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 - Cards Stretch League Lead Sloper Recovers...
Cards Stretch League Lead Sloper Recovers Fumble In End Zone To Give SC Victory Over Watsonville Iv Arnold Wechtcr Whew! The Santa Cruz Cardinals scared the bejeebers out of 3200 loyal fans Friday night and then presented them with a 13-12 victory over arch-rival Watsonville in a thrill-a-min-ute contest at Memorial field. It was the Cardinals' third straight CCAL "A" division victory and puts the Redbirds two garries out in front of the other "three teams in the league thanks to Salinas' 13-7 upset win over Monterey on the same evening. The Cards came from behind twice in the first half to gain their one-point advantage at the intermission and then grimly hung on for two of the longest quarters in football history. Santa Cm? scored its first touchdown on a 43-vard run by Jack Knieht and its second score when Dick Sloper recovered a Watsonville fumble in the end zone. Knight also ran over the all-important extra point. It was a game of contrasts. The first half was a free-scoring offensive battle with both sides forgetting all facets of defense while the final two periods were completely defensive with neither team able to mount a successful attack. There were plenty of heroes in Santa Cruz' first win over Watsonville since that stormy night in 1932. But if you single out any one player it could be either Knight or tackle Tom Curtiss. Eoth played brilliant football. The game Mas played on a damp field. A heavy drizzle took place throughout the lightweight game, but it was clear and crisn for the varsitv encounter. The drizzle ruined Santa Cruz' chances to smash the Memorial field record, but the 0200 fans was the largest crowd since the 1931 Watsonville game. It was not one of the better Card showings but who can complain after a victory over Watsonville? The Wildcats scored once in each of the first two quarters. A 22-yard pass from Layton Clark to Lloyd Uehara accounted for the first period touchdown, while a 16-yard run by Clark over left tackle gave Watsonville its second touchdown. Watsonville's first try for the extra point was rf'nM by a bad pass from center and the second was blocked by Knight. Santa Cruz' offense was brilliant during the first half and only mediocre in the second. The defense proved tough inside its own 20, but porous at midfield. The Cards need win only one of their three remaining games to clinch at least a tie for the league title and two victories give them undisputed possession for the first time since the Mar year of 1913. The game was marred by too much whistle blowing by the officials. Eoth sides suffered a total of 18 penalties with a total of 137 yards being subtracted from the two teams. Santa Cruz' recovery of a Watsonville fumble in the end zone atoned for a bobble moments earlier which gave the Wildcats the ball on the one. The Cards had driven 67 yards to Watsonville's one when Bobby Costa fumbled while going over the goal and Russ Bonnema recovered on the one for Watsonville. On Watsonville's first running play, Tom Curtiss burst through the right side of the line to spoil a handoff by quarterback Gino Stefanini to Dick Hardy, causing a fumble. Quick-M itted Dick Sloper leaped on the loose ball for a touchdown. Knight Mas given the all-Important task of earning the ball over for the extra point which he did by smashing over right tackle after cutting back from what appeared to be an end sweep. It was the second w eek. in a row the Cards have won by a score of 13-12 and the third "A" division game out of a total of six which have been decided by this score a fact which may belong in Ripley's "Believe'lt or Not" column. Knight and Bobby Costa were Santa Cruz' big offensive weapons as has been true throughout the season. The lanky fullback had the edge with 138 yards in 20 carries, including his long touchdown