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Zingsheim w1969itness murders - How Murders Happened yfU ilNUining him," drove...
How Murders Happened yfU ilNUining him," drove to the 400 block of Harding Street, behind the apartment, in a pidtup truck and parked. Armed with « .38 caliber special and a .25 jealiber i^tol, Behling made his way to the ^boOM, arriving there sometime between 3 and 4 a.m.AIl the occupants o[ the house were asleep. "Wa Juit don't know how he got into the hfluw," Mbbed MA. Brown (no relation to the alainStavenBrown). She said they had locked all -«f the doors and secured them with night chains. - At well as police can determine, Behling apparently let himself into the house with a key he had while he and Mrs. Thomas were living together. They had been together since before last September, Zingsheim said. Hres Twice - Familiar with the inside of the house, Behling made his way to Mrs. Thomas's bedroom, ilere the details appear sketchy, but police theorize Behling ordered Brown against the wall, then pressed the gun against his stomach dnd fired two shots. Because the pistol apparently was held close to Brown's stomach, the shots were muffled. Next, witnesses testified Behling grabbed ^trs. Tliomas and began pulling her out through the front door onto North Parker Drive. "That's when iilllis Jimmy woke me up with his screaming," Mrs. Brown said. She saidshe in turn awakened Miller. Mrs. Brown said she could hear Mrs. Thomas and Behling talking outside her window as they walked around the house and up the driveway toward the car. "I heard.Goldie say: 'Just leave me alone' " Mrs. Brown said.- She said that she and Miller went into the hall. By this time, the noise had awakened Mrs. Zingsheim who awakened her husband. As Mrs. Brown and Miller were walking out, they saw Zingsheim also heading outside. He had dressed and gone out to see what the noise was about. Said Zingsheim: I dressed and opened the door between our apartments, I went through the kitchen door and into the driveway where I saw Behling driving the car fast up the driveway toward Goldie." Had Own Keys Behling apparently had his own set of keys for njgzette Phato by tout Godfrey) Ch'nf Cochran shows murder weapon. tho 1960 white and maroon Ventura in the driveway. "As I saw the car coming toward Goldie, I grabbed her to pull her out of the way, but Behling steered the car toward us and hit the two of us. Goldie went flying and so did I," Zingsheim said. As Mrs. Thomas and Zingsheim lay stunned.on the pavement, Behling walked back into the apartment. Inside, there was to be another shooting. This time it was Miller, still walking out of the house, who was met by Behling and who was shot in the side. "I heard this nojse," Mrs. Brown said, "and saw IXiug back up to the bedroom, iie grabbed his side and said 'Riley, it's me, Doug. Then Doug said to me, 'Run and hide, he shot mel' " Mrs. Brown said. - . She said she hid behind a dresser and could see Miller standing ,in the doorway attempting to ward off Behling. "Riley shoved Doug out of the way and yelled, 'NVhere are you, Joyce, I'm going to kill you!'and I saw the gun in his hand," Mrs. Brown said. A% she crouched in the darkness, Mrs. Brown said she could see Behling turn around to leave the house, "The next thing I heard was his voice through the window again. Then I heard another shot and then a car drive off." she said. Mrs. Brown said she theorized Behling wanted to shoot her because sht was a good friend of Uti. Thomas and had suggested "Goldie stay away from him." She could give no reason why Behling shot Miller. Willie Behling was inside the house, Zingsheim had run back to his own apartment to call police as Mrs. Thomas lay in the driveway. Shot in Che»t Police say it was then that Behling walked out of the house, strolled over to Mrs. Thomas and shot her in the chest. Police had been called by two or three neighbors who reported a fight behind the house and of hearing gunshots. First at the scene was police Sgt. Richard O'Leary. Two other officers arrived seconds later, Patrolmen Alvin Nenno and Terry E. Olson^ O'Leary said Mrs. Thomas was still alive and mumbling; but "I couldn't understand her." Later at the hospital, O'Leary said he heard her say several times; "I'm going to die. I'm going to die." I'he fire department ambulance took Mrs. Thomas, Miller, Brown and Zingsheim to Mercy Ho.spital. Mrs. "Hiomas died at 5 a.m.; Brown was pronounced dead on arrival and Miller was taken into surgery, Zingsheim, who had suffered a severe cut on his knee from being hit by the car, was treated and released. An all points bulletin was put out for Behling. Police CJiief Murray 0, Cochran, as well as Dist. Atty. Robert Ruth and County Coroner Richard McCaul, joined the team of policemen in an intensive investigation. Finds Itcmote Spot Behling, meanwhile, had driven to a remote spot in a field some 6Vt miles southwest of Janesvilleon Kessler Road. To reach the spot, he had to drive off Kessler Road and along an irrigation ditch parallel to a stretch of railroad'- tracks. There he attached a hose to the exhaust pipe -rf the hose he bought last Wednesday — and ran (tf. through the front window. He stuffed a quilt into the spaces around the hose, turned on the engine^ then,Wy on the scat. - , -^-^ortly before 10 a.m., someone in a nearby, farmhouse saw the car in the distance and telephoned the Rock County Sheriff's office. When deputies arrived, they found Behling dead. The .38 revolver he used to kill his former girlfriend and Brown, was lying on the floor in the front of the car. The .23 calibre pistol was found in his car, fully loaded. Five shots had been fired from the .38, one was still in the chamber. Coroner McCaul said Behling died "sometime between S and 6 a.m." Janesville police consider the case closed. But Chief Cochran said the investigation will continue until all details can be spelled out.

Clipped from
  1. Janesville Daily Gazette,
  2. 26 May 1969, Mon,
  3. Page 15

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