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AFTER JUS IXlfEy&E FOETUSE. OATHtRTKO HEIRS FOR THI HTDK PROPgRTT a triflz or $150,000,000. Ex-Gov. W. F. M. Arny, of New-Mexico, has arrrved ia this City on his way to Fncland, bnnxing with him proofs of his kinship with the Hyde brothers, whose Immense property has for so many years been a bone of contention between tbe rightful heirs and the British- Crcwn. Tne Lord Eich Chancellor of England rendered a decision tuis year in reference to the Hyde tate. that it is in tne nature of personal property sad not real estate, and hence properly falls to the descendants instead of reverting to the Crown. Ex Oov. Arny has hunted up 25 heirs besides himself, and instead of tryins to ltnvt the number by maintsinins a deal of secrecy about the matter, announces tnat he will endeavor to secure an eo.ual division aioor.g all descendants who come forward and clearly prove their titles. The vajue of this proipeet ve windfall Is a trifle of 150.000,000. the accumulation ot scores of Tears of Interest and judicious investment by the Bank of England. What little Is known of the onsr.nal amount and its history is embraced In the brief statement that Thomas John, and Humphrey Hyde, great-irreat-une.e J, the ex-Governor. made fortunes as Eaat India merchants. deposited them in the Bank of Epglsod. and died. By some mean or other all clue to the bonanza was lost, but was recovered a number of year airo. when Chancellor Walworth undertook to tiace the genealocy of tbe hyde family, and brougnt out a the revuita of his latx.ra two larze volume of l.yOO pages. The descendants were found to be scattered all OTer the t'nited btatet from Maine to New-Mexico. Those who can prove tneir relstionhip. and are therefore interested in the ancestral estate. are residents of Ohio. Mississippi. Maine. New-Mexico, and Nova bcotia. Part of the evidence which ex jov. Arny bas to support hia claim ia the old family Bible, which is nearly 10O years old. and contains the original record of the marriaee of Eltzat.ett Hyde with Joseph Arny. as well as the entry of the dates of the births of the children of tiia- marriage, the ex-Uov-erncr bems the eldest son. He speaks as conndently of tbe result of his mission to England as if he already held his share in tie pa m of his hand. Everybody who has ever known aim wishei him success in bis efforts to secur tne treasure. Ex (iov. Arny is in his sixty-seventn year, and is 4 remarkably well-preserved gentleman." He prondiy claims tne honor of having shaken hands with evey President of the United States, from James Monroe down. He is a native of Georgetown. D. C, but since his twentieth year, has made his home on tba Western frontier, and in tie heart of the Indian country in the South-west- President Lincoln appointed him Governor of New Mexico, to fill Kit Carson s place, in the early years of the rebellion, and Gen. Grant reappointed him when he wns elected President- He is fsrmer miner, geologist, and a-.tiqnanan. and ia deely interested in the welfare of the Territorv whicn he haa made hia home for so many years. Whenever he makes a trip to the East he bringr with him a rare collection of the mineral and vegetable curiosities of New-Mexico. On this trip he added to his list, and. opening his valise, he exhibited a homed frog, whish has been In his poiaea-sion for six months baa been fed liberally on nothing bnt air and water, and ia as lively aa the specimen which Mark Twain Las immortalized. A drop of water was placed on his tail and It started him on a quick pace np tbe leg of a ehair. r.esr which he had been dozing in the petrified shell of an oyster whieli the ex-(iver-nor had picked up on the top of one of the Rocky Mountain peaas. ' That animal is going to England With me. ' said the ex-Governor, picking him up and placing him in his vahse beside an immense bowie-sntfe. The bowie-kniie, when opened diulavd a blade 10 inches in length, and is wnal is known as a "five pound bowie." It weighs but a few ounces leaa than five pounds. It 1? destines for the Dmitri-sonian institute and has a history. When Nicaragua Walke. "the gray eyed mn of des'.iny. '' waa a student at Bethany Couege. Virginia. ex-Gov Arny was Secretary of tbe BoarJ of Trustees. His ben-roost was rorjlted bv Walker and several chums one nicht. and they need this knife, which belonged to Walker, in chopping off tbe thickens' heads. Walker forgot to take it when they left tbe aeene of slaughter, and it was found by the vcetary, who has ever Mrtce preserved It. Walker waa afterward convicted ot the theft, and waa expel ed from the ei liege. Another historical relic which ex Gov. Amy hs Juat given to the State liiatoncal Society of Kansas is a revolver wircli John Brown carried in the turbulent day of lrao in Kansas. wStfrng his it in era, cariosities are specimens of sulpGurets of silver, go.d, copper. lead, and iron, strips of mica aa larce and as clear as onlinsry panes of window-glass, petrifiej snells. amol:a or native washing soap, from which, te explained facetiously, can be made a lather that will raise the bair on the baldest head. Cn-ifornia diamonds, better-known as garnet, opals emeralds, and quantities of turdoois which had been collected among the spurs of tne Rocky Mountains.

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  2. 26 Jun 1879, Thu,
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