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1937 Flood Virginia. Headline Floods do Damage in Virginia - Tom Malmay - "FOUNDED FEBRUARY, 1899. NO/14,450. (ASSOCIATED...
"FOUNDED FEBRUARY, 1899. NO/14,450. (ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRES) DANVILLE, VA., TUESDAY AFTERNOON, APRIL 27, 1987 (HOME EDITION) PRICE: 1HREE CENT! News FLOODS DO DAMAGE IN VIRGINIA Jury Tampering XKM'AKK. X .1.. April 27.—W 5 )— vliiirjr of :iUein|>ted tampering with iiieniliers ofHie Jury panel was made, at Hit- oj><;nin- today of the (rial of Kills II. Piirker :iud his Min. Kill*. Jr.. fur conspiracy In tin- I'aul II. WcndH kidnap-tortim- <:«se—;t st'qncj. of the Lindbergh kidnaping. ' i •*•*/* Hundreds Killed Gl'KKXICA. Spain. April ''7.— ye;—Huml.rcds i>f civilians wen: killed ami (lii« ani'lt-nt; city, once, capital of the Jfciwtnc country, was left a mass »r lilaxin; ruins Today j after a three and one half hour in- MtrjjeiH aerial liiiiiiliariliiiuiii. . * '*- * Cov. Chandler U'.\,«MI.M:TON. April 27.—(/P)— Senate InvestiRnlnrs accused Oov- ernor A. ». Chandler Of Kentucky, tficlny (if dismissing ouster proceed- jnss a»nln*t Sheriff Theodore Mld- (lletnn of Marian county on grounds thHt records li) tin- ease had heeii "lost or dc.Mroyed" when actually they were available in official file-=. * * + Delayed KOOKY .MOl'NT. Va.. April 'i7.— i Fredericksburg Area Worst Hit; 5 Other States Also Suffer * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * SIX PERSONS DIE IN STATE; HUNT BODIES Highways Suffer and Bridges Are Washed Out; Situation Is Relieved (By The Associated ITess) Virginia counted six dead in floods which today ^rested slowly higher in the James river behind Richmond's earthen dikes and subsided In the •>—Trial of Jessie. Mceks. one of | Rappa u aunoclc rlvcr at , Fredericksburg several tinder indictment 'charged ] afler Qolng $500.000 damas with the murder of Jeff Kohertson : c(tv ' last Xovomher li, wns late setting' under way In circuit court here !<•- (tnv ».s proceed lu:;s awitlteil the In that Wheeling Prepares For New inundation WHKEUXfS.'W, 1 Va.. April ~i~. — (/pi — Flood accustomed Wheeling — an industrial eity of Ril.oofl |>eo- ple — went calmly and methodically today about the hnslne-is of prc- pnrlnjf for another inundation, the third Mils year. All nlj^Iit and early today trucks rumbled over \Vheelin- Inland, a residential section of lO.(KH) per"*on>. removing furnishings from some of the city'* finest homes. Others, little excited by the threat of a 4K-foot Mapc. J'- feet over the official flood level, just. moved upstairs to second or third floors. Authorities listed among the dead j i-o young men nnd two young worn- j i. of , . ,,.,, ,,,..)„ ,,.,, f e,ec,lon had Mar.ed „, .«...»„ an, I 'Which cut a chasm In a bridge ap- ^ ^ ^ ' ft he difficult v in select.,,, a „»,,„. j"<>r tour bodies nor four bodies had • i been recovered today. | j Richmond's gas plant suspended Denhardt Scores i operations this morning as flood wat- NK\V CAS.T1.K. Ky.. April 27, — ;.V) ] crs rose p:ist 26.5 feet, or within two — Circuit Judge fharli-s C. .ilar--feet of the record crest of March. shall upheld a defense nioiitm to- } 1936. But reports of receding waters SUBURBS PITTSBURGH HARD HIT THOUSANDSOF PEOPLE FLEE THEIR HOMES Rivers Overflow Banks in Low-Lying Cities in Five States and Ontario (By The Associated frcS«) Swollen by exceptionally, heavy Spring rains, rivers spilled over their j banks onto low-lying cities and farm- i lands in five states and the province • of Ontario. Canada, today. j Ten deaths were attributed, directly ; and indirectly, to the high waters. Five j persons were missing in Virginia. j i Thousands were driven from their t i homes. Turgid water lapped at the : i doors Of business houses and crippled | i into residential cellars. j But, barring further heavy down- • pours, prospects were for only light ! 