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n a of at at- arrest the be A FlZZlJa THAT PAYS. I The soda fountain is one -of thoj m6st popular of all American Institutions'. It is admired by tho city folks and revered by those - from the rural districts. It furnishes a cool, pleasant beverage that can never.become a dissipation, • Itut on the contrary is promotive of health and comfort". It is usually found inian eminently respectnbfo place, among jdrug' gists and, confectioners, and ladies can patronize it without any fear of jpbpnlar disfavor or physical discomfort. So much malaria is found lurking in j water in its natural state that people are becoming critical and demand of science a prepared drink that shall assimilate •with the nervous tissue ind blood organism. Here in'the city of Milwaukee there are about 150 places where tho flz- zliiig stuff is sold. In tho TJnited:States there are probably 25,000 druggists, con-, fectioncrs and others, with; whom, during three or four months of the] year, the traffic in soda water forms an important branch of business, and, if well managed, a. fruitful source of iicome. There ore also within the same territorial limits several thousand dealers in natural and artificial American and foreign mineral waters. Many of these are druggists whose trade therein is more or less active throughout the year. | There js also a rapidly increasing trade iin the number ol bottles, of soda-water and other beverages for home and!public use. the consumption of which extends from January to December. Counting all these we find fully 30,000 persons financially interested during 41 jpart of all the year in corbonating drinks. These persons will certainly average an invested capital of $500 each, making total of $15,000,000 embodied in a growing, and, with some few'exceptions, profitable business, iwhich may bo. said to include among its patrOns every civilized man, woman and child in America. The steel fountain, is considered the best in use, there being no chance for the water to conie into contact with jany of the pifoous generated in copper. [People have beeu made very ill," and in some u j 's. , , cases fatidly poisoned, by drinking soda water froiu* copper fountains. Soda simply water charged with carbonic acid, one of tho great aids to digestion. But there is good soda and poof soda, but uo one can drink a gloss of properly prepared soda -without at once recoghiE- iug its essential properties. There is standard in this popular drink as in the flue arts and literature. The quality of the water dispensed in different; places and by different druggists jis not the some. ' One hundred aud ten years 'the celebrated Dr. Joseph Pr^istly, while living in Loudo*. Eng.|, amused himself with experimenting in a neighboring brewerv upen the carbon acid, or fixed air, as it was then called, which lib fouud resting in a thick layer upon the fermented mass in the brewer's vat. The first patent for impregnating water with gas was granted in 1807 to | Henry Thompson of . Tottenham, Middlesex, Eng. In the United States a patent was taken out bv Simmons & Kandell- of Charleston, S. C;, for saturating water: with fixed air. -511100 then ah; amount of capital has'been embarked in tee business nnd thf resources'of inventors have becnr ceaselessly exerted to perfect in every detail the apparatus required for making and dispt^siiig carbonated beverages; the chief of i which is still popularly kno J^-.-* fucturer who either derived his gas; from bicarbonate of soda or thought; to improve -the acidulated ; liquor] by" adding a little soda ;to it-i A^single American flrm engaged for two generations in making soda-water np-' paratus has taken out over IDil patents, employing a capital of a million dollars, and a force of over 3f»0 workmen, conducts 38 distinct trades in its factory and sends its products to every quarter of the globe, besides selling 20,00(r of the apparatius. Carbonated,!drinks have gained greatly in the favor! of the 1IUVC ^<U1£JCU f^i^Ut-JJ lit ttlt, AU,VA|V< t*i^ medical faculty and are now regularly prescribed-by them as capable of gentler and safer effects on the system than tfie old fashioned cathanes, and of much value to dyspeptics. Carbonic acid- water improves the taste and increases the 'sanitarv effects of summer drinks. It is the best antidote for alcohol and lessens the desire for spirituous liquors. It has a general exhilarating effect hpOn the system essentially promotes digestion,' checks too great acidity in the stomach and is much esteemed in febrile diseas-1 es. This carbonated water is pure form; should be kept in a siphon for j use in, every household, but more especially in the sickroom. In valids who cannot retain a drink of any liquid from weakness; of the stomach have found themselves] greatly benefited by the gases in this! shape.- ! • r - A popular soda fountain will retail 320; glasses a day.; but on the Fourth of Julyi as many as 700 will be called for. Lemon; nnd vanilla are the only two syrups ini greatest demand. Ginger ale is held iat, liigh esteem, and gentlemen rath6r pres for tliat. Lovers -ciill for strawberry aud raspberry particularly; ministers debate awhile and take chocolate or ginger; the couple from the country walk id hand; and hand and stand solemnly looking at' the fountain. "I've heerd,' sometimes." Yes," in a solemn voice, "tho say so." - - •-,!'. ' : "What will yon have?"asked thd_polito'; syrup vender. ' i - f "Some soda" (both together.) j ' . f "Bnt what kind of syrup?" j !; "Wd don't want no. syrup, nor aiohis-J KUS neither." . i ; •' Finally they ask for chcckerberry with;; a "lectle" lemon in it, and after they! nave gone through tho strangling pro-* ' siiid she', "that thclm bust less of drinking it on sight, saunter; -' ' • ' away. . Years ago there was, a soda called . deacon's drink. It had a dash of brohdjj t>r catawba wiiie in it, and when a deacon sjipped-in for soda he winked, and all was satisfactory. _ Theresas a story toU} of one good old man who winked be-j cause he couldn't lielp it (that iye-lid 1 was a little off i, and in going the round^' of the-soda founts one hot day he woij overcome, and none but the deacon£ tnew what the trouble was. The old;gentleman declared he had never! tasteij- sach rich soda. The folio wing isyropi? may usually be found on any Well npS >ortioned soda fountain: SarsapariUaf; emon, strawberry, vanilla, i raspberryjf coflee, pineapple, ginger, checkerberryif orange, blackberry, claret, prgeat^, cream; rock maple, hock, crab|applei,;; baiiona, currant ge'r ale, nectar, Lrink of the foaming, fizzling glass _____ ------ , ------ nt, gnipe, chocolate, ginp , and mead. Those-whffi bonld remember that purity and punj gency, frigidity arid flavor^ are tlie foujij cirrdUiol virtues of soda-water. •

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  2. 30 Jun 1880, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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