John Bernhardt 1891

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FINE EFFECTS A!tEOFTE,' PRODUCED BY THK U.TITRE OF BLACK AXf WHITS SEE THE A.D. - VEKtlSEXSStS r.v THE JOURNAL THE JOURNAL j WAUKESHA, WIS., SATURDAY, MAY 9, 189L NUMBER fie Hwtief t Imtfttal ieasonabie Summer Goods! ICE BOX liS. - .... Wat , . 3 B isie Speccer won tho Grab prize and Daisy Husk the booby prize among the young U - dies. Harvey Smith won the first prize and Aaron Herrlmnn the booby prize among tho beys. All enjoyed themselves higfcly, A quartette of young men, wishing to show their appreciation of the ability of Miss May frrittomie, sent li - r a bouqnvt of roses 0:1 Saturday evening, each contributing tKf - ncy - .1v.. - cents. "Iney took a position near the foot lights, and the lloral offering wis made in the iiumcsof the "boys on tho rroat seats.'" Superintendent Cr.ii,' has jus! iss - ed a little pamphlet of an edecarioaa'. character, which will appear regularly twice a month. TLe brochure :s for the benefit of to teachers of Waukesha county, and deals with lucstions calculated to keep their minds ever on 'he alert, It will CO doubt he u valuable FROM S4 50 to S4 - 0.00. Gftimine Philadelphia. Famous. - Cream City. Buckeye. Splendid. 'Nf MUVV.fc.ts.i - - to f.ou. M. THOjHLJNLIISIIj, ;3ST BCTSIHESS. sold ;tt pnue? vcr than the lowest, sis ourSt!. " 'fore buying. Latest Hoe of 3Y CARRIAGES At lowest prices. 3CIPEDES AND CARTS. r - irt - !!I1P( t - )T tt.F ins. fuuuwm AN liPOCH. . is four years old today, umlicr, therefore, we en - ryuar of prosperity aotl tr. JourSaL, since the , - a.s issued four yews a.o, l - Ue uiott flfitterinjr fin - the people. At no time have these expressions (Initio than at the present in ;ubvr isint; patronage any count)' paper in the hs - . - riptiuii list that is con sin - , wo an; proud oC our . Over 1O0 subscribers Jed to our b olts sin - son superintended the excavation worlt on the Putney block Juriugbis father's enforced absence. Whilo on his trip to Great Falls, R. E - Labnr seourisd some beautiful specimens or silver, snltmu and lead taken from mines in tho vicinity of that western initroiUis. One specimen of t.ative sfivw yields S to the ten. The resources of that country seem to be unlimiucd. 11. M. Buttin of Milwaukee, manager of the Standard Oil company ut tlint place, ihs iu Wunkeshft cu Tuesday. Mr. Battin is wide awrtku in the interest of his business anil willnil u very plenssnt gf - uik - man to meet. While here he appointed Charley RiU - soIer as local manager of the Standard Oil company. This is a (Flection that will not only advance the inUiut of the uompauy, but give satisfaction to business men. Charley is a hustler that is popular at the same time. IN GENERAL Jfcw planking the euainc house The first meet will take plicj tl ii;iced ; of the 1 eiilo 'Don r.l iK'kSjOj job room are better I than ihoseol' almost any other 'Hi to - Waukesha county not be - Indeed, Tun Joints' al , :aiU of arranseuient ia equal - so it .WS - U) any Milwaukee or Clnoa And the vast amount of pvint - 1 is turned out each week is in - of our readers e evidence that the entire coui - ; cognizant of the facta weu - 'heSnri:.2 Citv Inte, U bomg repan on the outsHe, and where it is needed or. the inside. Georse Carey, the elUeient assistant, in the nf Hein'v Rehbew, is rejoicing over the advent of .1 little daughter. t - ,.ilv of Dr. Rividi - n. which have lately moed' here from Footville, have. take, the house of Sam. Hadfield ou Maple aveuae. Christian Praass, who was nearly suffocated bv coul gas a few weeks ago, died bun - day " He never recovered from the effects of A lady residing in Milwaukee asks for information concerning Henry Vosa Can any fur - .sh it: Aaareta Jouraul I Char) pnral liing one iLnd all Cor their kind Id i - r.i I yatrena in the T. - .r iust hope