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 - with the correspondent lg7l. who yesterday. and...
with the correspondent lg7l. who yesterday. and continued by first conference this at Jersey Murder jesterday the The Great "Work of Keforma- tioa Fairly Begun. Government Backing Up J»ie Judiciary. TEOOPS THE BEST MIMAKIES. Brigam Young on His Way to ths South. Mayor Wells Admitted to Bail in the Sum of $50,000. ACT3W OF THE WA3irr,-roi.-, D. C., Ocr. 30, isn. Apart from newspaper pnb'icattons the government nas from time to time been adilsed of the progress orthejnaiclal proceedings In Utah. In a recent communication it is stated that the creat work of correcting the ev)i3 m lhat Territory has now fairlv begnn with the conviction of Thomas Hawkins for adultery committed 'in poivgauiy, his lawful wife being tae principal witness. Ta most shocking part of the testimony does not appear iu print, it being not onlv immodest, but bestial. The veidtct, It is added, strikes llKe a thunderbolt in the Mormon camp. To other parties it begins to loos like a serious matter, ana no jiower under orcourseifhoroiurns ae will be arrested on tno charge. Tlie A- ws to satirically inclined. la (HscussUur Judge McKoan'a ecntcuce of Wawklna It place* llnwfeiuswitiiAbol, John the Baptist, Jcsua Christ ana the martyr fewplitn. and It la otherwise »nd disconnected in Ita Ideas. The Washington corresponjeata arc mlslauca in supposing that there Is a religious crusade here. Nothing or the Jilud ezlats. Ihe laws or tho Stales are bolnc enforced here as in New Yort Louisiana, and there U no crusade ornenecutlons. Anything to the contrary is the fabrication of interested parlies and unreliable. ETOSICOH) TEE BBAMA. Kent heaven can save them from a like fate. The opinion cummumcate quarters fcergeant in out of that both leave each ui the wui''L of Kolte sergeants toeioiiow- som» as fol- rneejan- in a ili*hr. in Jiemy Nolte lasted the tnat lace the Guth- tue von;"'Gntu I saw that aot know wh jt my advice co me policeman f -Heat baclc while in to mrself" to Mr Gutu- I 01 the saw, -Mr children-'' made a of a nan ves- betore its about two fac.mar to a.gni, and days. "Highways to dis- was that taere wonl J be no trouble in tue Territory unless in the souiuern portion of it. The parties are not nearly so belligerent when the troops are near by as iriien they are at a distance. Tr0 ° P5 "" a ^ ° rmlssit)nary * rce - A '««* *TM det s rm '°et course is consmerel much better than rashness or haste, which might result senocsly. Jiajor Hempstead, who resigned as TTnited States Attorney of Utah, is at present the leading counsel of Bngham Young. THS ffiWSA OF Bg£fiHAS Tbo Head of the Cburch Acoorapanied by an Armed Escort. SAW Lvss CJTT Oct. 31, 1S71. Brigham Young has been heard from at last. He was mec on Samraay twenty miles south oi this city, on the load to St. George, a beautllnl settlement about 150 miles from Salt Late, where he spent last winter His friends say he visits Si. Geor;s on account ol his health, toe climate in the southern portion or the Territory being much milder than here among the mountains. Brigham evidently does not intend to be arrested. His train consisted of flve covered Tasona, escorted by twenty men of tne Kauvoo cavalry, armed wita caroines aad pistols. The notorious Pastor EocKwell accompanied turn. CAS? »G{i6!AS PRIS03EES. irralg-nment of Mayor Wells, Jndee Stent tied Vii:i3m Slmlinn-- WcIJs Admitted to Bail in S-30,OOO-- XcmarTis of Jadae JMr- SLconc- ^ SALT IASE, Oct. so, ISTI. Eayor Wells, Judge Stout and Wiiiiara. Ktmbau, Com- i arrested on the charge of murder were bron-nr Rl/er" ftom Cams Donrfas this mmTM,- TM« »^, " . yesterday from Camp Dougias tnis mornms and arraigned before Chief Justice JlcEean. Weils was adnirted had ^ oai l m the sum. of 550,000, A. M. Jennings and H. Eeliatiuisli S. Eldnase being bondsmen, and