Results of ballot for DD for presidential candidate 1-25-1877

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Results of ballot for DD for presidential candidate 1-25-1877 - Proved to fiie Democrats and Independents They...
Proved to fiie Democrats and Independents They Wert Certain pf Davis Election on the First Ballot But ii Boblnson, of Fulton, and Williams, ebaa-doned Davis and voted for Lawrence, hoping to stay, the Republican Wava which was surging to Haines, bat It wu no at. . A fresh crowd attacked Kehoe and Hickey. bat the only answer they cot was a stolid negative shake of the head. Keernsy moved to adjourn, but the House wouldn't adjourn. Boblnson, of Cook, had prepared a resolution Cnfm!.. t4.m vtt T). wuuimvu, w vwa, oau prepareu a resolution a bUrpnsa rarty" Was rerpO- adjournment for a week, tq1 take effect trated Upon Them And by after Davis election, end bad showed it to - 1 nUmerOUS fieOablleaAS. aakln tf. It waaaafta- Miles JLehoe, TOO. factory. He has filed It away si a memento. Boblnson Is the Dogberry of this play, and on the last ballot he. thinking tA nnwtnM a HOW Eo Ui Eickey Might Hare Elected Krand soenio effect, arose, changed bis vote. to iawrence, ana sat down. To j please him two Republicans changed -back from, Haines to Lawrence, and there the thin stooged. Tan THisTT-KnrrH xd last baxlot or thb DAT Is sufflclently slgnifloant: Lawrence. Savla.... ... name..., Davis, and How They Bef used to So Elect. Sticking Stoutly to Haines, Though Begged, Entreated, and Threatened. ..., . .... .... . .... ...... Pariah IUum... preier-cnoee. , . . ... TAKB.AS, TtRU, Kao Jan. 34. First ballot for United States Senator Simons. 23; Harvey. 27; 8ears. 20; Plumb. 25; Stilling. 12; Osborn, 28; Cone, 1; Simpson, 9; Martin, Democrat, 13: O. W. Blair, 2; J.-P. Boot, ureenback Democrat. 3: a. (J. romerov. l. second ballot: bimons, 2; tisrvey, st; Bears. !M: Plumb. 24: fctlllliurs. 12: Oabom. 23; Martin. De-oocret. 13; J. P. Boot, Greenback, 3; C. W. Mlalr, Democrat, 2; a BoMa- on.l. ... ... are KemiDUcacB axoeot uos aslg sated otherwise. - WXST TTROXJrXJL. WsTOLXXO, W. Va Jan. 24. On ballot waa taken to-day with ths following result: For short term Price. 24; Hereford, 21 Walker, 10. jror long una u. ix. Davis, 24; J aiX-ner, 24. SUBURBAN SUNDRIES. Whit These Two Worthies Will ' Do To-day Is a Qaestioxx of Some Doubt. A Uielihood That Judge Lawrence, .the BepabUcan Candidate, -TU1 Be Elected. 4 MOWS 9s) l Adjourned. And so with 82 votes Davis died" to-Sav. It was not a gladiatorial exhlblUon-t-rather the route of a victorious army which at last had met its Waterloo. Bo confident all alonAr had the five Senate Independents been that no Senator could be elected without their dicta- tion. so stubborn and self-reliant had they carried themselves, that when the coalition which promised the certain election of Davis was oroken tney were struck dumb. TU CUULWATIOX OT THB CONTZ1CTT It WHICH " THXT WBRB KKU . I was reached on the thirty-ninth billot Their nominee, Davis, had been within two votes of election. Interested Democrats had carman . - XXXXHOXS. BB JOIST COrVBHTIO TXSTEBSAT. lsadaaTtlma la Th lafr Ooeu.1 Speikqpteu). HL. Jan. 24. No scene ever enacted in the political history of Illinois has appealed to Kehoe and Hickey to changs furnished to the pen of the graphic writer from Haines to Davis, but without suoeess. such an opportunity as the Senatorial Joint balloting to-day. Taking the situation as it appeared this morning no one could discover ' any solution or probable result of the ooming day's struggle. Logan had retired from the ; field, and an able ex-Chief Justloe of ths 8u-' preme Court of Illinois had been, selected to bear the party lance. The party strength was not, however, unanimous ' in . his support. The . Independents had last night resolved to continue. suDDOrtinff The tall form ot Ash ton, of Winnebago, had bowed over Kehoe and earnestly begged him to vote for Davis, but the Senate five, swollen to pompous proportions by the figure they seemed to be cutting in this