From the novel vast territories

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From the novel vast territories - Captain Clap, in the brig Lion, arrived at Port...
Captain Clap, in the brig Lion, arrived at Port - land on Saturday the 24th u It. from Port - au - Prince, Jcfferfon isforms. that on the 5th November a treaty was the Concluded betwixt the white people and mulattoes that - - ind all things remaiued in perfect fuietnefs till of the the 21ft, on the morning of which the peace was party fulemnly ratified. At 12 o'clock, however, the them whites very imprudently undertook to execute a mu - retreat ; lattoe criminal, who was before confined under fen - Rafcal, tence of death. There were at this time about 1250 endea - mulattoes in the town ; all of .whom were provided ordered with arms, for the defence of themfelves and of third the white people, againft the negroes. They were of my highly offended, however, with the execution of as to one of their colour ; and the majority of them, not the thoroughly imderfUnding the propriety of the mea - after - ' Aire, feized on the fir ft white man who came within their reach, and " hung him by the neck till he 4. , a Jhe tcr,noon f the fame day at Ex - f alf Paft 4 0 dock, the whites feat a flag to the rnu. Governor ""oei - ftiting the impropriety of their conduct, of and commanding them eithffr t0 lay down their tn ". wr icavc IHC IUW11. AO mis vnc mUMUU bufi - returned ; he were Mailer is 1 8 . the of the of the from the taken to lay received, Pittf - information, the re - ninth government, by the has refpecling think fpare, whether thct may be of America, of any of ther part of the wcrld : all will command his grateful acknowledgements as valuable prefects to himfelf, to the public, and to future generations. . . He is the more earnellly bent on enlarging the collection with a greater variety of beafts, birds, fifties, infects, reptiles, vegetables, minerals fhells, fofCIs, medals, old coins; and of utenfils, cloa thing, arms, dyes and. colours, or materials for colouring, or for phyfici from amongft the Indian, - African, or other favage people ; and all particulars ' although but in model or delineation promifing to be ufeful in advancing knowledge and the arts in a' . , word, all that is likely to be beneficial, turious of.'.'T entertaining to the citizens of the New World - But, " . lias! adttign fo vail, and, he is bold to fay,rfat " important, is far beyond the fiender abilities pfatni individual whofe profefOonal iodullry is neceiTatylbr ' the fupport of a numerous family. , Animated with the generous patronage he his already received, and by the magnitude of the objtct, which he fondly hopes will procure the attention of the public, he now refpectfully folicitt their aid to enable him to raife this tender plant, until it (hall grow into full maturity, and become a National Museum. With harmony little things become great : all the fplcndid Mufeums of the great European nations ' have arifen from the foundations laid by individuals. America bas in this a conipicuous advantage over all The mulattoes fought bravely ; and with ing variety of animal, vegetable and mineral proof a number killed, and 150' who were ta - ducHoni, in our foreils of iooo roil;s, our inLnd the bullet through the head or a bavonet into their bow Franklin, els. fpiritedly replied, That they would not do either of them ; and immediately took up their arms, and paraded in a large Areet near the Governor's houfe. The whites, amounting to 2200, loll no time on their part, in making preparation to attack the mulattos. And at 5 o'clock an attempt wa made to furround them ; which however, proved ineffec tual. A fcvere conflict enfued. in which from co other counrries, from the mvelti of its vad territo to 100 whites were killed, and among them a Co - ries. But a fraall number is yet known of the amaz - lonel. it t tne lols ot a numDer killed, and tec ken prifoners they beat their way through the feas, our many rivers, that roll through fcveral flates, whites took two fie'd - pieces, and marched out ot aud mingle with the Ocean, town 1 at half pift five the town was fecretly fot on A Mofeum llorcJ with thef: treafures mud indeed fire in two places. 'A timely difcovery was how - become one of thefirflin the world; the moie fo, ever made, and the fire extinguifhed. About two as the principal natunli,ftj in Europe will be anxious 1 o'clock the next morning it was again fet on lira in to acquire our productions, by an exchange of wbat - fix different places. Ar.d the inhabitants were now ever is molt valuable in their refpewlive couniries and. no longer able to fubdue the flames. A general foreign colonies. ? . .. ' conflagiation took place; and almoll every valuable Mr. Peale means perfonally to folicit the affillance building except the King's ftore - houfes,' were bur it of gentlemen whofe regard forfcienccis well known: , down. Property to the amount of millions was de - if there are thofe who would become InjpicUrt or ftroyed, and thofe who on the 21ft of November ViJUort of the Mufcum, their united aid and inflj - were worth two or three hundred thoufand dollars, ence, he is confident, would greatly promote a d: on the 22d, were not in the poffeflion of a fingle fign that is truly wonhy of American patriots and ' Gulling. They were even fed, as were air the in - citizens of the world. . . habitants, with provifions drawn from the King's CHARLES W. PEALE. ftores. Philadelphia Muftum, Jan. 13, 1792. Immediately after the town was deftroved, the ' whites (on the