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Matheson Automobile Co. - WW! When Soo Hoo Doo was a resident of this...
WW! When Soo Hoo Doo was a resident of this city he was a mild and meek representative of the Chinese race, be longing to a Christian church and con ducting himself like any other respect able citizen. It is the naughty influ ence of Wilkes - Barre that has brought him into unpleasant notoriety. Be brought home a little - footed wife, to whom he had been betrothed for years, having Journeyed to China to get her. Both his wife an himself were high caste Chlne'ses. More than one prominent resident of this city will remember a certain night when a distracted Celestial rang the door bell of a handsome home and besought the lady of the house, who had befriended him In trouble, to A,u 5 i . l.:m knh "fv I nttle baby, he die." exclaimed Boo. "and she ely. velly much. Must have 'nother right away. I pay fifty dollar for baby, even good - for - nothing girl. You sure can buy girl baby for my wife. She velly sick and cly." It was' exceedingly hard for him to realize that even a girl baby could not be bought at a moment's notice on the streets of Scranton, and he was inconsolable, as was the pretty little sixteen - year - old bride, mourning ' her dead new - born child. Later another baby came to the small shop and she used fo be a source of amusement to visitors who caught glimpses of the shy little mother and the gaily clad toddler. They named her Jennie and not a few well known people of Scran ton took a great deal of Interest in the big Chinaman's family. His wife used to remark frankly upon the horribly large feet of the ladies who came in and She never recovered from her shyness and reserve. - But down in rrilke,s - Barre, Soo Hoo Doo is corftlnuaily appearing in some more or less unenvlaHe light before fjie police court. It seems too bad after the Christian influences he had in this city. , Wives at svfir.1,1 iiokar - lovine SerAn - ton men were offensively pertinatlous yesterday in their curtasity as to why their husbands returned bo late In the morning. .ij':c - Women never make successful or ganizers of strikes. They can make a heap of trouble during a strike and can cause more disturbance and do more exasperating things than men could devise in a year's time, but when it comes to organizing a successful labor contest for themselves they seem to be "shy on several points. The people of this community were divided ' into two parties yesterday, each equally offensive to the other. One was composed of those who saw the eclipse of the moon and who boasted so much of that achievement tlYat you might have thought they had arrang ed it as an evening entertainment, and the other party made of the ones who never knew there was an eclipse until they saw it in the morning paper the next day. Mr. Charles E. - Hamilton, advertising agent for the Family theater, for several seasons and for many years with the Lyceum and Academy, has re signed to accept a similar position with the Poll theater. - Fourteen years ago, Mr. Hamilton resigned his position with Mr. Poli In Connecticut and It is somewhat of a coincidence that he should again engage with him after so many years, At the Family theater, his successor has not been announced and .probably will not be until the season opens. ylmiMemente. I. una Park. Final arrangements are now being made for the second annual outing of men nnners, of Irem Temple, at Luna i'arK on Friday, August 2. This dav last year was one of the biggest events of the summer, but the pilgrimage .this year Is going to break all records un less indications belle. Thousands of Maccabees from Lack a wanna and Luzerne counties will be at Luna Park today conducting a joint outing. Yesterday the second outing or me Amity social club, of Honesdale was held at the park, proving a great rug success. Tomorrow will be Welsh day, when 20,000 Welsh are expected from this end of the state. A par ticularly interesting prbgrammo has been arranged, and one of the features of the day will be the singing of a Welsh number by Bert Monphy, "the man who sings to beat the band." - The free attraction secured for next week of James E. Hardy, the high wire king, whose performances were so well received at Luna last season. Mr. Hardy returns with a new repertoire of sensational and startling feats. Alexander's famous Ninth Regiment