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port of Dc- is not work. (Continued from Page 9.) not abated." During he of When June he t h a t and 1SiT7 he wns the e school, had 'n cinsfi a n n a quirt of the management While Mr. bo.ird although he friends so m a n y meetings nss.i- in o f f i - He care un- vouch- expended that su«- be hi h t none tiut to n his hold- bo- w I blockade and the mai Jus then all bu " he would iv u on hi all the horn oil twenty minutes. As a rule the cream Ir, got from the creameries in the city. THIRST QUENCHERS. The f o u n t a i n men claim lo specialty of quenching thirst. To do this they put up a great variety of acid drinks. , I t is said that such a drink much the bf.s t to quench thirst. A bicycle rider will come in quite thoroughly worn nut end with a thirst that can be heard calling for help. If such a man to a pump he is likely to drink more ter t h a n is good for him. He has ed t h i s , t h r o u g h experience, xvipp one ROCS around and gets a phos- hate. This consists of carbonated wa- cr with some f r u i t acid and just a yrup. One glass of it, If given a very t t l e time, will ,take care of the a t u r a l thirst that was ex'cr created. SYRUPS AND DRINKS. It wou'd be a hard m a t t e r for ) call for a syrup t h a t can not be t one of the up-to-date fountains thi"'e ays. There arc f o u n t a i n s here y r p g u l a t l y In the sear.on as ·ty syrups. If there Is any other mnde will be secured If some will only take he trouble to mention it. To get some notion «T the number ,uid ariety of drinks now served at one of hese fountain.". It may be mentioned thnt thp schedules they get out for the in- ormatlon of patrons there is a list of 150 rinks. Then the cords go on to mention ther combinations that must run the ·i!'drinks up to more than 300. Of these great m a n y are fancy mixed drinks. AN EXPERT TENDER. This makes It necessary to hax'e a quite n n d y and expert man in charge of o u n t a l n In these times. There are any more mixed drinks served at a oda f o u n t a i n than at any bar. aid t h a t any man can draw a eer, but ^ l i a t d^oes not make a bar rid it Is o.lso remarked t h a t while may draw a glass of soda water 'et ht does not make a fountain tender. It :kis q u i t p a while for thp expert is, business. He must work quickly :,s ,-ell as accurately. It will not do for Im to get a l i t t l e too much syrup r i n k and then not q u i t e enough ext. To get the best results just the ight q u a n t i t y of all Ingredients n; and It is realized t h a t the gla^s v a t e r that is properly compounded leltcious thing, while t h e one In which light mistake has been made may be ogether disagreeable. PARALYZING THE WINK. There was a time when the Impression^ .ererally prevailed t h a t a drink of oulrl be got at a soda water f o u n t rl» fact was based a long siring of jokes hat had a great tun t w e n t y yeais t is said t h a t all of that has passed A good reason is glx'en for t h i s ; it hat the f o u n t a i n t h n t allows f whisky In any form will soon find t is w i t h o u t any o t h e r kind herp is whisky In any syrup compartment t will, of eours-p, be learned, and then word will he passed along, and after a ·ery short t i m e it will be found the 13 not patronize t h a t f o u n t a i t u t the patronage of the ladies the fotia- aln is sure to be a failure. Of course there Is no law against wink- n« nt Hie man at the fountain, but the vink xvlll grt only vanilla, chocilate, or trawbcrry, and t h e ice cream will be - u t : and It mus^ be a d m ' t t e d liscoiiraging to the man who carries a v i n k about with him. Some nf the fountains In Decalur itse over a thoysand gallons of syrups in n x'ear. which will give some notion of tne of the trade. FOR SWIFTER BLOODS. Thpre are SOITW people in the world who will not be satisfied w i t h a :hat costs only fix-e cents, looking upon :hat as a p!ebian price, one that may prove demoralizing to self appreclatlin ind social standing. Efforts arc made to ake care nf this trade. There are a great many ten-cent drinks, some that ·ome at fifteen cents, a few at twenty ·pnts, if one cares to be that blooded. r royalty should over happen to fairin- o thp to*vn an effort will be made serx'e U at twenty-fix-c cents a drink, he meantime any local rat-mber who have n hankering to try the royal net be given a run for his twenty-fix'e cents. Tn f u l l y appreciate the delights of performance it is necpssary to have an imagination in good working order, WINTER MONTHS. An effort is now made to carry a line of drinks thai will be acceptable during th- winter months. This line goes under t h e general name of "hot soda This term Is a misnomer, *cientlfical!y considered, for hot drinks will not hold t h e gas that makes soda water. Hot soda means that in the neighborhood of the soda fountain you can gpt drinks are hot. A few of the drinks In this line are coffee, chocolate, bouillons, lemonades, with pgss in them, beef tea, chicken broth malted milk, tfa, and almost any oilier non-intoxicating drink that U served hot A beginning has been made, but it is plain that the winter trade of the soda fountain man has not yet been develon ed. However, it is sure the thin* will done in time; the fountain man, his sk!l and all his machinery make an Institution and they arc here to stay and grow prace and profit. LEMON TRADE AFFECTED. There is another thing the soda waie: fountain has done: it has very material!} cut down the general sale of lemons. Where some people bought many dozen nf these during the summer months a to In a of t m The hub- seventh now manage '.' very few. Of the grocery stores they K« -alone with only a, .._ _ course Ihe fourrtains take a great of th* lemons that formerly went mto

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  2. 22 Apr 1900, Sun,
  3. Page 12

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