run. Watsonville dominated the third period as three times they threatened the Santa Cruz goal. Once they came within five yards and on two other occasions moved within the 20. The fourth period was even with Santa Cruz attempting to run out the clock while Watsonville threw the ball around in an attempt to get back in the game. Trailing 6 0 going Into the second quarter, Knight took a handoff from Tex McKeown and moved through a slim hole at left guard. Flipping his hips in a May to make Marilyn Monroe turn green with envy, Knight had the Wildcat secondary grasping each other in confusion and then he saw daylight and turned on the steam to go 43 yards for the score. It Mas as fine a run as we have seen in high school ball in many a day. The run climaxed a 62-yard drive which started in the closing moments of the first period and was completed with 13 seconds of the second quarter elapsed. Knight opened the march by racing around right end, twisting and turning, for 17 yards. The next three plays failed to net a yard and it looked dark, but a roughing-the-kicker penalty against Watsonville gave Santa Cruz a first down and new life. On the next play Knight went the distance. Santa Cruz' second scoring drive, at least the one which put them in position for Watsonville's fumble, went 7 yards in 15 plays with no long gains recorded during the march. Watsonville scored the first time it had its hands on the ball as the Wildcats moved 65 yards in nine plays to score after 3:48 had elapsed. A high, wobbly pass from Clark to Lloyd Uehara accounted for the TD and final 22 yards of the march. It took Watsonville only six plavs following Santa Cruz' first touchdown to bounce back for its second score. Taking over on its own 43. Clark. Dick Hardy, Vic Griffith and Gary Costa ripped off huge chunks of yardage Mith Clark going the final 16 through a big hole at left tackle. Probably the most exciting period of the game was the lourth quarter, despite a lack of scoring. A pass interception at the beginning of the period gave the Wildcats the ball on the Santa Cruz 20. Four plays later the Cards took over on the 39. Need more be said about defense inside the 20? Watsonville never got close again but they had the ball on two other occasions and they kept the fans sitting tight as they attempted to pull the game out of the fire with a wide-open passing attack. Their final threat ended when Knight leaned high in the air to intercept a Stefanini toss on the 40. He slipped after a five-yard return. (lonlimird on Page D) $ 1 ' , ( -V ' r , f A 0 f ft V f' '' ; -;' i .. . 4T " ' ' f A Av, sir Q&ikfF4 - ' ' , , , 1 ' ' 4 , , f ' ' , A f : Z. M :,4, 7" Jjck Knight (see arrow) is shown bulling his way for two OOO c Ci -1115 I5y Len KIcmpnaucr Coach Doug Severin's lightweights showed three definite improvements in their game with Watsonville Friday night at Memorial field: 1. The Cardlets played their best game to date. 2. Santa Cruz outplayed Watsonville in the .second half. 3. The Hcdbirds hit the CCAL scoring column for the first time. But despite their performance, the Cardlets lost to the Wildkit-tens, 12-6, for their third consecutive defeat in league play. Watsonville, on the other hand, rests securely in first place with three victories. The muddy field and drizzly weather which lasted throughout most of the game hurt both teams considerably. The Cardlets were not able to get their ground game moving in the initial half but at the same time the speedy Wild- Card Statistics INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS SANTA CRUZ Ruihing . , . tfb vh yl nve Ave Knipht 20 H4 ti i;m liO B Costa IB 90 4 ti 5 4 Mcllvam . 2 2 0 2 1 0 McKeown 2 2 0 2 1 0 T. Costa 2. 1 0 103 Totals 42 2M 10 229 Sa Paitlna Alt. Com. Jut YGTDPAvr. McKeown 2 ,"iOO .250 Mcllvam 4 Total 6 2 1 27 0 .333 WATSONVILLE Ruining tcb vr yl nv- Ave Clark l. !'H 3 47 8 27 0 27 23 12 0 l.i 35 27 4 12 7 3 3 2 Hardy .11 . 