Taper Scott - tournament and horse race detailed report - Pgh Post 1 October 1880 4

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Taper Scott - tournament and horse race detailed report - Pgh Post 1 October 1880 4 - THE DAILY POST: Y received hirn to ar old, who...
THE DAILY POST: Y received hirn to ar old, who probably car on the at 7:11 P. further from Lm cap. The the ar conduc a reu cap Altoona on a then went was found wuere to guide of with an lhe boy fellow about ana on cap. He Iraukness and i,ook ana six miles named Lein asked him promised Philadel was proprietor a mil taken with him, and L lam took races were programs. ten cents and Charley a Mrst class or under he eoul they got in and t- t- 'am that was not cost arm ms When Pennsylvania lam meu 10 but the the game to pay boy begged sifange cuy. was vhus left nothing to lett him, info a restaurant he was him for a him kindly. eai aim began worK- worK- as a noot- noot- anything at honest enough to where with Ulm treated. He the man stopping at sold some of turning a ticket for owes him refused to paw. jockey gave back home Pender had to Clam's arrival TH01SAN0S OK SIGHT-SEEKS. SIGHT-SEEKS. SIGHT-SEEKS. An Immense Throng at lhe Exposition Exposition Last Mght. MM Al. HKIH WETHEK lNDIi'ATlOSS P-RD-D P-RD-D V,T TeBiie. a: -1 -1 trie Ohio w!ru'r, clear or yari iv t"ua 1m ling barometer, anO iutuHea: Hcott Taprr's Tournament- Tournament- the Horse Rare, Marrbinic llub Content and Otber Attravtioafi. The attendance at the Exposition yesterday yesterday was immense, and at night the throng had swelled to such proportions that it was extremely difficult for one to squeeze his way through the building. The principal attraction iu the afternoon was the tournameut of Scott Tajwr' Knights of Chivalry. There were ten of them dressed in white shirts, dark pants, belts and caps, and were well mounted. As sMin as the rope was stretched, troui which the ring honk was suspended tlu knights were marsh;) led for th1 tmy. lhree or tour of th''m maile a ho.sk to gei their hands in. Knight Krrett took ; ring, also Knight Solid South, Knight Garfield, mounted on a lithe and s ift horse, was the favorite from the start. On the last inning he took the ring in the rximt of his lance amidst the applause of of spectators. will not ray em--crat win in November.", POIM- POIM- boat log' .Vi, 1SS of the South are UepubH-caas, UepubH-caas, talking about the evil effect will ba read the Iron devoted to the that, with all ease is simply not content made am and other immense becau-e becau-e they could mteu foates they paid gave and al?o What wis in the Eng-li-h Eng-li-h American.-. American.-. American.-. clear for ac they were re- re- and when ran the card Engiishmen Piitsburghers dou and down, too. '.' Pittsburgh, of nearly all who And yet they pariy will will injure the well fed he Ciub to so high that would not the work-it'guieu work-it'guieu and Iron Worker. pay our men in November." (irlM. Washington last evening Temperauce interesting and recitations young volunteers. the junior Thirty-first Thirty-first Thirty-first and Percy, DigV y the church. delivered a in which he for passing a anybody who Mother upon The young from the song render d More Brown applauded. The "The Coming presiding Mill. there, is danger of the country Hancock the are enlarging twenty -five -five machine-shop machine-shop for a length of their foundry improvements of the state the election of oft' the business very strange these improve not Jones & improvements till Mmpiy be irou business it to improve. they themselves statements Reiser voir. the eastern avenue reser gave away. the imiuen.