Helm Bonack logging Camp at Round Lake Feb 1917

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Helm  Bonack logging Camp at Round Lake Feb 1917 - F. S. Campbell Sundayed with [his family. Mrs....
F. S. Campbell Sundayed with [his family. Mrs. Frank Boutkowski is ill with Ihe grip ^ Dr. Thorpe of Ea?!e River was in town on Friday. The 7-immcr family will shortly d?part for ijCrosse. Wis. Ed. 'Stanzol and Dell Brcwster are busy putting up ice. Roy Barber has accepted a position" at Ihe Kennedy carep. Mrs. Bob. Callence has gone lo Chicago to visit a sister. Win. Bonack., transacted business at Clinlonville during the past week. C. G. Kuney departed for Wilten berg on Satnrday lo Sunday with :>r one of our Three I.akes young jdies, Miis Victnrij /awach. who vas joircd in the I>t;nds of holy ma rirr.ony with a yo;>ng gertleir.:n ol lihinelsndcr, Mr. Ed. Graf. The -hurch was, well filled with rcla- ;ives and friends of the yo:ms couple. "Afler the ceremony Ihe many friends escorted the happ> couple to Ihe station whore the young couple boards! Ihe morning soulh-hnund train for a southern honeymoon trip. They expect' to return to Rhinelander shortly where thty will make Iheir future home. Their many friends here wish the young slarters a smooth and unobstructed pathway through life. his wife. Carl Konilius who was under th weather for several days, is arouni again. Fred Munsch ness at \Yausau the week. Miss Margaret transacted busi the first part o Anderson visited her sister Ethel at Pelican Lake on Saturday. Ed. Siumuski came up from ' Gasen on Saturday ''to with his parents. Sunday Miss Sambny Zawacki, who has been quite ill for the past ten days is seen on the streets again. Miss Ethel Anderson ca_me up from Pelican Lake to lake in the young folks' hop Friday evening. Miss Mary Plotka of Jennings came here to be present at the marriage of her fnend Miss Victoria Zawacki. Miss Ella Pankan'ein of Edgar, Ms., has accepted a position at ic Neu home. She arrived Tiursdajr. and Adolph Kloes reports that Mr. nd Mrs. Samuel Shaw of Crandon re both lying critically ill with meumonia. The Beavers Lodge of Three No. Frank Campbell, who has charge of our local bank at present met with a peculiar and painful accident Saturday night. VTiile fixing the furnace fire for Ihe nisht he was in the acl of pufing a heavy piece of wood into Ihe furnace— when Ihe glare of the flames blinded him; and having a hold on each end of the wood he aimed lo toss il into Ihe furnace—he .missed his aim and one of his fingers on his left hand struck the furnace instead of the opening with the result that part of his finger was completely severed. He did nol realize Ihe extent of the injury until he reached Ihe-hotel and look off his leather glove: he was surprised to find thai he had lost part of a finger and was compelled lo turn the glove inside out to recover the miss ing member. County Road Commissioner F. E. Parker, of Rhinelander came lo Three Lakes last Wednesday and explained to a bunch of our cili- „_., rens and laxpayers the true situa- al lion about the §130,000 bond issue here that is before the people of Oneida explained would be Theo. days We Sunday. has The Simons and Monday Tuesday Tomahawk E. sawed C. The that Soo wreck gen, serious. His than who confined able more. Mrs. foreman was of a 249 Lakes installed its new 1917 officers "hursday evening. Refreshments were served. Miss Sophia Zawacki who is employed al the Beach Hotel, PeU- ;an, came home to attend her sis- ;er's wedding. It has been announced that there will be another wedding immediately after the lenten season. Now make your guess. Fred Piehl and Ed. Smith drove up from Gagen last Sunday with Fred's trotters. They also made Eagle River the same day. The Brurker estate has been set lied. Mr. Wm. Brucker of Three f^jkes receiving for his share in full settlemenl the sum of S12.000 Mrs, Dell Brewster who has suf fered much, caused by the condi lion of her leeth, was taken to Ea gle River on Saturday when Den 'ist Frankel removed ten of he teeth. Two sleigh loads of Eagle Pive county for action. He when the various sums expended providing the proposition is carried and our town is promised its full and just share; The city of Rhinelander is willing to donate its share — being 52 <? c of the entire amount, to the various towns nd if the entire sum is property xpended, Oneida county need not tep back for any county in the tate as to roads. At a first glance he sum asked for looks big to the average tax payer, arid he is about ready to throw up both hands, but Mr. Taxpayer if you put on your hinting cap and use your pencil you will readily be convinced that the investment is a good one. Over half of the amount is guaranteed by the city of Rhinelander, the balance is divided among the towns of the Strut m. u< m. the the county in accordance with equalization percentage^ of county, which is something like seven percent for the town of Three Lakes and the total amount that "would be charged against us would be payable and divided into twenty annual payments. Each pay ment would amount to something like $500. If the proposition would carry there would be available immediately $10,000 lo $12,000 for the town of Three Lakes, Ihis amounl ladies enjoyed a sleighride lo Three added to the balance of our local Jr. in hnds. . I-akes on Sunday. With the exception of a jjhort space at Clearwater Lake, the roads for sleighing are in excellent condition. The young folks succeeded in inducing Miss Emma Korzilius and John Gorski in furnishing the music for a hop al Ihe Woodman hall last Friday evening. A fine crowd gathered and all report as having spent a fine evening,' Miss Mollie Sailor who has been at Three Lakes Ihe past year, departed for Eagle River on Monday. At a very- early date she will leave for the Mayo hospital at Rochester, Minn., when she will und_ergo a surgical operation .Good wishes for a speedy recovery go with her. Rev. Kalandyk of Rhinelander conducted regular semi-monthly sen-ices at the Catholic ch-irch last Sundav morning. He dispensed with the afternoon service" on account of an urgent sick call which caine from Robbinv He returned on Monday morning to perform marriage ceremony. Peter Smith, who is emr-lived as chief cook at the I Mm & Rrtn- ack logging camp at Round lake jhad a narrow escape from drown- jing Ihe other day. He crossed the lying T.ake thoroughfare in a pair of snow shoes when suddenly the ice gave way and Peter indulged in a cold bath—after breaking ice for some distance he finally succeeded in a firm hold on a solid bunch of ice and managed to Ret himself oul. Pete thoughl his lime had come. On Monday morning the wedding bells rang at the Catholic church bonds besides ?3000 due us from Ihe county, would give us a fund that would be sufficient to put all of our roads in flrsl class condition, and we could commence cutting down on our road funds and virtually save enoush to pay this new bond issue without any hard ships whatever. It looks like a first class business proposition to us and every tax payer should stop and figure it out and fully satisfy himself before taking the hammer route. Secretary McKinnon, of the Meridian Highway Association was a Three Lakes visitor last Thursday. In the evening he appeared before a bunch of citizens at the Woodman hall and laid bare scheme of the new the complete Meridan Highway Plan." It is a big proposition and when complete it means much fnr the towns which are lucky enough In be marked on Ihe route. Mr. McKinnon is highly pleased with Three Lakes and Ihe good slart we have made on our roads and he takes pleasure in recommending that the route go via Rhinelander, Bobbins. Three Lakes, Eagle River, and Watersmeet. We are indebted to him for a grand write-up which will be copied and published by every newspaper along the route wav down to the Gulf of Mexico. This means much and a great help lo put Three Lakes on the map. As soon a% the weather will permit ncxl spring Ihe route •will be marked with large steel signs and a united effort made to pul Ihe entire route in first class condition for travel.

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  • Helm Bonack logging Camp at Round Lake Feb 1917

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