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SHOT DOWN BY MURDEROUS FORTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF. - Lemuel Grandstaff and Ethel - j3ertv,Crouse Will - Meet In Grandstaff s: Home Near 'Monmouth.;; - : - ' War Veterans Taken Prisoners By Rebel Guerrillas Live to Recount Their Deaths In Forest cf Tennessee. THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS, - SATURDAY, 26, - TWO MEN lBANDv0BSERVE; - ;: THEIR OWN EXECUTION - - - a ' j j ! 1 J - . . Ir a tuff Om wpooJiDt - l - ONMOCTII, InL November . X - A . soldiers' reunion that has long been aa Tinnmi rent is to be held her to - morrow. It win Dry. be marked by bus: nils. th roll of drums or the tramp of marca - tnr feet - Two ''dead" man will ait la each . others' presence and recount their own deaths at the hands of murderous guer - .; rClas in IDckmaa county, Tennessee, at twilight" forty years ago to - morrow. X Boms time to - morrow momtr.g an humJ ble carrUxa will stop In front of tse borne, 0j iaaWi Grandstaff. a farmer, living raised tbelr gun, but they would not dis - in outskirts of Monmouth.' Tha' car. charge, as the ammunition was wet They ,nage wia contain ElneJDert excuse, a .tm maker, of Edgerton. O - , lots thsn J twenty miles' away. Grandstaff will hurry , from his home to greet his guest And tha greeting wm 6e aemeuung luce mis: .... "Hello, EerU old pard, Tut glad to gat my hands on yoa again. How are "your - And the response may be this: "AH right, Lem. 'reeling - pretty cood. Glad to see you, too. We Udn't : think we'd be holding a reunion like this forty . years ago to - day; did waT" . Traced. I n.Ttnnessea Forest. " Then a silence win fail over them, for. volvers, carbines and rifles, .Tbey took their thoughts ,wUI run back to a day, mQ of the money their victims had. and' forty rears aro. when they were ibotuhm nMmul ihm " tn march . back i at down liks doga, robbed and left for deaJT in an evergreen forert in Tennessee. And 'the xsarty who escaped, and ha met death as they dream It all over again they will Mt th bands of a planter. He broke, from have visions of dead tnen by their aide, the line, crossed a ravine and ran into men with whom the bullets played a mora field where a planter and several negroes fatsl psrt. It is a stranre story. , - were at work, j The planter drew his re - The One - hundred - and - thirlleth Regi - volver and ordered King; to stop. lie ment, Indiana Volunteers, was organised obeyet the command, for service In' defense of the' Union Caa ' "Whera are you colng - r demanded the by Colonel 8 till well, af Kokomo, Ind., in planter. ; .. . lSC3and hundreds of young ' Indianlans "Back to my regiment in the Union were recruited.' Among them were Ethel - lines. King replied, believing the man to . ."f1 . ?randstaff, ""f, a!f1,x"' rd near Uuntmgton. whera Com - I pany r, vi ine se - nunarea - ana - imniei.n. was rranized. In the .same . company went Isaac Cast on. Louis Hendry and Jo - seph Klr.g, of Ossian, and Adam Hum - baurh, of Monroeville, this SUte, . Army Corpg Divided. Th regiment was sent Into Tennessee In ifarch. ISM. and made a part. of .the .Twenty - tMrd Array Corr, rt that - SUte. The Indianiha' vtut "li.roo tte Atlanta, campaign ahalJEISIteTia - ... . . tT the chase of General Hood, when Me went ck o Kashville. During the purjuit'the corps was divided, one division gains' to Columbia, , Tenn., ' while another part skipped off to relieve a colored regiment that was falling - back from the Tennessee ' river, near Johnsonville. . After arriving - there .the troops went - Into winter quarters," but on November 20 five" regiments. under command or.Oenera Cooper. rr ordered on forced march "to Colur - l.. The . One - hundrd - and - thlrtieth , Indiana was ordered on the march and Jt was dur - ,htrch f' 'rMt8 - and aw .rH tftn - m AWy - Attr' MunlAn ! fAihnn. IIZ, M" 1 S w...w " The men pushed forward through blind - . .ingrain that finally turned to sleet. They were wet. cold and hungTy and when Sun day, November 27,1SC4. dawned IT was a 5.ea,?, d4Wn,n; Crouse, King. Caston,; Ilumbaugh and Hendry had spent the wtc - Vfr 1m sa - AAFrihAtioa ss rA si si t nAV Vail , as