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 - m Jl MM Waaa aaaaa THE EVElNIKG NEWS. JOES B....
m Jl MM Waaa aaaaa THE EVElNIKG NEWS. JOES B. HOIUDAT, Te rvnnxe Km a jtblmhxd xvzaT, BAT AJTZZ9009, at four o'clock, ai Uie oos, southeast corner of JfcrtcUan and Circle streets, j .ruea. ,Two Cms. City at ten cents per week, . fabaerfberi served by ca3, one copy one , One copy for Uiree xaontha. One copy for one yer- L .100 . THIS WEEKLY IZWS pijm tight eolama folio, published every , Wednesday. 'j.,- Price, H per yen; - v " BpeCjmen copies tent free cm appllcasoa. - T MHP Ho aj ? uriunratjamp ai apxioauLCxax breakil Trf Cuban insurrection igtrai afresh. Spain jnillionj of dollars Last year , in mppress It. . IS reported sixty trying to .11- Jigw TToeic will be saved now. An organization called the Jackson Democratic State Association was formed there yesterday. If it could only have been Jefferson and Jackson, or Jackson and Jefferson, there could be no doubt as to the result. ; TwaWs 'brother thieves, Woodward, Garvey and IngereolL, seem to have fled . before th-t storm. Garvey is known to hare gone to Eurore under an assumed name, and the others have been missing for several days.' If they have secured their property isafely, they will be able to coipe back soon to enjoy it . m , TiJk New York Bar Association adopted resolutions.last night, declaring that Thomas A:. Ledwith, tlie nominee for Supreme Court Justice, does not deserve the support of the legal fraternity or the people. W hether he deserves it or not he 'is store of support enough to give him th place for which lie so basely sold out to Tammany. More s the pity that there are not enough decent votes there to kill Jnm. . These is much concern in New York over the non-arrival of Grand Duke Alexis. liy cometh he not . is the gnevons in quiry that tries th souls of the reception committee men. ' They have ben ready for him, lo, these two weeks, and have ; kept a vigorous look-out at 8andy Hook, but there, are ho signs yet of the Prince. Some even think he is not coming at all, others that he is cruising about leisurely ignorant tiiat sojnany hearts are palpitating with excitement produced directly by ! him, and all are tired of asking day after day, "Has the fleet been seen yet?' The Duke ought to hurry. Things will Bpoil soon; the enthusiasm will have died out, and even some of the flunkeys and snobs won't admire royalty so much as they have been threatening to do. . . . A Ifovel Negotiation. The telegraph tells- us that Brigham Young has instructed Mr. llooperr-the polygamous delegate in Congress from the land of Saints, to propose to , that, body that if it will admit his .Territory as a State, and dismiss the indictments now landing against himself and followers, he 'wil abolish pblygsuny. Tne iiews does not come in a very authentic shape, but Uiere are many circumstances that make it not improbable.. Utah lias population enough for a State, and, except its distinctive domestic institutions a more moral, industrious and prosperous popu lation than has ever brought m a new State since civilisation passed the Missis sippi. The proposition is one, therefore, that can not be resisted on merely tech nical grounds, if anybody were disposed to resjst Young can do what, he pro poses.' He established poh-gamy by a revelation. He jean destroy it by the wime means. There is little doubt - that liia followers would; in the main, accept one as fully if not as heartily as the other. And both he and they know that however quietly-a woman may submit to be married to a fraction of a man, she can not and does not consider it the happiest con dition oi womanhood, fehere is a silent beyond the Western sea . Young lenows that the first attempt at organized reast-, ance to the law is the end of his theoera-1 cy, of bis Jivealth, of pcrfygamr, ana ot Mormonkm on this continent He,jthere-fore, sees nothing either , in the peaceful Droeress of the countrv. in the execution of the laws or resistance to the laws, the ruin of Dolvcam v. Under these nk J cumsUnces he might wisely enough make the Dronosition reDorted. by telesrranh. thoch wUW nr.t nnite Teadr to brieve that he has made it 11 he has, or does, .v. .v vT!L. the Mormon problem may be considered settled. If the criminal prosecutions go on, and a conflict ensues,' the problem will be a very ugly one, ( far too complicated for the solution of those "root and branch" men who are the curse of practi cal statesmanship. Ye have plenty of such men., They fix their premises in certain moral principles and go right on from them to any result that lies logically ahead, no matter) what it may be. They kllow no compromise with evil, no tolerance of sin. Thev would manage i the ship of state just as wisely as the master who should make rigging with no allow- ance for the strength of a gale ; an engine with no calculation for the resistance of friction arid gravity and atmosphere; a hull with :no adaptation of the 'lines" to the obstruction of the water; in short, who should follow logical deductions without any compromise with resisting natural forces. . Wendell Phillips is ene of these, a mischievous man -because he can't see the practical elements that must be managed, and would wreck everything! tinAfi tham hana noil nrt coiinn tham rA LA rJMk VAAC:iAA lVt aUOV MtKJlf OVlllg V. AAA AA V don't believe they exist Sumner is another, and Fred Douglass. A government can do better with any other set of men, no matter even if they be rascals. This class of statesmen wouH push polyg- amy to the wan, "crusn it without