Glenn Porzelius auto repair Pantagraph 27 april 1980 p 26

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Glenn Porzelius  auto repair
Pantagraph 27 april 1980 p 26 - B-l B-l B-l Tht Sunday Pantagraph, Sun., April...
B-l B-l B-l Tht Sunday Pantagraph, Sun., April 27, 1980 Upkeep forestalls repairs rAi-' rAi-' rAi-' DE 6685 i In ' By Dave Pittmaa A televlson ad man coined the phrase that Bloomington-Normal Bloomington-Normal Bloomington-Normal auto mechanic! mechanic! 1 wear by "you can pay me now or pay me later." Most of those who labor under the hoods of cars agree that proper auto maintenance li the most important factor factor in keeping cars out of the shop. "I would say the biggest problem is negligence on the part of the owner in routine maintenance like changing the transmission fluid," said Jerry Adams, a mechanic at Twin City Hydramatic. Adams said abuse was another cause of mechanical failures. "Some people bring on trouble by overloading the truck or car with a big trailer," he said. "They're trying to do something with the vehicle that it Just wasn't meant to do." Jerry Popejoy, service manager at Wiley Pontiac-Buick, Pontiac-Buick, Pontiac-Buick, agreed that most major mechanical failures could be avoided. "Ninety-nine "Ninety-nine "Ninety-nine percent of it (mechanical (mechanical breakdowns) is maintenance." Glenn Porzelius, owner of Glenn's Auto Repair, said not changing oil frequently frequently is a constant cause of problems. "One big trouble is that the auto manufacturers manufacturers are recommending oil changes less often on many of the newer models. That's fine for a traveling salesman who is on the road a lot, but that doesn't work for a person who just drives in town." Porzelius said most mechanics are diligent about maintenance of their own cars. "Mechanics tend to take better care of their cars because they tend to see what not changing oil can do to an automobile." While auto manufacturers are feeling the inflationary pinch in fewer sales and lower profits, the repair business is booming. Bill Ferguson, service manager manager of Saturn Automotive, said the number of customers driving older cars has increased. "People are trying to get their money out of them (cars) because of the economy and the money situation," he said. "Two or three years ago if they had to have major work done, a valve job for instance, they would have traded their car in. After 50,000 miles, they used to think of trading them. Major repair jobs have increased probably 50 percent in the last three years." The trend in automobile repair, as in most businesses, ii toward specialization. specialization. Mechanics prefer to work on problems in their areas of expertise. Porzelius also said his workers generally generally prefer working on American models rather than imports. "If you worked on foreign cars everyday, everyday, you might get to the point where you prefer to work on foreign cars," he said. "It's mostly what you're used to working on." At Twin City Hydramatic, mechanics specialize in transmissions. "Sometimes we get engine work I'd rather stick mainly to transmissions," mechanic Adams said. One thing became clear in talking to the mechanics: They do not like the task of silencing rattles. "The average mechanic mechanic thinks that squeaks and rattles are the worst Job," said Popejoy. Ferguson also said the problem was a headache. "Most of my guys least like to work on noise vibration problems," he said. "Take a vibration, it is not an isolated problem. It can be there one minute and gone the next." Porzelius cited government required pollution devices as particularly disgruntling. disgruntling. "If you set the thing up to meet smog specifications, you generally have hesitation problems in the morning." morning." Adams said some mechanical breakdowns breakdowns are simply unavoidable. "Manufacturing "Manufacturing flaws come into play every once in awhile."

Clipped from The Pantagraph27 Apr 1980, SunPage 26

The Pantagraph (Bloomington, Illinois)27 Apr 1980, SunPage 26
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  • Glenn Porzelius auto repair Pantagraph 27 april 1980 p 26

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