Herman Stalvey ... 9 Sep 1970

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Herman Stalvey ... 9 Sep 1970 - resemblance between the 1770's and the 1970's....
resemblance between the 1770's and the 1970's. Olson's assumption that all, or even a significantly large proportion, of the members of the youth rebellion are iinrespectable, Irresponsible, etc., "freaky people" is simply incorrect. Neither I, nor any but a very few of the people connected with the New Left (which is merely a category, not a party), are such. The system has its Jerry Rubins also Joe McCarthy, Mayor Daley, and various Grand Dragons. These are extremes, of course. I Imagine 'that Mr. Olson would detest many men that I respect, and vice versa Vice President Agnew Is not my idea of a heroic image. Revolution, serves a purpose. "What country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit .of resistance? Let them take arms." Thomas Jefferson, of course 1787. And if I can take an editorial in the. .Christian Science - Monitor ("Bombing Antidote," Aug. 20, 1970) as a sign of the times, the present level oLrebellion might very - well be enough - to refocus American priorities to American needs. But I am interested in noting that the American Revolution continued to escalate even In the wake of British attempts at reforming upsetting problems. The contrasting contrasting progresses and retrogrades in present American policies compare very well with those of imperial Great Britain situations progress along similar lines regardless of the date and violent revolution seems a bit more than pure imagination. A few might take Rubin to heart, most will follow their consciences. That makes 'the situation worthy of comparison and equation with any great and yet grave point in history. Tent Preacher Man of God By MRS. WILMA ALUKASIK Cocoa . As I picked up my TODAY paper the other day, I read the headline "Gonna Cast the Devil Out of This Ginl." After I read the article, I felt I was compelled by God to sit down and write what 1 think is the truth. The reporter that wrote this article is either, not well - informed, doesn't believe in God or the Bible, or just needed a news 'story and left out half the facts. It disturbs me to no end when someone writes a story and leaves out the most important important parts. First of all, I have been out to the tent to hear Brother Stalvey preach a good many times lately. I am neither a hard - core holy roller or a' church member of any other church in this town. I have met many people out there from all walks of life and every religion from Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans and many that never had any religion of any kind before, including including myself. Brother Stalvey is a true man of God, he believes the Holy Gospel from beginning to end which is more than I can say for most of the ministers and priests in most of the churches today, including this town. I have visited quite a few churches in this town hoping to find one that really lived and - preached the way the Bible teaches, well, let me tell you people one thing, "I was bored." I could hardly sit through a half or one hour service. I got nothing of value from going to these so - called churches and neither do most of our young people' today, that is why the present day churches are falling apart. When Jesus walked the earth and preached to the multitudes, he didn't request a fine church to preach In. He spoke to the poor and needy, he healed the tick and cast out demons in God's name. Brother Stalvey has communicated with the. - young people .of. - this - town - thalL.were - really involved with dope, he has done more for them through 'God than any parents, doctors,, police oLministersoLthijLto.wn haa - ever done before. I have seen young people through God, quit clgarets or dope overnight and their minds restored. Can any of you parents say this? Out at Brother Stalvey's t'ent, there Is no generation gap. Can you people who belong to other churches in town truthfully say this? I say if Brother Stalvey guided by God just so much as saved just one young person from dope in this town that we parents should get down on our hands and knees and thank God for sending him here. Any of you people that read this articleand question my sanity or think I'm a fanatic, come out to the tent and see the truth for yourselves. McAleenan Has Real Fan By BETTE IIEMINGS Cocoa Ladies and gentlemen of the press and the public: Anyone who cares not for John McAleenan's style that's tough 1 Don't read him. He writes what he senses he Is a Hemingway, not a staid journalist, and these days thank God for a man who can communicate feelings! TODAY welcomes letters from Its reader. reader. They should be addressed: To the Editor, TODAY. Box 1330, Cocoa. All letters mnst be signed with your name and address. address. However, names will be withheld npon request. The letters ihould ran no longer than 300 words. We reserve the right to condense and edit all letters.

Clipped from Florida Today09 Sep 1970, WedPage 9A

Florida Today (Cocoa, Florida)09 Sep 1970, WedPage 9A
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  • Herman Stalvey ... 9 Sep 1970

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