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Double V - SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1942 Tht Pittsburgh burner...
SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1942 Tht Pittsburgh burner 'PAGE FIFTEEN WUMLErW CLUmOMEN PLAN TAG BAY 'MM TION fPWEST, SOUTHWEST AND FAR WEST ARE FEATURED IN "DOUBLE V" PHOTOS OF THE WEEK ramin, (pa.) lm2 - 1 ... cr' - V' .... r 1 5 '1 9'? .!? CSAGY - 3 AT HOMES xVJ.o r:.....L. .. - VI & : mmk ROAPil rr; Lf. Acceptlajtht Dcubl r - mT ri blotter from Sid - ' ? T?r.f. prominent "Lcm r.fn.'rcr and world trav - j Fj'r W. JtMup. - Mr. W:; car.didAte - for Gov - cmmr fail electlcn. n.r rrl tha aloran aa t :r of trua Damoc - ? 0 - - Jjst - Ua - Glrla Club iirsa - v. Kan, po all - out r - .&la V" for victory - iT i onsorad by the Pitta - C - - r er. - They are ihown El :' "vy - at one or thetr l f!alre. SitUnr left to A:e Anderson. Kathflse htf. Juanita AJltn. Jeaje .'!ry Payne. Standing. - ' Miry Cainei. Marrie rrr i - i Mary Bott. 'sF - .f - v The Courfer'a "Dou - '.t.rpalfn fairly aweeplngr - - haj attracted many - j.: :a ill walij of life rport. Many of theaa ors have n laced their rrroval on the creed, r Boone, talented i' r.!frtainer. fonner - ; - ard now headlining k. - Patrlcka" in San the aynabolic "Double K" - r - AI Ramaev. Doaular .'pc - ftsmaLn and mrn - : oner Puimaey Oan. 'r Prior to closing : : at Wiley College. Tii, Air ha Strma ' A!: ha Phi Alpha fra - : : rrately concluded r. of thetr "Educa - : .wr.tsip Week" with : - iTtin havicr the '. for Victory as its si theme. Mr. Hobart Jarrett. brilliant scholar and head of the English department at La n jit on University, was guest speaker emphasized the fact that we must champion for a "V" within a V. Victory at Home and Victory Abroad. Shown are the members ef Alpha Sigma Chapter. Reading from left to right 4 1st row seated) L. J. Wiihe: Lannett Mack; Maxie Sprott; Fred Finch: H. A. Carr: James Hutchinscn: Briscoe: Hobart Jarrett: Dr. Kelso Morris; Frederick Smith. c2nd row standing) Thomaa: Dixon: Carlet Kirven: Thomas Patterson: Sim Seymour: Kenneth Curl: Laverr.e Sweatt: Willie Hicks: James Sproot; Roderick Adams: Kirven Carter. Bottom Right: More end more. "Double V is taking ita place in everday life in California. Business places have taken up the slogan and are displaying "VV signs in prominent place. When : patrons of the noted - Slim Jerkins Cafe" of Oakland. Calif, enter his now famous Blue Room . a large banner, in me California colors of blue and gold, with the words. "Double V" "Democracy at Home and Abroad." Mr. Jenkins, proprietor of the establishment, reports that much intereat is being manifested by both i races. Pictured are Celily Rob - : ins of San Francisco and Julia ; Flood of Berkeley, who recently were among the guests at a large banquet when a non - partisan league an inter - racial group held their second annual harmony And good fellowahip get - together. Or :;r iencia should b trng TDoublt Victyj" P n . . . rd I'fyUr'mj Eriie to kis h . . . n his or . .'. nd if hj slice of bitfirea Double V" Campaign Material Now Available Frank M. Dixon Is governor of Alabama, a Southern State having a population of 1.M9.097 white people and Negroes. 1 ) Governor Dixon refused to sign a contract with the "Defense Supplies Corporation" for 1. 750.0O3 yards of convict - msde osnaburg cloth as long as it contained a clause reading: "The seller In performing the work required by this contract shall not discriminate against any worker because of race, creed, color or national origin." To r.ewspsper men. Governor Dixon said that "his primary objection to the clause was the effect it would have under announced FEDERAL POLICY." To the New Vcrk agent for the corporation he rcte:j "X will not" the State of Alabama to be subject to the whim of ;any Federal agency, and I will not permit the employes of the State to be placed in a position where they muat abandon the principle of1 segregation or loe their jobs. . . Under cover of this particular clause contained in war contracts, the Fair Employment Practice Committee has been operating to break down this same principle of segregation of races, to force Negroes and white people to work together, to lnter - mmgle with each other, and even to bring about the situation where white employes will have to work under Negroea." Frank Dixon meets the lue squarely. The last eight years the