Herman Stalvey ... 25 Dec 1975

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Herman Stalvey ... 25 Dec 1975 - Church Marks New Beginning for Congregation By...
Church Marks New Beginning for Congregation By CONNIE BISHOP TODAY Stall Wrllir VERO BEACH - Christmas Christmas has a special meaning this year for Herman Stalvey and his Truth of Life congregation congregation And 1976 promises not only to be inspirational to him, and his followers, but rewarding rewarding as well It has been four years since Stalvey's congregation purchased the 10 - acre tract of land on King's Highway for,i church site And it has been two years since ground was first broken on the project Those years have been difficult for the local local minister and 1975 has been a yearxf - hard work, but the local man and his followers will reap their reward when the church Is completed during during the coming year Work has also begun on a 40 - acre ranch for the "lost and unwanted." The roof is on the church which is located directly in the center of the 10 - acre parcel. And, on the roof is a huge cross that is visible from the road and the air. Stalvey is proud of the cross "The Lord told me to put it there and he's the boss, so I did it" Stalvey said he put the church directly in the center of the tract of land because "That's Just where the Lord wanted that church - right in. the middle. He. promised me that land eight years, ago and four years later he gave It to me," Stalvey said. Stalvey's home ts located on the 10 - acre parcel, along with the church. A Bible School is planned for the fu ture, i Only one thing Is - missing that Was planned for the area dormitories for young people "strung out on drugs, lost, unwanted unwanted and who desire to be saved." Surrounding property owners owners opposed those plans so vehemently vehemently that Stalvey finally withdrew them. ''But the 'Lord opened another another door and now we have 40 acres .west of 1 95 that will give a haven to the unwanted old, delinquent and faithful children of God who need us " The new dormitories will be Stalvey's next project fol lowing completion of the church the first part of the new year For the first time in six fWfl!f years there is nowhere for Stalvey to house young people coming to him for help. When the City of Vero Beach tore down the airbase apartments where Stalvey housed the young people, no other place could be found that the church could afford "I get calls from the pol ice, JronMhe sheriff's department department and from parents all the time. I turn people away all the time' because 1 don't have anywhere for them," the minister minister said "But the Lord sees the need and he is providing the way " Stalvey concentrates heavY - ly on helping young people with drug problems. He Is quick to point out his purpose is not to "dry out'' addicts and turn them loose. "We need them a good eight weeks in order to help them Four of those weeks are needed to flush out their bodies bodies of the drugs so they can "" think and the rest lead them In the direction of the Lord and release them as responsible responsible citizens of the Lord," he explained. The young minister says, he has much to be thankful for, this Christmas and expects to have even more" to be thankful for next year. wrwsgjfttawsWf wKm HMHHHV ' 'MHHBMHpK'M " ffHHH"Hfp - MMMHMr v r m m HH s r' H ' - H yJM.tg3 r n i hhh1 hhH HHBM), jftH ?l 4? H i r HHIIH y b ; ' 2i tirl1" i HUH Hi i HHHHI HHHHi HHHHHH ' HHHI 7 1 J " , ,m i JHHHHi hVhVhVJ HHBr f'J I hWhWhH! if HHMHHHVtsAEiSbil. - ' - iMMUMJUmLJMmJUKmuJMM .. - 'he. mU r. ffU hc 4 1 IHhHHHHHjHHIHHHHHHMMmHHNMHMHJHPIHHJH ST'i'HHHHHhHHJioy TODAY Stolt riwlt CWM tllhw. Roof Completed on Church Building Located in Center of 10 - Acre Tract on Kings Highway A Christmas Prayer to Warm the Holidays f - Our Father up in Heaven; Hear this Christmas prayer May the people of all nations; Be united in thy care; For Earth's peace and man's salvation; Can come only by thy grace; And not through bombs and missiles; And our quest for outer space For until all men - recognize That the battle is the Lord's And peale on Earth cannot be won With strategy and swords We We will go on vainly fighting As we have In ages past And finding only empty victories us Arid a peace that cannot last Oh, We've grown so rich and mighty And so arrogantly strong We no longer ask, Ih humbleness, "God, show us where we're wrong" We come to trust completely In the power of man - made things Unmindful of God's .mighty power And that he is king of ktngs We have turned our eyes away from him To go our selfish way .And money, power and pleasure Are the gods we serve tgday And the good, green earth ood gave to To peacefully enjoy Through greed, and fear, and hate We are seeking to destroy Oh, Father, up in Heaven Stir, and wake our sleeping souls Renew our faith, and Lift us up And give us highe'r goals Ang grant us heavenly guidance As Christmas comes again For, more, than guided missiles, The world needs guided men. 1 Author Unknown Submitted by Mrs. William Schweyt

Clipped from Florida Today25 Dec 1975, ThuPage 1B

Florida Today (Cocoa, Florida)25 Dec 1975, ThuPage 1B
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