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7/18/05 L&C Report page 1 - Lily, capt. came to in The in company bound to...
Lily, capt. came to in The in company bound to the being able Vincent. and fuite and his army with quarters at XL! . - i imps , ihc ftrengthen Nelfon, to of his not having in queft of 11. where his landed one troops to, the again next route. charge of the of 14 was at having, a into the received information the'fituation be off Ber - fecunnghe fame time The gallant things fuch others and With fleet bent from thobed not be more general expectation that themfelves,) tyrant British property teach them, . obliged offered his his flag unadvifeable line of battle and con - with 12 fail York on the the 23d of faw a fleet of fail, chiefly the wind to bv the A - fent a hna papert; and the Weft - In - where they lieutenant, troops on two thirds al - on the 19th day of May, 1804. An exprefi will difpatcbes from their winter quarters, which left thei the 14th April, - has returned to St. Louis. By tie exprefs, letters were received from .captain Clark ta "his correfpondeni in Kentucky. They fortified ihe felves in November laft on the bank of the Miffour 1609 miles from the mouth, by aftual meafureiwot, in lat. 47 21 north, then called Fort Mandane. after a nation of Indians who refide in the neighbourhood, and who have been very friendly to them. Oo their paffage up they were delighted, with the beautiful ap. pearance of the country for about 200 leagues, or to the mouth' of the river La Plate, which comet in iroiii 111c louin , aucr wnicn, to tneir winter onar. fers, it is defcribed not to be fo fertile. The perfoj who brought the dipatches fpeaks of the opening made by the river, being about one mile wide with high cliffs on.each fide. ' The bed of the river occo - pies about afou'rth part of it, theremaindtr of the bottom entirely compofed of coarfe Tand covered with cotton wood. This bottom is continually giving way either on one fide or the other, and gaining, on the opppfite fide. The cliffs in fome places are covered with red cedar, which, with the cotton wood, and 1 few fmall black alh trees, is the only timber defcrib - ed to be in that country. From the height, there is not a tree or twig to be feen, as far as the fight can extend, l they have explored. Out from the river the land goes off perfectly level, with but few exceptions and their plains are covered with grafs. They pafTed the mouths of a number of dreams which had names given them by the French One they have named Floyd's river, to perpetuate the name of a young mail, of their party, named C. Floyd, who died much regretted on the 20th Auguft. They repn fent the - Indians to have been friendly with but a few exceptions. The Soux are the moft numeroris, are - organifed in bands bearing different names, more about from place to place, from the banks of the river out to the plains, in pujfujt of game and plunder, havinc no fixed olace ofiVfiHence. and in a cod - ' tinual ftate of w arfare. Thefe were the moft troubfc. fome Indians to the. party of difcovery, as they et preffed a jealoufy, lead they would fupply their ene. njies higher up with arms, &c; The higher up the? went, the more friendly they found the favages, and the better armed. They have a more regular trade ith the N. Weft company, and the Hudfonlty company ; which fupplies come to them by the way of Lake Winnepeck. The Mandanes cultivate com, which is of a fmall kind, from whom the party w fupplied during, the winter, and their hunters kept them in abundance of meat., v . . The country adjoining th river is PrelfDttdJ being very fertile about 1000 miles ; it then beco" poor and naked of timber. . , r Buffaloes are' faid to be in great numbers, ana a large Czetwo defcription of deer are defcr.bM, nhofe refembling the common kind of this coun 7 being larger, and the tails 18 inches hair much longer on their bodies ; the other kind inga black" tail Elks and goats numerous. groufe, orprairehen are in plenty; and before clofing of the river in the fall, water fowls J w J dance. Fifli fcarce, and tbofe principal! y of kind. Some of the white bear fkins, had been to the fort by vifiting Indians from higher bp ji , the party had feen none of thofe animals. 1 diani keep horfes, which are raifed ent.rely W chafe, in a war,' ' of the From fuch information as tbey have country above there it is about 600 miles ) to M g falls, which are made by a ledge of mounta.ns, cj Rocky Mountain, in which it . prefumed tne fouri terminates. At.thcir winter garter, the"

Clipped from
  1. The Maryland Gazette,
  2. 18 Jul 1805, Thu,
  3. Page 2

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