Frank H Downing legal - 2 Feb 1920, Lima News, Lima OH

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Frank H Downing legal - 2 Feb 1920, Lima News, Lima OH - DOWNING OPENS LEGAL NEWBERRY HEARING STARTED...
DOWNING OPENS LEGAL NEWBERRY HEARING STARTED ELECTION FRAUDS ARE CHARGED Prosecution Says Senatorship Bought in "Barrell" Campaign SPENT MONEY" LAVISHLY ENGLAND TO SEEK U, S, TREATY Viscount Grey's Letter Hints Acceptance of Reservations WANTS NATION~IN LEAGUE CONGRESSMAN WHO ASKS DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE OF SIMS Accused of Acquiring Votes by Republicans Aver Allies Will Ac- Fraudulent Methods ce Pt Revj se of Pact of na- appearance with , sc recon- is ,111 " w a s and GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.--The pov- j eminent Monday charged Truman H. »ewberiy, Michigan, with buying a United States scnatoiship in a "barrel" campaign. Special Attorney Frank C. Dailey, outlining his case at tlie opening of court here Monday, asserted that thousands of dollars used in Newberry's campaign were not accounted for. He accused Newberry ot spending more money than the law permits by usiiiK indirect means of pushing his caadidac-y. "Much of the Newberry money was spent for banquets, flowers, entertainment', liquor and in many instances, to pay peisonal debts," Dailey said. "When Lieutenant Goxernor Dickinson exposed the 'barrel campaign' before the primarv election, there was a scurrying in the Newberry headquarteis. County chairmen who had received ? 1,000, $1,200 and 52.000 -woic asked to file only $100, ?150. etc.'' Di'iley said the scheme to "purchase a United States senatorship." was planned by Newbeny and his personal friends. Frederick Codj, of New \oik. Cody, he said, s thf agent of numerous large corporations. Codj, Dailey charged, w a s to hire a campaign ntanagei. ot s declaied his a n d man per- w u r d , t h e bride- WASHINGTON--Viscou* G r c j ' s letter, urging that American reservations to the peace t r e a t y be accepted by the Britlsli was t a k e n Monday by senators on bo'h sides ot the treaty controversy as vindicating t h e i r position*. Republicans said Grey Ijas proved w h a t they have contended all along--that the allies would accept leasonable American reservations just to get the. tinted States in the league. Democrats said Grej's leference to "repudiating signatures" tells the whole story of President Wilson's i n a b i l i t y to compromise w i t h the senate, and justifies t h e i r stand against the Lodge reservations. Grey's letter was the g^acra! topic amortg senators Monday, Some of them expect its influence on public opinion to help speed ratification, by causing a. flood of letters to senators, urging ratification on t h e ground that it is plain that the reservations won't i-ause a n y h i t c h abroad. Ii was emphasized, h o w e v e r hy sonie Demoirats, t h a t C i e y spoke as a private i n d i v i d u a l and t h a t w h i l e ho doubtless made to his govern- m e n t the same sort of recommenda- t i o n s as contained in his letter, t h e r e is n o t h i n g official to indicate government agrees w i t h MANY COLDS BUT LITTLE FLU Healther Says There Are Only 12 Influenza Cases APPELLATE COUB1 GETS CASE Civil Service Commissioner Attempts to Block Trial (hat the Grey. I ' n t i l there is some such inlima.- ·ry not to run paign, Dailey said. The Urt ot the Marx-Oakman political machine in Detroit was sought, according to the statement, and Paul H. King was made manager ot' »ho campaign. O-vrr son newspapers benefitled in the a d v c t t i s i n g campaign w h i c h followed, according to Dailev. Movie films weie purchased, he said and remade to sene as Newbenv propi- canda Dailey c l a i m e d Newberry used his r a n k as l i e u t e n a n t comm Jay G. H a j d e n , Washington cor lespondent of the Detroit News, was ottered the job at $500 a month, lejected t h e offer, advising i cam - j leader. President Wilson, they snid. Senator Lodge and other Republicans have said they have known for mouths the L^djjc , reservation 1 w-oiild not any hitch abroad That i n f l u e n c e d Lodge to compromise on the preamble to his reservations, bv a l l o w i n g elimination of the provision for a f f i r m a t i v e acceptance of Ihe reservations, it was stated. In general, tirej'.s l e t t e r is i o u i i ( rd on to have considerable e l f e i l on H n t i M . p u b l i c o