important strife. looked wisely indifferent, and settled baok for what they believed to be the final ballot. As the call progressed Lawrence and Davis fell off. and Haines, the despised1, who bad made his bed with them at the Outset, and wno bad steadily persisted in casting a soli Anderson. The Democrats had postponed I Yte for William XL Parish began to wln11 1A A'alAitk J .aa.l.l a. I train fwm Sisiat akala a.AUMa J....A4L.A until 10. o clock to-day any official nartv . action looking to the selection of an opponent to cross lances with Judge Lawrence. Meantime, at 9 o'clock this morning ' the Independents having become frightened, met in hasty caucus, and agreed to support Judge David Davis, if the Democrats would. The Democrats by this time had got to gather in caucus, received the proposition, and adopted Davis at once, and adjourned to the house, which was already in session. All was pleasant and joyous as a summer morn, ; Davis was to bb bxbotxd ox tha, btbst " I . BAUiOT. Plumb and his band ot political nonenlties marched Into the Joint session as If they gain from every shade of politics except that represented by them. On the thirty-eighth ballot Haines had scored S3. When this number was passed and still members re sponded Haines." a suspicion eredt through the dull brains of the 8ena(e fivie. On the completion of the call Haines atdod at 69, Davis lacking nineteen of an election. If at that moment Haines had Dean championed by any one else than Miles Kehoe the finish ing stroke would have been put td the dom ineeringof the Senate flvs. Tljere were Democrats and Bepublicans enough who were so dlssrusted with the farce two great oartiea being made the foot-ball of a few hold-over Senators, notoriously engaged la misrepresenting their eonstltuencyi-that on A lav Items of Iaterest That llrpamaST Coaetra Out-eftowa &eadsrs. Ths Wsy People Asuse Thmsttves Waathar-Psnoaal aai Serial the Cell The Dupage County Agricultural Society held Its annual meetiag at the Court Bouse last Mon day afternooa. The follow lag omoers were elected for the ensuing rear: James T. Pierce. President: J.T. Orota, Treasurer A. S. Leaden, Becretarr. The next eounty fair will be held oa thellth, leth, aadlSUiof aext Septsmbor. aad ail porauoa will rveeire a eomplimaoiarr ticket who took a premium of Si or oer last yaar. Tbe eommlttee to revise the eremlam llat will meet la the Court Houae Feb. li. aad request ear oae deslnDK a chance ta the Uat of Uat rear, or ear additions to it. to make it kaowa at this time. 5 ae meeting adjourned ader tbe asaal reuuae aaioeaa. Two more peunonaare la elreulatloa la regard to tbe eolletc trouble; one agaia aaklna tbe Treasurer to publiab tbe Doaanal eouditioa of tbe roUeffe. tne other aakinar tbe loveausatioB of the ehanres made bj Preeideat Ulaachard aarainat Proleeaor Webster. These petitions differ from tbe previous onee oa tbe same subjects, in thai tbe last are circulated mooc the eitiaeea Irre-speeUve of .sect, and the first were Tn'tnrtstlng aotloa by the eharch. Hre rark. The PorrestTflles held one ot their delightful parties last Tuesday evening at ths hall, corner of Porty-flfth street aad Tlaeeanes avenue. The affair was. ss usual, well attended by the cream of South. Bide society. The party was of that character known as the "phantom." Deacinr was kept op to midnight, the "phantom a esauac aside their shoatlr robea at idtso o'clock. Among the pfets, were Hr. aad Mrs. White. Mr. sod Mr. KlmbalL Mr. aad Mrs. Tower. Mr. aad Mrs. W. D. Clark, Mr. and Mrs. B. 8. Clark. Proraeor aad Mrs. Ton Meyerhoff. Mr. Carter, the M' Ella Walwork. Anna Walwork. Clark. Ella fcteveae. Kate Btevens. Eua Carter. SotUe Wren. TUlle Smith. Carrie Round. Mar anflel4 Morgan. theMears. Leror Beardalev. W. B. McCurdrTfl. J. Bmh. V. Barker. . W. Simpaoa. Maddea, Murrar.O. O. Medier. P. Carter. J. B. Brennaa. J. M. Bpoooer. U. L. LoU. E. Bruah. J. hash. T. Morsaa, L. K.Beaaler. aad others. Ths Ladlee lecture course wss continued on Tuesday evealna by Mrs. X. 8. Marey. who read a poem oa "Life la Sew Kaglaad a