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 - NEWS. 1871. Amtta, and wns Salnave in President...
NEWS. 1871. Amtta, and wns Salnave in President SKHJ^RJIJ," AtfyOa, we^htak i exceedingly .CD: received board, We subject, i pkkcs A M it 1 MORMONS DOWNFALL OP THS, SAINTS. TIAWKJNS SENT TO PRISON, AND .JOSEPH YOUNQ CHAlSGED WITH MURrEB.t " characterized -its a charie of com'. avhorii he MORMON EXCITEMENT AMQNGI.S T J J E T A M M A N Y T WM sel Jo J-iay. did inot sailed in tolput MORMOKDOM no fects that "Oak-, others while large snm "" ~ districts of the the cHy glance investigating newspapers to t-heir.. following , . 0 by · I I , Oct. 123.; Chief J^M tice Me if eon this morning pnfuuwi sentence upon 'I'homns Hawkins, polygamist, on Iowa; . . " I drawing to a close. Over ,i"i'Jio'««» Ha.,iin!i · I am norry for you, VeryJBOrry. "You ^«iiay not think so now, bat I Bhall try to make you think so by mer«y which 1 shall.Show yon. Ybuca"e frotn England to-*his^,Countryith the wife of youfL youth. For many tears.vou the tnatl (engtu, bowevfer, 'heevil-spirkof pelygnnay fa-pta \ tie^pted"and possessed -you. -Then n«ppi- from your household, i ^ liOw, by coiujliiiul of your iUithfiil. wife and the verdict of a law-ubjdtec jury, stand at this bar us a couvicted criminal-, I muslldok io it Hint my i'udrroent be so severe y Judgment he Dot seems,.vindicttve and not so ,. li£ht as'tp aecth to triflo ivjth yisti vTll say twrs and nowthat 'wheneve 'whenever four good bebsvloi; find the public, good shnll jnntify uie in doing so, I will gladly recommend that you be pardoned. .The judgment of the court iu/thatytfu he fined and that yon be iroprinoned at hird labor for the term -of three years.* ' ' OonUary to all expectation there was little or no excitement idnho court room. Tliu U n ited Slul|f« Marotil and detectives were fnlfy prepared fpr «ny emergency. . Notice of appeal to the fc'uprei-.o ww given ij »ne prisoner's £x)Un«eI. B Court :·"·- - 1 on over , V take two uie 2 by THE FOH 90 ARR*«/. flp ~ T H K tVlnru LB " ' -. - " [ -4-11. ,BS re- sut- docu- for ail. · pantd- of i n t h e le- s u \Varrants We out for the arrest of. Brig- h«n» Young find h,is son Joseph Yonng, UK, charge of mOrder, in Jiavine ordered ·UeWUSn^Sf Richard YaJ^-a. The indictments on these murder c*rn3, it is understood, will be founded on the tcstimbuy of Pill Hickman,-wSo W^'once whntis ed bv tho ttetitilpR n " Dnnitn " or . went of th«r MOrmon authoriti w, Hjckiuau, who. killed Yntca, ia now confined at Camp Douglass. He went with the officers to Echo ^Canyon, and' after pointing out where ho" hud buried Yatos, them in disinterring his remains. MORMONS AWtFw ED FOB, MuR- Meld the up- one ; \ day, thjo jonr- edits id in which Daniel H. \Vells, Mayor of the city, Hosea Stoat, fortiierly-General'of iheTer- ritoiy, and .'WilliR-m Belden, of Kimballk HQtel, at Parley Canyon, were a.ieBted to- ·'sy by the United States Martha', upon irtdlclment of the grand' jury, · cWrg' them with murder. Tom Filvu made appHcation to. admit iheta to bail, which application will-be heard on Monday. .The 'pn^OBfjA a?^r*h^jit^»n-t.fy OAn| OoDglfV^ -They are charged with being concerned in the killing of Ysto and another i ed Back, several years ago, era hjjjd _ A Prmcd gone know when said and when he until of tea OSftGH . «,FATB. - A warrft«rt- wiia out for the arrest of^ Orson nytfe, one of the twelve apostle", npqin tBe same charge, but be-ekided the deputies" who were sent to-arrpst hini ·"- pqrsnpd to tlitfnuulhciu part of til toiy. ^ 6.0DDES OF B«ffl"«M YODSO. NEW YOJIW, Oct 29. -A special dispatch with from Bait Tnke (Jity says : '-It i« stated official circles that Brigham Y"'»ng left On ferdity y ^vening last for the so he ww laid to have been . tonnrft M .n y think h,e intend^to.i 0 , t e - j - suggestion/ thf, the to people go it so»tn, Ye»- to have been 120 milca south'of tliia city, with hii; course »H11on- ward. It is not known to what point he-is hff bnt|ItWnk Bt'-!peoiX6jpiliig* h S)0_'rjne?^ frujoi nd s «bon 1 fifttpu--aAys from 'flie: Court. Mt is cettainly doubtful whether he will appear for trial on vhg indictment on which he tvi» arrested; nnd it u do»ht- fBl. : idOi »bythcr'ttohc»d of ,tio church V*ifl Ve se«v again- here usW the-trouWe Ip, winds winds with . this now- thW ifl. HOOPER: Delegate rioopcr has gsue to,Wa»hing- -·ton to gee we Prdjidcm, aud to - endeavor to'eflect ibme basis for a compromise, by which the United States authorities here, judicial! antf exeisuflf C* shult. be restrained or removed. XB£ OHUKCll LN A OfiEAT EEBMENT. "The Church is in the-grentestfermenf. tiodpif ia In WMmngtoa, Cunnon is S 1 ' IFraijdsco, and Brigham Ybqng 'in "' c 'it. C^ tr IT" * «* . ' j » ^ * South jr»llalif out the know! of the people. Id]),. evifthlnfr wfth ie - tfooper ,, .^.Sderit. "Trials are to be djinoutinned if ic AK-ttiJ, AQJ ouuie Bore of promise of refbtoiation for the future it to b(; made. SOMETHINtt MYSTEWOUS. IN THE WIKD. The officiah are on the alert. There is aomethwg mysterious In tho wind, 1 AnJ .^miiwMiojtilpnnf 1 . reij'lis\,ift Mutmon QORr- jters. Mayor Wells is pract!ja,ljy the head «f the cetnmiiiilty to-day^ The coming '« will''be. IBH oTinlenjI_tb.tne'eoun! ." :· · ~ · .. ~ J6l(» er f per to , Come -0

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