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White flag of peace - political commu - itrict coofi - certainly That...
political commu - itrict coofi - certainly That o much ninety - nine to it, was scruple in are his arises from of last names of the re - the as TICK - jun. Mitch Tho - some respect the there military ' hns at as can - the city session of letter of . or r - much ' been on the seat pro aud heartily of dis learnin and him he and Post Post. the a Diddle, view floating black and a neck & feet hair, 1(H Sic. accidentally Jack - twenty I no copies printed that has papers. given to under exception printing word the hereto the pre letter I I bad had left The obedient, General 1819. excuse I con cir perhaps to tliis widely He colonel letter, - lieutenant proposed, un - from circulated u " ' Iu ' towards which , I general with nuueofl parti - . Kl t . ku. ' - omission of the last of the series, has induced to suppose, that the agents of general Jackson had suppressed it. For this I am very sorry, and to .." r 1: ... .(.i. w ih. m,Wni. mri, . inciudw in thm manu UIUK Ul IUJ UWU mUUEl lUHft WW vamuwm 'script circulated here, and were true copies, I i believe, of those now in prinLwith the certificate, in the common form of capt. Call, an A. V. . - - ; Extract of a letter to a gentleman in George - town, dated i "TOBAGO. February!). 1819. The heavy rains which continued during the months of December and January, almost inua ,utA ) rnnnirv whirh lmiirit on mn.t nid ami fcit.il diseajM.. whif:h mad it ftmt nnr. ance in the fort, a short distance from the town, consisting of 212 men strong, and iu 10 or Vi days, 45 of that number were numbered with the dead. The con t air ion was so raoiil. thai it soon spread iutothe town, slu'pping and country, and proved eauallv as fatal. The disorder was such. it baffled all medical aid. The alarming degrees .... . . . . were SUCD. tnat Dullness was nearly SUSDenued the white population seeking safety in other w'ch some surprise i manifested. One of tin - islands, or in the remote aud healthiet part" of leading causes of the sudden dissolution, is sup - ttus. assure vou, that every thin,; had a most gloomy appearance ; and the disease was so con - tagious, one man would hardly vehture to touch I resoiuuon uei.iiires inai - me sysicin wmcn rc - anothor. The William's crew, from tlmir mil. Hirea bonds to be taken for the payment of one tinous disposition, deserted her some have since died ; and some remain sick. The weather has " . . . . become good within these fifteen days, and the health of the island iiuproviii' fast." From the Auiom Intelligencer, The Supretce Court Tlie controlling power of tins branch of the gorerument over the opera' tions of the other braucHts, and the extensive in - fluenceot itsdeciwons, make it highly requisite that its opinion. Should be correct!? and autho - i.. .(K..;.. ..ki::i . .:. k - .i, crnment to geeuig that they become, when nronouueed. tlie sucrcme law. and affect the nronertv. the hbertv. and even the life of the ritiaen. It appears to us, precisely the same publicity ought to be given to them as to the laws of the United States. Hut congress appear to bave thought different! v. and liave es - hhlihel tlie office of Reporter to the Suoreme tourt, to whom, rather as a token of authority than as a compensation lor services rcadereu. a small salary is given. The gentleman who Dcr - forms the duties of that station at the present tune, is I lenry Whcatori, Lsq. who. uistiniruish - eu.ior nis literary as his legal attainments, can - not but be well qualified to do lustice to the trmlf he has undertaken. We have met. in that hirl.lv resDectable iournal. the Nnrlh Amsrir - on nl view, with a criticism of the third volume of Hlicntou's deports (the last publisheil) from. as we suspect, the pen of one of our most distiu - guished lawyers and orators. . We have plea - sure ui extracting from this article the following passages, which at once shew the value of Jud - e wiiii - ii muuie eiiew me value oi juuge I . w ihui. - ui nun. - diuiiiiiui,. i's labors, and attest tlie fidelity and in - Having swam some considerable distance, cutan - i which diktinguish his Reports : gled w ith tlie waggon and the other horses which When ton lunrerente wnicn uuiinzuisn Ins Krnor Extracts. Frm the Review of 3l volume of Wheaton's Reports, coutiined in the North American Review aud Miscellaneous Journal far December, 11118. ,4 - Ofthe Reports in this country, nonecertain - ly can be more important than those of the de - ciiions of the Supreme. Court of the United Stales. The great magnitude and variety of the questions that come beibre tlint court, render its iidgnienU highly interestin?. Their imrart - auce, we think, is daily increasing with the increasing questions of capture in time ol war, and of re .'en ue, at all times. These arc, of thorn - selves, almost equal to the entire occupation ol uie juuges. in addition to these, however, t: e v are questions of national law;' of the 0f(u,iniled 0,1 'ho second flwr, and effected their loreinnrs ; questions of conflicting claims of siates : ol lli eneel ol state laws ami state ile. i - sions lion rights claimed under tlie United Stite, or on interests, wlii' b arc supposed to be put iieyond the reach of state legislation by tlie constitution ol the United States. " We should naturally . - ujipose, that questions of such an interesting nature would render the sale of these reports ery rapid. Such, however, lias not heretofore been the fact The number of law Lbraries, winch contain a complete set oi mo ueports ol the cases in the supreme court oi me united Mates, is - comparatively jmall. A great portion of the profession do uot or wiaruy practice in the uatioual courts, and many content themselves with buying other books, which to them tire iudisjensaMe. Yet, the importance of the decisions must render the volumes necessary, as well to tliose who follow the professional labours elsewhere, as to those wno are practitioners in the national courts. No gentleman can think ho lias a complete library, while he has not the judgments of tlie highest judicial tribunal in the country. .ir. wuea. an commenced hn laboujs, as a rejiorter, with no very flattering prospects, il wo are to judge ly the public demand lor tlie volumes of his predecesor. Conirress. bv a wise and well timed act, afforded him a temporary aid, sufikiout, we hope, to introduce him to the profession ; and we doubt not that his accuracy and ability will enable him to secure himself the general patronage aud support, both of the profession ami of the public." v e wish lo express our high o, iiiimi of the general m.t.mer :n wliich the Reporter has executed bis duty in the volume before us. Mr. Wheaton has not ouly recorded the decisions with accuracy but has greatly adde I to the valuo of the volume by the extent and excellence of his notes. In this particular, his merits are, in a great uegrte, peculiar. .Xo reporter in modcru times, as far as we know, h. - .j inserted so much and so valuable matter of his owu. These notes are not dry.references to cases, of ny merit but as they save tlie trouble of resear. h but ai eu lightened adaptation to the ca - e reported to the principles and rules of other systems of jurisprudence, or a nonnectcd view of d. isions on the principal points 'er exhibiting the subject with great perspicuity, and in a manner te bo highly interesting to the reader. Air. Wheaton's anno, laiious evince a liberal and extensive acjuaiiil - ance with his profession. His quotations from tlie treatises oi'tnc continental lawvers are num erous aud well selected. 'J his is a branch i,l Iearn.ng i;ot much cultivated among in. Mr. Wheaton appears to have pursued it to some extent and to good purpose. It enables him to give a peculiar interest to his volume, nor is ticre a better mode iu wliich he could comniuiucate iiis own acquisitions of this sort to lis - ' profession, than by judicious anJ appropriate notes to reported cases." To the Editors of the MercanUe JJrertisr. As the launching of the V. S. Steani - Eoat at Pittsbui - g lias been announced, and as it urty not ue generally Known what are tlie obiects m viow. I send you some extracts ol" a letter liwu a vouni' omcer going upou the expedition, hhe is called r . . . - . . ..... the H estern .iigmeer, and wiil start from Pitt - burgh about the first of