campaign has been in progress to "Recon - ; struct" the South. It is a national "Democratic" party campaign now.; as well as Republican. The so - called ar.ti - !ynchir.g bill, the acti - pol! - tax agitation, the admission of Negroes into State - supported colleges. the demand for Negroes on ;uris. have fcen parts, phases of it. One - fifth of the white people of South Carolina work In cotton mills, and two - thirds of. those workers are white women and girls. j Many, if not most, of these mills have w - r defense contracts. j Southern senators and representatives, darzled and blinded by the sights of gifts, subsidies, offices, have forgotten to defend the South and State rights. Never a word has the President spoke egaicat this campaign. A, 'word from him would have storped it. From the White House, from' the President's wife, has streamed propaganda for the anti - segregation campaign. The issue comes closer to home, to the HOMES of Southern white people, than questions of "labor." gasoline, power developments, offices.! other questions. The question is whether or not the Southern States shall be a ' 1 1.1 - n Cjk.1 X - - ! Truly. Governor Dison saja that the two races have been getting; on wej together until now. j The President, leader of tha "Democratic" party. f.l not speak, but speech proceeds out of the White Hou. It is his right to think! differently from Governor Dixon, if he does. It Is his wife s right to differ In opinion with Alabama and to express iu 'Governor Dixon meets the Issue squarely. I The South is without a national party to defend it The Southern States can in lMt elect Presidential electors r.ot bound to vote for candidates of either "national" party. In the E3ec - ; ; toral College they can have the baiaxce of power and bring parties to their knees. j i la that way they can fibt and defeat the New Reconstruction.' 'They have been deserted by the national "Democratic" party cn the' HOME QUESTION. They wiU have leaders. Frank Dixon is a leader. , 3 L ' VA rr. I .W ! I L i n . 7 - 1 : i Miss Coberta Moore of Cincinnato is shown with her own creation, a W Quilt. Inspired by the W Emblem displaved in The Pittsburgh Courier. Miss Moore, whose hobby is handicraft, offered this to the Cincinnati Council as her contribution to the program. The quilt will be on displav at The Pittsburgh Courier's official W Ball at the Greystone August 9 with Earl Father Hines' orchestra as the feature attraction. TO SPEAK ON "VV" tost fe to si ttt m mn - t exk a - le'M ft '31 v t. Met li aim iml d SMtteU it an COLORFUL ELKS' CONFAB; 5c TO USE 'DOUBLE IT TUEWE - . tc !.A a tat. tmmrm n 'miff HW i 10. in ft n .r H t P K P e?e t Wrt i - t ; tj I j Mart. I a im sH u mtaotsiklBiisflslwawaafaKl Nmri Iw a mt s SF nri rcna - iu inets torn m mua. ' PHILADELPHIA. Aug. In, Monday afternoon. Director HoV; 'colcrful array and unprecendented son R. Reynolds, presiding. tr.e Istrenrlh thV Improved. Benevo - "spirit of T6" wnU be revived. The; !lent pfotectrve Order. Elks of the Grand Exalted Ruler wT.! ring the! f5nr - . r.TT.Tj ....t nH 'Tjrtv Be'l in Independence' V or la. win noia i - - - - - . . , , , Lodge and Grand Temple in theSquare m the prescence of Mayor city of brotherly love. Philadelphia.! Bernard snli. during the week of August 23 - 30. PLAN MONSTEB i Grand Exalted Ruler J. Finley BOND B - 1XY Wilson, who Is serving his 20th Tuesiay. starting at p. m, vear as head of this most pro - ' th Tw.iznt Victory Parade. ; igressive fraternal order, has pfo - jth our war workers marching) i claimed the Victory sign and " - behind Negro fighters from Fort I o i7in T Th rA A. demOn - . l i J m. w. M T W . stration will mark a double v.c - yx bearing patriotic slogans., tory over the Axis powers tBtl depicting Negro progress in - would enslave the world, and over, Jca Auxins the past three centuries " m'Bif r club w kcome am tfftiw ns of the "pocsi r aws & amhica ''i . .. '' . - - . M.rif rt..u. . mt mmtm 9f i1i'i". ' - r rf.arm t(H jaMt 1 JtMiiaa - asl Csnas WtS owngCI dm AiiJss - Wmke. H 3f the internal enemies of uie .egro cf oppression, repression and con - , who would deny Mm cmi naiUMUI advance. ! political rights. And b has de - j yt u tertned - a montttrbond: clared for the . A m indl rally and grand ball" is scheduled 1 shall pledge 'J', for Thursday night in Convention: snd sacred honor and HilL at which Juag, Hueston. flht for recognition dua our man; of ttc