty. On this account it has been found tho pressure ought to bo diminished in. the 1 name ratio :is the speed,.so that the -w.'ieels may always be under the dominion of a force sufficient to amat it It is only by a combination of · high . initial pressure, with c. .dcvlco for'' steadily · reducing' it, that stoppage, within the shortcst.possible distanccicfin te obtsincd^-and at is xn»njfcst ttat' distance, and not time, is t}ic' condition by which the -efEdoncy-of a brake must be measured. ' Thus a ' brake whJch will stop.a-train in flftesa seconds and in one himcfrod yards, is far better, considered as r. "{menus 'of safety against collisions harj-'one which wij] stop the train'-m ten,-'birt will alli.w lyn that time to run'one hundred arid'fifty yards. A correspondent of the New York ' - r takes Mr. W. H. Yanderbil For ftp20 T 'ju aic^t bou»j JTU; Sold Trial pany foi'the thoir Wcls noiv at our We bids. For ^il m On y of ·63 4000 troncly to task for contracting In Eng- end for 12,000 tons «f steel rails', instead of buying tieavoi Araeclcan maaufac urere., ; Tbc'ground taken liy the writer s that'-"it. places American steel rafl- make:ts'.'in a very'uafavaraile. poSi jeforc ihe -worla, »Bd unjustly," inasmuch as the American steel raffs laid on he main.track of'the New Torfe Centra ire weanngas weiras'the foreign mils, hough 'lie ' admits; that the American ails on the western roads controlled ty ilr. Vanderbilt ",ha?o worn out quicker hfln tho foreign.;|rails;." but not so luiekly as would Justify the' difference if twenty-five per cent, in price. Sir Ddvrard Watktns states that steel rafla jiu be bought in England at the · works or £4.10, or a little less than $22 a ton. "'hey can be laid down, ia New York, tierel'ore, leas 'duty, for about $27, out ho duty Is lucent per pound, or exactly f28 for a fall ton, .making the cost f English mils ta New- York |u5 a. ton. ""he American rails ci ; e selling, it is re- brted, for $42 a ton, making them $18 lieaper.than the English in this market. Mr. . Thomas 'Scott., was. re-eltctad resident of the Pennsylvania railroad, n Tuesday of 'last "week, an "event i^b., his many friends anticipated. , Scott is ^t the,.present time in Paris ·ilh hie family.. JIis,hc»lth has grea£ improved,. and he expects to come ome next June. .·, . CMcsgo Journal of Coinmerce:' Ghicn- o Li now.receiving a,plentiful supply f new fruits nnd vegetables from the hospitable climes ~of.. tbe sunny outh,'"»i»d the arrangements made by 1C railroad company, for their rapid ransportation in .rclrigerator cars, en- jles our popple to enjoy these luin- 63 early in the season, f od in almost fre*fa a state as if they had grown in ur own gardens., San i Francisco Morning Catt: The outh'cra Pacific railroad is now com- eted for a distance of about 835 miloa om San FranciBCO, aad the work now oes forward. .Bu^'U short time "will robably elapse tefore a chain of sct- ements will be formed, extending cross the counorjr "bcrvretn California nd the Mississippi valley, just aa Is ow witnessed on the line of' the Cett- al and Union Pacific railroads. The awhbishoD of "Paris ias Txea. ap- rised, suys tiefaris Urdm, Iry'thenen- rcfect of the Seined that the resolutions r Uic'Paris m-jniCNpalily as to the sab- Jtuiion of lay ftif- c!firic«l tencbers in e -elementary; schools -win soon be carried out, iad'iif two cases the change cs "already been fianbtmced. The Unto* alls on catholics to ipea new schools, here the children of Christian families ay escape the tyranny of officiil and Mlieisiic teachiigi'.'' · · . In the -house £' jjcpresentatives, On aturday, 'ilr. Stephens, ot Georgia, ked unanimoug 'consent tO"preseiit and ave referred a memorial of the Ameri. an Philological associajrioD. of the -Tlciied tatcs, signed by its" ofSceci aad ISO embers' of;..the association, "pravln; ·-.t'a commission-be Appointed by'corj- 35 to"cxanime and report how fir -irises anct' amendments in the ortho- raphy of the EnglUJi langoaeb may be : "*ly iatrtrfsced into the jraolic docu- : . 1 cetto /Secretary C»mcr _ . . COURT-JL In the Thte of s*id all bis imd court, A. their rupt. aorinod aSov of Mid ByEp. H. To TTTE TV in jroa tuiy mEY BE caJ ior cel«br4t«l and «·*!. I run C. S. D ST. . stitntcs ' T X.Bji stitntcs ' . , Com. 'and ·"tcic.

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