-e imiuen.-e imiuen.-e thron All the of bets failed t score, but nearly au succeearu in ois-ilaeing ois-ilaeing ois-ilaeing the ring. Iu the second inning Knight Garfield came down the stretch like a srre.ik, aiming at the ring, but only succeeded in knocking it off Knight Hancock, mounted on a nue black charger. was unable to get up much speed and a best onlv succeeded iu knocking the ring down instead of carrying it off" on hi- hi- lauee, until the fifth iuning when he took if. nicely. Knight Garfield took it beautifully beautifully in the fourth and fifth inning-, inning-, inning-, the crowd applauding vociferously each tune. The other knights scooped it m the tit?h inning. inning. In the third inning Knight U tbb made a successful dash, The others were unable to do more than to ks-ock ks-ock ks-ock it down. The riding was very good, and the whole affair was highly appreciated by the audience. audience. At the conclusion of the fifth inning a purse of t was raised, and "ileddj" Mc- Mc- Kelvey went into the stand ami announced a running race. This tickled the boy, and they ranged their horses into line for the start. Ju-t Ju-t Ju-t theu Scott Taper, the mamiger ot the tournament, came along and wanted to know what was g.jing on. P.emg told it was a running race he forbid his men to go, but they saw the in utey ill McKelvev's hand, and they declared they were going for it. As scon as Scott, saw the stake- stake- he mounted his horse and joined t he 1 :oe. Things were so badly miv-d miv-d miv-d on th tu-d tu-d tu-d round t h at if hail to be nod. n over ag mi. The whole gang star ed, hut Chr ie le, --Knight --Knight --Knight Gir fieid look T ln-lead ln-lead ln-lead aiol won the i.i easily. Kni.-lt Kni.-lt Kni.-lt ErretCs horse fell and s- s- nt the yellow-capped yellow-capped yellow-capped yellow-capped ride; under the feucs'. and it w.s with diflictiit v that he was gution on his led again. Knight Hancock ran i-.juare i-.juare i-.juare into a charger at the finish, and th came 1 e-,ir e-,ir e-,ir getting a tumble. "1 lie second p;are wn so much in doubt that all were s-nt s-nt s-nt to The quarter poie to n.ie a dadt to sertle oni'' went n way and sutne the orl Knighf Solid Sorh tumbled "il" aw. ph ed up the track nh his ear, hut cute out Hid li Hired. IMOgllE tiopKinS oe .M.mK- .M.mK- touk second money. Knight Gvrtieht Char'de Eh wa rail- rail- tn to the trt lii arnl present with a spit-n spit-n spit-n lid faddie an! bridle. The crow d w very ent h nsi a-f a-f a-f sc over the whole ei.teitaui- ei.teitaui- ment, e-peoKinv e-peoKinv e-peoKinv the later p -moir. -moir. i lit: it'KH-LSm it'KH-LSm it'KH-LSm r i,w . There was au immense attendance n night to witness the prize drills. Ev ry seat iu the entire anipuhe.ure was taken. while thousands sto.d outside aid inside of the ring, and ihiuisautls more remain d in tbe building. The toiiowing were he entries: CapT. Rarr, Ci irti--.d irti--.d irti--.d irti--.d Veteran corf, for first ; . For second or j . First ward. A.:.-gher.y, A.:.-gher.y, A.:.