not to be IorotCO.1 i" 1 come. STERN SARATOGA. Tji: - . - Taylor, who suffered a stroke of 3ti Thursday of last week, died on An obituary notice appears and B's of the Presbyterian church LhoG. W. I. L icry. The Dispatch is forgoing rapidly to th i - niic as i humorous paper. All it need r..u Hk is 11 few more cuts not. Wy a cot if th - - club, u 1 - 0.0 of the match which M lioukley drev from his pocket when he knocked at young Bernhardt door, and a eat of the hoje mode in I he atmosphere " hen Bernhardt asked the astOudiug fiiiost;on, "Who's therer1' Many a writer of note has received his itrst lessons from becoming a correspondent to the country press. You may write for pructice or practice to write, and the pco pie of your villase become interested iu what you say. Thus you are encouraged to 'iii - hss on" until, if ou iiuve talent in that line, after years of toil and bard study n - ol:ab!v will h"cij"' at: author or an ed A military company has beou organized among the young gentleman students ct Carroll college, with J. B. degnH as drill master. Although new to the business, the bavs t - .ke to the drill as readily as if it wire tceir .,r.tu; - ..l di. - L Tiivy talk of pelting uniforms, ami iu that cise fiof. ankiii will make oppheulion for arms. This is a move in the riirbt direction, and it is hoped nil their effort inty be crowned with fie most brilliant success. Rev. P. S. Everett on next Sunday, tomorrow, celebrates the first anniversary of his settlement over the Baptist society of Waukesha. During the twelve mouths of his pastorate he has made $00 calls, and has received intot'n cht. - i - a a, - nenioers, - . oj immerjion and 1 1 by letter. Iu addition to t. .a - .', ill". r.Terett nas mace "o - a vi " both inside and outside of the church, aud has dsn." good work in all departments ol the church maaagemeut. The Great Fails (Mont.) Tribune of April 4th, contains th6 foiling personal: Quite a contingent from Waukesha, Wis., arrived m 1 ho city to - day, beaded by toe mvin - ioiu n.r hnnmcr. ft. E. Jaifcav. who is largely interested in this place. With him came F. C. Park, Uiureuce Walla, Walter Aiiken and Gawea Harlaud. aud u.i txiiectto become citizens of Grunt Falls. Mr. Park has !,,., 1 v mirte aiTP - ure:ueuts to ! lit - ir. (i - reat Fails and will become in proper nine one of our iead::;g attorneys. Our outerprising rumiture deaior, Charles Caspar, has the coi - traeU fnr furnisnin? thr interior of the new Jietuesi! now), tne iur - race, in coi. petition ivith Frank Leppin and Chicago il, - nlers. That the contract was awarded to Mr. Gasper rather thau to one of the metropolitan me.,. hauls poysa b.rads5me compllmeut to the super1., stock carried by this gcntlf man, and no le. - s to the low prices offered. Wanken is fonaiiRte iu enrolling amoug lief business measu .1 bustier s ge nial Charley Caspar. Among the many strange ci.rious wonders to be seen with Kiuv,li,.ir Bros. Worlds greatest railroad shows which i - xhibits at Waukesha on Wednesday. yi, - !0, u. - e the larirest living hippopotau:us, the .umbrella - eared alepbaut, the only African zebras, the amnhibiou bovolapus, the necbrop'r.agous man eaters, the Demon Euquiuo or hairless horse, the largest elephant on erth, tomily of baby kar.garoos, baby Hons, baby tigers aud many other nowhere eise exhibited features. The grand free street parade which takes place every morning is a giorions sight worth going many miles to see. Don't for - Cet the date - May 20. AU the children should see tbe shew, and all tbe grown folks should accompany the children. It is a wed authenricawd fact that it takes a large number of adults to steer one small child safely ing of contract for laying the village sewer system. It will be remembered that tho contract .vas signed by one board oi trustees.and rescinded bv tboir