Huadred Tear Ago." Prof essor Marwla's sholr f uralsaed musts suitable to the oecaaioa. A large audience ta- to ft ITumoff rUter P1U,mb' eDt t protest thev wou.d hav acp M.o " eontempt for everything and everybody Haines, and recorded the necessary changes. The gonial Club will meet thl evening. Owinc which didn't acknowledge his genius aa a but Haines, himself almost earalvcad o be aeceeaary withdraws! of Dr. O. H. Mana. a . w Maaaaexa eai Utve VMexTtfU, Wha Sfam In Aelivee a Lama wen. am eaav e Senator-making statesman, and the look of I was without any assistance, and &o;movs was snumpn wnicn illuminated that webeeterian I made In his behalf. The result of ithe ballot eye, were matters observed by the multitude. I wsa known before the clerk began verifying wT1 m a etr.t . a .... a. I.. er mmm9 who wae to debver a ltai Beott will deliver hie New Xerfc oratioa oa " Time literarr proaramm will be tomlabed. Mr. P. H. Eluford Wilson struok an attitpde on the levator in the right lobby, and whispered to every paaaer by, "I XTT,T.XT XiOOAJr." ' Ths galleries were crowded. The floor of the house wsa thronged with busy actors In the drama, . The roll-call showed 198 votes present, and It took an even hundred to elect. "We've got you," said Jim Herrlngton. "Davis Is the man," says Tom Merritt. "Hear us now," said the Independenta. Tha ballot closed, and tbe hushed house heard tha nounoement from the Chair: . iTsnTT-nrra bauo. Vote east.. KeeeHsarr to a choice Lawrence. pavis. ........ Haines........ Loffaa. Cullom. Parish-;;..... .Baker UurersoU Beveridge.. Mam.. No choice. The Democrats and Independents cheered and said: "We've got it on the next ballot" Dennis. Kehoe, and Hickey votedjor Haines, and were expected certainly to come ever, and no sort of doubt was entertained as to the result ot the ballot. "Ballot" was the try. The THIBTI-HXTX BAIAO was called. Dennis changed to Davis, and wae cheered. Five Bepublicans left Lawrence for Haines, and ware not cheered. The vote was announced: 81 08 15 ............. ............ . . . . . .198 .100 . M . 97 ,. 7 .. S . 1 .. 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 Ibrrencc.................................,......, T .......... ...m. ...... mm mm a ............................... .... ........ Scattering ... No choioe. Where was tha bitch? Something was wrong. Ah, Hlokey and Kehoe. They ara the men. "Why don't they comer aaid Wat-kins. Herrlngton and Boblnson. of Cook, rushed to the middle aisle, where the two recusants were sitting with John C. Haines D n you." said Jim, "why didnt you vote for Davis? Come over now. we can elect," s "HOt MTJCH," BAXD KIIJES. "I havs voted thirty-six times for my friend, John 0. Haines.. I have been infnone of your caucuses, and don't propose to desert my choice now when his stock is rising." Here was a fix. . A Democrat who wouldn't ; follow Jim Herrlngton. ; - - Solomn J. J. Kesrney rose and said: "I ; arise tn the name ot the Democratic party : and. demand that Senator Kehoe cast bin rote for David Davis," amid shouts ot "Order," "Order," and laughtor from the e-publlcan side. The Independents wereno- where. Theirheads shook uneasily. Their power was gone.:' -; TEXT BA1 BOLD OPT AVDKBSOX AJTO VOW HAD XXLLBD DAVIS. Plumb oonsulted Harrold. Then he ran to see Bash, but he could get no comfort. The Independent dodge of four or five men holding the noose around the necks of a hundred was played out, That preposterous vanity which had swelled the leader to tha maenl- : tude of an ox had been punctured, and he was reduced to the flaccidity ot a bladder. TBXBTX-SBTXXTK BALLOT. " lawrenoe ...50 Kyis 8 Bslnes. . A3 scattering 8 . . Here were Just exactly 88. The Davis men were mad. . ' - - axBoa axd hiosxt bat flacidlt xjsTBxnte to the dulcet voice ot 'Haines, who was between them brushing a tear' from his gold- bowed eye-glass. . Tha Fidslity Savings Institution wept tor Joy. Bepublicans tossed ; up their hats and kept talking " Haines." The Democrats threatened Kehoe, saying "We wili go to Lawrence and kill your man." "Go