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THE EVENING SUN, HANOVER, PA. THURSDAY, JUNE 21, 1956 10 Gorgeous Burlesk Dynamic Beauties 10 3 SHOWS NIGHTLY NIGHTS WEEK At the Famous 408 SHOW BAR IN BALTIMORE, Ml). (40$ East Baltimore St.) — Now Featuring — ROXANNE No Cover Charge or Minimum Healthfully Conditioned ROCK ’N ROLL SINGER I PANNED BY COLUMNIST Radio Station Quide Saturday C inemascope "Sifflas lift Ul* * Mmtf TCCHKKOtO* TONIGHT MAJOR NETWORKS RADK) 6.00—NBC, MBS. CBS News. 6.15—NBC Sports; MBS Ted Stiele. AUL; LAST DAY? -GREAT HITS—2 \A/ . \A/_ VAN HtFLIN SUSAN HAYWARD OíOROi V^SHAU i mxm HHnam v eiiAa JHË WS&& Sto"'"« tóf mm ems - bw Mit* San tatet twwMiwsr»» STARTS TOMORROW ’THE SEASON’S BEST.. .THBILLER1' — Ix>ok Magazin« »MAMOUNT MU!»eNY» JAMES STEWART DORI8 DAY ALFKÏO HITCHCOCK S By CHARLES MERCER NEW YORK iJf )—An oten letter to Steve Allen: Dear Steve: Word comes to this department, CBS Herman that you’re planning to book El- g 30— NBC Tex and vis Presley, the hysterical shouter of rock ’n* roll, for your second regular weekly NBC-TV show Sunday evening, July 1. Why? Until now I’ve refrained from joining in Uie chorus of putaiic and critical condemnation of Presley’s primitive exhibition on the Milton Berle show a couple of ABC- NBC— WNBC 660ke. WRC 080. KD- KA 1020. WBZ 1030, KYW 1060. WBAL 1090, WTAM 1100. WORK 1350, WGAL-FM 101.3. Hickman. „ _ Jinx; MBS News: CBS Martha Wright. 6 45—NBC. CBS News; MBS, ABC Sports 7.00—NBC Music; MBS, ABC News; CBS Larry LeSueur; Amos ’n Andy. 7.15—MBS Today’s Business; ABC MBS- Quincy Howe weeks ago. My theory is that 7.20—MBS Bob and Ray. characters like Presley thrive on 7.30—NBC, MBS News; ABC Mysa bad press. The more they’re tery Classics; CBS Bing condemned, the more people are Crosby. . . aroused to watch and listen to 7.45—NBC One Man’s Fam^ IndepfIP.9i1}t F’M—WMAR-FM 97.9 •WFIL 560, WMAL 630, WJZ 770 WENR 890, WSBA 900, WFBR 1300, WSBA-FM 103.3. WLAN-FM 96 9 CBS—WCAO 600, WJR 760. WBBM 780, WCBS 880. WFMD 930, WBT 1110, WCAU 1210. WHP 580, WTOP 1500, WFMD-FM 101 5, WHP-FM 97.3, WCAO- FM 102 7. -WIP 610, WOR 710, WON 6 15 720. WOL 1260. WGAL 490, WCBM-FM 93 1. WJEJ-FM 104 7. 6 . 00 - 6.30- them. Obviously, ENDS TONIGHT BUCK NIGHT PLUS ROSALIND FERNANDO RUSSELL LAMAS “GIRL RUSH” In Color m you're booking Presley has'anoth-'- er basis. Your television career has been marked by a high sense of humor and a «'eat respect for, talent. Presley certainly is not: MBS Best Ques- TÏÏT sa TT RORY CALHOUN “RED SUN DOWN” Plus (LEO MOORE “OVEREXPOSED” MBS Airmen of Not*; however, my think- Ed Murrow, ,„DCi mg that something unpleasant 8.00—NBC People Are Furrny; MB5i would go away if ignored was; Detective; ABC Music Hall, wishful and foolish. For now, so! CBS Jack Carson. soon, you apparently plan to bring 8.30—NBC To be announced; MBS Elvis the Pelvis back to a nationalj Crime Fighters; CBS ilst television network to titillate teen- Precinct, age girls and cause numbskull¡9 00—NBC, MBS, CBS News, boys to imitate him. 9.05—NBC Skid Row; MBS An.swei I’m not taking a moral standL., in this case, letter watchdogs than I already have bayed * 9.30— NBC Conversation, warning and the patrols are out. ; ^ 0 H it . , Bands; CBS Leading My purpose __ in asking why! tion 10.00--NBC News; Chet Huntley; MBS, ABC, CBS News. 10 05—ABC George Combs; CBS ........................... _ Melody in Night. funny—though that is not^mv com-!