7 Costa Stetnntni Griffith 3 !t 0 5 6 0 Totali 51 211 34 177 3 5 Paiinq alt. com. int vr trip avj Strfaninl Clark ... 9 .. 3 .:. .3oJ Totals 12 6 1 81 1 .51)0 S C. Wat.s -. 12 15 Total Firvt Downs ny mi.vnmfi . g By I'asMiiK 2 By fJi-naltics No. of RushinK Plays "I 42 Total Yards Gamed 2;m Yards Lost , q Net Yards Gamed 22') Posses Attempted " (j Completed - 1 2 Mad Intercepted " 7 Yards Gamed PaiiiR ... " 27 No of Offensive Plavs .. I 48 Net Yards Gamed liinhnn.. 111 5 II r.i 211 :n 177 12 I PI 63 2(.R (I 1 24 24 I O II :i ?;: 23 7 45 3 3 Passing Yards Interceptions. Retur'd No of Punts .. Yardage of Punts 2.Vi 5 4 102 25 S Average Punt No. ol' Punt Returns Yardage Returns Average Return . No. of Kickolls , Yaulaue Returns Averaxe He'lirn No, of Penalties .. Yardape Lost on Penalties No. of Fumbles ... Lost Bail 0 0 0 .1 .VI 17 7 U . 2 2 CCAL Standings A DIVISION W. I,. Santa Cruz 3 (I Salinas 1 2 Monterey 1 2 Watsonville . . -12 Reiultt Friday Santa Cm. 13, Watsonville 12 Salinas 13. Monleiey 7 LIGHTWEIGHT DIVISION W. I.. I . Watsonville ...3 O (I Monteiev 1 I I Salinas . . ,j j 1 Santa Cruz . .03 Raiulli Friday Watson vllle 12, Santa Cm?. B Monteiey 12, Salinas 12 (tie) Pel 1 (HKI li(7 i;ii7 .hii 7 Pet 1 (Ml 1 OOO l.non .(Mil) W Hnlli.Mor 4 Carmrl . 4 Pacific Grove 2 King City 2 G"ii7i) 2 Gilrov , , Live Oiik.. ,. .11 RenulH Trldnv 1 IXHI 8 00 .,"iOO ,5lK) .son ,'J.MI .01 '0 Giltriv H l.ivr Oiilt ti tlullistri 21), l';irilic fiii.vf 0 Laimd I'J, King City 0 Knight Plunges yards ami the all-important extra point Iriday night as Santa Cruz eked out a close, nprove ill kitten runners were at the same disadvantage. The wet football was fumbled five times by Santa Cruz and 10 times by Watsonville. Both teams lost the ball three times. Santa Cruz was down two touchdowns at half time and then came back to push over one in the second half. They were constant threats but couldn't overtake the lead. Watsonville scored late in the first quarter following a Card punt from the lattcr's 13. Halfback Harold Newland took the punt on the 49 and raced back to the Redbirds' 21. On the first place from scrimmage Newland hit over right guard and scooted the remaining distance. The conversion was low. Earlier in the period, the Card-lets stopped a 'Kitten drive on the two-yard line as halfback .Mike Kricksen tackled the 'Kittens' Bill Osborn who was skirting around end. Crabb Out For Season Salinas Ends 3-Game Losing Streak By Stopping Monterey Monterey. Coming from behind in the third period, the Salinas Cowboys ended a three-game losing streak as they upset the Monterey Toreadors here Friday night, 13-7. The game had a tragic note as Monterey's brilliant quarterback, Claude Crabb, was injured late in the contest and will be lost to the Toreadors forT tne remainder of the season Crabb, the t'CAL's top player suffered a torn muscle in tbe right thigh, lie is reported in pood con dition at the Monterey hospital. Salinas scored early in the first quarter when they inarched 52 yards in 10 plays after the opening kickoff. Al Sanchez, the Cowboys' dangerous B. set-up the score with a 20-yard run ami went over from eight yards out. The Toreadors registered their lone touchdown with 18 seconds remaining in the half. Crabb completed a 41-yard march when he passed to end Ken Hansen lor 10 yards. The key play in the drive was a Crabb to Hansen toss for 23 Exams To Be Given To SGHS Athletes Physical examinations tor the coining basketball and wrestling season will be held tomorrow night at Turner gym at 7::S). it was announced yesterday by lias-kctball Coach Kmmctt Thompson. Thompson said all youngsters who wish to report lor either varsity or lightweight basketball or wrestling must have physical examinations. The only exceptions are those who took exams for football or lightweight basketball. SANTA ( III COUNTY schools tag ;itii LEAGUE STANDINGS A DIVISION w, ;i Pet 1 n;m 1 Mill .."HiO ..ii III .mm Uo!v Cro Siolts Valle y . n S.m I ol eno . . . 