mercy, sir," and ruke infinite' evil at the expense of achieving a result that can be easily achieved without it Polygamy is doomed, as we think appears plainly jenough from the considerations wei have presented, and if it will (li without making a disturbance, what wisdom is there in proceeding to strangle it while it has strength to shake the whole land! with WocmIv disturbsnce,? ',Te hope the j-eport we have noticed may be true, but if it is j not we hope that- Congress will regulate the operations ofj the little gentlemen of Federal appointment in Utah, so that they shall not force a war, which will do nothing to remove nolvjramv' and much to - r .o oppress the nation with taxes. The Old Tnrnplke. We hear no more of the clanging hoof, And the tage couch rattling: by, For the steam kins rule the travel world. And the ol.f pike's left to die. - , The graje creep o'er the the flinty path, j And the stealthy daisies steal Where nnre the stage horee, day by day, Lifted his iron hei;l. No more the weary stager dreads . The toil of the coming morn : No mere the bustling landlord runs At the Round of the echoing horn ; . For the dust lies still ob the dusty read, i ! And the bright eyed children play 1 Where once the clattering hoof and wheel ' Kettled along the way. No mors we hear the cracking whip. And thestrocg wheels' rumbling sound ; And ah ! the water drives us on, And an iron hone is found! The coach stands rusting in the yard, j The horse has sought the plow, We have spanned tbe world with an iron rail, And the steam king rules us now. The old turnpike is a pike no more; - Wide optn stands the gate; ' We lve made us a road for our horse to stride, A nd we ride at a fl ing.rate : We hive f!llei (he valleyand leveled the hills, And tunneled the mountain side. An d around the rough Trap's dizzy verge, Fearlessly we ride. ' On On On with A h'sughty front, A pnfT, a shriek and a pound ; While the Utrdy echoes wake too late To echo back the sound ; ' And tbe bid pike road is left alone, A nd tbe stagers seek the plow ; We have circled the earth with an Iron rail, ' and ine steam King ruiea us now. " "SCRAP." A dry goods firm advertises domestic crashes. . .' The Augusta (Ga.) Fair is to hsve a cotton- picker's velocipede. 1 r - Grant's favorite military command Pre seht alms. Chicago Times. I Sf. Louis wants the. jRepublicaa National Convention held there. So does Boston. . . 1 Over 2,500 horse skins re used annually for covering balls for the National game, It is estimated that one burning gas jet will consume as much air as five person! i In ISCo Goldsmith Maid drew a plow on a j post ". r The' cattle trade of East Florida is becom ing a very important branch of commercial enterprise. ": I k ! 1 ' 1 Orders have beerj given to replant the Bois de Boulogne and Meudon with trees fifteen repulsion always operating to disintegrate Jersy armf and waa oW 'or $2G0. Boston a society constructed, on so unnatural a basis. ; Besides, the rapid influx of "Gen- tile8,M;f ith a Bdcial order and basis pf opinion fatally at Yariaace with those of the "Saints," has madd new and strength ened old antipathies to polygamy. Soon ! r or later the adverse1 popnlaiion and or twenty years of age. . 1 r I . '1 toisonouS opinions WOUld dcstrOvslL'The I . The 1 admiration of Connecticut critic prosecutions now pending against ijs sup-1 divided between Mrs. Moulton's singing and porters are a pregnant warning. J If they I her dress ; the, latter has rather the advan- are successful, and no resistance l)ejinade j tS to the execution ot ine Eentenxe i the Now that the embroidered sack has become Courts; polygamy : is -.plainly NJoOmed. the rage, the young ladies devoutly pray, Even fanatical devotion to. what Grace J fGive us this day our daily Draid.'V-N. Y. ireenwbod calls "the sixteenth part of a J World. rnsa , coma noi long ouuivea separauon nCCry Bergh, of "prevention of cruelty, to hat- the law j compels and 1 societvl.,,;. fo.. k. av deems ignorninious, particularly when J the committee to receive and take jears of a complete disconnection from all rj&st de- j la a long visit through the public schools pendence. Most ot the . wives of a con- pf Prussia, Horace Mann never saw av child Ticted polygamist in; the-penitentiary, I undergoing punishment or arraigned for mis- would ' slough off in ;pite of rpligiousj conduct : - . " . . -. ' : ' 1 restraints ; and the certainty uau tui the 1 ; The prophets tell us that we are to have an L f practice was abandoned,, the -would keep on being convicted, and the separation become pennafient, convict early and severe winter. If so look out for much sleighing and skating, and cheap ice would I next summer. make ine nrsT sioujning. uie last, too. ; The true cause of : the inequality of the If resistance be znaue to the order of the sexes In early life the boy masters his op- j - '. . - v:t. : mi I : . : . . . . . J I IX) art, s war cusuea, uuu, w mtc it nm porcmuues, me gin always misses cers. be mischievous and costly to us, must be j Omaha Herald. J ruinous to the Territory. The actum u la- j The Tatentj Duplex Ventilated Spring tions of twenty years of prosperous in- f Garter is the latest thing out" Its manufao- dnstry, the pleasant homes, fertile fanni, j tare will be. prosecuted with vigor when chexbhed associations of a happy life, I Colfax's term of o&ee -expires. will be swept a way and safety and renewed I A few of the Chicago safes that were not s jrdtiistlons pjjrt l?e soegbt la'! socie lahcj jtaelted are on eihibitioa in Sew York, ; cot-

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