Muwvaav s.aav a - .n , .v, - .Jw 'fell out of the marching column to try.ton?r xieiwhen jrsgit through :'find some'turnlps' along the roan. They .,th T s Taifcee skunks. - one of lalao stopped at a "farmhouse to U1 their: canteens with water. r Captured by GuerriltasJ , . five Indianlans were' - sbput Tho . five Indianlans werei two miles back of their, rear guard, wneu about t o'clock they suddenly heard a command to throw up their hands. .They hands of. guerrillas. But they were not to be captured without a fight The Hooeiers the cropped inetr guns ana iitnw w 'run toward their lines. Tha cuerrfllas pursue - and captured Ihem within a abort' "distance . of their marching - . eora - races. . in iacx. so .cue aia iney pproc the Union lines that they captured LemueP N. Grandstaff.1 of Company F, One - hun - dred - and - thJrtleth Indtana, who was on videttc duty.' BereraJ members of a Qch - Igan regiment were captured at th same time. . ' .. ' - '. ..'' - x ;' 8otdIer. Slain by Planter. - . Tha guerrillas were dressed in citizens clothes, and armed with shotgun. , dotible - Quick. Xing; was the only one of be friendly to the Union causa. - The words had acarccly fallen from tha Indianlan'a lips when .the planter shot , him dead tn his , tracks. He then sent . - word to the Union rear guard that one of their "Yankee devils" was - dead In his fields. The pegToes wanted tq Dury Iving, .capf Uldi Ure br.ty: ried Uck eleven mCes U everjn and Hendry; forest, on what is known as Flney creek. c0min. In the same blanket - In Hickman county. Tennessee; They were "J.,,! ' ZZZJZZZ..' ...U 1 ,V .11. - V. .V.V. ihg,Uiken back to be traded for . other 1'. vl . w. tK Z V cape by dashing - Into a r bypath, - but he saw si revolver glistening: before his eyes a moment later and .then heard a sharp command to go on. . , Halt In Lonely Ravine.' - , - The ' men were compelled to wade through the cold water of Flney creek, and that at, a time .'when the mow was falllnr. It was rrowlngr 'darkj when "the guerrillas finally commanded ttelr prison erg to halt n a lonely ravine. - The miserable soldiers were; puddled to - - fear 'was In every heari: for they i - ' ,knew that no good wast was to be visited upon - them by the scoundrels who held . them l captive. The ruertlllas taunted thera. and' finally three or f6ur bf them faced ..the prisoners with ; revolvers and demanded ; thatrthey sing !Dlxie.Tr '! 't - " , : "Sing pixie, ye Tarikeev ' Elnr , about ' how ye Wlsht ;ye v lived In vma ,. Itl .Dixie, will ye?. tTe'II, wish ye hain't luem roarea, . '. ; ; ; V n " '. Execution Is Ordered. . But there wss no semblance of song tn - the hearts of one of the unhappy dozen. "PresenUy: another grange of, guerrillas ruuo u, wiunmnutu . oj av. young lieu - tenant.1 who, after hearing that five. of the prisoners' were from Indiana,' - de - ; clared that - he was from New , Albany ' '1, hi with yer mother.f . - repHed one "Somehow I had a faint hope that ' I himself, but was la., ympathy. with . the of his tatmters. v . . ti'' T would escape "declares Crouse. alive to - BouUi. . . , Then Crouse began repeating, the words day to tell the story - "After poor Hendry The Grwt96TArr kotas , : eu. ye mow wnat toao with "em. , don't ye T the New Albany ; lieutenant said to his hand. k. . 'i .'; ' - . - ' ., "Sure.", came the answer. " ' . ' " The1 prisoners - were then 'divided1 Into three squads of "four rien. each." One of the squads was - marched out of the ravine into open' country, aa - H 'was" fast growing - dark! t . , .Vr. - "' , : - :Tou're going - . to .shoot ? those: poorV devils," said ; Grandstaff.' to the . men : gruardlngr, the squad ' of which ' he was a member . - 'j,' - i: .' ' . - - v. Sl' .;.. - ...:, v contained Grandstait; Crouse. Hendry and .,. ,..,.,. m uuj cerium in, a Btuciugan, regiment.. The latter; is - believed to have .been Otto Boot, of Holland, iiichJ As the four men. were marched off la. another direction they ."heard the . pistol I shots that ; were dealing death to the first squad. "Boot decided to - try,, to escape and' broke away. He had not rone twenty, feet before seven riflev balls had pierced' his. body. - One - of the balls came from the direction In Which he waa running:. It ' passed thrpurh , hia oocy ana cui .a noie tnrougn a ; leg - , of GrandstanTs trousers. ': Caston ' was : then .r.ksja puced In the squad as subsmutfor"Bnl ..... . . l . bred with tha. aliji.i .' . . . . - - . Boot. ' v. - " ' S';. - : ;(1 - :" . r ruuie Appeals Tor Mercy. - . - , . . ., .!'