fiand of Wilkes - Barre wllJ Ibe the band attraction next week. The duplicate number In '"what's your Luna Park number" game is still missing, although a very close search has been made for it. The holders of the two numbers will each receive $20 In gold. The contest will be continued today, but will be brought to a conclusion Saturday night, and the money donated to charity if it Isn't brought to light before that time. Flrnt of the Season. In presenting the Rosnbelle Leslie Co. to the patrons of the Academy, next Saturday matinee and night and continuing throughout the ensuing week, the management announces that every available effort has been made to secure only the very best dramatic and vaudeville talent to be had, and has succeeded in. surrounding his tal ented little star with one of the strongest supporting companies with which she has yet been seen. The organization was perfected with a view to transporting the entire company Into a city stock later In the season, consequently only the very beRt stock talent has been secured. Four high class vaudeville acts will supply the Intermission between actH, making virtually two shows for one prlce of admission. Berwick People Plaed. "Rocky Glen is the greatest yet and we have been nil around the circle," said L. S. Jacoby, of Berwick, last evening after he - and about 1,200 of his townspeople spent the day at the Glen. Mr. Jacoby was chairman of the Berwick Merchant excursion commit tee and declares the people enjoyed themselves more at Rocky Glen yesterday than . they dJd at any of their previous excursions. Thfr Berwick people were delighted with the enter tainment afforded. ' The employes of the'Matheson Motor Car Co. and their friends were at Rocky Glen yesterday also and swelled the crowd to over 6.000 with the regular park patrons. The Matheson people came . in special cars over the Laurel Line and Mr. Matheson and friends came to the , park in an automobile, one of the handsome cars made at their factory. . There were many foot races and swimming contests between the Matheson employes, also tub races on the lake. It was a very enjoyable occasion. , All of the attractions were in motion" and the weather was ideal. - One big Ferris wheel is being put in place on the pike and will be In motion today, it is tne only wheel of its kind in the locality and the ride is cheering and smooth. Lawrence's brass band furnished music for danc ing all day and evening. There will be free dancing at Rocky Glen this evening anil tomorrow evening and two band concerts Sunday afternoon and evening. ELMHURST. Miss Ella Wagner is 'enjoying her summer vacation. Mrs. Cornelia Badger, of Bingham ton, is vieitihg her daughter and hus band. Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Wilson. Miss Delcie Reynolds, of Scranton, is , visiting her friends, Mrs. Frank Frear. The proceeds of the band concert Monday night for tho benefit of the Presbyterian church were $27.70. Mr. and Mrs. Edmister and daughter, of Conklin, N. Y., were guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Wilson over Sun day. Hon. John R. Farr has purchased a carriage horse of G. N. Carr. Mr. Carr bought another horse of a man in Factoryville. Mr. W. C. Wrigley spent Sunday with friends in Factoryville. - Mr. Abram Wrigley, of Factoryville, spent Friday night with G. N. Carr. The son of Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Rhodes is on the sick list and is attended by Dr. Peck, of Scranton. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Smith will leave for Kansas City, their future home, this week. Deputy Sheriff McGarvey and Mr Martin Moffatt, of Scranton, has pur chased the property occupied by H. C. Smith. They will take possession at once. Attorney and Mrs. William Johnston have rented the Amerman cottage for the summer. Mr., and Mrs. James T. Beard and children of Scranton, are spending the summer in Elmhurst. HEART LAKE. I The social held last evening was fine the refreshments were greatly enjoyed all seemed to have enjoyed the evening. Miss Mildred Leespent Tuesday in scranton. Several from here attended the ser vices at Mondale Sunday evening. A box social .will be held at Mr, John Lee's on the lawn for the benefit of the Heart Lake baseball team Wednesday evening. August 7. LACKAWANNA BOARD. Friday, July 26. Extras, east 1 a. m., Sam O'llarfa, 41; 2 a. m., Mahon. 