Council Ponders Geneva as "Thermometer City" - John L. Chaney

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Council Ponders Geneva as "Thermometer City" - John L. Chaney - Council Ponders Geneva as ^Thermomefer City"...
Council Ponders Geneva as ^Thermomefer City" LAKE GENEVA — To a resort town, weather conditions and temperature temperature are of paramount importance. importance. For this reason. Lake Geneva may find itself possessing the biggest weather thermometer in the world. John Chaney, local thermometer manufacturer, appeared before the City Council this week with a plan to bring the giant weather gauge to the city. He explained that his firm is now of making the instrument. instrument. He originally began planning it at the request of Bemidji, Minn., often called the coldest place in the United States. After preliminary preliminary work was 'done, Bemidji townspeople changed their minds about erecting the giant instrument instrument in their town, Chaney said, but he decided to complete the job anyway. He said the thermometer will consist of a 15-foot glass tube con taining mercury. The tube has been made by the Corning (N.Y.i Glass Works and is the largest that firm has ever put out. Tourist Attraction .Seen Chaney told the Council that the thermometer would be a tourist attraction attraction and (hat a mercury barometer barometer and wind velocity indicator could be added to the instrument making Lake Geneva a weather jslalion for the entire area. Terming Terming the thermometer an excellent and inexpensilve way to advertise the town, he said he intends to I manufacture and sell miniature instruments instruments for .souvenirs. Council on the meter situation. Acting as a private citizen, he said he has made surveys of meters in the downtown area and has Recorded Recorded statistics on the number of cars without parking tickets for violations. violations. Ill-port Is Siibinitted He submitted a written report to the Council. It was turned over to the parking meter committee. The Council took no action on trailer park licenses which are up for renewal. Mayor Williams asked asked that action be withheld until he would have an opportunity to personally personally inspect the sanitary facilities facilities of all parks. Action was postponed on a suggestion suggestion by Aid. Curran to alleviate traffic conditions at the intersection intersection of U. S. Highway ]2 and Highway Highway 50 and Willow street. Building permits were granted to four applicants, Rockefeller Prentice, Prentice, Paul and Ellen Dale, Joseph Soukup and Don Anderson. Co-Workers Fete Postal Employes LAKE GENEVA present and former post office em­ ployes met this week at a dinner to hon <ir one of their number who has retired after 48 years of service. service. I'rienris of Miss Mary Watson gathered at the Como Hotel to pay tribute to her. During the course j'of the seventh, she was presented Mayor Ralph Williams and sev- ""^-^ <i'«ni"nd her oral aldermen indicated they back- ^"'IT''''J"''"''"'^ f '.u ^• od Chaney's idea. The question of , A !^'V .''2u"'" ^ n J"T " where to put the instrument wasl^^^'' G.bbs who will be leaving considered briefly, but nothing de-lf"-- ^^.'•^jf "^^ finite was decided. j ^"8- l"- ^vas presented a purse. The thermometer with its base,' _ ] will stand aixiut 30 feet high. Aid.: Sideswipe Collision Maurice Slater suggested Ihatjij^- „ i „,.„„i;„„i „j council representatives meet withi ^emg Investigated DELAVAN Lyle Tripp, Rte. 2, Elkhorn. told police a ear .side- the Chamber of Commerce to discuss discuss Chaney's suggestion further. Chaney said he will prepare I swiped him on County Trunk sketches and plans for a moetingj north of Delavan July 2S. The li- ^'^"^ council's park committee. | number he gave was issued Sul- 1 Youell. with; to a Delavnn man but police could the chamber. No dale has been ar-'fii'l marks on the man's ranged for the meeting. Hear Paving Request In hear Mahoney to pave the section of William street bordering her property, property, from the street to the side- other action, the Councir P^i'iorf- a request by Mrs. Evelyn] and the owner claimed it had not been nut of the garage during that omitting the curb. Mrs. Ma- honey said state engineers now working on William street are willing willing to comply with her request ifi the city would agree first. ! . Mrs. Mahoney claimed that add-' a curb to the street will cut her driveway. She owns a corn- merical property on William and Ann streets which is sometimes used as a filling station. Mayor WilUams and the Council were of the opinion that work on Wiiiiam street should not be in- Ger-iterrupted at this time for altera- in the original plans. The re- M.\RRIA<iK LKK.NSKS ELKHORN— The followmg marriage marriage licenses have been issued at the office of Leo Dunlap. county clerk: Ross Robbins. and Jan Mon- ^-'-|'-violationsVThis"warPe;^;n^^^ ,P„„„H appearance before the quest was set aside for six weeks for consideration after the William street paving project is completed. The council also heard a report by Carl Petersen on parking me- MYEPS |SOW!

Clipped from Janesville Daily Gazette30 Jul 1954, FriPage 9

Janesville Daily Gazette (Janesville, Wisconsin)30 Jul 1954, FriPage 9
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  • Council Ponders Geneva as "Thermometer City" - John L. Chaney

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