-gher.y, 'apf. W. H Hop. Fi'tnwaro, I'ltr-ourt:, I'ltr-ourt:, I'ltr-ourt:, (,tpt. Frar.k ii-twrtwn: ii-twrtwn: ii-twrtwn: Eleventh ward, lVt.-!c:rgi!. lVt.-!c:rgi!. lVt.-!c:rgi!. t'.n-' t'.n-' t'.n-' J, A. I $ row it: Thirtieth wa rd, I'-.t I'-.t I'-.t ; - t.iitg , Capt. Thos, Keef. For third prie-Fount, prie-Fount, prie-Fount, watd. Cant das. Arthiba d. Cm. P. N tiurhfie. M ijor !r !t Sw.-ir-inger, Sw.-ir-inger, Sw.-ir-inger, Sw.-ir-inger, Sw.-ir-inger, I'.ip' M Farsau i, M. t M Kt-bfrii Kt-bfrii Kt-bfrii and Henry War n--r n--r n--r n--r act. d aju-i-.". aju-i-.". aju-i-.". aju-i-.". aju-i-.". The clubs were in-pcted in-pcted in-pcted iu 1 ue io, o v-itig v-itig v-itig ord t : Thirtierh .ird, Put.-d-u Put.-d-u Put.-d-u Put.-d-u Put.-d-u gh Kiventh ward Pf tburgh: F or b ward, Allegheny: Garrieid Vterau K-cori K-cori K-cori ; C -u -u . 1 House Catiets; First ward Alu gheit- gheit- ht-judges ht-judges ht-judges awardei the rirt priz-, priz-, priz-, a handsome handsome banner, to t'apt. Harr's coiiipai,. the second, a stand of co.ors, to C 1pt-4.11 1pt-4.11 1pt-4.11 I '.row n's com pa 1; y, and t h th:r-1, th:r-1, th:r-1, ior the largest turnout, to the Fourth ward, AUegheuy. Capt. Archibald. John H Keir, F-q., F-q., F-q., presei.ted the prizes in a trio ot wiy neat .-jte'ch-'S. .-jte'ch-'S. .-jte'ch-'S. .-jte'ch-'S. .-jte'ch-'S. The applause was very hearty, and long continued. GKSKRAL NOTES. The vmy rae tlos afternouti jrotnie' to be a lug thing. A new exhibit in the shape of a well digger is being put in position. The management has ffered some hand some prizes tor the Iticycie Tovirnatnent to come ott on Taesdav atteriftou Carl liarckoff has arratiged a splendid igram forte night. Pnt. John M ii' lard will give a number of cornet sitn. Accompanied by I'rof. Keller on the grard organ. lhe cut Mower exhibit which opened frsterday is the tiuest ever iuale t the exhihlliou. An excellent bind program as usual. One of the orincipai attr.iCion ye.-'er- ye.-'er- ye.-'er- ye.-'er- day was the finish of the L':'U trot. The horses apj-ared apj-ared apj-ared pronip ly ontime, hut was foregune cohciuion tuaf- tuaf- hieepy lorn won'd win it. Onlv three hur.-e hur.-e hur.-e tan--i tan--i tan--i tan--i Vallient having been wr hdra wn. They got off well together, but ih-ulah ih-ulah ih-ulah broke and lorn dashed to the front and k-pr k-pr k-pr it to the rhe, nor witbsT adding I.ady A-her A-her A-her arul Beulah trotfti w,i, winning the heat and race in "2:61 ;.2t Js.;uiali scCiUiu, iady Asher third. HRl SH KLEt'TKlC I.IOHT. The Iruh Klecric Light sti;l continues continues to Ih- Ih- ot the chief points of an Taction Taction at the Exposition. If is Mipcru.r over ail other electric lights in mauv wavs. We have never seen a m-sre m-sre m-sre steady light. I r nee, r rl't'ker-, rl't'ker-, rl't'ker-, buT coniTaiit.y rt iods 1 ue liTjii-hnt liTjii-hnt liTjii-hnt with a 11 effulgence td briliui icy wir.-h wir.-h wir.-h makes the ordinary gas light lo k dim aud dingy. The light is particularly designed to iliuminate public buihling-, buihling-, buihling-, chun hrss halls, theatres and ci retires, and in this mission has been an eminent eminent success. Its Mist is far ttelow that of gas and requires less lalor to keep n running. There are no leaking pipes and consequently no need tor plumbers. Jiesides being a tn-asure tn-asure tn-asure ot economy it is a (tetter light than ttia: furnished bv gas Many t our business men having seen ihe advantages and tht saving ot money to In; ga:u d its use have declared their intt-n intt-n intt-n rion to have their works ri 1 ted with the Ilru.