257; 3 a. m., Devine, 203; 4 a. m., H Polhamus, with Bush's crew, 2S7; 5 a m Doudican, 208; 6 a. in., Erhard, 5U; 6:15 a. m., wofk train, Thomas, 306 9 a. m., Wallace. 214; 1 0a. m.. Ed. Mc Allister, 280: 11 a. m., E. Duffy, 354; 1 p. m.. J. Ginley, 243; 2 p. m.. Marring, 34; 3:45 p. m., Ruegg, IS; 4i30 p. m., O. W. Fritz, 275; 5 p. - m., M. J. Henigan 349; 5:30 p. m., J. H. Masters. 277. Summits, east 6 a. m., Scott, with. Carrlgg's crew, 265. Summits, west 9 a. m., Frounfelker, 326; 10 a. m., Nichols, 245; 11 a. m. M. Carmody, 270; 1 p. ni., M. Finerty 29S. Pushers, west 2:30 a. m., Sluttor; 6:30 a. m., S. Finerty, 225; 7 a. m., Lamping: 2:30 p. m., C. H. Snyder. Pushers, ast S a. m., C. Barth; 11:45 a. m., M. Murphy; 11:45 a. m., T. Murphy; 7:30 p. m Ludlow; 9:15 p. m. P. Farrell; 9.30 p. m.. W. II. Barth. Helpers 1 a. m., Ma govern: 8 a. m Secor; 1:50 p. m., Gafrney; 4:30 p. m. Stanton. Extras, west 1 a. m., F. Sullivan, ; 3 a. m., Lovejoy, . Notice R. Go Id on will run Fellows' crew on 8 a. m. extra east, Friday, July 26, one round trip. Dan Kearney will report for Castner. The secret of the glow worm and firefly is yet unsolved by science. Their light Is entirely unaccompanied by heat. EXECUTOrtS' NOTICE. ESTATE of Hannah A. Miller, late of the City of Scranton, Pa., deceased. Notice Is hereby grlven that letters testamentary on the above estate have been granted to the undersigned, and all persons having claims or demands against the said estate are requested to make them known without delay. and persons indebted are notified to make payment to Ida E. Armstrong, Executrix. or Scranton. Pa A. D. Dean, Attorney . J14t6FrI BIDS FOR Bill. DING SEWERS IN THE BOROl'GII OF TAYLOR. NOTICE is hereby given that sealed proposals will be opened by tho Town Council of the Borough of Taylor, at the council chamber in the Century Hose rnmnHnv's hllllrllne f'linrrh street, Taylor. Pa., at 8:30 o'clock p. m.. on Tuesday the 6th day of August A. u. for the construction of a lateral sewer in the third sewer district of the said Borough of Taylor. All Work to ho rlnna in flppnrrin nrp With the nrftvlsinns If on nrrl!nunio of the said borouph of Taylor, approved the 4th day of June, A. D. 1907, and pians ann specifications attached thereto, which said plans and specification? are on file in the office of A. B. Dunning, jr.. Borough Engineer, No. 803 Altars Building, Scranton, Pa. All hlris must hp nrfitmnonlinl hv cash or a certified check in the sum of $200. which shall be forfeited to the Borough of Taylor, In case the successful bidder shall fall or refuse within ten days from the data of the award to entt.r Into 'a enntrnft with the sai l Borough of Taylor to construct said lateral sewer. All bids must be filed with Edward Sweet. Borough Clerk, Taylor. Pa., not later than 6 o'clock p. - m.,' on Tuesday, August 6th, A. D. 1907. Th" raid Ftornno - h at Tnvlnr fqi,rvl the right to reject any or all bids. John F. Tubbs, , flinlrtiion tt Pnnnntl Taylor, Pa., July 16, 1907. J19 - t3Frl BIDS FOR Bl ILDIVO SEWERS IN THE BOROL'GII OF TAYLOR. NOTICE is hereby given that sealed proposals will be opened hv tha Town Council of the Borough of Tay lor, at the council chamber In tho Century Hose company's building, Church street, Taylor. Pa., at 8:30 o'clock p. m., on Tuesday the 6th day of August, A. D 1907, for the construction of a lateral sewer in the second sewer district of the said Boroueh of Taylor. All work to be done In ncenrilance with the provisions of an ordinance of the said Borough of Taylor, approved the 4th dav of Jiuie. A. T. 1907. ami plans and specifications attached thereto, which said plans and specifications are on file in the office of A. B. Dunning, jr., Borough Engineer, No, 803 Menrs Building. Scranton, Pa. ah Bids must te accompanied bv cash or acertified cherk In the sum of J200, which shall be forfeited to the Borough of Taylor, in case the suc cessful bidder shall fail or refuse within ten days from the date of the award to enter into a contract with the said Borough of Taylor to construct said lateral sewer. All bids must be filed with Edward Sweet. Borough Clerk, Taylor, Pa., not later than 6 o'clock p. m., on Tuesday, August 6, A. D. 1907. The said Borouirh of Tavlor reserves the right to reject any. or all bids. John F. Tubbs, Chairman of roiinrll. Taylor Pa., July 16, 1907. J19 - t3Fri

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