saUlLlssiaad aiattrt2chj nti el the roll, and that result demonstrated that the coalition was morally and physically dis integrated. . The break had been like a crevasse to the banks of the Mississippi, a break ao great that the mad torrent; confusion bore down before it. Herrlngton, Armstrong. ana Archer, recognised leaders' ot the Democracy; the venerable Whltlngt Bureau. ana Hanna clasped band despairingly, Thompson. Merritt, aad Dearborn, fearing that all waa gone, changed from! Davis to Lawrence. There was then a luiL THB OOXnCTIOX WAS THAT THB BXrVBUOAVS VOUU CHAXOX TO HAWKS AXD XLBOT KIM on the next ballot. To avert this Something must be done at once. Still the changes went on. uoderweu changed to Lawrence, and 8tarkey and Powell, a Democrat followed. Sexton left Davis and went to Halnea. Dennis left McAllister aad went to Haiaesi aad then upon both sides of the house were cries of "A (rick," "A trick." The confusion and many changes had left everybody ta doubt ae to how the count stood, and if tha Clark had then handed tha Speaker aa announcement that either Halnea or Lawrence waa elected. It would have been accepted. Jack, tha apos tate Democrat, rushed frantically from Sher man to Ash ton, and then to the' reporters desk. Haines sat In the center aisle, flanked byJoslyn, Kehoe, and John aprsythe, and there gathered e crowd of Bepublicans nd Democrats." Soon the announcement same of tbe vote, and somebody hastened to move aa adjournment, which wae carried, aad a feel ing ot relief followed. THB SBMOCBATB ABB TBTDtQ TO GAUOVS TO- HIOHT, but all are so mad It la uncertain if anything wm do done. ., . WILL THXT? The pressure end abuse heapsd on Kehoe tor his refusal to vote tor Davis erf so strong that he haa promised. It is claimed, to vote for him to-morrow. If bo Hickey will follow suit. THB TABHXBS' ASSOCXATIQS was still In session to-day. It is simply e po litical sliver, and not entitled to be called by any such name. The tew present adopted resolutions indorsing the course of the Independent legislators 6a the Senatorial ques tion, samuel Jr. cary lectured to-night be- forethe association. , - THB LATXST. Special Tslejcnm to The laterOeeaaJ SFBnronxLD, HL, Jan. 24. Ex- Governor Palmer and Henry M. Shepard, of Chicago, had a slight discussion with fists si the Demo cratic headquarters to-night, , Shepard Is a mere striker, and the two differed, materially as to certain facta about MoCormkk'a eandi. dacy. Palmer's left eye is now the blacker of the two. v '.' . j The general situation is unchanged as to the Senatorial fight to-morrow. It Is quite likely that Lawrence will be elected. Soma caucusing will be done in tbe morning. There la notning significant to-night, j FEKLIXO AT CAIBO. hotelil Tyamm In Th. Infaw Omb I f Catbo. UL. Jan. 24. The withdrawal of General Logan from the benatorial contest Is received by Bepublicans here with regret. They are now for Cullom in preference to all others vet mentioned, while Democrats are lorusvis. i XUDOB DAVIS lIURf Metal TftlMTtra am Tha utir Uma.l WASHrxoTOX. Jan. 24. Judoa Davis waa ao much Interested in the Senatorial contest today that hs had the ballots brought to him on the bench aa fast aa thev came. One ot his Intimate friends said to-night that if he waa elected Senator he would not resign from the bench until the 4th ot March, ao that .rrvaiaeui urant couia not nave us opportu- vi seueoung nis successor. the Jndm.' l b Board of Trustees did not meet mm Tu. evealoK. owiax to a lack of a quorum. uelea meeuan will be held thi aad ta-mor. n truian la tha Uminilld rk.,k Th.t P. L, ChapeTl will officiate to-night, aad the Bev! G. 8. Nov Friday' aiahL Oa Baturdav aveninw. In tha Yarftwwtlat ri.,k nnderth aaoiea el tbe Nonhweatsra Caiver. llvr- a ' "1 Km Lost Arts." Ths efforts of tbe saaeciadoa have miwmr oeen mj iarnia nr.iaa pejiers. Daool. w hila aidinw An mrmt tl that thv are maVlag rontributloaa to its support. A to-dar to that of prarer tor school aad eot-teces. there Is s wtioa of shool datiea. Berv. Lmm will ta. I- ,. i "f TtT-fTl raBWllllI