1 damage in contrast to the catastrophic '• ' floods of 1936 and January of this : i year. _ j i Affected were areas In West Vir- ! i sinia. Pennsylvania, Ohio. Virginia : BILBAO IS TOTTERING o Defenders Fall Back As Rebels Surge Forward 'Faulkner Sought In Lindbergh Case REPORT ON CONDITIONS OF HIGHWAYS State Bulletin Lists Spots of Roads Closed By Floods RICHMOND. Va.. April 27.— Iff) — Bulletins, on conditions of flood- swept Virginia roads, as released by the state highway department at >1 &. m.. today, were as follows: Of Route 1. south from Washing- i ten. closed at North Anna river and 1 Rappahannock river at Fredericks- j burg. By night water should be down I at North Anna and Little -rivers to i permit Fredericksburg traffic through that.way while Route No.. 2 Is blocked. , Route 2: Water now four inches over \K fhP nun «<n Imiiuht to trul j road M p anulnksy river . at Newark. X. J.-. on charge.*'growing out of the attempt..ro save Kruno llauptinanu from the electric chair as i lie UiuIUerjrh baby kidnaper, the search for "J. J. Faulkner." w'ho convened some of the ransom money into negotiable bills, was renewed. -I. -J. McNiilley. a private detective of Jersey City. X. J.. swore out, a warrant for the arrest of John Jae.oh- Nosoviet.'ky (above), whose alias is alleged to he J. -I. Faulkner. Reach Crest * * -ik- Valencia Bombed V.U.IiM'I.V Spain. .April 2; —Two Insnnrrnt cnii>pr< rain Miclls Intn Vnleni:l« t"da>, kllltn; at Irn.-l three women aiirt wounding mnnv other civilians. PITTSBUHGH. April 27.—ffl 3 )—The j nu\t far. In his opinion, the itentii : j[ e j<j to predict that the making Of sun ivn- from the hmly of Vernn : ^g co uld tje resumed within 2-1 hours. Purr Taylor when she was killed. Or before the reserve supply of gs-s exhausted, srthern dikes along Richmond's | t, uie at of a disastrous flood in tbe | waterfront, raised and reinforced yes- j Pittsburgh industrial area diminished i '.i terdfiy by several hundred WPA and j^rxJay with the city's three, rivers j "'"*"' -,.-*- appeared likely to hold ^caching a crest of 35.1 without hav- ] [936, crest of 28.3 j ; r jg caused serious damage in the' sould be passed F. N. Hibbard. j downtown area. j ! government weatherman, predicted; Weather bureau officials said that i K- •*•*• jibe river would not go above 27 feet, j unless further heavy rains occurred! Money for Army '• Searchers. • led by Fire Chief E. H. ; vrie danger was over,' A drizzle was! \V \<HIM;TO.\ \ HI "' ^'i ''• HoliS ' ? nf Oran Fe and State Police Scr- ifaltng over a part, of the vast water- j ' , , ~" ' ,, o !«l-r>d reaclihie 150 miles from Johns- 1 The House appropriations commit- j.i-.u, jt.in.uut. Peery Bids Happy Returns ; I Danger of Major Disaster Be-1 £,-£ b ^°^^S^^ \ J n ,r Heved Past aS RiverS j burdened rivers. ! ; arid Maryland. At least five commun- i Route 3: Closed in three places be- I tween King George Courthouse and j Fredericksburg. Water over old" ire* | bridge at Fredericksburg and three i spans of bridge washed out. Route 3 i from. Fredericksburg ' to Culpeper j j open. Culpeper to Sperryvllle still I closed by bridge out. South Fork of Shenandoah river over road at Riverton. Route 4: Closed at West Point during high tide at Gresham bridge, approximately 20 inches over road. Nti trouble expected at low tide. No reports from Staunton on closed section at Elkton. All else along route 4 reported all right- Route 5:' Richmond by "Westover j and Shirley to Charles City Court- j Yard 'Til Husband Grants Separation I.ONG.MONT. Colo.. April 27.