-h Ilru.-h Ilru.-h F!ei;tric I.ighf. F'-r F'-r F'-r a long time past it lots been iu !ucce-rv !ucce-rv !ucce-rv ul operation at the steel works of Park U.o. & Co, Moorhead & Co.'s nulls, Standat'l Nut, Work-, Work-, Work-, and at. th- th- H'.ug factory at. P.eaver Fails Ail of the ubov-gentlemen ubov-gentlemen ubov-gentlemen wiil teMify to the v. irth of Tht invention As a means ot safe navigatiot on our rivers the iigh) is invaluable. It has already been adopted iu .several i 01 Crav s Irou l.ine, ttiet.niciiinan A: Pitts burgh Packet line and on a few of lironii tow-boats. tow-boats. tow-boats. Further particulars can be had from Messrs. Uidall iV Itigoid, corner of ;Sixth avenue aud Liberty street, or iu Machinery Machinery Hall at the Fxim-m Fxim-m Fxim-m ion. WHERE TO GET ViiTH MNNKIt. Go to the Department of Public Comfort kept by Mr Lyman Jihodes for a good square meal at low rater. The bill of fare comprises all the delicacies aud sub-dan-tials sub-dan-tials sub-dan-tials sub-dan-tials sub-dan-tials of the season. The, waiters are attentive attentive and in short every convenience and comfort and luxury of a well arpninted hotel are to be had at the Department of Public Com tort at low rates. W" II EKE TH liUY YOl'K Ft'KN' ITT" RE. The cheapest and best place for working-men working-men working-men to buy their furniture is at Tims. Pickering's store. No 4lJ Seventh street. He also has a lare stock ou exhibition at TnEOrmshy Union Sabbath on Sunday dext. Mike McCool. the putjilist. i pm-burgh pm-burgh pm-burgh !n tST4 with i.iwiitl in trie Ml- Ml- itip:'i. To-DaV To-DaV To-DaV ojen the huutiine sea number of Put.-turtf Put.-turtf Put.-turtf hers wdl take It and hie to tne huntiiiif fields. Th miners -A -A tramhle at Bluff. Mononghela river, are on tlie iatruductiou t the diamond Harry Willi -ms -ms ami WilUam rented ou a ch.trn1 of teioniou; Herri 13 if ! ali-on. ali-on. ali-on. were held ht-ard ht-ard ht-ard mi charges preferred Uy ins ineiiiis. William Prick, a pu 1 -V.i-r -V.i-r -V.i-r -V.i-r x Launhhn" mill, wa a tacked while on his w;iy home yo-itt-rday yo-itt-rday yo-itt-rday yo-itt-rday yo-itt-rday two o'clofk. and wtji V.;rritlv fi.wn. t he doctor- doctor- say ha leave his heU lor some time. James Massky was arrested charge ot attempt injc tu cut with knttf Joseph Lew. a Jewish V v ik aveuue. He wanted to iri'tii I.cvv Several men in the knife ir on Ma?sey and 01. e oi CUt ID Oulllif it. A man named S.'h;o-tlcr, S.'h;o-tlcr, S.'h;o-tlcr, who alley, ninniiiif oft h avemu:, and Smitl'.tb-ld Smitl'.tb-ld Smitl'.tb-ld street?, was live M''s!n'r l;tt eveniuif "ii ;t cent a-i-anli a-i-anli a-i-anli a-i-anli a-i-anli upon hw little elcoiffd Unit he wa? detect rtl in witc"- witc"- mother. s.-hutt'T s.-hutt'T s.-hutt'T s wile i'u.-ed i'u.-ed i'u.-ed :s st dl in the lO'di up. Keckt rutuors r.n The street in the Sled As-o,-iMtion, As-o,-iMtion, As-o,-iMtion, As-o,-iMtion, As-o,-iMtion, and prospects ot t.i:e bottom dropping m.it.ti.i? i;iv. .i.