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 - C( election of a President Roosevelt United ' T...
C( election of a President Roosevelt United ' T '" oocl - Agriculture. Annnmt-nts find •:slacks is a blow against "perso power I Munition....-. Thc of Goebbels Tiberly" and "self-determination. 1 Geo- ! !1 » cl " 1C "fHulal n;sicleni.-es of Him-: School buard officials indioilecl'ti le war " Dy months defense i lor ;ind Von RihbeiUi-cm were dp- the jiext move was up lo lhe slacks - -for ; slroyed and more-WarwWD acres in proponents. * r . ^ slroyed in ' the middle of lhe c.nlral «ovorn- j jmothor i mtnt district, were levelled. The In WASHINGTON, With both major expecting the - i end our , MBosnla. Marshal Tito «aid tersely I Evans, bolh assigned lo the Naw. However, i that 'he partismis were taking n Charles is a pharmacist, is married and | heavy loll and denied success and the father of two children. H-3 once'. s'!»v rail center. return to The Cruzon lone, drawn by the and i Allied powers which reestablished peace; to the ,:lroiiR CJerman tank and i has operated the Evans phaimacy Tos cullivul-' molori/.cd formations. Heavy Allied-in Ebensburg for len years, is a to nr govern-i bombers attnckcd Skoplje. Vii^o-1member of the Ebensburg School Imissi vote, congressional stepped up today bill to make the possible this fall. The signs poinled mise lo give with the Army the job of Tossed aside was Board and the Ebensburg Wa-. Price and Rationing Board, Frcrl is with the State Highway Uepart- nreate a federal commission to and count them Poland after the last war. and which Iment, is married and the father of The Senate rejected und passed a constant- i was superseded by the treaty of Riga one child. Another brother, Corp, coun- to its to have they ii>»-j ' snol-p i n s l r because | ;,',„,%„„,•,, j Union. any- alo "8 . the B"S. river. The s vcat irmecl their desire for "'^pendent Polmid. but o the ex- . . south to Brest Li.ovsk and the effect of states to handle themselves, without wp are political more Barnesboro High School, also was accepted for the Navy. He was formerly athletir coach at Barnesboro High. He is married and the father .,,_,., . of two pre-Pearl Hnrbof children, .led Pohsli government m London. (Thc othei . teacher is Anthony Nas i armed forces. Two House them an unofficial This immediately pressing political question was pwipitaled by the Russian advance 30 miles beyond the 1939 frontier in the sector west of Kiev. Berlin dispatches to Stocki ,• . *** AV»W», «-j\, i 1111 vi i r>j Jt» i v 11 v o iv.' vjl*'^-iv to; h olm said the Nn/is had evaei-.nterl of gm'- j garny. 35 miles inside old Poland, establish l, lnd *^, cn , threiitened work- ; V11C11 ( a ^ (| lc c j( V and we , b0 nthwest. and nail tusi, who will be in the Army. He has been instructor in science and meetings today to different proposals. committee, headed (D-Tex), hoped to an acceptable To spur Worley's sentalives Bradley Bender (R-Ohio) mathematics, is married and the !0 f various veterans' father of one child. Four Barnesboro High seniors were also inducted: Joseph Vodzak, eanizations, for a ot soldier-vote "Soldier eivlrele- 'whew of Joseph Vodzak, killed in .issue," the of Rovno, SlTmilep I' 5 ' 1 '""'- 10 '" World _War 1 and in'.st-itement announcing voting he two The srealest slniiHtil»M-i,f Germans;'' 1 '' 1 " 111 Legion Post was named, party lines. It si was north of reeaptureri Kirovognul ! willliim J«'"es. Jr., Francis E. Pizur all of us that t in tin- 2000 Marines Three of the annihilated divisions | lt 'S Soldier were tank groups und it appeared NEW CUMBERLAND, Jan. 11 — that 50.000 eCnvmn.s had been Ii- !<-4V—Finding a uniform and shoes in that battle. whose honor the Barnesboro Am- "it, transcends ~ ' ' ihould the sv^.js ,„ ^ »~.c isent haphazard systems prevail, 48 different and of polling our The Army and where the Russians M»id 8,000 re- i aiul cl:lil ' c - Westover, Cherry Tree. go i n8 lo be able to innanls of fivu divisions wore wiped out when they refused to snrrended.' i large enough lo fit Connie Mack The first Uknmiaii army of Gen. ;Jr.. six-foot six-inch youngest sou Vatulin killed 4.000 mure' Nazis in 'of the Philadelphia Alhletics' man- their drive on Sarny. They cut twoiaaer, is taxina the ingenuity of the simple, uniform lines feeding the Odessa-Warsaw Iqimrtermaster's department, al the; federal ballol. contended, can not chinery for 48 the "only answer •iiivmio nnifrirm , 01 . i iiiilil th.' ,,| ulit' 1'olami. Hire -U-finite Qthi : uiui stop Ber ivluc- Mie Bui; t'UaM 1» Ihei. niiirond and squeezed Germans in^New Cumberland Army reception <n le soldier vhe upper Dnieper bend arpa be-icenter. highlighted House ! ween!vi-.s and the second j Private Cornelius MeQillicudd/, lyesterday's opening army of Gen. KOIK-V. Jr., jl, who lakes a 37^-inch sleeve |" R e| j Eberharler The pocket was being forced around a ;i7-ineh troiuicr ,and a 13 shoe JRepublican Notional , Smela. a rail rity which appoareit arri.'ea at Ihe center a lew dayi' r i sou Spangler for .com., * •<a>j. ;a spot in all, lib villages wore ^ipUireil in the Ukraine yesterday. Shcpet- Soldier I'uint ll ' lllc :ovka. a rail junctiun eomnyimiinu; 'i\, n ,ed loose with a paint brush i uee -• 'e- the approavhes lo Hie Muitlu--. n half , in the llay room o ( Company A at; ••{ ..-hudder to SUJ . vey ^ SUJ . e iabroad indicated of the Republican SERVICE I'oni-e painted halfway up a wall' ! iican members with i-ats and dogs yowling on it. :ceabe their efofrts cows hreaking through. Tree* with bv , he so idi ers a luces and human arms for limbs aro if ' n . H impossible." behind it, while scattered every RI!I) Fish ( 1 where are birds, rabbits, squirrels. h arter was "unduly loud-stools, flowers, spiders a;ii' JuW ed that he i i ,. _• .t ...:.u . Huovcr in Service yra^sh<ippcrs, and all of'them with ierested"Tn Thc nuiue of an Si-leeteo. t u i:i-s. loo. soldiers' vote is who loit .yehU'rday for the classi- Members of a company ure also .manipulated." fixation center at New Cumberland portrayed, the youngest sergeant: . was inadvertently omitted from the heina shown as an intant with h>». He is. Xenas H Hoover oi In- bulgmy muscles. Where there arc t'lanu, a meinbtr of ih L - i-un.m.^c-M: u^Uial windows in the wall. Stacks from Local Bucirrt No 1. Hi- w*, continued them to lhe floor in the of th« , no st bewildering way pictured with the re-si soldiers in lat>l evening's i ; Brothers Inducted Send The Gazelle to Army or Navy. from home A pair of Ebensburg bi others, v\ell- of different kinds of snake*. 1 "-" • - ' - — - ' - ' - it ^>Q4l A different serum must be used glasses, believed Io combat the effects of the bites sand years old, Alaskan grave.

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  1. The Indiana Gazette,
  2. 11 Jan 1944, Tue,
  3. Page 2

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