. f, ; Th tour:" Indianlans. now in the second 0.uad pleaded, prayed and : begged for' mercy, but their prayers. were met with Jeers. .. .' . ':..:. .: .' . "Why didn't ye think uv, yer prayers afore ye come Into ' Goda country." "". uiuiM.f ,r,.;.A.i "Pray some more, ye Yankee : .Uoner. snd a - bullet from his revolver sent w We like ,f hear ye," chuckled an - CasKsn to the realm of death. Other re - other. ... '. - ' ! . ' : " - volvers played upon him at the same tlmej "Sing Dixie,, Tsnks, commanded an - anfl his brains flew over the faces of the other. v ." 4" , ether three. Tiiey turned quickly. Hendry The villains mocked them in their mis - 'trvuT n rh rit t, TM..itne ery and Uughed derisively at, their every piea. . - 'I .. , sake," "".. "Spare me for my mother's i . r. i begged Hendry. i ; - .1 V i I' e i ' t ; r - 4 GrVWDJTpaj'P ' C ROUiE - - ' '.' ' " - r , ' a aong that la familiar to every Union ' eoldjer; T'S ' ' 1 '' ' ' . ; . v , " your heart again.; Then - theyT were told t' line. op. side by side .with .their backs turned toward the executioner; a - young Teipneseean. t probr ably seventeen years, old. . 'He used a Colt's revolver, and wentj about his bloody work with seeming pleasure.""'. i" ' f i ,;. "1H not turn my back," declared Caston. YTve humbled; myself 'to you. 'as much as I'm going to.V - "TYtnn "iak tdat "i Wl .Then take that - ' retorted the .execu rtennod hack a few naeea. fired and Hen - dry; fell, almost knocking. Crouse off his balance as he went down.' Crouse came .' . - .:. i ' . ; - 1 : ' ': feu I knew that I came , next. .' Grand - sUff stood next' to me, and I could hear him whiFpering - a prayer. I followed him and prayed the . same words. Then. I leaned slightly forward, "ready for the bullet that was to plunge heartlessly into me. I closed my eyea and folded my arms across my. breast - ; The .revolver snapped five times before It went. off. When it . did discharge, the' ball passed through my left ear, grated" my skull and rendered me numb and senseless. I fell. There were shouts' and curses ringing in my ears as I fell to the ground." ; . ,.' . . : i . ' ' ' ' . Slaughter, of Prisoner. - " - Then "came GrandstafiTi i turn." He stood with Hendry and ICrcuse. ! lying . at his ; feet, the blood , pouring from, , their wounds.' . - j r . The revolver snapped four times; without discharging. - - ;J ': . . ; . "What : fer d n " kind o' shootin's that?" roared one. Jof the... gueTTillas. - "HereT take, this un." - s ,; The young executioner threw his re - volveT to the .ground, andt accepted the one proffwed him., Curiosity to know Just what was. going; on .behind him made Grahssta!T turn his head slightly to the right ; Just at that Instant a, bullet plowed through .his left ean entered the head ajnd lodged over ta IsfJ eye. Grand - staff..iell!to .the. ground his body - lying ' zfroes Crouse and Hendry. . Grandstait ; did ; 'not .becomo. unconscious, - but. " lay "perfectly still during; th shooting of the third squad. .Blood (rom them splattered over him. but he did not move. His curiosity had saved him from deatn.' ' j CrandsSff knew only one of the third suad, and that was (he .boy, Ilumbaugh, He heard ilumbaugh pleading pitifully to be spared for his mother's sake, as . he - was her only eupFort." He heard the boy 'tell,; them' hat he entered the army be - - causo'the money he earned would support her. ; They laughed at' him,: as the young executioner killed him.v ' i . . After , th third squad - had been killed the guerrillas proceeded to. rob their Tic - " tims rof ' their clothing and pocket : trinkets. One of , the men began cutting the buttons ' from ' GrandstaiTs coat but "another stopped . him and asked hlra not to do It; as ha' wanted the coat ; They took his shoes, too, and another . wanted to take his suspenders, but