successors. All the mem bers of the board of lSSO were subpoenaed as witnesses, and they '.were accompanied by a number of citizens not.pjrsoaally connected with the case. shokt but Yjmv. Tuesday when the election was at its height, a spirited bay team belonging to Mr. Peff - r of Muskego, which stood oa Clinton street, ;umped with some violence whe the "band began to play. The first leap struck a buggy standing near, and did cousldorable carnage. They then started up the street, and before going far ran into tae rig belonging to Dr. Waruer, and both borso and vehicle were laid low. The line from the center of gravity fell faV outsido the base by this time, and the original out - lit was seen with both horses down n.ud tbu baggy turned com irktely over. Sone of the hors'S re much the worse tor Stie several eucountcrs. aud the whole tragedy occupied, anout two mutes. And the buna Duiycti uie uieson. BLAIR & ESTSERG. POINTER: Bargains. Don't be deceived by parties who advertise they are "selling out" with an "if " or an "unless". Keep your eyes on them and you will rind that such parties after foisting their old stock upon you at high prices will have "just received" a new BLAiR & ESTBERG. We offer - everything in the line of Wall Paper at COST, and we do so without any "if" or "unless" We are going to move into a new store and do hot wish to be compelled to move our large stock. Prices Talk! Get OUR Prices before purchasing. Yours truly, & Esteerg. AIT ATROCIOUS CRIME. HENRY SCHLEY MURDERED BY JOHN BERNHARDT, A FORMER EMPLOYE. 33 the spot: m tho mur - PERSONAL. nest L.riips. wili serve a supper ' .... - . Kvidav . way 15. u the church pa. i.Vs' at u;:.u. "Ashortpr - t - grazia.e niter tho sooner. All for 25 cents. At the Presbyterian church las Sunday through a circus. ,,",,in!r eicht iufants received the ordi - special serxos. baptism. Kight young ia - it. a.. 1 Special sermon on tne Jvaeonsw - on ou.. day morning the uapti hiyl,!yoc G - reeiey, Cel., is I'll Mrs. Dora Putnam. '' Haylott expects to leave Wau - :'i far a two - mouths' vacation. Mr. Broodhuret was shaking 'di iViiukesha friends this wosk. Kntgbt of xtilwauke - i will adniin - ' "He of coufiriaatioa at St. Matthias' 1 . Jacob has purchased a bouse and ;tmul avenue of J. W. Thomas for a ' 1 nr of Midison has sono to Great ' - 'a:., to fill the positioa of first assi; mi eitcusive machine shop, ml Mrs. Voaugar.d daughter, of the l! - - 1iois have g0.le t0 Monroe to attend "Kralot Mi - s, Young's father. 1 i!r'' - oiatiiig at the University in " ilaybelln Park will study in the ni Dr. Margaret CaldweU of this place. J - 'iosig, a representative of the "art Native", attached to The Evening Vfis - 1 laUmg a two - weeks' vacation in es?en Saratoga. rt." - 'v - 'l'.ogg, who has been for two t - i guest of hLs sister, Mrs. Jas. Davis, "day aieat for AbordeoQ) Washing - 6fa tB experts to locate in business. " Gleasoa reappeared on Saturday af - w taoogh short illnass, J. 0". Giea - wre baptized, aDd five others were aam.iu by letter or profession of faith. From date Jake Tmic will be found et the - .table of Ray Biggs. J ake is hand . a '.lovoithall the boys, and his conr.ecticu ;ir, , - Biggs' stable will add to tho popularity of that already popular establishment. i:riT.tbi - - - Woo a - jv 'Til OAr 1.1.:. .;u:i: tu 1::M1S:L t fore l t - o t.n iiua VlteSeH I owe the printer Mas there i',,.,,,. ,, - bo 0. 'ersnea & lJ" ' - '3I1J f - .i. But they, we ier. will go to .To J The plics whew there s no winter. The Great Falls Daily Tribuue of the 3d iost savs that Dr. S. S. Craig, a graduate 0 tbe College of Physic - ions and Surgeons of e...,.. hooenedau office in mat city. Dr. Craig is a brother of A. H. Craig.coaoty superintoodont. n, - Tnvnnile Comedy company presented an amusing drama at Good Templar hr - li lart i. - ;s.,v Thero is quite an amount of dramatic talent amons the rising genera tion iu Waukesha and u was a.spiaj good effect on flw date above mentioned - Urs. Putnam has cornplote l orders for a r a; paiatings,tiae 01 wnicn. i uj' nibitioo aiWlLtei jse - church, May SjOSO OF THE BHniwuua. Thouc'i we cot tbe nomiTmtion, Ver. - - ir. - l work tte o r.n J - . :; ti. . i . nd our ioughas re nol low tinged wiU, hue of The little village prize. V.'