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POPULAR DRINKS THE FOUNTAINS ARE VERY BUSY THESE HOT DAYS. LOCAL DISPENSER GIVES VIEWS The New Drinks That are Now the Fad and the Many Names They Called--Beverages Cool and freshing Quench the Thirst. Re- Take a "teeth tickler," suggested local dispenser of soda water smilingly -with the air of one who offers kindly advice ill the spirit of good fellowship. The individual with a feverish thirst, fanned himself with his panama and inspected wearily the row coolers as he- looked, the suggestive titles, the rhythmical puff irom the electric fans and toe chick, chick of Ice was magic and soothed and comforted him. He took the "tickler." There is much that a dispenser ol beverages has to do, other than his principal duties of dishing out drinks, he must "size up*' his customer and when a sport struts in, he must gest a "Satan's Delight" or a "Poker Frappe," and when a person of an opposite occupation comes in, he must say, "Will you have a sundae or a frozen phosphate," or some gestion of a drink that is given a name which has a sound of propriety in it. The many concoctions which are obtainable in the different places that have soda water .fountains are indeed a solace to the warm on the street daily. When a Name. Counts. If good old Mr. Shakespeare, or Bacon, were to step into a modern drug store and try an adventure" the soda fountain, they would undoubtedly revise that ill-considered passage in -their works which demands what is in a name. "For Bacon my be considered saying, several draughts have we introduced to our gullets and they are % naught save vapor, sweetness^ and encarmin- ea water, and, the one thing---which made them strange and unlike brothers was the name."" Since the days of Jeffersonian simplicity, when to quote from an article in Harper's Monthly in 1872, flavors most generally used Are strawberry, pineapple, .'vanilla and ginger," there has been a great and broadening in the nomenclature and chemistry of the soda water business. Now every onyx lountain and several square yards ot the wall on either side of it are covered drink names, beautiful and idealistic words which would have been sure a department in Mr. Webster's comprehensive dictionary of the language had they not been conceived too late With a few simple ingredients to build on the soda artists Improvised, cribbed, joined and been Inspired with various words for the naming of the hundred and a half drinks in which they deal. For instance, some raspberry syrup, a of soda from the fine stream and Ice cream when combined may form % either one 7 of two entrancing polysyllables, all depending on whether the first, second or third ingredient goes first into the glass. Some of the names which are used are nationally, familiar, others remain in sectional use, while still more are confined the house where they originated. Most of these names spring from literary department which is well developed in the minds of (uccessful soda clerks; others are due to some popular book or fashion and still others come from the manufacturer of some new extract or tonic. How They Orifffteis. Sundaes are made and, eaten one knows who was their inventor ·what the word means. It is variously spelled sundae, sundea and sundee and is said by some to mean and to have originated in Chicago Other experts, deny this A, breeezy, Stimulating drink which contains malted milk is abtainable. "Navaro" is the name for another package of carbonic acid gas -done up in flavored water and cream. St. Julian punch, agnostura, grape cobbler, orange coffee frappe, ambrosia flipp, chocolate bousha (which is another way of saying frappe). Queen Bess, (a fruit lemonade), LaComa, egg a la mode, York beauty, Satan's delight, Delmonico flipp, Scotch rose* fautaema, Manhattan cream, creora puff, rospho royal, Whiterock lemonade (which is founded on lithia water), these are selections feom the list of "new"' A young man may- now ask a ·« oman to have a cold bird with and yet not transgress the laws what is fitting for the recipient wage, for the cold bird that he can be had at the soda fountain 10 cents. Then there is another concoction which is dubbed "a dream,"

Clipped from
  1. Ottumwa Daily Courier,
  2. 05 Aug 1903, Wed,
  3. Page 7

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