Flu outbreak 1957

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Flu outbreak 1957 - Rochester Reports Hospita 200 III little look...
Rochester Reports Hospita 200 III little look the seem and spectacle waving, Mur appears to be Asian flu, the state Health Department has By JOHN VAN BUREN Flu-like Flu-like Flu-like ills, believed to be the Asian variety, have swept Newark State School, striking 1,827 inmates employes and indirectly leading to the death of elderly male inmate. The epidemic took hold at the Wayne County insti tution for the mentally retarded three weeks ago the number of new cases continued to mount yesterday. conditions at the scnool were disclosed in a Demo crat and Chronicle survey of illness at state and federal institutions in the Rochester area. An outbreak confirmed as Asian flu also has Rochester State Hospital, with nearly 200 patients employes stricken in the last week. Upper respiratory infections,! while relatively small in number, number, appeared to be getting a toehold at Willard State Hos pital in Seneca County and at Canandaigua Veterans Hospital n Ontario County. Meanwhile, absenteeism con tinued on the downgrade at most schools but was- was- reported on the rise at 35 of .Rochester's 50 major industrial firms. Dr. Frank R. Henne, director of Newark State School, said 1,632. or 50 per cent, of the institution's inmates have been stricken by a flu-like flu-like flu-like illness lasting five to six days. About 195 of the 1,000 employes have contracted the illness, he said. 76-Year-Old 76-Year-Old 76-Year-Old 76-Year-Old 76-Year-Old Man Dies According to Dr. Henne, a 76-year-old 76-year-old 76-year-old 76-year-old 76-year-old severely retarded man, who has been an inmate for 20 years, died of pneumonia Tuesday. Pneumonia developed, he said, after the man was stricken by a flu-like flu-like flu-like illness. Dr. Henne declined to give the mans name. As a result of the epidemic, Dr. Henne said, all activities, including recreation, school training and religious services, have been suspended. Ill in mates are being confined to dormitories. "We've had quite a siege, he said, "but it appears the outbreak is beginning to sub side." Dr. Henne said 24 new cases occurred yesterday, a marked decrease over previous days. He said that while the outbreak Epidemic Kills 7 Af Illinois School DIXON, 111., Oct. 17 (IP) A flu epidemic in a jam-packed jam-packed state school claimed two more lives for' a total of seven today and officials feared the death toll would go as high as 30. The number of patients afflicted at the Dixon State School for the retarded rose from 1,138 yesterday to 1.278 today. Four of the victims were in critical condition and 23 more were listed as acutely acutely ill. Dr. Frederick Plotke, chief of the State Public Health Service, ordered full emergency emergency precautions to keep the disease from spreading fur ther through the school's 4,-883 4,-883 4,-883 inmates. School Superintendent Superintendent Robert Wallace said "we're not out of this yet" and added the death toll could go to 30. the a four the the not yet completed laboratory analysis of throat specimens. The virus that causes Asian flu can be detected only through laboratory tests. Tests Confirm 2 Cases Dr. Christopher Terrence, director director of Rochester State Hospital, Hospital, said two laboratory con- con- , m . . " . , ........... JHIWl-!, JHIWl-!, JHIWl-!, Will HII1UCI jcrtl- irmed cases of Asian flu have hen through sixth grade at Fair- er the rise in absenteeism being caused by Asian flu. One office in Rochester Girl Scout headquarters at College Ave. announced will be closed today because many of its staff employes absent with flu like ills. More Schools Close Although most schools reported absenteeism rates were swinging back to normal, there are several which appear to-be to-be smack in the middle of the outbreak. outbreak. Closed yesterday until Monday are Out Lady Lourdes in Imperial Avenue, Blessed Sacrament at Monroe Avenue and Oxford Street. St. Joseph's School in Penfield, Hilton Central School. Perry Central School, and kindergar- ,hppn marl Ihnr A If itmt hi- hi- hi. ' ... . . . . the saj . fio 0 " hV I . .. . . . - iic new ion aiaie acain it , ,Zn str',cken- str',cken- nd 60 oti loll traced to flu rose to 12 yes the 1.100 employes. hrt .nH tk. ire n..ti.. The outbreak appears mild Health Service in Washington and has not caused any seri- seri- reported that more than 1 I million persons in the country nave Dcen siricKcn oy the Asian flu. SEATTLE. Oct. 17 .f Emi! Sick, owner of the Seattle Kain- Kain- ous problems as yet, Dr. Ter rence said. To prevent the ill ness from spreading, he con tinued, recreational activities ave been suspended. In addi tion, visitors who may have had flulike ills or who mav have colds arc bring advised not to visit patients. Many of the hospital employes have been inoculated with and flu vaccine. Willard State Hospital and Canandaigua Veterans HosdI- HosdI- mi cam rriiiiririi anoui 411 un. .... .;.i ..i... t. ..:n 17,"TT'IIV l?fec''".n mon 'transfer of the San Francesco r..i.n. V ii.i l .. """"I""" Coast League franchise lutions said flu like ills were trnm ih. n.i u.a c. .k. not a problem. Ira.g (olony at NfW York Giants unless the Gi-Sonyea Gi-Sonyea Gi-Sonyea in Livingston Countv nt. nH n,,n. - f"li ii" fer1nl, A,m'n'T!down to business with us" on tion Hospital at Bath in Steu- Steu- damages ben County reported conditions Slrk ,u, ,n, s.a,e Xim were normal. i,. .i,i ..- ..- . i.. Hospital Visits Restricted when It comes up for action at Arnulrl flrroorv Mnm..,it the I'CL meeting Nov. 1 in Sac. Hospital in Albion announced rmrnl0' l'l,f- l'l,f- ii is restricting hospital visits II rs I a lo guard against flu infections nQMeSS lieSUltS reaching patients Only imme-j imme-j imme-j diate members of families may ihhn make vf its. Four other h.ispi-J.-LT, h.ispi-J.-LT, h.ispi-J.-LT, h.ispi-J.-LT, h.ispi-J.-LT, IT tsls in Ihe state announced urn- urn- "'J"i'a , ji," liar policies ItiH-hester ItiH-hester ItiH-hester hospj. tals were reported n.H !., be Z:'Z,?r considering a similar move at n vj.a this time I .1 t tl.I ..it... w ' ' " i - .'"vbiiii". iiiaimitrr . ( i u v r M In of the Industrial Management ' . ti si.,m..i. (ounci of Rochester, said he . , ' Iswft ! Mw Raw Cm III M4 met )sierdv with prrsonne hm m mj M(m Sl.tf iUliMV 4 11. I l ( I II. ? -o. -o. i.(f minitflipt from .VI mAlnP Inflm. 1, , fanrfrIH , ' flimmj ma si f aisitt t,,A ,,...-,.-,.,.. ,,...-,.-,.,.. ,,...-,.-,.,.. ,,...-,.-,.,.. ,,...-,.-,.,.. - u.,. t.n, fd '"J " ''f Z" '.Vr'V'.V.- '.Vr'V'.V.- rrn 8 lo i per cenl. Nor 'CJr.r ' ! si w u hVT Plant, ''-4".. ''-4".. ''-4".. m4 inse . total of io. "XX'h'Z C".. U. ,u .., l.... Lk.,k '-! '-! '-! " hr,h' f huts

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle18 Oct 1957, Fri[Second Edition]Page 1

Democrat and Chronicle (Rochester, New York)18 Oct 1957, Fri[Second Edition]Page 1
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