*® „ Conservation news, plaint against him. My argument! MBS Supper at Sardi s. against his appearance is simply 10 20—ABC Basil Rath bone, lack of.talent, I can't for the life 10.30—NBC News: Tex-Jmx: MBS of me see why you want to have John Gambling: ABC Talk, such an untaiehted buy on your 10.45—ABC Constance Bennett, program. ¡11.00— All Nets; News; music. A very small but very noisy minority of the immature have been WHVR 1280KC infected in recent years by the 1 digga-boom convulsions known as Sports rock ’n’ roll. There is no talent —News, involved in their rigorous efforts 625—-Weather, at self-torture. 6.30—Sports. Possibly you feel that Presley 5 4fcf,f1,!LfPOSary ‘ Me norfnem. ln „ 7.30—Three Suns. WITH-FM 104.3. WCHA-FM 95 9, WRZE 98 5. WNOW-FM 105 7. TELEVISION 2—WMAR, Baltimore 4-WNBW, Washington 5—WTFG. Washington 7—WTMAL. Washington 8—WGAL. Lancaster 9— WTOP. Washington 11—WBAL. Baltimore 13—WAAM. Baltimore 43—WSBA, York 49-WNOW, York BALTIMORE 4.00—2, Brighter 11. Date 4 13—2, Secret 11, Moden 4.30—2, Edge of 11, Queen 5 00—2, Melody 11, I Married 13, Mickey 5.15—2, Changing 5.30—2. Cartoon 11. Maryland 2, Range 11. Puppets. 13, 11, Comedy, 13, Highway 2. Patti Page, 13, News, 8,45—2, Lew Paul, weather. 11. News, 13, Film i 00— *2, News. 11, Theater. 7.15—2, News 13, News. 7.30—2, Preston 11, Dinah 13, Lone i 45—11, News, 8.00—2, Bob 11, Groucho 13, Hour 8.30—2, Climax. 11, Dragnet, 9.00—11. People’s ------- 13. Star 9.30—2/ Plavhouse. 11, Theater. 13. Sports 110.00— 2. Arthur _ j 11, Theater. p°- 13, Dotty Waterfront feel should put on one of his performances on your program because he is somehow an “American phenomenon, ” There are lots of American phenomena. One, for example, is Niagara Falls. You f'ould train TV cameras on the Falls for five minutes and you’d have a nhenomenon all rifrht—-but you wouldn’t have much of an audience left. Because the Falls, for television purposes, are untalented and noisy and all wet. 7 45— Eddie Fisher. 8—Night Beat. 11—Sports; Music. Amos ’n Andy, 7.15—MBS Today’s ’Business; Quincv Howe 7.20—MBS Bob and Ray, 7.30— NBC MBS News; ABC lice Blotter: CBS Bing Cros- 10,30-2' It ah . n -t Florian ¡7.45 NBC One Man’s Family; MBS n.oo-2, 11. Joan Feeny; CBS Ed Mur- ^ row, 1 1 nc __n 8.00—NBC Radio Fan Club; MBS n 10—2 11* Counterspy; ABC Music }}.}![_£ Weather Hall; CBS Jack Carson. n Newsreel 8.30—MBS City Editor; CBS Radio 11.20—2.' Inner ■ _ Workshop. 11.30—11, Steve 9.00—NBC Job Clinic: MBS News; 111,50—2, News. Answer Man; CBS News My 12.00—2, News. Son Jeep. .12,10—2. Janitor. ¡9 15— MBS Travel Guide; CBS; 12.30—13, News. Johnny Dollar. --------9 30—MBS Disk i Bands 10,00...NBC OTHER 4 00—4. 8, Date Get Delicious SOFT CRABS, FISH 10.45- 1100—Ail Nets: News; music. TOMORROW MAJOR NETWORKS 12 00—NBC News; A1 Collins; MBS News, Your Baby; ABC News; CBS Wendy Warren. 12.10—MBS Answer Man. 12.15—MBS McCanns; ABC Frank Farrell; CBS Backstage Wife 12 30—MBS News; CBS Helen Trent. 12 45—MBS Sardi’s Luncheon; CBS er Dav; 9 4 15—4, Modern Secret 4.30—4. 8, Queen Edge of Date; ABC Best CBS So They Say. Boxing; MBS News; weather; ABC Vandercook; CBS Eric Severeid. 10.05— ABC George Cornos; CBS Me- j lodv in the Night. i!n!£““¥55 SuPPer at Sardi’s ;3 O0—4. 87 I 10.20—ABC Basil Rathbone. Session; 7, 10,30—MBS John Gambling: ABC Club: 9, My Talk. ; Htrse -NBC Meet the Champions; 5.30—4, Sus-e; 8. ABC Const «nee Bennett. j Foreign Hurst. 6,00—4, Theater; pity; 7. nie Oakley; Tales of WHVR, 1280KC

Clipped from
  1. The Evening Sun,
  2. 21 Jun 1956, Thu,
  3. Page 29

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