—(<P) —Guy Johnson, target of a sit- down strike maneuver by hi« rtau-hler-in-law: .Mrs. Gene.vleve, 4olin.son.2fi. sought legal advice today on a .means of ending her occupation of hi.« front yard. Mrs. Johnson says she'll continue until her Inislmnd. Kalph. agrees to a separation anil .assures her separate maintenance funds. Tndav .Mrs. Johnson took lip her orislnnl position on the front lawn. Along the temperamental Ohio, low! land residents e\-acu.ited dwellings irl j Capt Woodino" Generously iEast • Liverpool. O. Water crept into j F ' , . ° n tee. recomrneiidins 5^ Itt.413.3.S".; lor the nrniy next year. .«*il<1 loilny ; larger «iun* would lie neeilwl here- . Bflrr In rrlli-vr an "r\tremetv ids- : tilrhinp" mllilitry sitiiiillon. • The anifiinit apl>rovr ( | hv I lie. cnnimltler for Hie (!.«•»! t«-p|ve ! months he:;iiiniiis July 1 «ti> S--"'.- i oa:^".!^ more than w;i* nrnllnble j i-iirrenl year, hnl »vn.« S-I'-S-- j Ih.in ihi: tmd«rt. estimate (Tnni In pa;e .">. ?tory No. 1) I town. Pa., to Wheeling, \V. Va, Confiscation Of Brandy Is Objected To i the "Golden. Triangle." Pittsburgh's : billion-dollar business district at the nongah'ela, and Inched stubbornly toward an expected crest of 36 feet, eleven feet above flood stage. More than 3.000 persons were forced to leave their homes on the island o{ the better resi- oi Wheeling, W. Va. Marietta and Steubenville, ,O.. prepared for water in the streets. Hi^h water led to the closinig of eleven open membered By Electorate And From Afar Elk's Frolic Gets Under Way Tonight Grounds .Prevent Open* ing of Carnival Last ' Night ' The Elks' Frolic—proceeds from on., Hopewell ferry not expected' to j ^.^ - ^ w ^ A ^ oK6 , lo charity \ I Providence Forge all right. i (Jamestown-Hopewell and Clare-' Re-',mont ferries operating shuttle lash- Insurgents Crush Outer tenses and Plunge Basque Armies Into Disastrous Retreat — Flames S w e e p Through Evacuated City is Communists and Anarchists Set Off Dynamite Blasts Before F l,e e i n g — Mutiny Among Basque Armies. EIBAR. Northern Spain, With The Insurgent Army. April 27,—yP)—Bil- bao tottered today under the impact of an insurgent army that crushed its outer defenses and shoved:the Basque; soldiery back toward The Biscay«n capital in a disastrous rout. There was widespread evidenot of rampant disorder in the Basque ranks —eien a. hint of mutiny—as they It- treated along the mountainious roads ahead of Gen Emho Mola's battering ram of men and arms. Insurgents said 30 women and children, abandoned by the Basque militiamen as they evacuated Elbar without firing a shot, declared the fleeing soldiers shouted: i "We're going to Bilbao to cut OCf i the head of Aguirre, who betrayed Ins!" (Juan Antonio Aguirre is president of the semi-autonomous Basque «tate which is allied with, the MadrUS- Vglencia. government in the civil war). Before" they fled this steel and manufacturing center, the Basque soldiers mined some sections -with dynamite, set the torch to the city's •s and were reported to have insurgent syrnpfcth- stop even at extreme flood crest. >Col-.| ^: ope]Qed toniaht. onial Beach ferry moving -ill bus and j '. TMW ^ ay . J ^^ a e J ^^oagi^^ Wbar .^ llr . eT , CHated Svm day night trucK WMI ic. ~) ^ . j tion of ths. ground Rfter/the heavy ; ^^ ^ insur g enc force marched In Behind a substantial pile of fan i Eou te6: Fill badly jvashed at Lt e i weefc _ en ajain ft wasarar>ossible to get ] '„ „„,... tQ find flaminp, •widespread mail Mayor Harry WoodL .held a j S^^^^^SS ^U -how set u p :on the^open land ly- %£**£?