murdered 1891

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murdered 1891 - Auk en- in wages. de- MURDER IN WAUKESHA. GOT;...
Auk en- in wages. de- MURDER IN WAUKESHA. GOT; i i · Henry Schley was a saloonkeeper, A Saloonkeeper Found "With Hi* Skull Fractured and lli» docket* Empty--A Toung Man Arrested--He .Makes a Confession and is Taken to Milwaukee to Avoid tlie Danger of Lynching--Great Indignation at the fount' ·in City. , , . j whose place of business is on Broad- ! way, Wauke=ha, and whose residence way, on Charles * ava j._. , . . have now hat given to over-indu!gence in stiiau- to ,, . _ _ ,, . a ,, i.-.^u«.,,j :*!.« _ i . r » [ lants. and a husband without children. j where the caucus was in session, falsi- § Jenke thou-'ht that more after 7 o'clock _ ' 1» . "i*ii» -business was good not · drank with a good s. At neariv Lalf srer of the crowd, ' dei Johnnie Bernhardt, of New Berlin, 'former bartender of Schiev's, left the l ^ e of elected receiving dice for drinks. The stranger lost, paid for treats, after which Schley Jenke each stood treat, and the other started to go away, but was detained bv Schlev's remark," "Wait a minute and I'H eo with vou We don't live -prv thms li^*£i%S$y£l: ingly and Schley emptied his cash tne drawer, putting bills and silver into , already well-filled pocketbook. At 11:45 the three started awav to- · '· hair on his face, a stiff black bat. con- ^served on Gov. would b e ! It looked for a time as I to the muraerer, but j.. of I wa ^ turned inside out. b e ! It looked for a time e to the at the An- j H. Buckley, who was present at the j 5 ' "^as'^d to beiieve that tb« boy, Johnny Bernhardt, was concerned in reet of I the murder. He communicated to Sheriff Gaynor and an in- to ! vestigation opened up the entire a I "- Buckley learned that Bernhardt. ! ^.? ° ? I ?ck in tae morning, had paid a pai oill wnicn he owed to his landlady i at the door of the room, but, receiving the door 1.1.10 ifcj m_flr OlliC? VI AitlJ-Xl -I locked, a forced entrance was made. ! has been tip j The room was dark. A the ore I struck, and crouchina in fear , . . j trembling or. the floor was young hardt. It needed no pro'of to show Within, j that the boy had guilty new j the murder, and he^was'speedilv | and taken to the countv jail. the jail Bernhardt weakened and con- fessed to havinc been concerned in the | murder. He then handed over to officers the inurdered man's pocket- book, containing about $2-50 in cash, i a gold watch. Bernhardt, however, insisted that an- iii are other man committed the murder: that hu (Bernhardt; did not know that of : j is j der was intended at the time. I after 10 o'clock Sunday night, the offi- _ cers fearing mob violence, decided to j send Berahardt to Milwaukee for safe- He was conveyed there in carnace bv therifif Gavnor and to other ! J. Constantino. Eernhardt is not years old and has never been known ' epine. '. have been en_aged in wrongdoing : fore. ' davs. It was not vet fullv A hired man employed on the farm of the ' J- E- Hart, of the name of 1 com, had been identified as the seen in Schley"5 saloon, and he was ; arrested and placed in jaii. Iz is not believed, however, that he Snewany- thing about the murder, the Soou 1 fcooriiy a.termidnjgnt Saenii come ' *9TM*'P a TM** ^' J - J - Consiantine, ar- the low i 5 J n N ilTOn ? c ?i, and ?"?"'*,%***.· Bernhardt overto the custody of then of i j o t h v r of are ]Sext day young Bernhardt made a ! full confession, as follows: "I went i Schiey's saloon Saturdav niaht. and ;:n- uo«n. TLen I went tbj his pockets and took the money that cave to :3ie shorn? yesterday morning when i-c srrc?tcd nie. · "St-Jiiev never snoke after I hit ' I think he mnst have 5-ecn kiiiecs ex- ' away. o. there wa.- r.o oae all. Kow I came to make up the ai-oiit Alfred is that a fellow by the name was hnshi!: around «iie\ s saloon earlv in February, and I knevr that evervone wou'd remember htm.' 7 gdice. We had a little dis- ; "t by the I»ig cinb and went up there. I to wa:t about twenty-five mi nines he canie alon^. Jutl as lie- was passing me I jumped oi:t and struck him with the club. I ; i:st struck him once and he May -\--Dr. W. H. physicians M I C H I G A N FOREST Losses in X.o~s anl Other Property » Aggregate S100.0OO. i Heavy forest fires are raging in Ros, common, Ciare and Gladwin I Mich., and large quantities of S other property have been burned. j loss will approximate ilOO,(XX). ! LATEST MARKET REPORT. j .._._. I MILWAUKEE. FLOUR--Patents, high grade 5.30 a 5.45 Fx.orR--SnoerSaes 4.70 @ 5-10 "WntAT--Sprias*. Xo. -2. Cash " "" WHEAT--Regular ;NO. " seller Jlay ,, _ j OAiir--No." 2 \\~bile""77""TM." "~I \ BARLEY--Xo. 2 Cash _ ,, RYE--Xo. 1 _ 1-oEK--Mess _ Ltciv-. ,, _ CATTLE--Good to Choice alters 4.?G HO-JS--Good to Choice SHEEP--j,ood to Choice 4.(X BCTTEK--;ood to Cfcoice Cr'nTrr, 22 71 5754 ~# SO 5.00 -LSO 3 5.10 3 5.00 © 23

Clipped from
  1. The Centralia Enterprise and Tribune,
  2. 09 May 1891, Sat,
  3. Page 2

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