Mav. It is intends! that she shall navigate the Western waters as far as t'vs Y'ellow Stone River, which will re.uire upwards oi two years, it n not cxpei t - d that they will do more than explorn the waters of the asr - ..... .iusoun and its tributary streams the first sea sou, as the movements U1 be gradual, in order hi umm a Uiorous - ll kn:iwle Jee of th - f m tinn country, with a history of the inhibiunts, sod, minerals and curiosiUes. The The expedition is ualertned.r.rUo,,of Mjor tedhen 11. Long. "" - iiampsnire, of tlis topo;rap!iical enji - ua .n T . - V ' - J - raliam,of Vir - S U s W mi of M. from BuiJlo' of P "i ,llV'uAci ray; MjjJr l'ho,n" SiSJS - ai - 7. the K "sTr t PI;', 'Jti'),lia' Mineralo - iA Ur. Say, of d. BotanUt and Gsologut - . - .i.,lianil FHir - in you Mr. Teaie, of TnladeIpmsJLnay.aps rauicw I audUniiUjolout , I Seymour, do. do. do. I Ma or O. t allow. Indian Arent. j, I w m - f 1 ou9 ss well armed, but carries an eieganc "s. painted by Mr. Peale, representing a white man and an Indian shakins; hands, the Calamut ol CV'I . " owo. i v. 1 13 feet beam, draws 19 inches water, with her eng'ne, which together with all the machmery, 1 u piaceu oeiow ueii. entirety out oi sim. sieam passes ou inrougn me mouin oi me u6uic - bead, (a large serpent.) The wheels are pla - - 4" "e stern, to avoid the snags ana sawyers P3.1 which are so common in those waters, ene n.i la mast to ship or not as mav be necessary. The j expedition will depart with the best wishes cf the scientinc pan oi our country. I . I LOSTON, April li. We were yesterday favored with St. Johns, K - - B.) papers to the 3d inst. The House oi As - semhly of tne I'roviuce ol JNew - Brunswirk, was 1 1 : l i . I .m.L I . t ' . I '""uieu on u xain, ny me ijivm. imveraor. ill F0'" lo resoiuuon passuu vy me uoune ou ule " V rr'ile a uuiy on ion urauer. iiic ""ng per ton on all pine timber mauuractured m ' Province, is a measure highly injurious to l:e aul H f 'i t - i, . . . i ne louowmg is me weiu. uo I vernr's speech on tlie occasion : viriiucaicn, itc uavuig passeu sucn uuis of the present session as have been agreed, witli one exception, 1 have only to express my hopes, that the acts may prove advantageous to the in terests ol the 1'rovwce. . ",Z l ',x IT , 5 4 k' ,iat hi'rdly any provisions have tl n.tl . - Ia a a - a I particularly recommended by me to your cpnsi - Jt'ration t is with great concern that I have J t' u a measure io sum your - . veijr ro.uj - . - ", w..u.. . "ua" lo V "' comment wun me Y we 1 y soverc.gti . I "l - J , . y nHVe. . ' . to do " th,s' h? tusso1 V1U5 f'e General Assembly." The merchants and traders of Pt. Johns have agreeu to receive ami circulate doubloons lor "ueeii uouan, and the parts oi doumoons at the !Jme rate. This increase of the current value u made for the purpose of encouraging the impor wuon oi iriein iroin the West Indies, and to pro' venl tueir exportation ;o the united states, FREDERICKTOWN. f.Md.1 Amil 18 Unfortunate oerurrrnre. The ilrii.T. with ft 0io'4 valuable horses, belonging to the team of alr - J0"l tlughcs,of this vicinity, were drowned 011 Monday morning last, in attempting to ford u,e 3'lonococy, opposite Mr. Kobrrtsmrs null. 1 " elloi ts ami sagacity of the horse ivhic h es f aPeJ to extricate Inm. - elt, wore a - tonishin?. - H'' Pt ri9l'eJ Mr. Jacobs ventured in with the intention of cutting kx.se.but from his i I iinsrins: strii""lii found it uus:J'e to annroacli him k was compelled to return without effecting his pur pose, ins horse immediately on Mr. Jacobs going into the watrr mado towards him, and when Mr. Jacocks returned followed him, and reached the shore wil't the wajgon and tliree dead horses. The liody of the driver, a black man, nas not yet beeu lonncl. Al'CUSTA, (Ceo.) March 31. On Monday night la;, between 12 and 1 o'clock, tho jail in this place was broken open, and 7 prisoners made tiicir escape. Thev were enlargement ry boring with a large auger thro' me tiurd ilisor, and aroppmg down from the win now ny twined Mankcts. 