£ ****£ &«3S« - ly. Byrd creek o.er st columoia. uan i ine off Wej . t Main street almost op- ! not approach town from east. Be- ~ levee this morning on the occasion of his 93rd birthday and received mes- tele- *> y° nd Columbia approaches to JUvanna j ; posite Lockett street. • sages and gifts ranging" from ,a ! gram of congratulations from Goy; ernor George C. Peery to a gold brick. 1"° ! which was presented to him by Guy i ' F Walton. . . | 1 • , ! Route 10.—Open. i Danville citijwns of every station , ^ & Roule n ^oe^r at Mount ! dropped in on the executive this morn- j , a<;ksijn shou]d te remed ied during Workmen began clearing a-*ay debris ; jug durin "' " " "'" his hours of office which Suburbs of Pittsburgh were bard : jjeartb furnaces at Pittsburgh and hit. Residents of the north side, i ^ 4 000 steelworkers were Isid off. Freeport. Shnrpsburg and other near- ; by communities left their homes in ; j n Johnstown. Pa., where torrents; h-,iats, and hip-boots the'third time • EWe pj, j n yesterday from the Cone- within a year. ' i maugh and Stony CreeS rivers. Merchants in the billion-dollar Ta« Thames river, bordering London • Golden Triangle" business area work-; Ontario, was 30 feet above normal and. : ^.^ovved decorously on a lot ot fem- eri most of the night throwing up ; fed by unceasing ra.in. was still rising ' i n i ne friends or the Wooding fam- Vitorift fought . V11C names while a- mop-up' force proceeded last night and to- ( ued ^g n&mg Basques. day in getting the carnival launched , ^.^ ^ ^ & Bam)w valley _ pmars and the assurance -was given that it , ^ ^ from biu - nmg houses, caught would be up and.running tonight. I ^^ constantly were starting The DeLuxe shows are.providing the ^ , fire , , * entertainment, in the form of side u '^ «-^ rvlvors to id insurgent otti- shows. bingo games., free acts and a . ^^ anarchlsts and communists t . uded !n one o'clock and there ,,, more Wewta . and neig hbors to ,- -gxj v-ariety of r.dmg dev.ces. seven in num- . call on him at his home this evening tonisht. Tbe mayoral Kiss benandoah City, unknown. and Saturday. Committees of Ji-and bats in front of windows: pump- ' AI least 6,000 of the city's 80.000 in- ; Uj . w iji] e younger city of'icials wond- i fur t In- 079 Il->: * * * Claims 7th Victim '.VMKUA. \':i.. April T,. — W> — Plat r r«>liiv Offlrcr •'• 1*. Kiisati', , , , .- — . . will tortjiv i h:it n n'-rro. i.inu-oiHi j _o ! Mcnongahela wharves and Duquesue ' to hsve suffered S500.000 damage irorc cooft!-. aiiiuil. i;-V wa.« nroivnpil ! Today was "confiscation day" in the ) way. "'...' j inroads of the Rapidan. Richmono. when his aiiinmnlitlp rnn into rionu ! police court—the time set apart for' Weather Forecaster \V. S. Brotzman . prepar-ri for a 26-ioot crest on wjitrix In Siilom cn-ck in Amrllii 'those persons found illegally in pos-:v;-,iQ the Allegheny and Monongahela ' James. rmintv. Part of tin- lirldpir had iiecn ; session of liquor bonded or moonshine, j o j ing out their cellars ajid hanging ; habitants quit their homes. The com-i ered i; - -i me California Concern Claims!;],^ ?a >c?. i munities of Woodstock. Stratford, st. j vhem The "murky waters slopped over the j Mary's and New Hamburg were threat- cdse of the "trianglp into Liberty and ; ened by the Thames of its tributaries. "the Allegheny' and i Fredericksburg. Va.. was estimated De kind to i ii.een- d today. Traffic routed how via Uenns. Otherwise all right. Route lo.—Still out at Rivanna riv- Ownership of Substantial Supply .MISSKG CARACAS.:Venezuela. April 27.