.i w aeforeOttr ores. lie aforesaid prize turc. sscl? i'ed to carr num.' OA A cruvon potrait just finished is a very satr isfactorv order. Mrs. P - atnani is decorating a set of tile for the fireplace in her new jfcss Dale Kerr gave a progressive an - g Ving part" ends Monday evening. 1 against the jot'LCion - s tbaiif. r. - ist week Friday, a tramp named Liuis Yoffo apylied for food at thB house of James Xagle. Miss agle who opened the aoor, re - fa - ed ms requeu, seized her by the throat, choked her aud thre'w her on the floor. He was in the act or plundering the house when he was arrested and conveyed to where he could do harm to no one. SEW OlAXOSD OKGATZATIOS. The Headlights have organized for the season, ar.o win all - T . between the ages of 14 and IS. It is com posed of the following boys: i. smiLn, u. and S - S.: D. Martin, pitcher: Joe Shaw. S. s j r nhes. PhiUins, :st base; Chas - ehs, 2d base; Geo. Harding, 3d base; Matt. Benticy, L f. ; D. Clark, C. F. ; Rob. Poole, R. F. Address all chailouges to E. Smith, lock boxllSS, Waukesha. damage SCIt stbwisC. Acoodmaay people went to Sheboygan Thursday to attend the opening of the damages brongbt by James jaarKey VUlage of Waukesna tur annnn - ltobbcry tlie Sole M.otivo - The Clul. With ITl.lcl. SclllCV Vu Kouml 7Bar the Boily - rroDit Detection umJ Arrt - r or tHo JInrlorrConvoveu to Milwaukee to Jiaeupe Wob Vlolense. On the meriting 01 Sunday, "lay W m. Oates, an oug - .neer on tue vhocodmu Central, was returning to ms uou. ou Chirk"? street, at 2 o'clock a. m.. he nearly walked unon tho prostrate body oc a nan. On investigation it was foond to bo the body of rTmiry Schiey. who was found with bis skoli crushed and his pockets rifled, not far from his own home. Mr. Oatea at once sum moned neitrhtors and a physician, ana a coroner's jury was impaneled Two larete wounds were found dered ma:t:s head, one extending irom sue evo to the ear. and the cheek bone was broken. Blond was slowly oozing from the mouth and uose, but the body was quite cold ,nd had w'lftWy been lifeless for two hours, slot far from the body was found a heavy club with which tho irhastly deed had evidently been done. Henry Schley was a man 4T j flars of age, who for stme years had kepv: a saloon on Broadway. On tho Saturday night before the murder a large number of persons had visited the saioon after the conclusion of the Democratic caucus and had spent money freely. At ll :4o Mr. Schley started to go home, taking with him something over ir0. Ancust Janke, the bartender, and Hubert Holcom. a man in the employ of J. G. Hart, accompanied Mr. Schley part of the way homo und were tho two last prsons who ever spoke with bim. The two men gave c satisfactory account of themselves after tbey Darted with hiin, and although one was ar rested on suspicion, It was very evident he bad no guilty kr.owledcre of the t - agdy. About, half an hour before the saloon closed, John Bernhardt, a young man not twoittv - . a format - bartender ot tne muroeieu man, came in. He was supposed to know tlisi Mr. Sehloy hud a large sum o" money with him. a id also the route he would take to reach his homo. These facts, together with some suspicious behavior on the part 01 young Burnhardt. cuussd his arrest at nine o'clock on Sunday evening. Ho admitted 1 ...iiit.v knowledge of the crime, but claimed the deed was committed by a called Alfred whose other nam? he was