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 - It Health Talks Talk health Ttm dreary never -...
It Health Talks Talk health Ttm dreary never - changing tale Of mortal maladies is worn and stale You cannot charm or interest or pleas By tinping - tm that minor chord disease Bay you are well or all is well with you And God Jhall hear your words and - make them true ANT people think that physical culture means to don a gymnasium suit and go through a few calisthenics It means so much more than that It means the science of living how to be strong mentally and physically how to make the most of ones life to know what to eat how to take care f the body j how to exercise how to res It is learning to control ones nerves it Is the science of becoming acquainted with ones self to know how to get the best out of life For life is not to live but to be well I believe we m have our lives in our hands to do with them as we njease mentally morally and physically It is true we capnot live always but we can live to be three - njnhoki scoreyears and ten and probably mow if we take care of ourselves barring ao - cldenta People eat too much eat too great a variety eat too often They indulge too freely in stimulants do not drink enough water between meals do not exercise enough and get too little rest If we eat wholesome food exercise some every day bathe often sleep from seven to eight hours every night leave stimulants alone and keep our minds healthy we can live on and on a com fort to ourselves and every one about us Nearly every one I meet la a slave to the fooq habit They say they cannot give tip things theyllke They would Uke to exercise they will sleep as much trtmv nan nnr rnAtr want in ao r nffnlr as they can but they want to eat drink and be merry Why what would life be worth if I could not eat what I like I would sooner die than confine myself to a diet i what I hear every dajr Dieting does not mean living oh bread and water far from it but most people shrink from the word dieV The seat of life Is the stomach Our health depends principally upon what we eat If a fireman put soft clean coal into bis firebox the engine going to obey his every wish if the machinery Is well oiled but It pieces of rock slate and metal aremixeain with the coai bSSffffi inglS - tomKef box we are the firemen ur muscles - are the machinery So let us nut clean wholesome digestible food into our i Biomacns li us exercise our muscies and keep them well oiled How would It do for an engine to be oiled once a week or once a month Just thlpk how soon It would get rusty To he in good condl - tlon we must exercise more than once a week or ones a month We must use our muscles every dayj keep our blood Circulating freelyf keep our livers In tkuuu lviirmnp nrnr Kttn CTimui hjiu its and behold we nave beautiful bodies a T - good working order keep clean and lo ucuuiu we nave utuuiui wuw - and abealthlookthafappealstoallwe meet Some women Want to be well some W5tw0btronriallrantobftieaatl fsV My opinion Is that junless a woman I wA1trongshe is not beautiful nwm js me greatest thing in me world I find that most people want to do Just as thevnlease and want to be well at the same time TJjey do as they please get sick and then go to a doctor Let us be Stroner nnrt well Let US find out the secret of living and when we xuuuu it iot iiaxi - nrir nnrn lanerxeci vef 6

Clipped from
  1. San Francisco Chronicle,
  2. 03 Jun 1900, Sun,
  3. Page 31

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