— ii?) f.T at Palymra. ''la this section high- j_xhe airmail plane "Venezolana" still •.vavs badly washed and expected tO; WR , missine tcxtav in the Brazilian " ' IPvnn avenues. x-.ess for the expressions tendered to him. sw.'IH a way. j w«re required TO show cause why it Ml", ill-nth «•«.< the M'vrnth at-I should not be forfeited to the state, trllintfil cllfiTtly ;itnl iiunnvtlv to! Chiei interest Bttached to the 960 thr storm iiml tti.nilj In \ irglnln. ! pints slid the 1.015 half-pints (Turn to page ii. Story No. -) o T T j • T ^_ Voting Lost Promises to j! Set New Mark , Business was suspended for a time \ 93rd birthday" wired the first citizen ! in Cumberland. Md.. when waters ! of Virginia to the first citizen of I from the Potomac Hushed on to down'. town streets. Captain Wooding seemed unusually ; be cloMd {Qr „ day or more . j border jungle lands .with & cr»v of bright and alert this morning and; Houle ia.—Blocked at North and; three sn& \ wo Americans. \\ illiam expressed his thanks and grateful- .5^,^ AnllR r ivers on unimproved j Armstrong Perry, a. newspaperman. sections. Blocked also slong route j iE( j Frederick Grabb. commercial »t- 250 and at Columbia. j tsche of the United States legation "Hearty congratulations on your j Route 17.—At Mount Landing creek, north, of Tappahannock. continues closed at high tide and is open j Danville. "You have rendered long ! o ^. a j3 OUt six hours per • day. | and distinguished service to your i 2 factory workers in both plants and houses These factories, clui- the slopes which rise from of the main highway into " l-tne city, for the most part had been 1 dismantled. 1 Eibar itself was all but depopulated , ' before the Ores were s«t. Unofficial reports that DurangoTiad l ; Caracas. \ <ale along the Northern Atlantic ; city." »nd the 1.015 naif-pints of ! brandied wine which wss recently _ i seized at the plant of the Eastern Pays Entrance hee | o.su-iommg company's plant, Kirii'AiuSii. Vn. April •'.-.—WT— j John w. carter appeared for C. *„„, Si-nnt.M- Vlvla., ... .l. S r. or! Cribar , of Sttn JO!ie , caltornin and M- j OCL 11 C ^ 1TJLOI. !V | nooded to a lae 8 rail . : , hc o!d der ma?aMne ln use dur- >ornMk-. • tmlay puiil l hi- -V400 en-; ea s written objection to the seizure : o , WBMS trueai-cnea 10 «"""' _.. ^ trjiiK-i- f«-i« l|"iilli'y I'll" «.««'-'""-1 holding Miat the wine belouss-d to i Tlie voting list which will be ef-jroad track. dlilatp for t'lu- Di-mo'Tiitii- nomimi- j uist corporation. Magistrate Carter i Active in the August primary will and ^Ocean ' ""- i took this case under advisement. No ; probably have the largest number of night. i ^aboard brought rain which flooded : The gold brick which Guy Walton rural roads in New Jersey. AT : gave W the nla >' or was not ^ovevex t. a 50-mile wind lashed the ; gold all through but it was a historic ocean yesterday. An uvenue was j brick. Mr. Walton some months ago " de'pth of two feet and j acquired property on which stood CLASS XO MKET With raports from : each-of the five Route 20—Open but detour between • group captains, Barean class^ of Second ] Oranee and Unionville over good sec-i Baptist church will hold its .monthly • "" 0 - ; btisiness meeting in the church at I 7:30 Thursday evening. (Tnrn to pa?e S. Story No. 3) Streets in Atlantic City Citv were flooded last tuni for the poviTiiiirshlp »>r * * * Continue Writ Hearing NORFOLK. ^':>., April 2' IlL-nrin; lirfnn- Judsir K. U. Spindle. Jr.. of corporation i-onrt nuinhi-r imp. on the writ of linlipu^ corpus IS-"!!!'