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Matheson Automobile Co. - Stilli- Designer of Matheson Car Answers...
Stilli- Designer of Matheson Car Answers Challenge of the Welch Possibility That These Two Cars May Meet in Near Future Indoor Test of Franklin Motor German Industrial Figures. feather-eiaiit, heavy-eialit; middle-olffelit cham-fa light-fcight. Charles R. Grcuter. deslKuer of the in 1902. $2,613,000; 11103. $3 808 000- l'04 Matheson car, has replied to the chal- W. 520,000; 1905. $16,660,000, and 1906, J23,-' lenge ot L. H. Perlman on behalf of the P00-000- The val"e of automobile import's Welch Motor Car Company. Doth the J"10 Gcrmany 'n 1906 is stated to have Matheson and the Welch have many f?.?!1 i284-000- 83 against $5,236,000 friends, and it looks now as if they Wou.,l foreign trade has been with France lhan wun any other single nation. For the six years, 1901 to 1906. inclusive, the imports of automobiles from , France increased from $214,000 to $2,618,000, and the exports of machines thereto during the same period rose from $119,000 to $952,000. The total automobile exports from Germany to all countries have been from year to year somewhat larger than the total imports, the relative rate of increase being In favor of the export trade. It is stated that the German automobile industry, under like tariff condi9ions, will be able in the future to fairly compete with the same industry in other countries. For a long time the boats of the Pennsylvania Railroad crossing from Twcntv. third and Cortlandt street. Now York., "to Jersey City, have insisted on ehiirgirg $4 for a five-ton automobile truck, whero-as 90 cents was charged on other ferries for the same truck and 80 cents for loaded horse-drawn vehicles on all ferries including the Pennsylvania. Working with J. H. Wood, general manager ot (he Merchants Express and Transportation Company, the freight committee ot the American Motor Car Manufacturers Association has secured a new arrangement with the Pennsylvania boats so that five-ton trucks are now passed the same as a loaded two-horso truck on what is known among the truckmen as a 15-ticket, which at the ferry costs 35 cents or if bought by the hundred, 30 cents. For trucks loaded with machinery an additional charge. is made. The Indoor test of the Franklin a!r-cooled motor, which is now going on at the show rooms of Wyckoff, Church & Partridge. Broadway and Fifty-sixth street, Manhattan, is attracting much attention. It is demonstrating conclusively that the Franklin will keep cool, although under the most unfavorable conditions, i. e.. when thi motor is stationary. This ability to keep cool is due in a great measure to ant auxiliary exhaust at the bottom of the cylinders which lets out a large percentage of the gases before they have a chance to give off their heat on the journey to the regular exhaust at the top. At the end of twenty-four hours the motor now running had consumed 5 gallons of gasoline and 1 gallon, 1 quart of lubricating oil. It was estimated that it had exerted energy equal to a run ot 288 miles.. A French paper has compiled flgupjs to how that the cost of the big foreign road races runs up to about a million dollars, yet It argues that the results warrant the expenditure. The paper declares that no better use of a million dollars could be made and calls for a continuance of racing. It states that !n every race, mechanics, metallurgy, and industrial chemistry reach some new development. It was rumored among the trade in New York yesterday that the National Association of Automobile Manufacturers might promote an automobile keat of their own in opposition to the Glidden Tour, the conditions of which are not satisfactory to the makers. This event would bo an out-and-out test with the consideration of pleasure eliminated. At the monthly meeting of the Long Island Automobile Club the good roads committee was authorized to take measures to have the bill giving the city power to extend Eastern Parkway through CypreBS Hills Cemetery to Forest Park taken. If possible, for further action from the Assembly committee where it now rests after passing that body. soon meet in a most interesting test. The reply of Mr. Grcuter to Mr. Perlman follows: Mr. L. H. Perlman. President the Welch Motor Car Cumpany, New y.irk I'lty; " Uear Sir: I saw your letter to Charles A. Singer, president at the Matheson Motor Car Company. In last Sunday's iiapers. and knowing that Mr, Singer would not take notice of such an offer tendered him bv you througlf the newspapers, I considered It my duty an designer and builder of the Matheson motor car, to answer your letter and call your attention to the fact that Ihe Matheson car has not recently come out nf Its shell, but is a 'pioneer" In the American market. At the time when the writer participated honorahly in some of the earliest American contests, the Welch car had never been heard nf, and my car, from time to time, made some verv enviable records both In regard to speed and endurance contests, Bonie of the most recent being the world's record for regular stock cars, maklni.- a mile In 0:50 1-5 at Atlantic City, on September 5. 1906. We also came out winner In the match race with thp Kngllsh Daimler, tip to that time considered the fastest car In the world. I would also like to refresh your memory regarding the record made by a Matheson car In the Phlladclphia-Harris-burg Club run on New Year's Iay last, when a Matheson car. driven by Ralph Monglni. was the only car which made an absolutely clear record, the same car being disqualified for not having the owner of the car in It during the run. which omission you probably will be kind enough to admit, would not in any way have affected the running of the car. 4 Mr. Kelsey's midwinter run from New York to Chicago was also a performance which the trade In general considers an enviable record for any car to make. There are numerous other feata which have been performed by my car In the past, which places .in: game ciijiuii nm iiroi in nuin oi American built cars. . 1 am citing you these records of my cars simply to show you that I would be justified In ignoring your challenge, knowing that most of our competitors who may have read your letter are perfectly satisued and convinced that I am not afraid to match aMy of my curs against yours. However, as you- seem to be very anxious to have a match race come off. I decided to make you the following proposition: 1 am the proud owner of one of my last year's model, 60-horse power touring cars.- This Is a regular steel car and an exact duplicate nf a number of Identical cars as marketed by us last year. Frnm your advertisement I see that you are building a six-cylinder car, rated at 7f-horse power, and. If agreeable to you, I will match my car against yours, either tn a cross country run such as from New York tn Boston, or in a straight-away run on the Atlantic Cltv Beach (luring the races which are to take place there May next, tn cape this contest hnuld enme off at the Atlantic City "oeach. the car which makes the fastest two rnllos out nf .three, will be declared the winner. The cars may be either run as stripped touring cars or carrying a full road equipment. Should you prefer to run from New York to -Roston. I would ask you to kindly withdraw that offer of one hour's handicap, as I could not accept same, and am contldent that you will need this Advantage before the finish at llos-ton. 1 also would like to Inform you that 1 do not Intend to enter anv guch contest for money, but consider thot either one of us may be satisfied with the honor and advantages which would naturally come to the winner of such a contest. A Awaiting an early reuly to my acceptance of your challenge, naming date convenient to you for this contest.- I am. verv truly yours. MATHESON MOTOIt CAR CO. Charles R. Oreuter. Mech. Gngr. United States Consul H. W. Harris sends to this country an' interesting review of the automobile industry in Germany. This shows that the automobile regarded for some years in Germany as a luxury only for the nobility and the very rich, is rapidly becoming popular and creating a demand for light vehicles of the runabout class. The many auto expositions which have been held, touring contests and other events have greatly aided the industry as a whole. A more tolerant view on the part of legislators, the courts and police officials and tho public press has tended in tha same direction. The value of the total product of the German automobile factories for the past five years is stated to have been

Clipped from
  1. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle,
  2. 26 Apr 1907, Fri,
  3. Page 23

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