(.si loundaltun. (ark Co. vi.nioi t-i-ause t-i-ause t-i-ause t-i-ause t-i-ause Mr. I:irk ititi.lhi'i nriii -ii' -ii' ell! the ctrd ir.iMon he h-irued h-irued h-irued that t lie eotirra.-t tie tint ic bffore the 'Mrd went patclted 111. iu-;o iu-;o iu-;o e, and now l er (reay Mpliinlfi: lav our men .'. w;me 0 the member." H. M. oirvr. I'IKSONiL s I'arJ. "tl oi .laniiv t evenitur to Mis i;tta A ter ' Vr. .odiii I ur l.oi.'e. itel atie?i were preut V tl'aild. IVtlsliurKli VI iiStll, :;S n.. pay .mr oieu ko".! '.ft" Win itl Nov cfiihcr " f . 41 l.t 4ll I N Y md W . - A c r U:. U d hi . ear H k.-rf k.-rf k.-rf --i --i --i lit to 'ai Ion of 4 1 11 Anvsmts p H-,. H-,. H-,. h-r h-r h-r -Tr-. -Tr-. She w;il ii'ti ri...n Mi-is Mi-is Mi-is h-..i-.r" h-..i-.r" h-..i-.r" h-..i-.r" ' t. h t . I Walk I to the- the- Oltirt-: ty cr.r ir-ni ir-ni ir-ni ni. , I l.r t.lrt The t'-- t'-- t'-- H'.d t r-H r-H r-H ker ntul hiils i.i.r to h cane ;tthe f.il's lt.'W elder. e-er e-er e-er i:;xe very h nig pn".j.-ctj. pn".j.-ctj. pn".j.-ctj. They t ty wh-i wh-i wh-i hare l-wer l-wer l-wer Jt:, th,t the h st-ridinc; st-ridinc; st-ridinc; ii iniiiHilia: -i.ii-. -i.ii-. -i.ii-. -i.ii-. ar I'-astern I'-astern I'-astern j before th hl.I-L' hl.I-L' hl.I-L' eu h i s h .i e no rtoin lias he ers Jt ,r p-,. p-,. p-,. ifnina. i-ad"d i-ad"d hti-r-, hti-r-, hti-r-, hti-r-, hti-r-, w h a-.lvaiic a-.lvaiic a-.lvaiic he;ivv tr.ioe, a,d re -s-T3d:riiZ -s-T3d:riiZ -s-T3d:riiZ to t:'i tip their a-soi a-soi a-soi "idT--. "idT--. "idT--. "idT--. wu! to''iow, -'ate -'ate tf trade i is kei v to ti-,- ti-,- ti-,- ti-,- -eascii. -eascii. Th-- Th-- Th-- ahuve tah:: Ware. AlJiO!s '. -farsoi -farsoi atl'iirs very i,i;e in e-,ini(.g. e-,ini(.g. e-,ini(.g. hut w heti very active. . grv.il he-ii:; shspptj and piii .- .- h-ch h-ch h-ch The stlM ks hi lhe dea'.er-areas a rule prt cin;i:i, con-autiif'tioti 1m iXr.iwiiii; I-?" I-?" I-?" Democrats, remember be the last day for paying 4tiaiiiEiiK the Oil We.ln.Piy ?hl- ?hl- York, P.-nt.sylvaiiia P.-nt.sylvaiiia P.-nt.sylvaiiia V t; rha;' A fore 1 ; )t to t-;e t-;e t-;e Uii road; and i (Iiiiiierii'' llie rails. r-if-Ven r-if-Ven r-if-Ven r-if-Ven r-if-Ven A (Vy at 01 vi-ed vi-ed vi-ed ti 1.1: The t;fsT wa thtj r i r u wett, and w .v cars atid oio i A-eell A-eell A-eell H Zl men, Citv wt-tc wt-tc wt-tc itiwt six oYIo-'k oYIo-'k sunu.tanKis .la; vvoi k wm I , ami the o'clock caine for:v-hve for:v-hve for:v-hve tr.on ilia; 3ti-rnoon 3ti-rnoon in poa-d poa-d poa-d id mi; 'rat ks. A. L i he J-'ir- J-'ir- J-'ir- J-'ir- and ft. C. Thoiiiji neer, a:id 1 ("oiiopy, T, H. A rrri-1 rrri-1 rrri-1 dtjhti New h im, N. Inrii) had L-anjs L-anjs L-anjs enya lai-td lai-td lai-td to ha iMinhar, e. mid dlVl-ioits u, td Ma cnare or t :ed on the r vc t h.-ir h.-ir h.-ir par e-ln-a.rd. e-ln-a.rd. e-ln-a.rd. e-ln-a.rd. e-ln-a.rd. pasM iUV IiiaKo iiiTT or f th- th- ,.. '"eat -ht -ht OIi ;in lr Democrats, be the last day for paying Kail road YeMerday at hv.; o'. car at! at hed fo a train S: Western rai.j.utd Harmony ami was was oc'.-uph-d oc'.-uph-d oc'.-uph-d oc'.-uph-d oc'.-uph-d hy two kiiown ou joeal tieore, ow ued hy an A Hey htm y .sa.oou Lady M., owned hy Mr. ni th- th- r -a -a h Mr. U'-id'er's U'-id'er's and vViiliatn, were a:.so time. They escap. d hruises. (ne. 'uU: of chopped open to ; t the. aiiiui.i..- aiiiui.i..- tcs were hut ((ilierwi-.e ((ilierwi-.e

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