siven hs iiLertr, m- very mucii to his surprise and that of Us friends" apnucd " ao aa^^y expected that baa woffld Jewftsea, could nos was refused- to tne de ne- water subjecr to and er nuaer tne rested deliberation, Insrrnc- dedication O»«ra--Nslssoa's "lui Trnvi.itn." Tho beic performance or Tudl's we 1 Known opera tnar has ever been given in this city--and thi3 is a bold assertion--toot p'ace at the Academy last evening. It was the first optra that gave full ana unalloyed gaiisrac'Ion this season, and we are jlad to be able to chronicle that the new tenor, Ifr. Cipoul, acted a-id^ sanj for the flrst lime in a s'jle commeasarate witn the creat reputation he brouiht with him from Enrope. Vloletia nas t h e / f e in vrnicii Sllle. Hilsson shone as a bnght star belore tue Paimaa and London public, and certa.iil/ her impersonations of tclaaad Martlia pal-- o= r oif the splendor of her 'flame aux Cameitas' here. It was a Violetta different from vv iiat we have been hit erto accus- orned to. Gentleness and dignity Instead of rass.ou, or ssn^uons laag.ior and etfiontery sr."ce aad artlessncss, aad ia piac^ of recklessness I«no- cence---^ly it was quite a revolution in tne character of the Lidy of Cam^'uas. We ha\e been accustomed =o lonj to thoss brauette Vioiettas of Soui-iora. ongin, wao seemed to inccicate our the prlEdrile t v :at "all the ivond is folly, eiceat lhat whlcn 13 pleasuie," who think; that We heroine should be a naughty, "edncttvc Circe, dissolute and vuigar, that when me new star appeared amid Clare ant dlssluatioa of one or those assemblages that must -not De specified m polite society she- seemed as much ont of place as a dove MI a council of _hawks. It was Tioletta shorn of all her naughtiness, Tlcletta, with fair hair," blue eyes, calm orov.anct $pi/-ititeue e-pression. There was not the slightest trace or tae Sybarite Aspasia in this graceful Elrl that sang tne "Libl- amo," nut an air of purity was around her tnat seemed to rebuke the reckless wickedness of the disciples of La s arjtiaa her. It was pure, na- stralued, naspoiled simplicity, and fcr the "iiame aaz Camelias'' we must say that it was eaoreir at variance wltii reee.ved notions, 'ihea came the deciarawon of tae lover, Aired Germont, and the first act closed with that never to be forgotten "All' rors e lui," which when snag as kasson alone can sing 16 is an uiyl of the heart, an apotheosis love. The second act revealed a =abilmitv m tne character of this love in surrendering it at the of duty. Ifever was anguish rcore powerfully uor- traj ea on the stage than when ths unhappy letta wrote the fata! letter that was to separate from her lover. And then came tae return to The wild scenes of me Parisian soloru, in which she so much out of p'ace, aad tha deadly instdt offered Her by Airrej when ne Ouns the pur*e of gold at Let feet. But in, the last sceao wissoa was sublime. In her cate there was no coasurap- -tion; It was a clear ease of a brokPa heart. A Jiackaeyed tricks of little coughs an-l famcics waich Bosio and Piccolomml originated vrere absent acre. She died so nauurai'r, ftom ine-ezcess 01 emotion whieu love, mistaken taoi.i'h it might oe, caused in her, hea-T, that no oae present thought for the_ moment of, such a commonplace ttrjie as consuniption. Evan in her death she seemedto rob the grm destroyer o' ail his power and to enter, gnldsd oy, him. meiodioos atmospaere, the name of 13 eternity. And her voice? A cure soprano yogcto, brigat and tenuer as a May mibniing, and clear, limpid as a mountain broos, peuetratinsc in its ity more than-voices of a stronger and broader iind--howw thrilled the hearts ol toat immense ,,_., Belore the curtain fed for the last ·«r, f, r~ n . -i~ .. r . "*,, J.MJV as the the Usn the uad tBe the or dia audience ' time there was a wai. or re^ ror a iost past on t'le part of the unhappy laay, tno