Bond Drue. w,U hood hen victorious pacecomeji. cn contrtbutions to - 1 On Monday there " wSds th. f 100.000 objective set! ucaticaal breakfast, '' - iby the Elk leaders. baocaJureate sermon Sunday whici. y .ilE. in this time of world stress and na - Uonal crisis. Dr. Wilson has called V - JL FRANKLIN. Pa., Aug. & The efforts of the Colored Women's Double Victory" club to enlist the aid of the mayor's office behind their drive for equal job opportunity in defense industries were met with the mayor's stern an nocncament that ba did not wish "Double V" Club News !to co - operate in such aa andaaror. Th crub plana to co&tino thir eampaign unUl the naayer grvea Day and co - operate in socaa meats - ore with the group.. On tha window f th Chamber ef Commerce can b seen one of tha "Double V" stickers, sbowlnx that tha secretary of thai body is behind the democratic IdaaJa ef W." Tba secretary pUdged nia UftfMH mmA tnfliiAftA In PADUCAH. Ky, Aug. - iem - .h.t tb drlT, u TOccearfoi. bera of Pa, ucah's "Double V club Plana ara proceeding favorabhy through their director. Charles L:oe "Double V Ta Day. Tha JJDUOIt V HEE 11DXN UOOOll PADCCAH CXCB BEHJIS TO SCHTTfLEK Ko a. raised their voices this wet T . .n .j to reveal their disapproval of the ' ned tbrOUbont VV - m(jui... - . ... ntvfitinn weK. ana wilt wu " - - , - J the Grand Commissioner of Ed - Judre William C. Hues - ton, will preside for "100 per cent attendance toj make a double victory certain."! Rev. Douglass Hall, of Augusta. Ga.. a booster lor The Courier's "Double V" drive, will carry the "VV" plea to the air. Friday, August 8. when he cpeaks for 15 minutes over radio station WG AC The address of Rev. Hall is being sponsored by the station. Rev. Mr. Hall is pictured above with his mother. Mrs. Laura Hall Thomas, who visited him recently." After th radio address and serviie at Macedonia Bipti't Church. Sunday, the young minister will leave the city for Washington. D. C, and Brooklyn, N. Y., where he will conduct services. remarks carried in "Views and . campi,n ten ' by George S. Schuyler. In; ithis column. Mr. Schuyler men - - ,tlosed Paducah. Ky, in compari - ' :son with his hometown. Mr. Boyd feels that Paducah doesn't warrant comparison with towns which provide certain areas for their Negio population. la Paducah. Negroes buy homes in all sections of the cy and there ara very few sections of the city that they do not own bomti. "We have in this city many: things that no other town in the' 'south has. The cnest city park'ating a Consciousness of 'for coiored In the South is the .'Double V Ideals throughout this) ! Stuart Nelson Park; we have an cjty. Both the Clinton AME Zkm. all - colored Park Board, tha Padu - Rv. Marshall, pastor and Mace - cah Colored Civic League No. 1.,'donla Baptist church. Rsv. Julian is one ef the strongest cinc or - , A. Taylor, pastor, are 100 par cent tganitatior.s in the South: a fins behind the movement. : branch of the NAACP. and one cf Among the city's outstanding the best "Double V" clubs in the professional men behind the drive AnsoniA in "W" DRIUE ANSONIA. Conn.. Aug. 6 The Imperial Cub of this city has been instrumental in ere - GOVERNOR DIXOII MEETS THE ISSUE SQUARELY i"VV" OUILT FOR CINCY COUNCIL rrJifortal Reprint from Th .Yfui and Courier, CXarletton, S. C.) 1 ,T WWII - I I VII VII IV I VVVItVlU i country. Such men as Dr. Ran - Dr. Melvin R. Dats and Dr. 'som. Dr. Robert Weaver. Dean s - Foreman. Among others are CoV - iWlUiam Pickens, and your own Restaurant. Bug's Restaurant, young hero. James G. Thompson, Queenie Price s Beauty Salon. VaK (coul give Mr. Schuyler some in - T Barber Shop conductsd by formation about Paducah." accord - Scott ad Autrum. Douglas Gro - inr to Mr Bovd ,CT Store and Copper City Lodge Mr Jehu?? column is widely 5 ." RuU Tla wuh thatrtSi tVcl Tbeluh'opened an alMut 7, .r. fcVit concerning dm. for - tjoum.S'" and extends nir,.. - . Ty. , operate with them in an effort to PADLCAH. Kentucky The larg - .v - , . ... est draftee party given so far by, ' boys going into service last Wed - the Double girt of the week nesday. Games, dancing and lunch - recently. Corr Slack would like ieon wers the features of the eve - Future of Miss Hunter. Corp. 