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Eng- development tho train- tho English do In the tho tho bit- a gradually even weighing accustom Walking tho mark more range that on hands of handle small In to is for in yot American pro- own Mi SODA FOUNTAIN, THERE JS DANGER IN SOME OF TIPPLES IT FURNISHES. Paper, for dangers upon in tho test of and bo- become sowed. tho usury into of vain, only pig- to tale idol. theater of good boys Roman the not One Itetnlt of I he Fad of travojrant Habits Aro Fostered--A Druff Fountain--A DiftprDtter of 'Tick YJp" Decoctions Exprcsfies Himself. ·'"KorvousncBS ee.oins to bo a fnd juft now," said tho man behind thosoda bar. ''Half tho trndc is from persons think they ucod something to 'pick np.' First it's phosphato, then bromide in somo fonr. and then something gur. I don't know where tho crazo The soda fountain has become a bur for mixed drinks and a proscription counter whore every customer is his own doctor. I guess tho next improvement bo a nlckcl-ln-tho slot attachment for pulling tooth while you wait. "Tou needn't quoto mo as saying the loquacious mixologist went on, it's a fact that must bo apparent to ono that tho soda water fountain IB rapidly becoming a menace and a nulnance. It'g a good cheap affair for a young to march hia best (flrl up to on a mcr night; it's less expensive than cream table, and therefore it ig an economical dovioo, but it gets men, and children into the habit of drinking nil sorts of villninous decoctions about offcct of which they know nothing which thoy don't need at all. ''I don't mind serving loc croam to a bevy of pretty girls, for that is harmless sort of beverage, and tho nro generally kittenish enough to give ecrvlcoo cortalrj amount of interest, when your hypochondriac comes in--ths follow who Is blessed with perfect who doesn't know that he's got a oxcopt \vhon bo'a hungry, who Knovvo liver only as something that goes bacon and about kidneys only as viands nicest whon they're broiled--when such man comes in and studies out whoro tho agoc at women II will will vulgar, nio ro- a They ever or news- ho has not yet tried, why, then I go back to Iowa." With that awful thought in his tho egg Blinker gave tho marblo swipo with a towel nnd sent drops Wnukesha wator Hying all ovor tho ing gum. ''The worst feature of tho business, though.," )io snid, returning to the ''is tho medicinal end of it. Men bromo this and bromo that, and Bom» for quinlno and others bicarbonate of soda; Homo got whisky, nnd I hnvo n regular cod liver oli patron. Another man wants pepsin in his, nnd peppermint common enough. Plenty of them como the soda water clerk as if ho wore a and tuk for something for ills, real imaginary, of which they may or may not 'poized or possessed/as I havo hoard luwyor friend of mlno say. Ton wouldn't boliovo it," the storo toddy tosser continued after fixing raspberry phosphate, "but men, nnd Ono chloroform drunkard drops Pn regularly to try to persuade me to givo drink, and a woman who lives near comes frequently after laudanum in Ono chop staggered mo by asking for bromo hyacono, .-. drug I never heard and I kept a drug storo in Dos Moines I got caught at It. "I looked up bromo hyaccno and that piio-lmndrocllli of n grain is to put a mnn 60 sound nslcop that checkerboard suit wouldn't waken him. JJo didn't got his medicine. Guess ho to phufflo oil." Tho dispensing chemist sided up to other ond of the bar, served n lemonade glassful of the citrate of magnesia nnd swabbed the counter on his way back tho cracker bowl, for this soda water had a freo lunch--"wafers" or "biscuits, instead of dirty crackers and much lingered cheese. "That's the worst feature of tho ho began again, "tho prescribing for foaturo. I used to think when patent medicines woro my chief stock in trade tho dear people vforo dosing themselves Into early graves, making themselves 1 brainless as chimpanzees, meager as arrts,' but I think now that tho glory of American foolishness is tho so colled soda water fountain. Young people get into bad and extravagant habits patronizing tho soft drink bur«, and people--business men who ought tq better sense--come tumbling in here braoo up on drugs half a dozen times day when all they need is as much exercise as is contained in a walk around block. "Tho soda fountain, or liquid drug fountain, is the first cousin to the office loungo," said the ex-Iowan as ho polished, a glass after swallowing a lemon phato. "There nro more lounges in nowadays than ever before. Tho professional man becomes tired, hlscyos 'swim,' and his head aches. He lies down for fow minutes nnd thinks he is all right again and resumes work worso off than boforo rest, for ho has to inako a effort to pick np tho thread where he dropped it. If ho doosn't lie down, ho runs out to tho soda fountain, gulps anything he happens to think of and goes baok refreshed after tho faith cure idea refreshment. That Is, ho thinks ha is freshod when ho isn't. That's why I tho loungo and tho fountain are related. Take n littlo something before you go? "No? Oh, this won't hurt- you; it's ·wild cherry, with a little phosphate In and there isn't enough prussie acid in cherry to hurt anybody. "Growing? Yes, it's grow ing. In fact, It's tho pot boiler ef all the down drug stores. Hot drinks in winter and Iced drinks in summer! Buy a big fountain, throw away tho key of tho front keep open day and night, cut price on regular trade, and your forcune le made. Sell cigarettes and nerve tonics, nnd can keep tramp armies supplied with cranks. Keeping a soda wator fountain is about on a level with running a a resort for consumptives." -- Chicago Times.

Clipped from
  1. The Bucks County Gazette,
  2. 08 Nov 1894, Thu,
  3. Page 4

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