imperceptible appnach or death betokened in tlie treiiuenc attacks of weakness in that frail system and that passionate ourburst at dymj so voiidg seemed to rend tho very heartstrings. " THIS was t h e " " - Court, and city or series or Land and claim to them. Ho- BOSSCS- tnsL The Prosecutinjr Attorney asked that the bail might be fixed at $500,000, but the Juage declined to place IE at such an exorbitant sum. The Prosecuting Attorney aaded that asunder the Territorial laws it was permitted the Judge to exercise fils discretion in gmne ball In cases of murder, the bail bond was worthless. The -range remarked that ne should think It good, and that he would see that It was made so. All that lie desired was the appearance of the prisoner for trial. Althougn before this molionwas argued I was well aware that, ooth in Great Britain aad In the United states, prisoners under indictment for murder are rarely If ever admitted to bail,«tiui was willing to be convinced that it would be right in this the "Cam" j,ox Camenas' of last mgiif, aaj we navene er had herlifie oefore. To ijsote the words of a ceisbratea Prcnch critic, the Lat 01 this mo- neat may oe described Ia tnete terras, -Her si*a Is a melody, her breath a caresa.' Mere worus cannot convey fully tus esecc of liilssori'a Vioietta It must oe seen T o oe iftprecLited. Cajcra w-^ a perfect lady KUIer. a passionate lover, WHO say re,pooded to" the devouonor the viuiet.a. Ee reaiovc.1 aH tae impressions of his Aiinaviva and Lionel aad came oar InluS true JJe threw asida for tiie nonce Sis Trenca super- £dai school and made Alfred Gemioat worthy of the lore ol such a Yloletix So ereater praise 13 necessary. BairCalso dldirellas tha lncon\eni"at fataet; He sang aad acted Better t'lan In. "L/iiCia,'' ana his re'.denog of ·£! Orovenza" vas admirable. Chorus and orchestra we*e I eans war el saw rCprcaie. jc was a tnur ma-I nificeas nerformicce tnronghout. aad we hops that isssnci,Ssors\VLl be equally fortunate. On Wednesday we are to H\e tlie drsEynea of all the """ with in no of log more heid on, tne log by toes, not 28, torch an her ana coi tress they an United or of Ladca Ths by in. ,,4, 5 i^, TO ^«uvii JL »u uegngcac iiarjjucnte, with, iliss Cary, and . C 5?0; ^. ??J A a J?*_ ?, fll7 Dlcas ?' Mr - J ? m et, shave 01 that aeavv beard lor the occasion ana give us a licpmsio with tho traditional mustache (corr.srs up) and imperial- Make this tacriiice for the sake of arr. -. A Brilliant Procraauna of ItsHiin Opera. The programme for the present wees: "at tlie Academy or 3lusic is one of tainsual pro'mlse. "La Traviata." with ~SOle. Christine Iflisson as TJo.etta, Trnichwas given yesterday evening; wiH be followed on Wednesday evening by ta» fiist representation this season of Gounod's "Faust," with, an entirely new cast--itlle- J^iisson as Jlarsuentc, Jllss Cary as fciebel, H. caponl as Faust, IS. uarrt as Valentine and M. James 'as Mephistopheles. Neither or these artists has jet appeared In this city in their respective parts. Each of tem has mel with, extraordinary success in the principal opera bouses of Europe. On Friday will be. produced Mozart's of a through the Heron were Xcptata or sue -- casetodisTesardanatoostnaivcisalmle. Indeed, [ masterpiece, "l?on Giovanni.'' Ttos wilL aoabress. Twasansionstobccoavuiceathatuwonldljerlght · - - - - - to do so. .Stay, more; I have sought to satisfy mr- se!f tiiat it would be right ana proner to say that, as tha CeTcndanS Wens Is the 3Iajor of tms city and tho head ot tho police, and thai as Camp Douglas, wssre prisoners not bailed srsasaaily iepv wJ;ile awaiVmg tnal in this Conrt, is some be a tcemorabie event in tae ^rm^ig of music, HjuchasitwUlfor the first time totrodnee to the --utilc Jtlie. Mlsson as Zerjni Hue. Corani. Irom "ca'a, at Milan ana n Teatro Kcglo, at San- assume the rule, of 1'ociui Anna, rscung Boaid, the The Tne at h THE irfli nccsoi or a member at 5as- 3*3caoias. 