*! Ill III" CJ1SC Of IJollr ••>• Jlniki-. si-rvlii!: nn Iniloflnitr jnll jipiiti'iiii- for fiillnrp to prniliK'f SlS.iMMi in nssfl.s of tin- Hr.fimol Miirlii** ICunipmc.nt rompiiny of whli-h h« wn> the prpsUlent. «a^ cinitliuii'il toilny until I'ridiiy, criminal prosecution Is pending, the : names On it than any other of re; corporation have suffered the recent . cent years. | rt vocation of it.s license by the ABC ! City Treasurer Eugrno Marsli«.ll re- I board. ! ported today that more people .are ; \ Others were less fortunate with 42 • paying IHNOS thnn he can recall. In; i pints belonging to Ciinrles Davis and ! many instances people who have been j ; 1.. R. Shclnon=o confiscated, as were off the list for years are paying three j six pints belonging to Jack Sutton y'.'«r,s nt one time and qualifying their i ; nnd six pints belonging t.o Bill Tnlbott, wives, also by poll tax payments. j : All of the-liquor goes to the vault* All of this is indicative of-two j Jin Richmond and becomes the pro- h hints—a good deal of candidat.orinl j ; perty of the ABC board. Tho better li.ctlvity In the various wnrds and the j brands probably will br distributed ; greater looseness ol money. I : fipe among state instiiutions ss mcdi- i The new list of voters will be com- ] cine. j piled as of May 1st. j WALLY COMPLETES GOOD BEHAVIOR TIME Only Technicalities Now to Her Marriage to Abdicated King (Turn to paje 5. Story No. 1) Early Opening Movement Is Given Support Southside Markets Lin* Up With Danville in New Drive Southside Virginia tobacco markets have joined the movement Initiated in Danville to bridge tie gap 0 . Between the opening of the Middle Detective Accused of Forcing: Wendel to Confess sen and the oio Bc J^J a *£^ e Lindbergh Crime to Enhance Reputation |^uon"^tL^obl^^ciatton of __ -0 , 'the United States In fixing the open- JTEWARK. N. J.. April 27.—(iP)—The < legal staff said an attempt would be 4n g O f both belts at the same time. ' Wenciel-Parker sequel to the five- ' made to obtain a separate trial for , v . p, paulett. secretary of the Dan- Barrier '• The mayor was kept busy with the j year-old Lindbergh kidnaping shift- -the New Jersey defendants. ! v ille Tobacco Association has conler- ed to R fedal court room today as The 1 The trial, before Federal Judge Wil- , rec} wlt h ^ e market authorities of , ins the Civil war. It stood nesr Dog ; Level on the Disharoon property. Mr. • Walton saved a bricK for the mayor, i had it veneered with gold paint and , properly inscribed: ; "Hon. Harry Wooding 1861-1937 The fan mail ranged from .affectionate letters from near and distant kin and from the citizenship general- U, Many of them were birthday cards. Porker And Four Others Put On Trial In Kidnaping Case i letter opener ripping the envelops ! IH'TTKK AND KGOS CHICAGO. April 27.—i.^)—Butter: Firm: creamery.-spectnls (93 31 1-2(,T32: extras (92) 31: extra firsts (90-P1) 30 1-2 (,i 30 3-4: firsts (S8-89) 29 3-4 is 30 1-4; standards (90 centralized carlots) 31 Eggs: 37.735. Extra firsus local '^l 1-4. cars 1-2: fre.sh graded firsts local 20 car? 21: current receipts 19 1-4; storage packed cvtras 22 1-2. storage packed firsts 22 1-4. Edward Sues For Damages In Publication Of Book hall before day and polished tho official mahogany io a glistening »;leam and saw to it that >hf floor v,-as splc and span. . ... i , -, , i , . Ji i Files Action for Allcii-cd Libel Asjainst Author and Publishers of "Coronation •Commentary'' C -\nril ">7— "'V-~Mrs WnUis'' citisons a PPcared to pay their res- • • ~ , ,. rf ,,vj ov occts. Sart Grnstv was at the cltv \V«rflcld Simpson completed toda\ • t,he reciulrod six months of "gooo: behavior" in her divorce action and became all hut free to marry the former king of England. Only legnl technlealitips wore necessary before her divorce from Ernest Aldrlch Simpson became final and these, it was expected, would bc fulfilled within a fortnight. Then the Duke of Windsor, who and . taking pleasure in noting who : government moved the trial of Ellis ; lism Clark, was expected to last at otrier centres and has found favorable had remembered his natal day. i ?j. Parker. 