'ning being enjoyed bv the draftees cf ddress is EOC. Cadre .and their corapanr. Each week an School. Company E. Camp CUi - 1 additional 30 or 40 membera hae borne. Louisisna been added. The goal of 10O0 for - the summer seems to be a cer - ANSONIA. Conn. Norman Tin - itainty. "' treasurer of the Imperial duo. - y entered service August 4. A fare - I CONNERSV1LLE. Indiana. Aug. P"y extended him last The local 'Double V Club dnesday by members of toe under the direction of Omer Allen. club the home of Presley wj. scored a triumph over - r - Th ?tc,r .Vs .cIu? - r tion when thex made it possible for Harold Allen, president: r.oyd several girls To be called for job J'nr.ey. vice preaident: Raymond training in the Aircraft schooL The Hon, secretary: Norman Tln - 1 girls from neaxby towns also regis - T"1? - treasurer and Sterling Bow. tered. Jots have been piomised to rrtt ayent. those completing th course. rmmPPmmrmmmnmwmmFmwmm i Plans are being formulated for holding a Tag day soon. This club is ir.x.nui to do all it can to bring about an all - out victory over enemies at home and abroad Mrs. Roy IViliams :s secretary and reporter of the Connersvii; "W" club. VV MfSJvEGO.V. Mich The Jtjr meet.r.g cf the "Double Victory" Girls as heid in the form of a farewell party given Wednesday right ty the prorreitor cf Sepia Tavern. Mr. David Pemberton for the draftees leaving July 00. Msic was fum:hed ky the Five Solid Cats and the Victory Girls acted as hostesses. Mrs There Williams opened the psrty with a rendition t the Star Spangled Banner. Defense stamps and honds were sold fy Mrs Wesley Calloway. Draftees who left on the 13th were James Riley. Thomas . RuJf Clarence A. Rucker. Ernest Sterling. Robert McKinney. Green H. Diamond. James Eairon. Alrit Wllkins. Douglass Bel! and Sinclair Johnson The - Double Victory" Cirls are I .Queen Reaair. Grace E Lloyd. J Dorothea Roae Norer.e Calloway. Johnnie Mae Richmond. Dorothy Hanr.a. Mary Io:s Morns. Mildred Hayes and bra Lee Palmer. Miss I Palmer is the cluh s reporter. Miss J Ps:cy Fields. Benton Harbor. Mich. as g - ert ef the club. vv : CHARLESTON. S. C. Lillian : DeLesl.r.e Giant contributes the ; f.llowir.g "W" poem The "Ic.ul " for Victory is what ! we have m view. J We won't stop flght:rg until we ; se it thru Our Rce has been in bondage for a lone time. I And e won't stop Cfhtlng until ; we are equal in EMBLEI - 1S SERVICE HONOR OUR BOYS IN UNIFORM Send - Double V" Service Emblem with Number of Soldiers and Color of Stars as Follows: Number in family In Sen - ice Color Blue The goal is before us and we can't 2 lose. .Our forefathers didn't and they ; were abused. So brothers and sisters with mors! S Silver Go". 4 eease hirh I Fight for - Double Vlor let us die. ; vv : MACON. Georgia. More than ZOC I guests have been entertained at I the two parties gives by the "Dcu - ; ble V" Social club at Macon s most populsr nite spot. Moon Over Har - lem. The motto of the club is. - Vic - 2 tory is virtue." and the club colors are red. white and blue. S w ,: FRANKLIN. Pa The Women s ; "Double Victory" Club of Franklin mailed over 40 of the Kill The Po'.l - Tax blanks to their Congress - I men and are prepared to support ; other like measures. ; Some difficulty has been encoun - tered in securing the support of I the mayor, but the club plans to 2 continue calling on htm until he j agrees to join the fight for equal opportunity in defense employ - 5 ment - Through the efforts of their 5 committees it is hoped their Tag ; Day will receive official approval. V . WICHITA. Kansas The ' Dou - I ble V" Victorettes wish to encour - ; age soldiers in the various cam pa to write to Mra. Marv BlsckweM. I0i3 Cleveland. Wichita. Kansas and thy will send each camp a box. All letters will receiv replies Mrs. Marv House. Mrs. Opal u Name Street City lan and Miss Lucille Johnson are! recent additions to the club Mrs.! (Gene ran Garrett was elected, i chairman of the program commit - , tee. , W - CAMP CLAIBORNE. La Corp j , James S'ack would l:Ve to corre - . isoond with svne of the yonr.g la - dies in the "Double V clubs. Ai j request came in also for a picture! lot Uiaa Irene Hunter of Chicago,! State BLlE STAR, denotes service wiihia the Continental VS. SILR STAR denotes ser - vnce on high seas or without the Conunental US. GOLD STAR denotes soldier bo has lost his Ufa in tha errice. Enclose this coupon with 10c in coin or stamps, to cover cost of Emblem and postage and mill to - Double V Cam: Director, Th Courier. 2628 Centre Ave - , Pittsburgh, Pa, eeeeeeeVWeyiMMWMM Pzttabcreh

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