at 10:30. Tbe Hard Prise Of B2S to thai senior wfea aaan write the bt ay ha beoa awaroed. bat ae yet aot made pubUe. It is rumored the arise haa gone to Charles Moigaa. The Methodist Society enjoyed a eery eleaasnt sociable at the reeidaaee of Mr. A. fXJlllrre last eveniag. The hours were assssd wtta aleasaat pastime of various kinds, the great feature at ths evening being the fiehsoad. with Miss Jeaaie MeKlllIpps ss Ualted State Plih Coeamisaloaer. Every anster who eoald bait hi book with tha festive tea cents palled out of the deoe water some rare.epeeimea .of the finny tribe, sueb . Pn-wtper. doU-babiee. ete, adding not a little to the merriment ot tbe occasion. The Lnlted State aad China mail arrived during the evening, bri mriiuc preeious missive to as but sseooldsetu the little bill for posts. Aaom those Present were Mr. and Mrs. BooertDUon. iJr- and Mre. Aogustus MoAillipps. the Eev. and Mr. 8. Bwe.Mr.aadMr. CburchlU, Mr. aad Mrs. carpeater. Mr. aad Airs, kesyoa. Mr, and Mrs. Hourh. Mr. and Mr. Clifford. Mr. aad Xna. aad atra. Thatcher. Mr. and Mrs. llnL Mr. uil lira, rnrtlu V ... Jennie FrUbie. Mi Lula Staaley. Miss Frankie "we, suss Metue Thatcher. MJs Haiti Fri. ble. Mis Jnai McKllllppii. Ml Mary Fox, Mia Bertl btanley. Mia Haiti Paffere. MurMary n. "A"" mfT nuapu. ai uia aeayoa, the Mie CbarobliLtb MieBtaman. Xra. Jame heUy. ShermaaMclUUlppa. JohaThateher. F. . Johnson. Arthur Cole. CharUe Maeuoweroft. funer. West Frisbie.. Jodaoa Ciark. IelUe ieaBatflmaa. lteaara. either, worott. Bogers. aad others. The frieads dlapersed st a Ute hour, havtnc thoroughly snjoyed th evenihg. ; vsuu svann wuna wae announced ror last week was poatsoned. and will ouur a. Hniui,, nlsrht. There will be both veesl sad lastrumeatai music, and some performance ea eostume. a sieicoias party went to bapervllie Tueedav afternooa, aad at night droaped la oa some frieads. where thy spent a most pleasant evening. The party consisted of Mr. aad Mrs. J. W. Bogers, Mr. and Mrs. D a Stanley. Mr. aad Mr. John8tanley. Mr. aad Mrs. X. S. Bogers. sad Mr ana 1. u. Lyon. Profeseor J. G. Cross, of Aurora, wffl Inaora-rate a writiag achoot to-aixht at tba aehooi buiidine. The Kev. 8. M. Packard, of Xvsnston. preached at ths Baptist Church last Tuesday vcnm The Conxrea-ational Banday school gave a concert last bun day evenlmr. which waa a credit to It and to ths itble management ot the Superintendent, Mr. J. U. Lyman. A party of young people of this pises Intend to surprise Ma and Mrs. James Chisbolm. of lisle, some eveninc next weak. The Literary hpclety meet to-morrow night at ths Methodist Church. Tha ntrfnrma I. . miscellaneous on, embracing readins by Mr. E. N. Parrar. a U. HobsJC" ?. KjX"n. Beli Koeer. Miss Bertio btanley, d Miss Jennie MoklUlpps. The music will be furnished by Mrs. M. M. Crpnur and Mr. C. A. JohnsoaT TrTtsblaad frark. . A concert wss given at Highland Ball Monday availing, which was highly creditable to the musical department of the institution, as wss st- tested by liberal patronage on the part of the people. The programme consisted ot selscUoss from Schumann. Fran. Schubert. auat rv K masters of tha art. Mr. . A. Jaau at rki. caffo, rendered th most elaborat eomposltioa composer with wonderful Precision and kill. . Mr. Mathews irsve some Derforeuuicas on the Ptaoo. Mis Parker sung achsmaan's "Usnt- lilf bOU. BAd B.V.M1 .Ath.M 1. k. eTa.r!ca,htU . wss r?V, people visited Mr. aad Mrs. TV. mfm m. uimi UH HMUlPi ,f ft sht nr. . 1 1 . . . sistent intruder ua, ir..r.t -i.i. Iiry. aad s metry time ensaed to sear uiiuipk Aovniua party were the Be v. aad snd Mrs. J. D. Btaven. the . Miseee Oscood. vBtn" ' SXW JI2SST. I 1 Txnrrox.N. J, Jan. 24,-The SepubUoaa nU oa United States Senator requires some irgiaatttoa. xaetaaoaatadaeraad todre The pupils of Mrs. 0Bsra's ksadsmr win rtva a HUrary entertainment aext Prlday evening. It is sxpeeteu tnat it wui se an elaborate affair. Mr. C X. Drake bee eold his coosae to Mrs. LewUjWho will hereafter occupy l. i&'aaaeBbaT f

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