p i n i o n , by way of s m o o t h i n g the l u l f l e d feelings of the l;pp. .lame* I' 1 . Ityrncs Representative Bjrnes, Democratic rongresbiuan fioiu South Carolina, startled tho house, recently by u r g i n g in a speech that A d m i r a l Sims bo dishonorably discharged from the na.y. Sims, appearing recently In a feenato committee investigating medal awards made by Secretary of the Navy Daniels, criticized (ho lack ol co-operation given him whilo abroad. MANY ARE BACK OF MILITARY BILL Compulsory Army Training May Become Law WASHINGTON', D. C -- U n i v e r s a l m i l i t a r y t r a i n i n g s t a n d s a good Lhanco of passing tho senate, but it needs earnest oupport of tho administration SOME BUSINESS IS AFFECTED Street Car System is Hard Hit By Sickness Altbo Eomo lines of business have been affected and a large amount of sickness has been icported in Lima, it is declared by health officials that the c i f y is remarkably free from Influenza at this time. Tho street car sjstem, postoffics, schools and some business houses reported today that a large number ot employes -were off duty because of illness, but physicians said it was not Influenza. There were no cases of the disease reported to Heallher Jones today, who paid that there are but ] 2 cases of Renuino influenza here. The remainder, he said is epidemic colds and grip. Jones does not fear a large amount of flu if the people will cooperate and remain at home when feeling badly. Ho snys a commendable spirit along this line has been shown and he cautions citizens to uso every precaution to prevent a spread of the disease. One case of influenza was reported from Highland Park school district in American township, just west of Lima, to Superintendent C. A. Arganbright Monday. A number oC other cases in the county were leported unofficially. Including rural carriers, clerks, city carriers and Janilors, twenty- two men were reported off duty at tbo Lima postoffice Monday. They are said to be n u f f e r i n K fiom. bad grippe or colds. The city street rar Borvico is seriously hampered by illness, prevalent among Ihe crews operating the cars, according to Superintendent Cramer of the ciiy street rar lines. Twelve moformen and twelve conductors on the Lima city street car lines are oft duty, duo to illness, diagnosed as something like influeii- MAYOR READY FOR HEARING Commissioner Cites Parallel Case Precedent Frank A. Downing, whoso removal is sought by Mayor BuTkhardt from tho civil .service commission Monday started action lu the Court of Appeals that may cancel his hears ing before the Major Tuesday nvoru« ing. B u r k h a r d t w n f marring Monday afternoon for witnesses to appear at the hearing. Tho f i l i n g of tho petition of Appeals is Pcnvnlng's s t a r t "fight to n finish" to remain as member of t h n commission. He previout-ly declared t h a t ho would not resign from tie commission. Tho court action filed by Downing had uot been acted upon by th«i court of appeals It to Monday afternoon. Tho p e t i t i o n was filed morning, but necessary papers, if was said, that should have accompanied thn petition were not at hand tor tho consideration of tho court'. It was tiled by Attorney James W. Hnlfhill. of Ilalfhill, Quail nnU Kirk. Burkhardt staled Monday morning that tho action of Downing: would not deter him from conducting tha hearing. Downing stated Monday that ha "Service absolutely based hit* suit upon a ruling ol Court of Appeals in a similar caso Kent on. Tho writ iKKiiod in that court pro- vldea that it charges aro not explicit thu mayor has no jurisdiction, ia the matter oC a hearing. It is Downing's contention that h-s can not bo brought before a lesser tribunal presided over by tho mayor. If tho finding of.tho court is in favor o£ Downing, tho matter is then a proposition lor tho consideration the stale civil scrviue commissioner, it was learned. Burkhardt stated that his charge.-! oj inefficiency, neglect of duty and malrnasancQ lit office were- plain anri afforded no loop hola for any possible c-scapo, "Tho fact that Downing attempted to answer tho charges proves to wo know it," Suporinten of tho citv Hues stated Monday. "But we can't help it. We can't get men y rotten and mQ )h _at they will hold ngainst anv ndent. Cramer r i t l i T i f nP 5 tin r-ntn-t nf n n t . ruling of tho court Burkhardt said. o£ appeals,"

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