13 xj-n the St. Fifth «*»· Lconliuvai, who wassosaccessfru last ~ --j Kile, i as Jlosiaa, la the "Earbcr of fceviii-' « cdncs'iay Uonna Elvira. The cast wlil i-~ -.-'Will appear as bv Sigcor BngaoU p= l v - - itrrther ^treagiiicrjci Uisiant Jroa lac City Ball and tno ilayer's «- _-«u Ottsvio, 3L Barrj as Don ! testdencc, it. would be pracUcaliy imr««-^- . . - __^ t ^,i__M- .Jamct as Len«^i-_ «_---- _ - · ' " " · ' ··«= for i ?'^^,"i"^^ tM "a^aied, % rc^esrorjfiS varusror^aa, ,, ^ ~^op to att«aa to anv ^"J 3 ?? ma a , c reansseaicot. lo tts lie pan of Of nis officsil daiSe,^ flsconidaososMijrC , ! To?^ fr^n^-n^w 11 * 13 ? 11115 -" m **** oponsii-:-fcr the qms: and good order of a- ci^y" ^TM~5£S. 1 '^- n - 1 -^.«» w « lie i^i ^crcforc, adaia tbe prisons-10 bail in liic !ile jrda^^'jlajtha" 3 ^ nlil os rsnacretTlM'a iy. ^- JaiQW an! Jtt. »jcior czpral. ol S5O,«ip, wim two suffldsat sureues. cas-iS of Stout find Simball will jiroaably come nn sgaln to-jnorrow, as 7ndgs SIcSean Js look- Ing over tie antnonUes in the maw«r. AS ttc la-go flsn flas gens throngs tae net, it is more Uiaa litely that ttc siaalier ones win oe able to oilain Uisor release on Scavj b^l w-morrow. Th332«:on on the partcf tie CJndJcsacc 3aa mel frttJi t3is saost tmqaaaiflca approval of aa UwasMJal mEn, -srao arc psaJceOy saasoa SJnat Hie CD030I jnsJloe-wan bs oMsinea, -sane atsassasKi tame u» Moncttn masss--tu occontxncoaof ae last Kiat fins Tnlica Slates anltoriite arc fair ana ;lc csscoHon of us Jaws. 3 effect of las CJilcI JarMrcls Cay onght 10 to -very sajtRiT? on ths crannnnity., if '· KiCT possess tte slignust arKociaticm or perfect . laJmcss ami magnanimity, jnaga McKsara coaraoa lawtosnTfriori nCn. notappTedate siisact n is -assess to Uicm ttM mere IsjBsttes Jn amjiBiag Uffl* «J8 Tnlte-l Swva auisorjucs may flo. tin 53io -wliolc, n Js more Uiin 3iSc3y that rao cnfls ol jTjsilcc Tifll bETcacooa lJctltTl5 nomcinoa aflc-i'tea - ments for me reception of tae Graad DaSc AI'x^ have accsiHe-j the invitation of K. Sax SlraicSS lora craad^la t^ranteUt inion ms visitor- Finally JH-Stratosca Js arrangsincnis lor 35e reappearance In J l It wtsns tlat Brignajn 'Kmnz aafl Joscpa A. loans, Jus son, -ncre inaJctea trith TTellg ana stout lor ao mnrder of Y«t£s ia ijt.;. Brtgnani Toung cscapca arxesi ly Jcavmi: las caty oa Tcsssay agat JasJj si sasven o'cJoct, procoMing to tta sontii of TcTrKorr, bsyona raacn ol anj if rtt or process o: wrest. -3te. Claries jnto. ia tke "For tio ftet same in zoany jsuii," I aF'aic sa- lorascciBcal ran, JiSjs. CcnarsrD's ··Bssjric'fly" ^r. ifiTivsa »t 'W33lacS-s Jast CTcrocs- 3iat for use PET- '_ Joct acdag TTiUi 'waicJi It was produced It won3a "* tare tsen (aaremcly srapW ari'l Hjta Hathcws, Cilbcr IIOWCTCI, SBCH 3 itsalt was ScJongs w that oH lyps'«! so popular Jn the Ja^t c^uHii^', m wMcJi ;e Jn inis casts, TOprcsoutca Jjy an ara- rtri KmTo snfl a jcalcns Jaihcr, ars ont- jy jcmth anil IOTC. The plot i? 3b=nr£!i.v im- TM2S5SiS? ^2 * J 9S5?.« n i *^5« ** **rafl»fl as jir. tiarlts jtistocws 5n Jotafl oae ot s^-7. «i Han's irHl For ic a .o ·of S 1 *L ^^^ te»«ly swung Ms fttenas irlo wonWs. GUbcrl's t-rr Tten- cSs Cnps ir^ »jjo»urtc. and lie even ooawvca to ·fcie-'Xlis into «rc imposaWs oM ««s ti the jilaywripW n\o ttw fcrean v! a!o- In ?xt Jcaona Traffics Mr. j o i, a Brosu-linin Jsa-l a me tvlHch, Bioajii SKirway jw-jums swciio brine :hiui l l!is lest» bo jsayea c»:crJ£iliy and vt u. ills -anyrasTcu g(xi3. snainwo*£«35 where h2 is awaWnsj iTis arrtial ol 33iB yollaat lie louse -was for the Ura tone brongit «3o-.ra -vritli cniEtsiasin. i3s3 Eas Gci-uoa a? rates was Jouaiy applanas'J, ana »sr Pnrlian *"»ff tras vc3y ama^ijip. Kisa PJesay HorflAont . Miramla, aWioogasiicjrartwasa rsn nfflraii oss re- Tao SJWt lfcm "S? ai i. In Hr.

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