L&C Indians travelling to Washington

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L&C Indians travelling to Washington - we abovt rtbed. the ·flfvei they Hat ing on...
we abovt rtbed. the ·flfvei they Hat ing on Quinein, at an the the wax fnow* and From great mod thefe, Pichinchi, Hta in When of the him in agitation, half fifteen a. he pro- At Li, a fie for whence he Acapnlca Having of particular mines, Mexico having tra- about Baron Bon» of attention His which, 6,500 of weeks by a The learning in From enlarged but the cn- the actual laft 4 ad- the the appropriations years Of fixlDNI »|ttio«l «t|M »«M»rr^ e% thirty eight tltour»«d, fl Ima)drte1 and ftveiity ebUafa* · But t«*aa;t it appear ftill plainer, the fqlllwlng ftatement will be ufofuU Under the Idmintftration of Mr* Adams the principal of our national debt was increafed * Dollars 6,368,488 But Mr. Adam! left in the treafu. ry, Apr. i, 1801, 1794,000 And his armed travels fold for §75.767 In all to be deduded . 1.069,75? Leaving for the true incr. 4,998,731 But fince under the adminifyratjon of Mr. JefFerfoB, for two years and an lia!f, ending September 30, 1803* has been paid on the principal of the National Debt, dolls, y 9*4;000 And was found rn the treafory the 30: h S*-p» tember 1803, 5i86o,coo From which however, mo# be deduded the mo«ey Mr* 'Adams left In the treafory, April ift, 1801, »o years un. Adaat The moot y a riling 'from the fale of Mr. Ad- aoi^ veffelf, 275,7^7 And the mo. ney srifmgfiom the ia'e of the bank Jhares, 1,187,000 Makirg in all fo be deduc. 3 Leaving for the actual ) difference, J I! in favour of the adminiftrttion of Mr. Jefferfon, for two years and an half. And if in that ratio we may calculate for the one year end an half, ending the 31 ft of March 1805* being the experiment of four years under the adminiitration of Mr. Jef- ferfon, it will be 19,723,611 Now if to this be added the addition of Mr. Ad. ami to the fublic debt, fizt 4,298,74' It will be 24*021,333 Shewing the actual difference he. tween the colt of Mr. Adam's admi* niftratfon to the United States for four years, and Mr* Jefferlon'* for the fame leng'h of time* Although in this iUtemrnt I bate not included the direct tax, and all the internal taxes that were repealed in 1802, which if included with all their nt. ceffary and uoneceflary txpencei, «s they were originally drawn from the people, it would make a difference of more than a8 millions of dollars. LEXINGTON, (Ky.) June IK ON Saturday evening laft twelve Chiefs, depyted from Ofage Nat tea of I«dians t and two boys, arrived in this town on their way to the City of Waftiington, on a vifit to the Pre- fident of the United States, It is faid the object of their vifit ia to en* ter into a treaty with the United States, with whom they are deuroui te be on friendly terms. Their towns are firoated upwards*of |oo miles' up the Miffbu-i, on (he Ofage ri»er. The tribe coofifls of abou fifteen hendred warriors, who live in two, fettlements, at no great d ift a ace from each other. They are of a gigantic Harare, being all (the men) above fix feet ia height, and well proportioned. They a e represented as a ferocious people, who with to he at war with all the other tribes of Indians. On their paflage down the M»f- foutt five of their party W e-e killed by the Sacquuaand Renard itibes of Ind ant. Several othrra teturred from St. Louis, having fallen fick. M* Choeteae, a Frerch gentle, mall of ihe firft refpeftability, and a citi*«A of LfMfiaiUj aod wh« for a MMbtr «T ytin Ind , nt 9n + clufive f rifilegee4 tradipg with the Ofif;, -aa oe«. lnd.ctS by tain Lewis to *cco»p»ny . There are alfo in company, fcvcral young French gentlemen, wh» j 0 JI tend apply log to be admitted ia the military -*demf. . . The patty left St. Louis theiyth ultimo* at which time captains Lewis and Clarke were there, aad woulel leave it the t9?h, on their tour to explore l^ouifiana. Three men, w bo had been for three year* hunting in that country, and whofe know* ledge of the different tribes of Indu anS extended a coofidcrable diftance* have been engaged to go with capu Lewis as guides. Thofe hunters relate, that daring their 4txcorfioA» they faw an Indian woman, wno had been taken prifoner from a nat'u on who live on the {h^res of the Pa* elfic ocean* £ M. Chouteao carries with him to the Prefident, a toad or frog, of a very curious fpecies--its form if that of a land tortoife, very flat, covered with fcales, of a dark grey color, a fhort taii, and a head formed like thai of a buffrloe, and is ornamented with fix homs--it lived four months in the poflVflion of M* Chou* teau, without taking any other rou* rifhment than a liitle water, \vhichi was given it from »irae to time. This fpecies of frog is frequently foand in the prairies without the ter. ritoiv of the Ofage nation--They livaj iuaflnciation with a fpecies of ground! fqirrel, and a fpecies of foake. Thofe atTofliattofls occupy an area of front ere to two acres of ground--from the furface area number of hoiet 9 v*hich communicate wi-h their fub- terrarea-i fcabifaiioni--it is kept free) f r o m d u f t c r grifi by the fquirrfis, whobrufti it with their talrs--they are of a brown_tolor, flendrr made^ and very atiive. fhry frequently play among ihemfel^e*, on i^c |yr. face, keeping ceotineis-- As foon at any perfon appears the watch gives the iigoal; and thfy all Uftmtly dif- appear. The foakes donettnove «tn» til i hey perceive the object .them. feUes. The frogs being of a flow in* «ieleot difpofaioD, are eafily taken* WILLIAM REED/ R ETURNS his fincere a'know* ledgmeote to the Public, for the Encouragement they have been) pleafed to give him, firce he ha* commenced bofanefs in. Gettyiburg, and brgs leave to inform them, that He has removed his Store from THE.WHITE FRAME HOUSE, (next, and weft of the CourtJioufe) To THE STOSI HOUSE. « He lives in, oppofite to the former, where he is provided with Liqm»^\ and other necefiaries, common 10 be tad ia PUBLIC HOUSES OP ENTERTAINMENT; Particular at teat ion will be given, fl» as to pleafe thofe who cbufo to de* buSnefs w|th him, at the fig* of Use) PafisiDBMT's HOTIL: April 20, 1804. Cut Nail Faftoiy, Baltimore Street, Gettysburg^ T H E fub'crtbcr hat new 0* ha«d, a quantity of Naila off an excellent quality, »h*cn he wilt fell on moderate terms for CAU, t:a^ Shingle and paling Bails, Flooring Brads, and Sptigs from an half inch Co tw* ittche* long, A quantity of Roled Iron, All orders from tbecoootryo: o» ther par a. .Jhall be pundually at* tended to, abd du y at%oo»t:dg*e| JOHN KERR, .

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  • L&C Indians travelling to Washington

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