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s The last 4 a into Ari Sun De\ a 5212 Young this so area in an interview we would in all heating style, game, 274 quar- team. to wanted to we'd be run up it's going you." a loc up 127 wins, Putt-Putt Popular Pastime 15(4 And a was preceded records. managed unquestioned although word any of this the opening HTM worried. The offense defense field, a game is much similar and I'd sergeant to interested lo be permissive for the It fis- that type together last a larger, against team. of his the opponent's There's overweight foot- and weekly By (RA BERKOW NEW YORK - (NBA) -Don't laugh; there are very real similarities b e t w e e n football and Putt-Putt. One might ask: What is Pjilt- Putt? Yet one might also ask: Well, smart guy, what is football! Look at lhat Denver Bronco fan who tried to blow his brains out,..but only wounded himself. He leit a note saying, "I have been a Bronco fan since the Broncos were first Iribule organized and I can'l stand tcristics Lhcir fumbling anymore." Wilh football has that, you see how football may heavily into be graver than just a game. Right now, Putt-Pull is nol nearly as serious as football Bui Putt-Putt is moving up. 1 is a game and not, as some snooty pigskin fans might sneer a cranky motorboal. It is kind of sophislicalcd miniature golf. And it has pretensions o either being the n a I i o n a pastime, or becoming the national pastime. So don'l ho-ho Pull-Putt. The founder and c h a i r m a n of the board of Putt-Pull, Inc., a colorful fellow named I) o n Clayton, will tell you that Pult Pull is played on thousands of courses in 44 states and that there were SO million rounds played last year. "The National Football League had only 11.5 million people attend t h e i r games "last season," said Clay. Ion. The reference is obvious. Last year a national survey showed lhal the NFL was in fact now Ihe new nationa pastime. Attendance is one poim in Ihe nip-and-tuek race between football and Putt-Putt for being No. 1. Clayton admits lhat Pull Pull's 600 or so professionals yes, there arc such things he first one in Fayelteville, V.C-., in 1959. He approximates ver $15 million a y e a r business. (Pull-Putt, I n c . , eceivcs two percent from the rofits of the local courses.) "The capilalislic system'is a 'antaslic, wonderful invention, he genius of Ihis nation lhat nade us what we are today," says "1 can'l say enough (or America and IHiU-Putt." Clayton also attempts to attribute certain oilier charac- to Pull-Pull, just as done. Both arc religion. Foolbal' learns carry team chaplains and they duly say 'prayers before games. Pult-Putl has a chaplain, Baxter W a l k e r among ils officers. glorified derslands Ihe mages. Before (he Pult-Pult pro "finalists go before the elevision cameras he instincts them to smile. "Champions always smile." he Iclls Ihem. This is a far cry from old days. "I simply amuse people," says Claylon, "I wanted something to challenge man. We have made competition out of a thing lhal was recreational." lie removed Ihe wind-mill-lype gag devices, but kept (he b u m p s and pipes and boards on I h e carpeled surface. Football and Pull-Pull wi both once great a m a t e u r sports. Football started with Princeton ' l a n d Rutgers fellows bashing salesman), un- dollar national pastime. An. importance of miniature golf? Once you couh. take your wife out and acci dentally nudge her into a wate lazard if she was beating you \'ow there are pros who mus smile for the cameras. Al .a Football Hall of Fam dinner, President Kennedy one said, "Professional athletes professional a t h l e t i -believe has a great place i Ihe nol wan I lo A n d Claylon, a o n e - l i m e i --.-insurance s a l e s m a n (NFLi _ ll - former public relations man each olhers' heads for Ihe kick;; Now it's a multi-million our national 'life, but I mus confess lhal I view Ihe growin. specialization of profcssionalisn and specialization in amatcu: s p o r t s w i t h o enthusiasm. Gibbon wrote tw c e n t u r i e s ago that fcssionalism in amateur sporl was one of the early evidence of Ihe decline and fall of th Roman Empire." (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.) commissioner Pete Rozelie was Til 10 D A I L Y M A I L , H a g u r s t Thursday, October 25, 19J3 call il The -- mqst in Ihe future earn more prize money in their nationa championship to gain greater fame for their game. This August, an 18-year-old Mexican American named Mike Baldoza won the tille and 550,000 b; banging a n d a n g l i n g a n d ricocheting a .golf ball over a carpeted course. Clayton says that greater "dollar charisma" is needed to really put Putt-Putt over the popularity hump. He intends to do this next year by offering $100,000 first prize a n c hopefully in a couple of years providing a quartcr-of-a-million dollar first prize. 'What made Ihe America) Football League big? Clayton asks. "It was Joe Namath am the 5400,000 they paid him People wanled lo know wha a $400,000 quarterback look like. The same will be true fo our Putt-Putt champion." Claylon knows that the At American buck talks. His Pult Putl franchise system has bee growing wildly since he bega statistics Crow Light Whiskey IfGHT WHISKEY · E'GHTY PflUOP · CROW DISTILLER* COMPANY · LOUISVILLE.

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  1. The Daily Mail,
  2. 25 Oct 1973, Thu,
  3. Page 29

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