one of them laughed and said they ought to leave him at least a pair of suspenders - to be', buried In. s Then they rolled Grandstait Into a gully six or eight feet deep, be - ', "llevlng "him to be dead. - " r - Next they . . began , searching Crouse's 1 clothing4. One of the; men turned him over., and. that - partially restored him to consciousness, and as he reached Into his pockets he felt Crouse's eart beat - "That. vjank 1 ain't , dead."',' he uughed.; rrn tx 'im.r v . The.' man then placed his foot on Crouse's bod" and fired at his head. The " bullet grazed it and plowed into the ground. The prostrate man was covered with blocd. and that deceived the guerrilla. Crouse opened hla eyes. quJvereJ. clenched hU fists and ga?ped. "Xow." d n ye. die." roared the would - be assassin.. - . . . "Oh, you got Mm all risM that tine, fer his - brains splashed In my fu - te, said . one of the urri;ias near by., - Crouse was rollvd Into the gully and Ms body fell across Granfst.;T. . Presently '.Crouse began to revive again. "Lie tin. whl.pered Grandstait. rThey - haven't gone yet." Night was now upon Tennessee, and the guerrillas went their way, sfter they finished rc5bbing the dVa5nd had rolled ; the other bodlee into the gully. After the sound of the last hoojheat had subsided In the forest Grand5taft.. more dad than alive, began extricating; himself from Ms bed of corpses. He was ' alsr able to help Crouse a littlev Almost naked, the two men crawled' out of the ravine and managed to drag themselves over, to tha highway. The night was dark, ndt even a star serving to cheer or guide them. A winter storm broke upon them about midnight, and. the, two men were about to give up and die. But they spoke words of cheer to each other and crvpt along. "We'll stick together; pard," a!d - Crouse. ; C ! Presently they came to Plney creek. They walked along it for fully a ml. trying to find, a place to cross. Finally Crouse, who seemed to be the stronger of , the two, plunged'' into" the water and crossed.' . Then he old GrandstalT to fol - 'low He did. but when in miJstreara became exhausted, and Croue had to go to the' rescue. With his head he pushed Grandstaff up the bank. ." When4hy had safely reached he shore Grandstaff looked tip Into the hilla. ; JX)ok.'Bert" he cried. "I see a' light In the mountains." ; ' "Oh, that is only a fox fire," replied Crouse.. v ; - Instanly there was a Cash of musketry and a cry .to halt The two men. d?rtr - mined to live if life could be had. separated and ran Into 'the evergreens. ;:'Unlon Camp Is Found. , ' Crouse fell asleep. In some weeds and dreamed that the men! who fired upon i him ' were Union soldiers. Ju3t ss . the , day ' began . to dawn 'he heard a bugle soundlng the reveille, lie thought he was' dreaming. Then caxno " the call of "tear down. tents" and he knew that he was not far from the Union lines. When daylight had , fully dawned he crawled Over; to 'the picket lines and called for Tjelo.'.' j. - . - - "Who's there?" came from the; picket I "A friend without the countersign." ' "How did you come there?" "I was - captured yesterday by guerril - las and have been shot" - .He was told to advance with hands up. He did so. Then he was recognized by the picket '.: : . "My God! Bert'whera have you been?" he cried,' as he tried to life the wounded; man over .the j fence. When he saw that Crouse was probably dying he sent for help. A . score of his comrades ran down . and carried Crouse to the hos - oitaL The surgeon said that he could not live.' V.. ' v....iJ ..n..fJ After becoming separated from Crouse, Grandstaff climbed to tho top of the hill to the right and found a big tree .that was hollow at - the base. He took refuge in It ana soon ieu asreep rrom exnaus - ration. He was still sleeping when diyllsht dawned and was awakened by the same bugle call that aroused Crouse. He thrust hls bleeding head out of the hollow tree .andthere. - - . hundred mds away, on the crest of another hill, float - ed ' l ' ' I Old Glory! - W. M. HEBSCHELU .. f . . . ' v

Clipped from
  1. The Indianapolis News,
  2. 26 Nov 1904, Sat,
  3. Page 13

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