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 - IXNDMX CRUELTY, As Practiced by a Demoniacal...
IXNDMX CRUELTY, As Practiced by a Demoniacal Father. c John Gorman's Systematic Plan to Trni His Child. Devilish Devices That Are Almoit Without Parallel. Biting and Pinching the Little One Hoping to End Its Existence, Horrified Neighbors at Last Compelled to Call Upon tbe Police. ' Unaccountable Hatred of a Man for Hie Illegitimate Offspring The S. P. O. A. Inveatlffating. Theresa Eremkink. an eighteen-year-old mother, lives ut 4XXC";ycamore street with her three months babe, mother and sister. The father of the bo lie is John Gorman, a shoemaker, twenty-two year old. who visited the house at irregular intervals, but was understood to make his habitation with his pother, a widow who keeps a boarding-house at 44 West Seventh street. As developed by the police investigation Gorman formed a plan of infanticide that was as systematic as it was horrible. He had formed the acquaintance of Theresa, and the result of their intimacy was the child. Gorman, although often pressed, never contributed to the support of the mother or the offspring of their unhallowed union. Instead, he manifested an in-clintttion. TO BID JirtfsFXF Of the innocent produce of their relations. He often visited the mother, and each time was almost devilish in his inventions to tor' tire the babe. His cruelty nearly defies description. He would bite the child's fingers at the base of the nails, and the cries of the littli victim could be heard throughout the house, which is a tenement, inhabited by several families. Then he would pinch its limbs repeatedly. As a less exhibition of cruelty, an 1 apparently with an intention of ending the innocent's life, he would take it in Ilia hands, raise it as high as he could reach, and then dash it with all his strength on the bed. His evident object was to deprive the babe of life, while the soft surface ou which it fell would leave no marks of violence to tell ITS TKRRI BI.SJ r.XPF.EIF.Xl R. The child w hen thrown on the bed would lay for several minutes unconscious, seemingly unable to recover its breith. The de moniacal father would leave, and then the mother, with the assistance of the other women, would endeavor to rentore the life which but faintly lingered in the little form. Happily the babe was a sturdy little fellow, and clung to existence with a tenacity that defied all efforts o the murderous father. Monday night Gorman was at the house and put his child through the usual torture The little one's cries alarmed tne inmates of the house, and one of them. Mrs. Mary Mc-ftovern. hurried in search of the police, fortunately meeting Lieutenant Brg. who f. as at the corner of Fmuklinand Sycamore streets, attending to another cane. Finishing his business, the officer HTRRIFD TO Tin BOrSF. Passing on his way the father, who had taken alarm and left the house. Seeing the blue coat and buttons. Gorman turned hastily up an alley and disappeared. At the house the Lieutenant found the mother and child. An examination of the babe more than confirmed the story of terrible 'cruelty which had been brielly told him. Its limbs, from the hips down, were discolored, and showed where Gorman's fingcr-nail had sunk in the tender ilesh. The nails of the toes and fingers at the base were in a fearful state, and confirmed the statement that they had been bitten by Gorman with his teeth. Its entire right check was a mass of scabs, the effects of THE BRUTaL TREATMENT It had undergone. The Bremking girl, her sifter and mother confirmed all the neighbors had said. They wero evidently in iireat fear of Gorman, who they said was very tough, and always carried a knife. For this reason they had never called in the police. Gorman had frequently declared to Theresa and her sistr that he wanted the child put out of the way. and on his visits the mere sight of the Lttle one scented to enrage him beyond control. The Lieutenant left the babe in the care of its mother, and hurried after the brutal father. Gorman couldn't be found, and it is supposed has left the city, as .diligent itearch by the police yesterday failed to find him. The officer turned the case over to the S. P. C, A. authorities, who will make further investigation and take other steps in the affair. The Bremking girl and her sister work in Fearce's cotton factory, on Eggleston avenue, near Fifth street, while their mother takes in washing. Neither of the two daughters ore up to the average in intelligence.

Clipped from
  1. The Cincinnati Enquirer,
  2. 06 Jun 1888, Wed,
  3. Page 4

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