64-year-old country detec- : least a month. Quinn said he plan- acl [ O n. A strong demand for the Even some of !ht" older colored ; vn . e Rllci fc ur other men on conspir- • ned to call 35 witnesses: former Gov- ! Cliang 5 w m be made at the annual Today's Queer Story M:S. imi., April •:;.— w — I.ro Mi-ronlN s"'"' miliiri 1 «'iis »n ns,*ot when lie \v:is lulled Intn i-niirt. liero for slnpiihii; hl> wife. "Your honor, her folk> moveil In nn me for 11 week's vKIt noil st:iveil Ilie whole wlnler," .MrCoril told .Indjje \V, I'. ('nlM'rly, "noil I «ol 1ired of II. Shi- ilefeniled I horn nml 1 told her lo liuvli or I'd vlaji her. She ilhln't hnsli." LONDON. April 27.- i/rv— The nuke ported nnioni! other thine* to describe ; o ,. lvi i ot . e(J Edw-nrd's "muddlmp. rvddhne «n,l : .. - not seen Mr*, sinir-'on trom London at the abdication crisis, will be legally inarrv "the woman I Shade Tree on P. 0. Lawn Now Slated for Axe acy charges under "Lindbcrch law." A brief sensation a year ago this month. Paul H. \V?ndel's "confession" he kidnaped B«by Charles A. L'ndbergh. Jr. saved Bruno Richard nauptmann from the electric chair for three days. But the "confession" was quickly repudiated. Wendel was absolved of connection with the crime and Hauptmann died April 3, 1936. The government charged Wendel ; v.as abducted snd tortured into mak- inu the "confession" to enrmncf the so-called | ernor George S. Sllzer of Park coun- se! said the defense would call at least 100. A panel of 90 men and women was summoned today for the drawing of twelve trial jurors and two alternates. Parker, whose reputation as a de- itctive had spread far beyond the rural county in •-••hich he had served many years, investigated the Llnd- meetias of the Tobacco Association's meeting;. Old Belt markets lose millions of pounds of tobacco during the two weeks hiatus. The Old Belt farmers now prime most of their crop and »re ready and easier to sell when the Middle Belt markets open. The result'Is that hundreds of farmers take their first offerings Into the Middle Belt to bergh case for Governor Harold G. ootaln an e arly return on their year's Hoffman, sharing with him a bellei that Hsuipurmnvt was not the complete and final solution of the crime. A year ago March 28. he turned NVO ,. k ' of Windsor today filed an action foi nlleacd libel damnpcs nnd an injunc- VUen tion agninst the author nnd publishers • fn cf i the writ. sollcltor , ; mnined in s ol "Coronation Commentnrj 1 ," a host I seller dealing with his rcis" nnd ,ib- |dle.Uion «s Kdwurd V1U. The writ, wns issued through the Duko's London solicitors, despite tho fact that, both author and publisher hod proffered nn apology nnct the publlsiier had aniicmnced the book- was being wlthdrnwn. j On ndvu-e of eounsel. it wn.s'UMrned, j Uio Duke luid decided to proceed with thrcutiMied suit for dam;tgi-s aiul TO SKI.l. HOOK IN V. S. NEW YORK. April 27.—i<J'i--Otficlnls of Dodd. Mond «nd company, Amerl- at Chateau de Cande near Mont*. France—expected Ihe decree would be made absolute either May 3 or May 10. (No date for their marriage has been believed unlikely Parker's reputation as a detective and j Vv > n del and the "confession" over to to enable him and the others to profit through sale to magazines of the ' "true solution" of the celebrated Lindbergh case. Mercer county (Trenton) authorities, suddenly adding a new sensation to the many preceding it. Hauptmnnn was to have been executed the night f:ui publisher,- ol "Coronation Com- , disclosed and it wns lit woud occur during the height ol festivities attendant in the coro- montnry," s«id today that, action o» the Duke of Windsor in filing suit for >tn < libel iignlnst the nutlior nnd English'.nation of the Duke's brother. King publishers of the book lind not George VI. on May 12.1 elmngfd their plans to releaso it here —- c They sniil '>!