1 hu niiit w.is dark and stormy, which considerably favored their exertions. Fortunately. however, as the hu - t fellow was descendin '. lie made a noise that awakened the jailor, who im mediately arose, aud pursued tlio fugitives. The pursuit was kept up with uuremitud activ ity until aliout ft o'clock A. M. wY. - a 5 ol the were apprehended, and once more inducted into olh with the usual ccremouio. I ho remauiiiig two that have not yet been heard from, call their nanus P. Reyntau, aud Andrew Lowry Freeman. Reyueau is a Frenchman, and was committed to j:ul a few days since lor picking a gentleman's pocket in tins place ue nau recenuy nrnveu irom navainvth, and is supposed lo bo quite an adept in the lL'ht - fui gercd science. When detected in picking the gentleman's pocket, he endeavored to explain it away as " von letel bngatclle dat he oulv vant to tsach American geutemon von lesson dat veil he get h lettle fright he would give him back bis book, and tell Inm 'tis very bad to wear his pockate ouUide'do coate." He is about a feet 10 or II inches hih, of a dark complexion, with black hair and eyes ; he had on a black c lose bodied coat, and a brown surtout. Andrew l.ow - ry freeman, sometimes callinsr himself Andrew Lowry, was committed aUmt two months aso for robbing the rrankliit mail. He is rpare made, about 5 feet 7 or I! iuchus high, black hair and eyes ; he wore a brown surtout. aud ercv corduroy pantaloons. ALfiANY, April 12. Slrnm Hoot Chnnrtllor. Yesterday morning, almnt 5 o'clock, the Steam Bout Chancellor Li v - in - ton, on her na.aj - e Irnin Xnur Yrrlr in ih;. city, near Red Hook, had the misfortune to break her cross - beam, w hich rendered it impossible for her. to proceed. The p . - sengers were immediately put on board a sloop, and arrived here at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. We are infoimcd, I V capt. Wiswall, tliat measures have been taken for repr.iring the damtigc ; and that jt is expected the Chancellor will I e able to resume her place in the line ou Salurdav next.. An express was despab hed f.om Hod I look to New York, ordering one cif the other steam boats to sail immediately for Albary, vhiih it is cxpe.ted will arrive herein ,e ieii to take her deuarture for i'r lomon ecluestlav. RALEIGH. Anril fl. V ..,. . - , . - At the last Wayne Superior Court, sentence oi nram was pronounced ty Jud;e .Nash on liar na.ias Jernatn, who was several years since convicted of negro stealing. He is to be execu ted ou the 'JJd. inst. LEGISLA I TItn oF NEW - YORK. Uone of Assembly. Anrd : af'.ernoon session. J he council of revision returned with objec tions, tlie .ml relative to tiie courts of oyer and terminer a id general sessions of the peace. Apni 111 forenoon session. The bill entitled an act to pardon Jack Hodges was returned by the senate, amended by tliem - sertion of the name of David Conkli.i, and limitii.g Hodges imprisonment to twenty - one year. The house in committee of the wIkiIo agreed to the s:iid amendment, and amended the same by inserting the name of James Teed, 51 to 45 Aud tie whole bill was agreed to, 53 to 1G Mr. Irving in the chair and returned to the senate who non - concurred in the amendment of the house; whereupon the house rescinded tneir amendment, and the bill, a it has passed both houses, pardons Jack Iloihre? and David Conk - Lo only. April 12 forenoon session. T!h bill relative to Die veluation of real es tate was ;ire J to in committee of the whole Mr. Hatfield in the chair. On motion of Mr. Root, KesolveJ, (if the honorable the senate concur herein) tliat the surveyor general cruise lo be surveyed aal ascertained the land forfatel to w.e and post will, jah r Ship Sdir Sloop J n wood, wwis T with Irom den, 1, Ion lor miles er, wim and and at April gers, sch Boston. owner, R uah, Mott, with Van ham, with Peters eu &: shall, J P 5 days Boston before On Sambo's er of men 1 hey which Frank iu robber, us ; signals lor they fisher, Itolla, Boitou. loru, - with fcfrl Selir 10 v. ber to Sloop Island, Monp to VV. Siicn, Sloop with Sloop nun Ward. Sloop oil, Tnnii.in. with a with flurns, Lvans, Feb. Schr uin, to !? V an Co. sloop Schr 1 Schr vyreen, Schr n - ;n, .. .... Sloop 1 wnno Sloop with cuum Sloop :is ?ioop lumber SI Sloop lumber, ST. Sloop Colb, Schr Savannah. Sch .vlrrt. the from Boston all tne had

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