ignorant of; that Schley was struck down before his eves, and he was terrorized by this man mrpro to warr. or assist Schley. the watch of tho victim and 535 were found uoou Bernhardt this story was doubted, and r.s rhe excitement was momem.. .ij inr - it was deemed expedient to take tho orisoaer to Milwaukee where on Monday confessed that he and he alone was. guilty of tbe atrocious crime, and that robbery was the sole motive. BSftNTlA'R.OT'S COSTESfjlOS. i J.ither Adam Bernhardt, is a farmer ...i liv - o. f. New BerUn. Thero I was bom fi:rn I attended tho Luthoran s - :hooi To. ine to wausua last oveuioi found employment as a driver 01 a ouurmu spring wagon. In February I went to work for Scbiey and remaioed his barkeeper until April 13, when August Janke took my place. Siace then I have been idle and boarded with Jim Marr, on main street. How the idea of killing Schiey came into my bead I do not know - . I certainly did not thiDk of it until Saturday night when I loft the saloon. Did 1 ever have a quarrel with him Only a few words, and that was on account of drinks for which we bad shaken dice. I then left the place but came back again and stayed until 1 o'clock, when Louis Buecbner and I went to Fritz Kramer's saloon. There we remained a short time and - .vent over to toe Town hail where tho caucus we left and ail of us went back to Schley's saloon, where I remained until a quarter past 11. I was alone when I went out. The moment I had reached the street tbe .1 hV t - illmir the man entered mv head. Tt all eamo like a flash and took complete ftbou' possession of me. I felt unable to resist the temptation to get money, and resolved to do it. From my former association with Schley I knew his habits, where he carried his monev, and what streets he would walk home on." McCdll street I knew was very - dark and there I concluded to await him. Whoa near the Wisconsin Central (umber yard I found the club, which I took along. There was no one in sight and I waited behind a big tree. THTKItS DOW.f TUB HELPLESS victim. "finally I saw Schley come along. Ee had the abearance of being a little bit tip - - nd walked very slowly. I advanced nnt - 1 I Arcadian Heights Choice Lots For Sale. These are the Choicest Lots in Waukesha, and are oeing sold at low prices and on terms to suit purchasers. Now is the time to buy a beautiful residence lot f0r a all sum. For particulars enquire of IRA. KIM3ALL, R. E. LABAR, J. J. CONSTANTINE, or W. H. ANDERSUN. side to side . Xo sir, . - .owiird hiir - and when we came raised the club aod hti uck him. did not hesitate a moment, my mind was tup audi did it quickly. He certniniy must have seen mbutwisetnerue rcui;.. I do not know. 1 don't be.ieve mat Wl.enletrackhiuiho fell like a iog never making a move af;ain. around but saw i I then looked one. The club I did uot throw away, but laid it aside. Then I knelt. dowD and opened his vest, from the pocket of which I took the hoo' in wbiuh he carried the money. I searcbei the other pockets in his clothes also and took what money I found So, I don't think that I was excited ; I couldn't sco his face and don't know hA mA hR oves ooen or not. Then I laid my hand on his heart and 'oami tttllt it had stopped beating. '1 know that bo was dead then and rose bo my feet again.'' "What did you. thihk of just then!" was asked. "What did I think f tbe prisoner replied. and a melancholy sroilo appeared on h thought nothing. 