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JW Benedict - Ua«r» lien. Aa ha was aa ey» witness of that...
Ua«r» lien. Aa ha was aa ey» witness of that short, sharp and decisive SB\ the following suteotat w«s s»- from him:' Tl« FI.tFT AmARS. fl p. in. Sep»emb3r 7.1963, a federal of twvnty-tlx resiels, eleven gunboats flftaon transports, came to anchor o(I entranca to Sab: us pass. A few mllss was an earthwork called Fort which was garrisoned by forty* men of a company of Cook's Artillery commanded liy two ndtcera, tba consisting of six old-fashioned mostly howitzers. At tha time the appeared not a cartridge wss in tha the powder with which to make t'uem la tha town of Stbine, about two above, in fnll view of the fort and Captain Odium,thtu in command ot tha" forces in tha vicinity of Sablna with baadaaartsrs at tba town of Immadiataly pat all hand* at work cartridges. Darknns soon (all everrthlnx, but tba preparation* far continued viscously, althoujh na entertained tha fllghwst Idea that, tba foa coiUd M (triveb oil by tks lore* at thi pest. In addition to the wa bail a uraall gnnboat named tan Ban, fotuirrly a river ateaaajr, with, cot ton hulas, armed with SHraundar and two 0-pound howltsara. carried a craw «2 thirty D»n. aud waa by Cantaln Green Hall, cow at Lake Charles. Lev We *xpectad O*kentl franklin's sraopa u*slg land- soon aftar lh« fleet oatua to anchor, bill, had bwa made wu»a darkitat off oar T|«W. At c!»yltghi we were on tha watch, hut na aiX*rt wa».sna4a ({a*aib«rk. · ' ; ; i KVMT.U ras cincult. on tha morning of tin Bth Captain (Muarad «p all'tha animals that ba ridden--horvM, mules and ponies, mounted cowboy* and Bavroe* apoa" and «av* tbam a cirtatt to rids all In colng oat of the town ao:tb taa would hide riders and animals tba cover of a ciiirap ot brinbaa was whrn tba cavalcade would cross the went Into the maid rnwl coming Into from liesumont. Tha mala- road in fall view of the ftset and with th«tf thii oRlrera could aae tlierattzerl ports with at least 10,000 troops, seems preposteroas. but such was tha case at tha battle of Sablna oasa. AM OLD TINBK. Ba Seada The Xtewa a List of Format Raaldsmta of Qalveston. Mr. J. W. Benedict, an old resident ot Oalveaton. but who ramovod from hera In I'M and Is residing at Council Grove. Kan., writes THE NEWS, enclosing a list uf some ava hundred persons ha rsmambars as reel* dents of Oalveaton during tha period embraced embraced betwees 18M and 1831 Tha list is much too lengthy for publication and has bssn anticipated by tba list ot living oli residents printed in ths seu:i-eTOtennial sketch ot Galteston isiaed Jans 3, 18S9. Of tha names ccnialnad In Mr. Benedict's Hit the following can tu loeatad as still resM«nts ot Ttzas, but tha greater number ban lang sine* joined tha "ailaejt majority." Many who wen children when ba lived hare are uray-halrsd grandparents now: Ha»rr B. Andrswa Gian Antonio), T. C. Armstrong. O. The Ayrea, Cbarlaa Atkins. Atkins. D. D. At-cblson, Day M. Bryan, John Hsnry Brown (Dallas). A. B. Block, J. H. F. Chapman, Austin; Captain .Una Olrabb, O. Caas9ll, J. P. Iavi». John Dinkelakar, R M. Franklin. A. KUke, Oeo. W. Orcvar, W. H. Ooddard (Washington city). B. P. Hatches, J. H. Hutching*, John M. Jonas (New York), N. N. John, J. W. Jocknach. Thoa. M. Joseph. Captain Wm. Jaukins. J. U. Kaho (SwItserUnJl). A. Kauffmann, C. H. Laonatva, K. R. TinbbMk (A.oat!a), Pater Ixi Pan*. U. r MoU. rMm Maaa, V. U. Pit. t. W Itics. Hanry Koaonbe«, Jaa. P. Shsrwo-j:!. William 3n;ei.i». T. B. iHuhhs, Jatan 8»rl»T. H. Stuart, B. A. Shepherd (Houston), a. M. Trwkeart. H. ». Willis. Thsra arc ot conrsa a great many otmr naass wkiah It is probable Mr. Benedict Ma orartookwl. but tia» rorrgoinit will show haw tew are left ot his 000. Ha writes that op to tha time of his departure there had iwvcr been a directory of Gal vest oa printed. This baa been itoaa regularly for many jraara past, laa last edition couulniae; 11,008 nautua. __ LIST OF LITTBJW 3KA l^iFG L^DU*IVtR3U IX TIIK POSTOn* ..I Ai' ()ALVr.j)m:«. Trx.. VORTHK \VKF.S: £XDINO Itoxe*, extract, coffee, lafc, Hroomn, Dor dozen Broom KanrtlCB, per M Broomcorn, per bale § rick, flrc, perM rick, coramoa, per M g rtvn, 10 ska and under, per Hnd9, Deoraand Sasn. per Boilers, stoam, per 100 tta lionet* and boras, \mr tou of Bonedust, per ton of ftJUu B» Boneblnck or BouciuenL per Bolts nnd Suike*. Hi vets. IN Huck'oU. pcr'dnT'.en Bucket*;, wtii, j«r dozen Butter, perkei; B u t l e r , nor til-kin BuUdftifc stono. rouffu. per BuRirie3.«rtcU Biiiisjltrt. boxed, pcrcublc foot-. Carboya, eticli. fuil Cnrho-«, empty Caakat win* ; Casks, hardware, p«r 100 »»-. Cauks, merchandise, per cubic Carriaccof, boxed* l*er cubic Carriage*. «*oU,on wUu*tlM CastfJiff^hoUow or ·olidu per Cattle, growm, eacb Cattle, two-year-olds, owl. 8 Mt!e, ycarHnjrtan.ic«.lr»)i,«actt hampaicne. inbpsketn Chatra. per bundle (feaca) ·. Charcoal, peraack...... ^Cottoa. iwrbmla, landed, Cotton, per biK tUt^M Cotton, pvr »ack. .^ t Coal, Coal, dumped in carts or Coal, datitped ·a'wht.Jrf/per Coal, In ca»k* t Cottk«*tta*MA.-4««.TJbuie,«Mh. Cora. IV k* airt u4*c.J»er Oorlv i* »hnelt, ^ mi Cotton Heed, JIB Cottoa Beed Meal. p*r tou Cotton aios^per cubtv foot. ^ouotvVUvtcr*, coclt iora Fl»«tor«.each.. Corn MH . UoffesL twr aaok of IK 9n.;. o( KW SM L per. AUV »i f .ea, per 1W flee, per109 »w . perMMfbV. , note, per MO.'. CwUrs, bone, per oudc* Dratea, Crockery or IfterclundtM, Cultivator*, eaca.. Dray*. **eli Doom, Doom, each Demijohna, full l^raijohiw. eniotr Dry (toodi, in case, uer 100 Hie Filicin, boxed or otberwlrte, Klour. n»ck perlOUlbs : f . k Flour, per rr · '-.,

Clipped from
  1. The Galveston Daily News,
  2. 07 Sep 1890, Sun,
  3. Page 19

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