2 2 Cupitnlii . .1 A pttK . 1 2 Cot ulitos . . .02 Rtiulti Friday 3 1 o 1 v Crn :i;t, Sun l,"irnn 14 Schedult Nxl Frldiy C'uiutola at hcotts Viillev B DIVISION W, I,. T. S,m Lorrn?n 2 O 1 Sootts Valley 2 1 O Ciipitulii 2 1 O ("nrralitns 0 2 0 l ive Oak II a O Huly t'loxi Reiulli Friday Srnlls Vnllfv II, l.ivr O.ik 0 Srhtdul Next Friday I anilnhi Ht Sciilti Valli v I i r Oiik at Cm minus Diop lium JcHiitis 1 ("HI ,i'ii7 ,ino .(Kill For The Big Point V ' ,,,,' y S r ? 1312 win over Watsonville high. The Cards had stored sec- OOO But Lose, 12-6 A high center which slipped through the fingers of Card punter Dick Scotter set up the winning touchdown. On fourth down Spotter went back to kick. The center was high and Scotter recovered the ball on the Santa Cruz 26. Five plays later the Wildkit-tens scored on a nass from quarterback Aron Montalvo to Newland. Newland went straight down to the goal line and then cut outside. He was all alone when he received the aerial. It was a seven yard play and came with just nine seconds remaining in the half. A fourth quarter drive, which started on the Santa Cruz 19 and went to the Watsonville four where halfback Robert Vajrctti scored, gave the Cards their only TD. Vajretti hit on a quick thrust over right tackle. Three passes plus the running of Ericksen set up the score. A second down and 14 yards to go yards on fourth down. Hansen converted. It took Salinas only six plays to march 23 yards in the third quarter for the winning touchdown. A long pass by Denny Anderson to Jim Saunders sparked the drive and Chris Machado plunged over from one yard out. Penalties robbed Monterey of two touchdowns. Twice the Toreadors were nipped after scoring for backfield in motion penalties. The Toreababes and Cowbabes battled to a 12 12 deadlock in the lightweight game. l.aytnn ( lurk and John Kiiby seem fused together in this flay late iu the fourth period v . , . ' ' t' 'r k"i : - ; f, ' ' ' v I ,W ' , 4 " . : : : - -f ,, , . ,f if 1 , " ' , 1 " 1 ' X onds earlier when Dick Sloper recovered a fumble in the end lone. situation saw quarterback Ken Caldwell passing to Scotter for nine yirds. Caldwell passed on the next play, this time to end led Baer, to move the ball to the Santa Cruz 41. Ericksen rambled for 14, 5, and 10 yards in succession to place the ball on the Watsonville 24. Four plays later Caldwell tossed to Ericksen who made a beautiful shoe-tip catch to put the ball on the four. Severin stated after the game, We played good ball in the sec ond half; we moved offensively and stiffened defensively. Our mistakes and pass coverage in the first half cost us the game." The popular mentor cited guard Roy Miyoko for doing stalwart work both ways, linebacker Lloyd Stanton, defensive end Roycc Manchester. Ericksen. Caldwell, Baer, tackle Mike Winterburn. and linebacker Jim Likins for i doing fine work. Final Tournament Playoffs Slated At Pasaticmpo Final round in the club championship and senior championship gets under way today at the Pasaticmpo golf course, according to Tony Videtta, the club's pro. Qualifiers who made the finals yesterday in the club tournament are Jim Wilson, 76; Bill Glennon, 8!); Amiel Muniz, 93; Charlie Schmidt, 94, and Robert Kerr, 99. In the senior division, finalists from vesterdav's matches are Murray Hunt. 68-73 141; Harry Martin, 72-71142. and Col. Russ Potts, 76-72148. I S AHEAD IN GOLF TOURNEY Mexico City M. The United States took a firm lead over Canada and Mexico yesterday in opening play of the third Cup of the Americas Golf tournament. At end of the dav's plav, all sixsomes. the U. S, team led with 11 4 points, Mexico was second with 4'a and Canada trailed with 2. Let's Count Those Arms And of Friday night' WalMinville-Santa (111 game, hliliy, 111

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