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 - FTER a trip through Evansville Evansville s...
FTER a trip through Evansville Evansville s furniture furniture town I was positive that I had received all the surprises that were in store for me but I had guessed wrongly for our next trip took us to the Hercules Buggy Co., the largest factory in the world, of its kind. Evansville possesses among her other great concerns, a plant that is . the largest of its kind in the world, the Hercules Buggy Co., who manufacture manufacture a complete buggy every every two minutes, although as many as three hundred complete vehicles a day have been turned out during during the rush season. The Hercules Buggy Company is the largest manufacturer of light pleasure and business vehicles vehicles in the world. From thirty to thirty-five thirty-five thirty-five cars are handled daily on its Largest Manufacturer of Pleasure Vehicles in the World. A Decade Has Seen This Plant Grow from a Small Concern to One of Stt p ndous Size. -: -: :v . - - : -. -. -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- -:;:-S:.-;:--:;.;- ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ;:v:;:-:-:::::X--S! ,vnv "i:;-;;: "i:;-;;: "i:;-;;: :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v :S:H--;::"S:::-::-v - v :- :- - :- :- ::x v:- v:- '-x- '-x- '-x- '-x- : x : :. t: - : . ,: xY ix X; :x:x : x x :: x xv;X : -: -: xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- xx-x-x-V;- : 5x$:X;.-:?: 5x$:X;.-:?: 5x$:X;.-:?: :- :- v ::;xs x;:x: xX-.,x;::x,:;.:.:.x xX-.,x;::x,:;.:.:.x xX-.,x;::x,:;.:.:.x x:;:-.:x;:::;-w x:;:-.:x;:::;-w x:;:-.:x;:::;-w x:;:-.:x;:::;-w x:;:-.:x;:::;-w . -: -: v,- v,- ,-- ,-- ,-- xx-x xx-x xx-x .- .- x -, -, . x ,w.Brf,?x' -x -x ::r:X xx-:-:::: xx-:-:::: xx-:-:::: xx-:-:::: xx-:-:::: ;x:x-; ;x:x-; ;x:x-; v::::'::: X'v: ,;x-x: ,;x-x: ,;x-x: .X;.: :x:,x -x-x-x- -x-x-x- -x-x-x- -x-x-x- -x-x-x- -x-x-x- -x-x-x- .:: Sv:S:::xsyXv;xx:xx - ,'i!us' :l" ;--;x. ;--;x. ;--;x. ;--;x. x -:- -:- -:- ,rr . x -' -' modem paint factory which furnishes all the paint and color used by the buggy,, company. The following year it put up a complete and modern body factory which manufactures manufactures all the bodies, seats and Woodstock used. Three years ago, it erected erected a complete wheel factory. factory. This wheel factory is considered to be one of the best equipped in the world. All of these subsidiary plants, while operated separately from the buggy buggy company, are completely completely owned by the Hercules Hercules plant. This company has announced announced that early in the spring they will purchase and remove the Holmes Machine Mfg. Co., of Sparta, Mich., to this city. This new company manufactures manufactures gas engines, having having a capacity of 50 a day, at present, and which will be increased to 75 daily

Clipped from
  1. Evansville Press,
  2. 11 Jan 1913, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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