May 1962, Riesel

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May 1962, Riesel - The ‘Big Red Schoolhouse’ This is the season of...
The ‘Big Red Schoolhouse’ This is the season of May Day. The Communists are making the most of the proletarian holiday Hiey captured — and they have much with which to operate. More, in fact, than at anytime in the past 20 years in these United States. There are sec r e t mobile schools for street action, Victor Riesel a Ixisy national lecture bureau for infiltration of the colleges: large quantities of easily raised cash and more than 200 dummy front organizations each with a headquarters, a staff and operational funds. First let’s look at the street denwnstrations. The May Day parades are staged so special Communist films can be n^ade and fast freighted to Moscow to prove that the workers of the world have united and are tramping the capitalist streets chant- ii^ for peace a la Russe. Let’s just remember, it takes tens of thousands of dollars to plan and run them. But funds are plentiful. In the last few w'eeks I’ve traced at least $55.000, some of it raised in $5,000 lots, spent by the Communist apparatus. And they are now driving for another $370,000. BUT LET’S LOOK at what they don’t parade. There is in this land a small network of special party training schools. They teadi everything from jujitsu and how to provoke bloody picket line violence to infiltration and bottle neck sabotage of big electronic plants. Not too long ago, for example, such a mobile school w'as set up in a Midwestern motel. A handful of party “cadres” were screened and sent there. In Communist jargon, a "cadre” is a single operative around whom an action unit can be woven. These cadres were told individually to entrain for Chicago. They were picked up at a deprit Uiere and rushed to a rural motel outside Illinois, There they appear«! to be a small group of “businessmen” conferring — such as you now can see anvwhere across the country. They were schooled. GRIN AND REAR IT By Victor Riesci They were dispersed as swiftly and secretly as th^ were gathered. THIS MOBH.E SCHOOL system broke into the news as far back as 1952. At that time one was discovered by the authorities in an isolated farm near Walnut Grove, N. C. You will find a description of it in the U.S. Supreme Court records. Justice William Douglas described it as a school \rtiere during compulsory “leisure time” toe instructor told some 15 cadres how to use a pencil as a stiletto on toe picket line. There were vivid descriptions on how to pierce a man’s heart or throat with a pencil — and still not of course, be found with a lethal weapon. For a fuller description you can approach Rep, Francis E. Walter, head of the House Un- American Activities Committee. Pkììà let’s move swiftly from cadre schools to huge universities. I report to you the existence of a new “Communist Party Lecture Bureau” at 23 W. 26th St. in Manhattan. Recently it dispatched toou- sarals of letters — not exactly an inexpensive q^eration — to all college campuses. It offered its natiwia! leadera -- who have be«i instructed to devote their time to college infiltratitm -—as free speakers. Specifically the letter said: . . toe (Communist) individuals can speak with knowledge ami authority on communism and will give a truthful view wi sudi topics as Communism, Marxism, The Briiik Of Despair By Truman Twill It has been five years since the death of Jose|to R. McCJarthy Jr. Ml May 2, 1957. I could have managed to wait another five years before being remimled of one of my most baffling experiences. As I saw this man. he was driving a fire truck to what might be a false alarm and cutting through a crowed park to get there. I sj-mpathized with t h e innocent people he was hurting. My friends, in turn, objected to my objections, which they con­ struí as being in favor of not putting out toe fire McCarthy said he was gwng to. To them the By George Lichty the McCarran Act. the policies of the ultra-right, the vital issues of peace, democracy, freedom of speech, socialism and other current topics. , THIS VENTL'RE has been successful. Recently Cbmmunist general secretar>’ Gus Hall unburdened himself of 37 speeches in 12 days mostly at universities. He talked to a total of some 40,000 students and town folks. So heavily attended w’ere these that he drew 19,000 to just five of the 37. More recently he and other highly - placed comrades spoke to additional thousands at New York City College, Hamilton College, Upsala College and were talkng of getting other good turnouts at a string of big Eastern universities. Now they are trying to “diversify." They are organizing peoples choruses, “philharmonic” choruses, etc. Then they can charge admission fees and raise more money to semi a del^a- tion to the World Youth Festival in Helsinki this summer under the auspices of the U.S. Festival Committee. For a “small” party it has big plans — the shipment of medical material to (Iluba, toe dispatch of artists and musicians to Communist - controlled world gatherings, the creation of a network: of food statiMis for toe “starving,” infiltraticwi of political, civic arxl minortiy group organizations. All this takes real mwiey and centralized direction. And they sure have it! real thing was his obsession about the fire. To me the real thing was toe people he was bowling over. I am as dead-set against communism as anyone ami a lot more so than one type of .American who roars against it as a theory then practices it like a card- bearer without realizing that absolutism under any other name is still man-worship, w’hich is the essence of communist dictatorship. But I could see no connection between being against communism and being for McCarthy, and this caused many Americans like me to go through a rtmgh time wiiile toe man was in the saddle. Now that toe whole thing has

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