><'y Und leeeiwd no wold MK. l-'M'Kl.KN'S l'VNt;t«.\l. from the Knglish publisher in regaiv; to MIL DukeV Mbol sietton <<nd that ; Fnuernl servioos for Harry C. Kick- j.. ; uion from the po.stoiii.ee department. Itolph Lane, ,Me('onr> etuplover, hicnuon. lor nn injunction agniusl furihov pub- -tln-n- has boon no change in the sit- Km who iH«'<! at Staunton on Sunday Postmaster H. C. Swnnson lias writ - lolil I lie court .McCord \vn< "loo 50111! nndirpil for hi> jood," ,)IM|RP Cnl- vcrl) 1 rclen>o<l him. •*. The net Ion is directed agninst, Geoffrey Dennis, author, and William J'eineman, publisher. The book v»ur- The tree which for many years shaded the front lawn ot the old home of Drr and Mrs. s. E. Hughes when it stood at the corner ot Main and Ridgs streets is to be cut down If Uncle i JoinUy accused with the Burlington ; cf April I but the date was set back to <5am gives lit? ron«r«t i county detective chiet were his son. permit the Mercer grand jury to ln- " The'tree now Stands on the corner ot ^ Ellis, ' Jr.. and Martin $chlossman, j vestigate the new development. Dethe postoffice Jot for the Hughw re*- H «'' r y Weiss and Murray Bleefeld of ; spite Parker's expressed belief in Wen- Ideniv nnd ot-hors were moved down Brooklyn. Schlossman and Weiss were . del's guilt, the Jury took no action. Ridge stttvt at the time the site for convicted recently in a Kings county. ; Mrs. Ann* Hauptmann nwde a last- the new Dostoftu-e was clewed. N - ^- t Brooklyn) court of kidnaping • minute effort to siive her hushanrt bv Wendel and were sentenced to from ; filing a complaint against Wendel in 20 years to life in prison. Bleeteld ! Hunterdon county, where Hauptmann pleaded guilty but has not yet heen • v.as tried and convicted. The grand sentenced. Jury there also absolved Wendel, Sll- These three have not yet pleaded to ; preme Court Justice Thom«a W. the federal indictment but United j Trenchant, who presided at the Hiuipt- Stutes Attorney John J, Quinn was I innnn trial, refused to stuy the execu- to call them for this preliminary j tion. calling the "confession" In- t<x1fty. His plan ;o try the five men credible on its face. v*o M«tlptm«nn. THE WITHER Temperature Reading By The Bee Radial Thermometer The shade it seems will stunt tho growth o! the shrubbery dictated by the landscape aichiteets. The tt«v could not be removed, how. exer. without securing some authon- VIKGINU: PnrtlT cloudy •UK! Wednesday, povtllily ll^lit in pxlrciinr soiitliwest portion l«il;lit. xnmewhnt wnrmer-'ln WWt (irtlon Wcdnesdny, NoitTii OAUOI.INA: I'artij fi«n«) .night »»tl ,<iinse In temperature. TBMI'KHATI KK8 nation MI fur iw we are concerned." ; iiiglu, will be eonoiu-ted at the l,\ith- i<-n the letter asking tor the permts- Dtsvt guiding threixtj* of tho Duke ' eran ehureh ;>t four o'oloek this aft- sion. jsome eitI/ens have tnken the to s\>e, the eoivipnny deetdert yesterday iernoon. Intermetit. will follow in position Jhnt the live i> worth more j together was due to' meet opposition, j still protesting hts InniKencc, went to [ to release tho American edition. ' Oiwn H»U cemetery. than the shrubbery. i however, as * member of th* Parker*' fi ' ' ' ft " * - '' \l <F»*T) S«

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