1 was rr.gntcnea a little bit when I realized taat 1 nau ueeu 1 kneeling on a dead man. 1 s:uck tne money in my pocket and walked away, first on Barney street, nert along Broadway and then on Main street until I reached Marr's bouse." When I entered tbe house 1 louna aiarr anu paid him 53.50 for board which I owed. I believe that I was somewhat ezcited, but 1 don't think that he noticed it. Once in my room I undressed at odci and went to bed, never looking at the money or counting it. lie coits to CHtnicn. "Sunday morning Igot up at T o'clock and looked at the money, after which f had breakfast downstairs. Ot course, evoryonB was talking about the murder. I kept cool nri talked with the rest about it. k breakfast I went over to the saloon of Jake Eerbrandt, the brother - in - law of rJshley, andtiok a few drinks with him aud the other boys. From all tunt I har.l wo - 1 t the affair I gataerea teat oanh - e .i suspected - From tnere 1 'W'1" man Lutheran church and attended s - r vices - 1 sang aud prayed with tbe rest of theeun - gregatioo. The minister sji - .l something about killing and tnuruer, anu . - n ........ ne meant his remarks for me, anil tnat 1 nan done something that was wrong, - t - nii Kinibalaiidl left tbe chureo tag - j - uor uuo want to Wonzer's barber shop, where we wer - shaved. All that I heard talked about was the murder and murderer, and I beg to feel weary. I w that the people were excited and heard many threats, bat did not flunk they would find mo out and for that ,umn I wasn't afraid. From the barber shop Willie Wiesenthal audi went to Her - man Fritz'ssaloou. In the company of Aug. Jouke, Hilly Davis and Lee AJjiyoard I spent I the rest of the afternoon and evening; we walked around and visited a nuruuer 01 saloons. Janke said that he did uot kuow what to make of it." "How do you explain," was asked, "that Janke when ho testified before the coroner's jury said that he heard some one ask you to go along witb liira that night, tbe same s you told it yourself? " "I don't know what caused him to say so. It certainly was not true, as I left the saloon alone." BIS CF - LSIE KINDS HIM OCT. Where did you spend the rest of tbe even - tug. "I reached my room shortly after '.) o'clock and was preparing to go to bed when 1 beard a rap at the door. Thoydiun't break the door in that is all ise f opened it myself and let them in. Waen I saw the sheriff, I know that my j;g wns up. Had I bad a revolver handy just th.m, 1 Melieve 1 would have killed myself. On tho way to jail I began to consider what bes to say and then I fixed the story about Aiirtw iu uy mind. But no w, since I nave told the truth I feel better. Ye8, 1 will plead guilty." "Do you know that you will probably be sentenced to prison (or lifer" I hadn't thought of that. I never stopped ,Li, h: would haonen if 1 was found 1 hops to see ray father and mother. This will be terrible newii to mem. - Althougn several rt .cv, for the result, a large share of the , for the prompt detection and appre - . ,.r ttannnhnr in due to Jim Marr, tne "keeper of the Japanese , restaurant. Tbe Zrt. oaVment of a board bill early Sunday fnornmz the largo sura of money in young Berubardt's possession, and the" studied in - ployer's tragic fate, appeared suspicious w Bernhardt in sight on Sunday as far as possible He communicated his suspicions to the officers whose minds turned in the same U. - ection, andtnemuruerer " ' custody from Jim Marr's place. John Bernhardt is a smooth faced, rather cKt looking young man. He is the sonof Mr ...ul lrt Adam Bernhardt Of Rtr - i," wboar - und have always been hiKhly rWvd l - p:e. He is the only son and ! L - indolgwl. the gnet and r. - rrxrnf tbe iir. - )its at the suddenness and iimiwnsitS nf their son's plunce into the ,1 - t, k. - .', of liuman erimci is something inde - sr - ritiMliIe It wiwii - i that tbe stoical indiffep - displ - ye.! by rl,.. - y.H.nJrmanimed :v : :t . - . ro: has en - ilroIy.loM. - rte, I him, bti - .I h fully recogmze, - the gravity ot his offense and the terrible fate it. sW for hiin. AUtii - ugh he made his confusion voluntarily lie lu - gaeed MUwnukee conn I, a"l will a.tempV defonsa on the ground ol inanity.

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