idea that the blacks were acceflory to its deduction) formed the horrid defign of putting to death all the negro and mulattoe women and childrcva.who remained in the town.' And this de - fign, to the eternal infamy of the perpetrators, was put immediately into execution. An indifcrimi - nate (laughter took place, and not one who could be found during that day, whether innocent or guilty, but was lnitantlv butchered, eitner by a '.r WAR DEPARTMENT. , January 1, 1702. TNFORMATION is hereby given to all the mU ' X htary invalids of the United Mates, that the iumi - .",(' I which will becomedue on the 5th day:of.M.rh, )2, will be paid on the faid day by the coinruiili - ,'A :rs of the Loans within the State reflectively,. ni the ufual rroalitions. viz. fafctv of immediate Wafh - place as conference of the we had the laft Captain Clap left Port - au - Prince the 25th of November ; at which time the town was flill fur - rounded by the mulattoes and negroes. The whites were greatly difcouraged ; and were difpofed to make peace on any 'terms. . We hear that "Mr. T. Francis, Cafhier of the Bank of North - America, has refigned, and that Mr. Richard Wells is chol'en in his flead. to which they are entitled for fix mon nual penfion, from the 4th day of Se f.p'4 ta and 79 oners der the ufual regulations, viz Every application for payment mud be accompanied by the following vouchers. if). The certificate given by the ftate, fpecifying that the perfon po fir fling the fame is in fact an invalid, and ascertaining the fum to which as fuch he is annually entitled. 2d. An affidavit, agreeable to the following form : A, B. eamt htfirt me, tne $ tht JJlitet t the ttunty f i the Jjate f and made oath ibtt he it tbtjame A. Jf. tfwbm ibi irt T. the Citizen, cf the United Statu of America, Mr. ginal certificate i bi, pcfefanva, given ,f vbUbth, orm.uon Pg ale tig, teave t.prejent the follwing rejpeQ. filling i, a c.pj (the certificate given b, the fiat, Excellency'. - 'Address. . " Ar ""'. t J. xceiicncy s t9rp, er vrjtj at tbt urn, he wat difabltd, anduat Wallace, T TAVING formed a defisrn toeflablilh a Muse - Xl vu, by a collection, arrangement, and pre - fervation of the objecls of natural biftory, and things ufeful and curious, in June 1785, he began to collect fubjedts, and to preferve and arrange them in the Linxan method ; his labours therein have been great, and difappointments many, especially re - fpeding proper methods of preferving dead animals from the ravages of moths and worms. - In vain he hath fought, from men, information of the effectu - 5. varriions 1 1 . r j r ... tawrmi mi r V a methods ufed in foreign countries ; and after ex - ' J . - Frank - . a t . ,1 - aa : Ran for fi; ! penencme the moftpromifinp ways recommended in J men tnat The accounts in is faid wouud tort, or vtljtl) at the Urn, he was dtla he new refidtt in the and county tf and hat rtfided there ftr tbt lafi years, fr, vious to nvbicb bt rtfidtd in 1 In cafe an invalid (hould apply for payment by an attorney, the faid attorney, befides the certificate and oath above recited, mud produce a fpecial letter of attorney agreeably to the following form : l,A. - county of ftate of do hereh confiitut, and appoint C. D. 0 tmj uAnntr - A Kv "Voa I frontiers of inhabitants 1 5. a very length difcovered a method of prefervation which 1 r 1 t - il fl - - L 1 . '. - I - - - ne is periuaaea win prove encciuai ; u an very favourable appearance in practice, and far furpaffes all others that has come to his knowledge : Never - thclefs, it will be obliging in gentlemen to inform him of tbe belt practices in Europe, or elfewhere. The difficulties of preferving fubjects being thus I I V I f ' VVVI VUI11VI IllVi 4 J W IV warns t w ww . ...... with an object of earned attention to many individuals, yefterday with fentiments of gratitude he thanks the friends without to the Mufcum", who have geoeroufly added to his did not collection a number ot precious curiofities from ma - In ny parts of the world from Africa;, from India; city were from China ; from the Iflands of the great Pacific ana in - ucean, ana irom amereai parts 01 America; lorac That part is held lawful attorney, to rteeivt in my btbalf of ny'" Han for fix months, at an invalid of tbe United States, .1 . ..l j f if l r. - j . l '.j fuch books as he had read, they proved ineffectual VVVJ T r iijA T 1 , : . , ir - tA and ninety - one, and ending lb, fourth day of September to prevent depredations by the vermin of America. , J i J J J 1 rX : .y ' u : v. of tbe fame year. !. 1 . v.j r " v .v: - u oiruw iuu feat, that which whereof are the more precious as they have been but very recently difcovered, even by the great voyagers of Europe. He lefpcctfullv requefts a continuance of their favours, and the afli fiance of all prrfons win may be pofleffed of things curious that they can 0 t gnea ana leaiea in the prefence of ' j Ifituffes. v Acknowledged before me, Applications of executors and adminiftrators auft be accompanied with legal evidence of their refpec - tive office, and alfo of the time the invalid died whofe penfion they may claim. - By command of the Prefident of the United States, H. KNOX, Secretary of War, - The Printers in the rrfptdive fiates are rtfurfitd to fnblijb the above in their uevijpapers, for the jpact of two months WANTED immediately, a Journeyman Bookbinder, to go to Lancafter. En quire of the Printer.

Clipped from
  1. The Freeman's Journal or The North-American Intelligencer,
  2. 18 Jan 1792, Wed,
  3. Page 3

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